Inuyasha! Where Are You?

By: CSi-Panther

Summary: Inuyasha has been missing for a month. Kagome's away for a year on a trip in her time. Sango can't stand it any longer and goes looking for him.

A/N: I don't own Inuyasha.

Chapter 1

It had been a month now. A month since she had last seen him.

" Where could he be? " Sango wondered out loud as she walked back from the river, with a pail of water in her hand as she brought it to Keade's hut for dinner.

As she entered the village, she met another villager and asked, " Excuse me, sir? "

" Yes? " The elder man asked.

" Have you seen Inuyasha today? " She asked.

" Sorry Miss Sango, but no I have not. Has he still not shown up this week? " The elder man asked/replied

" No. I have not seen him. I was hoping you or any of the others had seen him, thank you though. " Sango answered with a nod and continued on into the village.

Sango got to Keade's hut and entered it. " Here you go lady Keade. " Sango said as she handed the water to her.

" Thank ye, child. I see that you had no luck in finding Inuyasha, am I right? " Keade asked as she poured the water into a big kettle and began adding vegetables and meat into it with spices and salt.

" No. He's been gone for a whole month now. Do you think that he went to Kikyo? " Sango answered and asked as she sat down next to Shippo, who was taking a nap.

" I don't believe so. Even if he did go and see my sister, it would only be for a day at the most. " Keade replied.

" I know, but since Kagome's gone for the year, he might have gone to spend more time with her without hurting Kagome. " Sango said.

"That might be. But I'm sure that Inuyasha will fine. " Keade replied as she stired the soup as it began to heat up.

' I hope so Keade. ' Sango thought.

Chapter 2

Half another month went by and still no sign of Inuyasha. Finally Sango has had enough and decides to go looking for him.

" Kilala. " Sango called to her companion as she stood out in front of Keade's hut in her slayer's uniform, Hiraikotsu shouldered over her back.

Kilala came out in a burst of flames and when the flames died away, Kilala was in her larger form. Sango leapt onto her friend and they took to the air.

" Do you think that she'll find him Keade? " Shippo asked as he and Keade watched the two disappear into the sky.

" I believe that she will. " Keade said. ' Because she loves him. ' She thought as she and Shippo returned to her hut.

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