VGP: Dagomon Rises

Original Foreword - January 2011 - Yet another VeeGato fanfic, inspired by writers The Forgotten Dragon, Sonimon and Dark Side of the World (all amazing authors, go check out their fanfics.) I'm lazy, so if anything's out of continuity, it's best to just ignore it.

Updated Foreword - September 2013 - Over two and a half years since I first started work on this story, I'm coming back to revisit it. I will be doing some slight story edits and a lot of grammar edits to this story, while I will be continuing the overall plot in another story, "VGP: The Hounds of Astamon". Expect it... soonish.

I decided to change the title of this story to reflect that it is not solely about Veemon and Gatomon (original title was "Veemon and Gatomon: A Christmas Tale"). When I first started on the story I was a budding new VeeGato fan who couldn't keep it in his mind's pants, so to speak. So when the actual plot started to overtake my VeeGato tendencies, it made a story that was trying to be two things: a story primarily about VeeGato, but that also had heavy importance on little Patamon, his feelings, and some other characters. So yeah.

Chapter 1 - A New Feeling

The big hand on the clock in the kitchen was pointing to the 4. It was early morning. Veemon sat up. He had been lying down on the sofa in the living room for about an hour, trying to get to sleep. He woke up some time ago in a cold sweat, from a dream he couldn't remember. He went downstairs so as not to wake Davis, although really, such a feat would be legendary.

Veemon poured himself some water, took a few sips, and returned to his place on the couch. It was colder and not as comfy as Davis' bed, but Veemon enjoyed it on those rare occasions when he needed to sleep alone and think in quiet, as his partner was a notoriously loud snorer. No matter how hard Veemon tried, though, he couldn't get to sleep. The dream he could not remember was gnawing at the back of his small head. He knew it was a nice dream, a happy dream. If the dream was tangible it most certainly would take the form of a small star, bathing him in rays of warmth.

Veemon pondered it over and over in his head.

This isn't like me... I never forget anything! If there's one thing a hard head is good for, it's memory, so why can't I remember one silly dream? Normally I wouldn't care but it's making my brain hurt and I can't get to sleep! Grrr... stupid head!

His thoughts drifted from his forgotten dream to thoughts about tomorrow.

Boy oh boy, just fourteen days until Christmas! And with no more enemies in the DigiWorld to fight, nothing can possibly go wrong! I can't wait until tomorrow; just me and Davis, going to the mall! There'll be shopping of course, can't forget gifts for my friends, and possibly even some lunch afterwards! And maybe even ice cream!

At the thought of tomorrow's events, Veemon slowly dozed off. There was nothing more important to him than his friends, and since Christmas was the time of family and friends, it was naturally his favorite holiday. Really, who doesn't like free stuff? But what else would Veemon gain this Christmas? He didn't really want anything, and yet, there was something he secretly longed for in the back of his mind.

Something, he would find out, that was always right there in front of him within an arm's reach...

* * * Morning * * *

As the light from the window streamed into the house and onto Veemon's blue and white face, dreamy vision entered his mind once more. This time it was of all his friends, a visual showcase of their past triumphs. He remembered when he and Wormmon first DNA Digivolved to Paildramon; together, they easily defeated the Okuwamon Arukenimon unleashed upon them. Then he saw Patamon and Armadillomon DNA Digivolving-admittedly, Veemon disliked Shakkoumon, as would anyone without a taste in giant tea pots-and remembered how happy he felt at the moment when his pals had finally grown. And lastly he could remember Silphymon, Aquilamon and Gatomon's DNA Digivolution. Something about Silphymon reminded him of that dream again.

Not this again! Listen brain, I don't know what you want, alright? Stop torturing me!

All of a sudden his mind started to produce images of Gatomon. Veemon was confused, why was he seeing her? Sure, he thought she was a nice friend, and hey, not too bad on the eyes either, but what else could she be to him? He tried to recall events that would explain this to him, but to no avail. He simply wrote it off as a reminder to pick her up a gift.

Of course! My brain just wants me remember Gatomon's gift! I almost forgot about her, actually. Boy what a relief-geez, I guess it's time to get up.

And with that, knowing that his brain troubles were behind him, Veemon got up cheerfully, and after a peppy stretch, made himself some breakfast. It was only 7 o'clock so the rest of the Motomiyas were fast asleep. Veemon didn't eat a lot in the mornings, usually only toast with jelly or maybe some bacon if it was Saturday. Mr. Motomiya usually got up early on Saturdays and treated the family to a feast of bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns. Well, there were other, more traditional Japanese foods too, but the dragon Digimon only had eyes for greasy and runny.

