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Amu's POV

Easter was gone, and I really about. Today was my first day of middle school. And yet, I am always late for the first day of school.

''Ohh NO!'', I shouted. The sound of my shouting woke up Ran, Miki, and Su. They open up their eggs in unison. I jumped out of my bed.

''Amu-chan your late, again'', Miki said, rubbing her eyes. Ran and Su yawn.

''You shouldn't have watch that anime show last night'', Ran said, floating towards me. I took a quick shower, and slip on my new school uniform. It was similar to my old school uniform, but green. It was like Kukai. I dress in my school uniform, I wore leg warms, but the color is green. Su floated to my bed, to make my bed. Then she notice something.

''Amu-chan, you 2 eggs on the bed'', Su said.

''Well we can lea-'', until I realize they were new eggs on bed. I carefully pick up the first egg. It was similar to Your's egg, but it was the oppisite colors. I was mostly white, than black. The other eggs, has crosses on them. (go to my profile to see it).

''How did I got more eggs?'', I ask, as I turn to Ran, Miki and Su. They shrug their shoulders. I sigh. I didn't have time to figure out why do I have these eggs. I gently place the eggs in my pouch, and raced out the door. Ran, Miki, and Su followed behind. I made it to the school. As I enter the school, the bell rang.

''Made it'', I gasped.

''Amu-chan'', a boy called out. I turn it was Tadase, with Kisek. He was wearing his middle school uniform. It made him look good.

''Hi Tadase-chan'', I replied.

''I will tell him and the guardians after they hatch. It will not end up like Dia.'', I thought to myself.

''Hey Tadese-chan, Amu-chan has 2 ne-'', Su said, until I covered her mouth. I whispered to her ear, that I will tell him when they hatch.

''Amu-chan'', a girl called out. It was Rima and Kusukusu. She was with Nagihiko and his guardians.

''You better get to calls guys'', a voice said from behind. It was Kukai with Daichi.

''Hey Kukai-san'', we all said unison. We all laugh. After that, we headed towards our next class. I walk with Rima and Tadese, because we have history together. History was really boring. I have Tadese in all my classes, which made me really happy.

''Your blushing-nya'', a voice called. I turn I asked if Ran, Miki, and Su say anything. They shook their heads. I was really weird. It sounded like a cat's voice. I look around if Yoru was around. But Miki didn't sense. Since she likes him. It was really strange. The next class was art. I meet up with Nagihiko, Rhythm, and Temari. Art was boring as well. We have to draw a bowl of fruit. I really sucked.

''Do you to character change?'', Miki asked me. I shook my head.

''No, I want to do it all by myself.'', I replied. At the end, it like a bunch of circles and lines.

''Amu-chan, your drawings really stinks'', Ran said. All the guardians characters laugh. I glared at her.

''Look at Amu-chan, she's getting mad'', Su annouced. Nagihiko and Tadese giggled. I could feel my cheeks turn really red.

''Your blushing-nya'', the strange cat sound said. I look around if Yoru is messing with me. And again, he wasn't here. I got a little worried.

''Amu-chan, are alright?'', Tadese asked, worried. Even Nagihiko was getting worried too.

''No, I'm alright'', I replied. The bell rang, and was lunch. We made up with the guardians. We talked laugh, and eat lunch together, while talking about funny moments during our elementary school years. The bell rang for our next class. I walked with Tadese and Rima to science class. Still boring. And finally the bell rang for the finally class, I all have the guardians, except Yaya, who is still in elementary. And Kukai is a year ahead from us. Our class was writing. We have to write a an essy about what we did over the summer. I went shopping and hang with the guardians. Yaya was upset when we left, but we will meet up with her after-school. The bell rang and we all packed our stuffs.

''Are you ready to go?'', Nagihiko asked us. We all nodded, and we all went to the park. Yaya was sitting on the foundtain.

''Amu-chii!'', Yaya yelled, jumping into my arms. She fake crying.

''I really missed you guys'', Yaya said, still holding onto my arms.

''We all missed you'', Kukai said. We all laugh.

''Aren't they happy-nya'', the cat voice came out again. I look around, and still no Yoru around.

''Are you looking for someone?'', Yaya said, eying me. I got nervous. I violently shook my head.

''Of cour-se not. Like who?'', I asked. Everyone looked at me, and made me flush pink on my cheeks.

''You blushed easily, don't you-nya?'', the cat voice said again, for the 4th time. I ignored it.

''Maybe Ikuto-kun'', Yaya said. My cheeks turn even more red. Even Tadese, because he still loves me.

''giggled'', the cat voice giggled. I was really annoyed.

''No, why would Ikuto be here'', I said.

''I'm right here'', a voice came from behind me. I turn and it was Ikuto. I screamed.

''What are you doing here?'', I yelled.

''I heard you same my name'', Ikuto replied. Behind Ikuto was Utau.

''Hey Amu'', Utau greeted me.

''Utau'' I replied.

''Hey Iru, El'', Ran greeted them.

''Hey'', they greeted unison.

''Hey-nya'', Yoru said, sitting in his right shoulder. Utau hugged me and hugged Kukai, her boyfriend.

''They are a cute couple'', I said to myself.

''They are. Aren't they-nya'', the cat voice answered. I gasped.

''Yoru did you said anything?'', I asked Yoru. Yoru puts his paws on his chin.

''Ohh yea-nya. You are going to buy sardines-nya'', Yoru replied. I was really annoyed.

''Not the answer that I was looking for''', I mumbled to myself.

''What do you mean?'', Ikuto ask, leaning in. My cheeks turn red as a tomatoe.

''Well you see th-'', until the guardians sense something.

''I sense a X egg'', Ran announced. We all and face her.

''Wait they are more'', Miki said, running towards the source. When we all arrived their were young couples on the floor.

''What is this placed?'', I asked.

''This is a place that were couples break up'', Utau answered. There were at least more than 20 X eggs. The eggs notice, a few of them attack us, we all dodge.

''Ran'', I said. I was about to unlocked my heart, the eggs stole Ran. Not only her, Miki and Su. They were in a cage that was a shape of a broken heart.

''Help us'' Ran, Miki, and Su begged. I as really scared.

''We'll handle this'', Tadese said, coming infront of me.

''My heart: UNLOCK!'', the guardians yelled, including Ikuto and Utau.

''Character Transformation: Platinum Royale'', Tadese announced.

''Character Transformation: Black Lynx'', Ikuto announced.

''Character Transformation: Lunatic Charm'', Utau announced.

''Character Transformation: Clown Drop'', Rima announced.

''Character Transformation: Beat Jumper'', Nagihiko announced.

''Character Transformation: Dear Baby'', Yaya announced. All them transformed. The eggs attack them, and they all made it. I stayed behind watch.

''Go Go Duckies'', Yaya called out. The duckies attack the eggs. The eggs were about to attack Yaya.

''Holy Crown!'', Tadese called out, protecting Yaya.

''Thank you'', she thanked him. Tadese nodded, and continued. I watch them fight. Ikuto was been attack, blocking by using his large claws. Utau was also being attack, using her Nightmare Trident. Nagihiko tried to free my guardians character by using Blaze Shoot, but always forming together. Rima was also helping Nagihiko by using Tightrope Dancer. I'm use to protecting the guardians, but now, they are protecting me. Then I heard a little child crying, this time, it's not Yaya. It was a little girl. She was near the gazebo that everyone was fighting. Eggs spotted her and was about to attack her. I ran towards her, trying to protect her. She was about 15 yeards away from me.

''Character Change'', the cat voice yelled. At the moment I felt really flexible.

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