Inuyasha! Where Are You?

By: CSi-Panther

Summary: Inuyasha has been missing for a month. Kagome's away for a year on a trip in her time. Sango can't stand it any longer and goes looking for him.

A/N: I don't own Inuyasha.

Last Time,

" Keade! Get in here! " Inuyasha shouted as he went behind her and lifted her up to a sitting position.

Keade came running into the room with a basin full of water and a cloth and began telling Sango what to do.

2 hours later, a baby girl was born. She had Inuyasha's face, Sango's hair with white ears on top of her head, tiny dull claws on her hands and feet, she had dark amber eyes, and her name was Inu-Sana(Saw-na).

" She's beautiful. " Sango said breathlessly as she held her daughter to her.

" Just like her mother. " Inuyasha replied as he looked down proudly at his little girl and her mother.

Chapter 13

The rest of the year went by without much trouble. The villagers and Inuyasha had built a hut for himself, Sango, and their baby Inu-Sana. It was rather big, but not a mansion, Sango had tried to protest about the house being too big, but Inuyasha said he wanted the best for his girls and they were going to get it.

As the year was coming to an end, Inu-Sana was already three months old and the day that Kagome said that she would return was drawing nearer. Sango was growing rather anxious, if it came down to a fight, she could take the girl on, especially if she came near her daughter in a threatening way.

Inuyasha came into the hut with firewood in one arm and a wild boar in the other. He looked up from putting the boar and wood down and saw that Inu-Sana was in her crib fast asleep. He sniffed around and followed Sango's scent into the bathing room he had the hut built around.

" You alright Sango? " He asked as he entered the room.

" Yes. Just a little worried about what Kagome will do in three days when she comes back. " She answered.

Taking his clothes off, he joined Sango in the spring. He sat in front of her and moved her around to sit in his lap, her back pressed against his chest.

" Don't worry about her. If she tries anything..." Inuyasha began but was interupted by Inu-Sana crying.

" She must be hungry again. " Sango said with a smile as she stood up and put her white kimono on and walked out the door, Inuyasha followed shortly after.

He walked into the living-room and saw Sango holding Inu-sana to her chest, he smiled gently and walked over to Sango and stood beside her and looked down at his daughter, who looked back at her father with a brightness in her dark yellow eyes. Sango brought Inu-Sana away from her chest and placed her to her shoulder and began to burp her. When she burped, Sango began to rock in her arms, but the little girl started to cry.

" That's strange. She usually starts to fall asleep. " Sango said as she tried to soothe her daughter.

" Let me try. " Inuyasha replied as he held his arms out and Sango gently placed Inu-Sana in his arms. He began to growl slowly and the baby slowly stopped crying and looked up at her father, tears coming down her face. Inuyasha kept one arm around her as he moved his other and gently wrapped her tears away, still growling in a slow rythem.

Sango smiled gently at the two and began to start dinner. Inuyasha gently placed Inu-Sana in her crib, covered her up and went to where Sango was. He helped her with the boar and the fire, they ate, changed Inu-Sana, after she woke up again and was fed before they moved the crib into their room before they too retired for the night.

Chapter 14

Three days later,

Kagome came out of the well with her usual yellow pack. She looked around and saw that Inuyasha wasn't there, she couldn't sense him either.

' That's odd. He's usually here. Maybe he's at Keade's eating breakfast. ' She thought as she began to walk towards the village.

Inuyasha was at Keade's with Sango and Inu-Sana. As they were waiting for Keade to finish breakfast, Inuyasha was gently tossing Inu-Sana up in the air, making her giggle and laugh, Inuyasha and Sango was laughing along with her. Keade looked over every so often and smiled at the scene.

A light breeze blew in through the open door-way and Inuyasha caught a scent he knew very well. His daughter sense the change in her father and she stopped laughing and giggling as Inuyasha brought her down and handed her over to her mother. Inuyasha stood up and got in front of his family.

Sango knew what was going on and held onto Inu-Sana as she too stood up and they waited for Kagome to come throught the door. It take didn't very long.

Kagome came in with a bright smile on her face as she saw Inuyasha, Sango, and Keade.

" Hey guys! Where's Shippo and Miroku? " She asked, wondering why Inuyasha was standing in front of Sango.

" Shippo's out playing. And I haven't seen Miroku in a month. " Inuyasha replied.

" Why haven't you seen him in over a month? " Kagome asked in worry.

" Because I found someone and we had a little girl. " Sango answered this time as she walked around from behind Inuyasha and Kagome saw the small bundle in her arms.

" Oh my gosh! She's so cute! Can I hold her? " Kagome replied and asked as she walked to her friend.

" Of course. " Sango replied, feeling at ease that her friend was taking it well, but then again, she never said who the father was.

Kagome held the little girl to her and looked down at her, " Well aren't you a little cutey. I bet your a daddy's girl aren't you? " Kagome gushed over the little girl.

" What's her name? " Kagome asked.

Inuyasha and Sango looked at each other and knew it was now or never.

" Inu-Sana. " They said together.

" Inu-Sana? That's a beautiful name. " Kagome replied. But then the name hit her. Her eyes widen and she looked between Inuyasha and Sango then back at the little girl. Inuyasha and Sango tensed up, waiting for her reaction.

Kagome looked back at the girl again and slowly smiled at her again, " Well, it's about time you guys got together. " She replied as the little girl looked up at her and raised her little her hands up. Kagome placed her hand near her little hand and Inu-Sana grabbed her finger.

" Your not angry? " Sango asked.

" No of course not. I had a funny feeling that you two liked each other when I left, but I had no idea that you would end up getting pregnant so soon and having this little cutey. " Kagome replied.

" I wish Miroku would have taken this so well. " Shippo replied as he came in and heard what was being said.

" Why? What did he do? " Kagome asked, worried that Miroku might have done something to her friends and their little girl.

" Nothing. Just kept trying to get in the way of us being together. " Inuyasha answered.

" Well let's hope he'll come around. " Keade replied.

" I'm sure he will. " Kagome replied.

Another year went by and Miroku finally came to visit and he had managed to get over the fact that he had lost Sango and that she had a family with Inuyasha. Soon after that, he and Kagome got together and they had two twin boys. Everything was good and well for the many years after all of this had happened and it was because Inuyasha had disappeared for 2 and a half months.

The end.

Here's the last chapters! Hope ya'll like the story!