Not So Japanese

Drabble Series: This means that it will be short. Often times or not averaging about 100 words.

Summary: OMG! I CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND YOU GUYS NOW! You want me to do WHAT? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MIND? Oh looky! It's a shiny box!


The hall where the students in got dark.

Then a skull started to shine as it light up a being in a blue robe with a blue pointy hair with gold stars. Plus evil looking glasses.

He started to create smoke and then maniluplate the smoke into a bat, added more smoke and created a fluttering butterfly. Bye bye it decided to go.

I crept up after my evil sensei left and put on his hat that he left behind. My awesomeness that is my red robe trailing behind me. Kaoru and Hikaru popping up from my robe as they both looked at me then got out of my robe.

Looking like me!


We started jumping up and down with joy! We danced and danced!

What we didn't know was that Mori and Hunny lurking behind us, along with blonde haired violet eye broom, and they took our hats!


"THE HATS! WE MUST SAVE THE HATS!" I yelled to my two awesome sauce Twinkies!

Soon there was a mushroom cloud of where we are as we fought. But no! The hall we were in started to fill up with water.

Water is awesome, mind you. But still. It was freaking-a-al-dicking cold!

"Ne~ Dala, I think we're in trouble…" said the twins

"Eh? Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Cause of Kyoya over there…." They said, pointing to a angry teacher.


Here comes Kyoya and Haruhi…banishing the H2O….

"Shiz-niz." We all said.