Veemon longed for some delicious, tender bacon strips, but seeing as he could not work the stove, he settled for some cornflakes. He poured his milk, got a spoon and returned to the living room, where he turned on the television and began to watch a children's cartoon. It was about a young boy who always got into mischief. He would play pranks on his teachers, on adults and sometimes other kids. Veemon laughed aloud when the boy's math teacher sat on his chair, not knowing there was a slab of butter there. It got all over his new khaki pants and all the other students found it a riot.

"Morning Veemon."

Veemon turned his head to find Davis standing just in front of the kitchen door, rubbing his groggy eyes and putting on a humorous display with his wild bedhead.

"Morning Davis!" the Digimon companion chimed. Davis' eyes opened further and he started to blink.

"Hey, have you been down here all night? I don't seem to remember you being in bed when I got up to use the bathroom a few hours ago."

Veemon looked at his feet and nodded.

"Mhm... I couldn't really sleep, so I came downstairs to lie down."

"Had a tummy ache or something?" Davis spoke in a nonchalant 'so what's going on with you?' tone.

"No, I just... couldn't sleep. I kept thinking of something-but i-it's gone now! Say, when are we gonna go to the mall?"

Davis yawned, not picking up on Veemon's quick change of subjects.

"As soon as mom's up. She's gonna go visit Grandma after she drops us off."

Good, plenty of time to think of some things to pick up for my friends! Veemon thought.

"Great, I'm 'a go take a shower then! A mon's gotta smell and look nice for a walk out on the town, y'know!"

Davis smirked. It never got old seeing a Digimon act like a person.

* * * Moments later * * *

Veemon sighed pleasurably as the hot, steaming water hit his face and streamed down his body all the way to his tail and feet. He grabbed a bottle of shampoo and used its purple, bead-speckled contents to scrub himself all over.

"Ahhhh... this sure beats the DigiWorld!"

As he was showering, once again thoughts of Gatomon appeared. It was kind of irritating at first, seeing all the random images of her he couldn't understand why were so important to his brain. Eventually though it started to accompany the wonderful shower perfectly.

Gatomon was always very special to him, like all the fellow second generation Digimon and their partners, but he never thought about the feline mon that much. Being so ferociously loyal to his friends and their cause, he never had time to really explore his feelings. But now that the Digital and human worlds were safe once more, he found himself realizing new things. None of those were about Gatomon before last night, though.

Veemon smiled. He imagined how incredibly soft Gatomon always looked, how white her coat was, the pretty tone of her voice and her perky ears. He couldn't recall ever laying hands on her before; for that matter he never even sustained a decent conversation with her. He began to wonder what her coat must feel like, and he beamed as he did.

It must be like snow, but not cold, wet snow like the stuff that falls out of the sky. It's gotta be warm, and tender; the kinda snow that could reach into your soul and tickle it in a way no amount of bacon or ice cream ever could.

As he was dreaming about his friend, Jun banged on the door like a frantic beast.

"Helloooooo?! Some of us want to get washed up before next Christmas! How clean does a little guy like you need to be, anyway?"

At being interrupted mid-dream, Veemon suddenly become very hot in the face. There was no reason to be blushing but he couldn't control it. The very center of his chest seemed to lurch forward.

G-gatomon, w-why are you everywhere in my thoughts? I don't understand... you're making me feel so... bubbly...

This made Veemon even more uncomfortable. He closed his eyes and shook his head. He had never experienced something like this before, and decided he had to find out more about what it could be.

"VEEMON! Oh my god, hurry up!" Jun was as impatient as ever.

The daydreaming dragon finally snapped back to reality. He slipped and fell out of the shower and face first into the bathroom tiles. The curtain rod fell down after him and bonked him on the head.

"I'm-uhhh-ok," he managed.

"I don't care what you are, just get out already!"

Veemon grabbed a towel and ran out, not stopping to see what the teenage girl looked like so bent on washing herself that she didn't even ask if he was okay when he fell. He made his way downstairs and saw that Davis was ready to go, Mrs. Motomiya closing the front door behind her as she went to start the car.

"Ewww Davis, don't you need a shower?! You're gonna scare away all the cute g-gi-!"

Gatomon's image returned. Veemon blushed and shook his head wildly, his ears waving to and fro in every direction.

"Cute geges?" Davis replied, confused. "What are you talking about, dude? And anyway, I took one last night before bed, in case Jun was up and took forever to wash up in the morning. Seems like I made the right choice too, hehe!"

It didn't really matter to Veemon now. He was too focused on Gatomon. He decided he was going to ask Davis and see what was up with him.

I know it's Davis, but... well dang it, my chest hurts! I gotta know what's wrong with me!