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Amu's POV

''Amu-chan, wake up!'', a tiny voice yelled. I slowly open my eyes. It was Ran, floating above me. I cover myself with my blanket. Ran, Miki, Su, and Yori tried too pull my blanket of me. But I pulled, which made them flip in the air.

''Leave me alone'', I grumbled. Ran, Miki, Su, and Yori sigh.

''You are GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL'', they said in unison. My eyes widen, and I quickly jumped out of bed.

''Why didn't you wake me up earlier'', I yelled, putting on my school uniform.

''We did, but you refuse to get of bed'', Ran said. I sigh. I grab my bag, and my case for my eggs. I gently place my angel egg in my jacket pocket, and raced out the door. I ran towards the school, it was about quarter of mile away. Ran, Miki, Su, and Yori stayed close by. They were really exhausted. I slow down a bit. I was catching my breath.

''I have a meeting with the guardians today'', I said, catching my breath. I was going to be late. All the guardians will say, 'Amu-chan you late, again', in their sarcastic voices.

''Ran, lets character change'', I ask. She nodded.

''Hop, ste-'', until Yori interrupted her.

''Can I character change with instead?'', Yori ask me. I look at Ran for her approval. Ran nodded her head.

''I want to see Amu as a cat'', Ran giggled. I sigh, and I wait for Yori to character change with me.

''Character Change'', Yori called. Then white cat ears appeared at the top of my head. Then a white cat tail, with a bell, tied to a pink ribbon. I jump in the air, and landed on a nearby tree. I jump about 15 house, towards the school. I jump on the gate, and jump on nearby trees, near the Royal Garden. Somehow, I want to be a big entrance to the Guardians. But it must be be my cat instincts, to be a show-offer. I was standing on a branch near the Royal Garden.

''What are you going to do, Amu-chan?'', Su ask me. I look at her.

''You'll see-nya'', I said.

''What did I meow?'', I screamed in my head. Ran, Miki, Su, and Yori giggled. I sigh. Then, I quickly jump in the air, and landed on top of the Royal Garden's roof. I look down, and see the gardens doing some work, and drinking tea as usually. I silently walk on top of the roof, and go to an open window (same window that Ikuto come down from to meet Tadese). I close by them. I look down, to see if it's safe to land.

''Hi-nya'', I called out. Everyone look up, and saw me. Their eyes widen in shock. I put my hands on my hips, and swing my tail, making a jiggle sound.

''Hinamori-chan?'',Nagahiko called out.

''Nya'', I meow.

''Why did I meow again?'', I screamed to myself. This is so embarrassing. I summersult down, and everybody got scared, but calms down, when I landed safely.

''I'm cat, you know-nya'', I said. I can't stop making cat noise, like meowing.

''Amu-chii, why are you meowing?'', Yaya asked me. I tilt my head, and shrug.

''She's has cat's instincts. That's make her like a human-cat-nya'', Yori explainded.

''Amu-chii, your tell is so fluffy'', Yaya said, touching my tail. Everyone sweat drops. Now, Yaya is using my tail as a scarf, around her neck. I cross my arms.

''Cute bell'', Rima said, touching the bell.

''Can you stop touching my tail-nya'', I yelled. I glared at Yaya, and she lets go of it.

''Amu-chii is scary-dechu'', Pepe, Yaya character guardian said.

''My, my, what a feisty feline'', a voice said. We look up, and it was the chairman, Tsukasa Amakawa. He was wearing his usually uniform. Then he was holding up a sardine.

''Sardine!'', Yori called out. She floated really fast towards Tsukasa. He toss the sardine to Yori, whom she starts licking eat. Then he rubbing Yori's ears, making her purr. The male character guardians stared to blush.

''She's really cute'', the guys thought.

''You carry around sardines?'', I ask him. He came walking up the stairs.

''Tsukasa-san, why are you here?'', Tadese ask him. He puts his hands in his pocket. He was look at my ears and tail.

''To see Amu-chan's new guardian'', Tsukasa replied.

''How did you know?'', I ask him.

''I just know these things'', he answered. I was really annoyed.

''Sound like a stalker to me'', I thought to myself. I sigh. I was really bored. My ears and tail disappear, after Yori finished her sardine. I sat on my usually seat, next to the guardians. I close my eyes, and relax a bit. Then, something fluffy rub against my cheek, the smell was cat nip. I open my eyes, and my cat ears and tail appear.

''My, my. Your ears are so fluffy'', Tsukasa said, petting my ears.

''Your annoying'', I said, turning away. Tsukasa continued rubbing my cheek with the cat nip toy. I played with, like a little kitten. I try to catch, like a cat usually does. Everyone was laughing. I look at them, and smile.

''Nya'', I meowed. I was shock, and cover my mouth. Everyone laugh louder.

''Amu-chii, that was really cute'', Yaya said, wiping a tear from her eye, because she was laughing so much. Everyone cooled down, and Tsukasa left. My cat parts disappear, and we have tea and cookies. The bell rang, and we all head towards our classes. We said goodbye to Yaya, as she headed towards the elementary building, as the rest of us went to the middle school buildings. I walk with Tadese and Rima, our science class. I was boring through out the day. Lunch was awesome. Writing sucks as always. The bell rang, and we all meet up with Yaya, and the Royal Garden.(sorry, school life is short, because I didn't want to write so much). I enter the Royal Garden with Rima, and met up of with the guardians. Hikaru and Rikka was their too, doing the training for to be a guardian.

