By Louis, Natalie, and Sienna (AKA Fosco, Lily, and Ruby)

With guest appearances by Claudia

Now in full colour!

Note: After much turmoil, I decided to work on posting Trapped Take I, Trapped Take II, and Trapped Take IV. This is. . . obviously. . . the first one in the notoriously bad Trapped Series. ENJOY!
(This is a Sienna chapter)

By Sienna, Lu, and Natalie.

Poor Louis, Natalie, Claudia, and the amazing Sienna were trapped. Trapped helplessly in their boring Social studies class with nothing to distract them, to save them from the horrors of history-induced boredom. Trapped like. . . like. . . something that gets trapped often with no hope of escape. Sienna let out a disgusted sigh as her Harry Potter pen died, and she stole a replacement from Natalie.
"What are you doing?" Natalie whispered, capturing the attention of Claudia and Louis, who listened in while feigning interest in the teacher's lecture.
"I can't TAKE it anymore!!!" Sienna hissed, reaching into her bag and pulling out her writing journal. "I'm writing us a story!"
Natalie's expression warped in terror. "No, Sienna! You mustn't! You know what Mrs. Lipinski's like! If she catches you, you're dead!" She jerked her head upwards as said teacher raised her voice in the silence, as if celebrating the statement.

"J'aime les lapins, mes petits! Ils sont si mignon!"

(Translation: I am going to eat anyone who DARES to write stories during my class! Fear me! Fear me good! I am mean! GRRRRR!)

"That's it!" Sienna snapped, jotting the words down on paper. "Freedom, here we come!" In an instant, the room dissolved, turning into an active jungle. The thick air hung around them like a heavy blanket, smothering their unaccustomed lungs.
"Woah! Dude!" Louis shouted, looking around him. Sienna frowned.
"Louis, you're an idiot. The first exclamation said on Yavin IV, and you use it to say 'Woah! Dude!'" She snorted, "Moron."
Natalie was speechless, blinking in confusion, but, the quiet, introverted Claudia sported a wide grin.
"This is so cool!" She shouted, then started running around in circles, laughing insanely.
The others stared.
"Okay, who did NOT expect that?" Sienna asked, raising her hand. Louis and Natalie nodded dumbfoundedly, mimicking Sienna's action. When Claudia had calmed down, Natalie spoke her first words since arriving on the small jungle moon.
"So. . . we're on Yavin IV? Meaning that we're a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. . ." Her arm shot up, extended index finger pointing skyward towards the huge, orange gas giant that loomed in the diamond-covered blanket above them. "And THAT is Yavin."
Louis's jaw dropped, but Sienna raised a hand.
"Lu, watch what you say before I hurt you."
Claudia's sigh was content. "This is a LOT cooler than sitting in Socials all day. Is there any civilization on this planet?" Three heads turned towards Sienna, expecting an optimistic answer. She laughed nervously.
"There WAS. . . they left temples, but they're all gone now." She grinned sweetly, dodging the sticks and stones that were thrown her away.

(Hehe, sticks and stones may break my bones but. . . D'OH!)

"Send us BACK!" Natalie shouted. Sienna's arms went up defensively.
"Now, now! Just wait. There may not be much civilization, but its still inhabited."
"Ya-huh, by savage beasts!" Louis moaned, jumping up as a low growl emitted from the trees. Louis's stern expression wilted and he ran over to Natalie's open arms. "Natty, I'm scared. Hold me."
Sienna rolled her eyes as Natalie comforted her ball-lacking boyfriend, Claudia silently edging closer to the three of them.
"This was really stupid, Sienna. We could be in danger."
Sienna shook her head. "You didn't let me finish! Humans! The Jedi Academy is on Yavin IV." She stated, crossing her arms across her chest. Louis stopped sobbing, his eyes darting around, inspecting the trees.
"I heard something." His voice shook as he spook.
His warning was hardly useful, as a blur of dark brown crashed through the heavy jungle foliage, coming to a stop in front of them. Claudia grabbed a nearby stick and raised it in defense as Louis and Natalie jumped back. The creature was tall, covered in shaggy chestnut fur. It growled, and Claudia waved the stick at it.
"Wait, no!" Natalie shouted. She pointed at the metallic object hanging from a belt that adorned the creature's waist. "It's a Wookie. Intelligent. Only dangerous if you give it a reason to be."
Sienna stepped forward, cocking her head as she studied the Wookie.
"Uhhhh. . . Lowie?" She asked. The walking carpet returned the gesture, then growled. An overly pleasant, metallic voice chirped up soon after.
"Master Lowbacca wishes to know how to came to learn his name."
"Oh God. . ." Sienna groaned, pointing at the spherical robot attached to Lowie's belt. "I forgot about you."
The miniature protocol droid was about to reply when more figures came into the clearing.
"Humans!" Louis cried.
"Civilization!" Exclaimed Claudia.
"Jedi!" Was Natalie's variation.
"ANAKIN!" Sienna clasped her hands together, staring with wide-eyed admiration at the young man with darker hair than the other. The boy with ice-blue eyes blinked, turning to look at his companions. The taller one with curly brown hair just shrugged, and the two girls standing behind just blinked their eyes in stunned confusion.
"And you are. . ." Anakin asked.
"Single!" Sienna laughed loudly, Natalie shaking her head.
"I'm Natalie, this is Louis."
"Hi, I'm Claudia." Claudia said quietly, smiling softly as she studied the young man.
"And I'm Sienna." The red-head said, moving forward and seizing Anakin's arm in her grasp. "I'm an author." Anakin's eyes widened in comprehension.
"Oh, we get a lot of those. They come here for a vacation and live their fetishes out on Jacen or Jaina - " The grin triggered by the beginning of his statement faded as realization struck him.
"Uh oh. . ." He said as Sienna wrapped her arm around his.
"So, Ani, you gonna take us back to the temple to give my friends a tour?" She asked as Anakin looked back helplessly at his comrades. Lowie let out a very Wookie laugh.
"Anakin's growing up." The brunette in coveralls said, introducing herself as Jaina Solo, Anakin's older sister.
"Deal with it, little brother." The other male, Jacen, added. "You can't argue with an author."
The last human, a dignified young Dathomirian witch, studied them coolly.
"Come on." She said, "Better give the author what she wants."


Note: Lu, Nat and I never actually finished this one. We promise we'll look into it, though, if we get. . . oh. . . 5 reviews?
-Sienna Moony