Chapter one: ThunderClan strikes

Dawnshine: Greystripe, please say the disclaimer.

Greystripe: Say disclaimer… Say what?

Dawnshine: Just say 'Dawnshine does not own warriors'. I'm busy!

Greystripe: Boo! You said it! Trick's successful!

Dawnshine: *sigh*

Spottedleaf: Hij, saw Gayfeather?

Ravenpaw: Hey, you should say, 'Hi, did you saw Jayfeather?'

Dawnshine: Nerd.

Graystripe: Nerd x2

Spottedleaf: Nerdy x3

Dawnshine: OK!START THIS CHAPTER NOW! *Calmed down* Hope ya like it!

Leafpool POV

*Sighs* Today Firestar had said this… He said we gonna go to the Tokyo Disneyland. It started with a meeting… *sighs again* I thought he gonna tell the clan that I shall no longer be the Medicine cat anymore but instead…

The past

Firestar had jumped onto the highstone and mewed, "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around the highstone for a clan meeting."

When the cats gathered, he said, "We're going on a vacation with all the clans to…can anyone guess where?"

The noise started. "The Universal Studios!" Firestar shook his head. "Australia!" "No, it's the Theme Park!" "DUH! It's the…"

Finally, some cat shouted, " Give us a clue!"

"Ok…It's in Tokyo." Firestar said mysteriously.

"The Effile Tower!" "Duh, that's not in Tokyo." "The… Disneyland!"

"BINGO!" Firestar shouted. " It's The Tokyo Disneyland!"

Jayfeather POV

StarClan…I need to help take the traveling herbs! How annoying! That stupid brother of mine kept saying 'DISNEYLAND! DISNEYLAND! WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!….'

Can't we go to the Escape Theme Park? I hate the stupid sound in the clan.

Briarlight POV

Aw… I think hiding in the lake might be a good idea to hide from the 'Eeeeees' and 'Ooooos' from them. Byeeeee.

Mousefur POV

Jayfeather! Leafpool! Get me some poppy seeds! I can't sleep!

Aw… Do you think this is a good ending? R&R. Enjoy! PS. I have mistakes…..

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Graystripe: It's pressable? I donno.

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Greystripe was about to say something but he sees a shadowy figure beside him.

Garfield: Hi~.

Graystripe: Hey! You're not supposed to be in here!

Bluestar: *Saw Garfield and looked surprised*Oh! You two (pointing to her guards), don't let him go. I will take my notebook.

Spottedleaf: Uh-Oh. Garfield, bad luck for you. She's gonna take the notebook.

Bluestar returns with a notebook in her paws and a pen.

Bluestar: Garfield, sign your signature here! I loooooooooooove your movies! OOOOOOOOOO! It's so GGGGGOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD to see you live!


Uh…. this is written by my sis. Ignore all the weird things.