''Hey Hikaru-chan, Rikka-chan'', I greeted them.

''Hi Hikaru-chan and Rikka-chan'', the character guardians said in unision.

''Hello'', Hikaru said softly. He sat down with Yaya, and Rikka. His egg didn't hatch yet.

''Hey Hinamori-sempai'', Rikka replied, she was with her character guardian, Hotaru.

''Hey Hotaru'', Ran, Miki, and Su greeted in unsion.

''Hey,'' she replied. Yori hide behind me. Hotaru, notice Yori, and flies towards her.

''Hello, new friend'', Hotaru greeted Yori. Yori slowly come out behind me, and wagging her tail, nervously.

''Hello'', Yori replied, nervously.

''Nice to meet you Yori-chan, I'm Hotaru'', Hotaru greeted herself. Yori was a little surprise of her personality, and she smiles at her.

''Nya'', Yori meowed. All the male charas blushed, of her sudden meow. Hotaru giggled. Yori giggled with her too. The guardians laugh. Even me. Hikaru stands, up and walk towards Yori. Yori and Hikaru look at each other.

''Nya'', Yori meow, trying to make him smile. Hikaru blushed, and giggled. Yori flies to Hikaru's face, and tickles him, with her tail. Hikaru was laughing hard. All of us were pretty shock. Because, Hikaru hardly every smiles, and laugh. But, I was happy that Yori was having fun with everyone.

''You look like Yoru'', Hikaur ask her, as he sat down. Yori sat infront of him, on the table. We all sat down, and male charas surround her. The female charas, whispered to each other, about the male charas.

''I got that a lot'', Yori answered. We all laugh. Until, all the charas stood still.

''Whats wrong?'', I ask them. Even Rikka stood still as well.

''What happen?'', I ask them again.

''I sense an X-Egg'', Rikka answered. All of us were shock.

''Wait, there are more'', Ran said after.

''How many?'', Tadese asked. All of us were ready to fight.

''I don't know, but I also feel, someone is controlling them'', Ran replied. We where all confuse.

''Who are controlling them?'', Nagihiko asked.

''I don't know, but I want to find out'', Rima said. We all agree, to hunt down the person, or people who are controlling the X-eggs.

''Hikaru-chan, Rikka-chan, I think it's best if you stay'', Tadese said. Rikka wanted to know, but we told her that it might be too dangerous. Rikka nodded, and stayed with Hikaru. We ran out the garden.

''My Heart: UNLOCK!'', we all shouted. My Humpty Lock, helped everyone to transformed.

''Character Transformation: Amulet Heart'', I annouced.

''Character Transformation: Platinum Royale'', Tadese announced.

''Character Transformation: Clown Drop'', Rima announced.

''Character Transformation: Beat Jumper'', Nagihiko announced.

''Character Transformation: Dear Baby'', Yaya announced.

''Everybody ready'', Tadese asked. We nodded, and head towards the source of the X-eggs. We ran through lots of people, and thought we are cosplaying. We went to the park, and it was the same place, where Ikuto always played his violin. There was lots of X-eggs. Then we heard plucking noise.

''What's that weird noise?'', I ask. I look at them, and have no clue. But, Tadese eyes widen.

''It can't be'', Tadese shudder.

''What's wrong?'', Nagihiko asked. When I listen to the sound, my eyes widen.

''Wait, it sounds so familier, but more darker'', I said.

''It can't be him'', I thought to myself.

''What is it?'', Rima asked.

''It's pizzicato'', Tadese answered.

''What's that?'', Yaya asked.

''It's plucking the A string'', I replied.

''Violin, to be more percise'', I continued. They were shock.

''Do you think Ikuto is doing it?'', Nagihiko ask. Me and Tadese shook our heads.

''It can't be. It sounded darker than usually'', Tadese replied.

''Here they come'', Rima said, as X-eggs came to attack. We dodge.

''There fast'', Nagihiko said. We continued dodging. I fell, and landed on my butt.

''Amu-chan, you are okay?'', Ran said in me.

''Yea'', I replied.

''Amu-chan'', Tadese said, as he comes running towards, but was attack by X-eggs. Then, X-eggs saw the chance to attack me. About 10 X-eggs saw me, and was about to attack me. I close my eyes, waiting for the end. Until, I feel, I was flying in the air. I open my eyes, and I was surprise. I saw Ikuto, as Black Lynx, carring me though the air. He landed on the ground safely. I blushed, because he was carring me like a bride.

''Ikuto! Put me down'', I shook myself. Ikuto smirk at me.

''No thank you, huh'', Ikuto said.

''Thank you'', I shudder. Ikuto smirk at me, and puts me down. X-eggs continued attack us. Until, we heard the mysteries plucking noise. Ikuto, using his cat ears, trying the find the source of the sound.

''Thank goodness, it's not Ikuto'', I said to myself. The guardians and me follow Ikuto, trying to find the source of the sound. And meeting our new enemies.

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