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Clark Kent & Lana Lang

Lois fingered the gold lettering. Honestly she'd seen this coming years ago, hell she would be the first to admit it was written in the stars. But that didn't make it hurt any less…

"Mommy I found your earring!"

Lois turned around, her eyes wider than saucers when she saw her four year old son had lifted the couch with one hand, the other pointing to the earring they'd been looking the past ten minutes for, before the mail had arrived.

"Jase, baby, put the couch down before anyone sees you." Lois said as she looked out their apartment windows to check if anyone had caught the phenomenal sight of a toddler lifting the couch like as he would a toy truck. No one was. She gave a sigh of relief. But that was one of the reasons why they lived in the Manhattan area. Everyone was always so busy and concerned with their own lives that they rarely ever looked out of their windows, as sad as that was.

"Here's your earring Mommy." Jason came up to her and looked up at her with a dimpled smile.

"Thank you sweetheart." Lois said as she hugged her son to her, her very own miracle. Never in a million years had she imagined that she'd be a mother. She never thought she had those natural motherly instincts that people always talked about; hell she had her try with Lucy, that alone had convinced her that she was about as unfit as they came.

The moment she found out that she was pregnant was horrible. She'd been so unprepared, hell she didn't remember the last time she'd had sex. Then suddenly the doctor told her it wasn't a flu, she was two weeks pregnant. Pregnant! The last time she'd recalled having sex was two years ago. A one night stand in Star City after the catastrophe with Oliver, the wedding, Jimmy being injured, Chlo being kidnapped, and Clark…

After she'd found out, she was so frightened with no idea who the father was that she'd debated abortion. She'd gotten as far as to walk into the clinic and wrote her first name on the information papers, before she fled. Just because she couldn't recall exactly when the night of conception occurred or with whom, didn't mean she could go through.

When she told Sam Lane, she still shuddered thinking about it even now. Her father had been mad before at her but he'd never truly been disappointed until then. When he'd asked who the father was, she'd been glad to say she honestly didn't know. Her dad had a whole army behind him. The guy wouldn't have stood a chance.

The day after, she'd been visited by her dad and whisked away via helicopter to Fort Ryan, where the world's best trained doctors were. After a week there, she'd fallen into such a routine that she didn't want to leave. It was comforting to have a familiar atmosphere around her, the same one she'd grown up in. Plus she didn't want to face the stares and whispers. Even though she was only three weeks along, she'd begun to show very slightly but show nonetheless.

It was her trimester of pregnancy when she found a candidate for her baby's father. The Blur, it had to be. The General had one of his doctors do the procedure on her to extract DNA and find out who the father was. They'd gotten it and had put it into the system. They found zero matches. This was the most advanced technology the world had to offer and there were no matches. It was then and there that she knew it was the Blur's. By her trimester, the morning sickness was unbearable and the hunger was out of this world. She could eat as much as 20 of her dad's best soldiers! Weirdest of all, she craved the sun. Each day at noon she'd have to bring out a lounge chair and lay in the sun. It was the only way to prevent morning sickness. She'd stay out for hours and yet she never once got burnt. Actually a lot of people would say that afterwards, she'd get an ethereal glow about her, so radiant… She'd never had so many dates offered to her as she had in those months. It seemed for every five soldiers at Fort Ryan, one would ask her out each day, many repeatedly.

When she was four months along, she'd finally gotten the courage. She wrote an article asking the Blur to come and talk to her at their place. The article got more press than she'd expected but she knew then, he'd have to see it. Her father was quite badgered after the article came out but he'd stood by her despite his stance on the Patriot Act.

So that day she'd waited at their phone booth from five pm to 3 am. She'd worn her pea coat to hide her enormous bump and avoid stares but it was fruitless. The Blur never came and everyone that passed gave her a sympathetic look because they knew she'd been stood up.

So hurt and devastated, she'd driven to Smallville to see Clark. She had no clue where Chloe was and she needed someone's shoulder to cry on. When she got to the farm, it was dark so she went in and tip toed to Clarks' room. Clark would initially be annoyed but he'd understand her predicament. But when she'd opened the door to her sometimes bedroom, the full moon casted a glow on the room. Enough illumination was there for her to see not one but two figures in the bed. One was obviously Clark, she could tell right away. The other took only a second longer when she connected the long black hair to the one and only Lana Lang.

