Not So Japanese

Drabble Series: This means that it will be short. Often times or not averaging about 100 words.

Summary: OMG! I CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND YOU GUYS NOW! You want me to do WHAT? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MIND? Oh looky! It's a shiny box!


I tried to get on my plane to head back home.

To the States.

Where it's not fun.

I mean, I keep getting kidnapped over here, and let me tell you. Some of those trunks are really nice! No like all trunks are really bad per say, but c'mon. These are rich people's get away cars that cost more then Bill Gates.


That nice of a get away cars.


I tried to get back home.

I really did.

But then I saw a box.

It was a cool box.

I named him Fred.