She'd stumbled out of the room, her heart aching. Why did her heart hurt so much to see that? Clark wasn't hers. He never had been, he never would be. But it was like someone had taken a hammer to her heart. So she fled. Fled Smallville to Metropolis, yet it still didn't feel far enough. Nine hours later and two gas tanks later she found herself in the Big Apple. And that has been where she'd stayed since. The General was mad as a spit fire and called her irresponsible to drive so far in her condition but he'd helped her find an apartment, had his soldiers and her friends help her move into it, but most of all he'd understood her need for space.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy!"

Lois came back to the present at the sound of her same coming from her son's lips.

"We have to meet Daddy at the theatre and we still have to pick up Carter to go to the Lion King!" Jason said impatiently.

Lois gave a chuckle. The Daddy her son referred to was Richard White, her fiancé and savior.

She'd met him at the grocery store. She was shopping for food when it was like something had compelled her to go to the baby care aisle. Seeing the rows of diapers and such almost caused her to have a meltdown right then and there. How was she going to be a mother when she had no clue about diapers? What brands were best or even how to put one on. Which baby powder was best, which foods did you feed him/her? She had no clue in the world at all. She could barely cook for herself, much less a kid. She'd probably poison them; they'd have to call Child Protection Agency on her for almost poisoning her child. She had tons of How to books about babies, pregnancies, and being a mother, but each
time she'd get to the table of contents, she'd get so overwhelmed, she'd hurriedly put the book back.

She was near tears just looking at the baby stuff when a male voice asked her if she was alright. The man had dark brown hair and light blue eyes. He'd seen her in distress and unlike other men, who'd normally flee at the sight of an emotionally unstable pregnant woman, he'd come to see if he could help. Next thing she knew, she'd told the man EVERYTHING.

In New York City, at the local grocer, in aisle 11, she'd told a complete stranger about her pregnancy, about not knowing the father, leaving out the Blur parts, not remembering how her baby came to be, moving miles away from the only family she'd ever known, about how she doubted she'd be a good mother because of her experience with Lucy, her own upraising, her lack thereof ability to cook, her inability to get past the table of contents in a book about pregnancy, and not knowing a damn difference about diapers.

The man was stunned to say the least but quickly composed himself. He introduced himself to be Richard White and then proceeded to pick up two different brands of diapers. "My niece is thirteen months old. My sister found this brand to work best but when Sarabeth developed a rash, this kind was the only kind she could use, it is extra sensitive but is outrageously expensive." He handed her both.

He followed her to the check out and made sure she was okay before checking out himself. He gave her a grin and told her that maybe she wasn't ready to be a mother yet but she had the most important part down pat. She loved her baby and that was all that mattered.

It was like fate when three days later she had an interview at the New York International Post that she'd seen him again. Or more like he saw her, actually. He was an editor there, seeing her again; he'd ran out of his office and caught the elevator with her. He'd asked is she'd go to the Starbuck's across the street from the building with him. She'd almost declined, she was not in any shape ready for a relationship, but when she looked into his hopeful sincere blue eyes, she said yes. The rest people would say was history.

Their fourth date, she was six months along; her water broke on their date. She'd almost expected him to go running for the hills but he'd continually shocked her and made her cry by staying with her the whole time. He'd even caller the General, Lucy Lane, and a certain Martha Kent. He was there in the surgery room when she screamed her head off and cursed every man there, even her doctor. He was there when she was so weak she couldn't even hold up her precious son. He'd been the one to suggest the name Jonathon after hearing all the stories about Smallville. He claimed the beautiful baby as his and that was the end of the story. Even if he was not the one that the twenty-three chromosomes came from, he was just there. She'd never been more in love with someone until then.

Lois softly ran her fingers through Jonathon Jason Lane's soft dark locks. Richard was Jason's father in every way even if he hadn't been there during conception.

"Mommy; Carter!" Jason said Carter in two stressed syllables, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"Okay okay. I got it. Bring your tuxedo jacket and an extra for Carter, then we can leave."

"Yes!" Jason cried before running to his room.