Path of three fates

Chapter: 1 The newcomers

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When Jess went to sleep that night she expected to be whisked away to another place, but this place didn't look like the Disney parks, in fact it wasn't. This place was more sinister; this place looked like a construction site, with workers rushing around scrambling to build various buildings, in the center of all the construction stood a half finished tower with long metal shafts on each side to hold it up, she looked up at the sky to see only a silver screen covered in lights. She looked around to see the walls looked the same; she was in a giant dome. She ran and hid behind a pile of metal sheets to get a better look. One of the workers walked by, what she thought were humans were actually robots, they had gears and metal scraps falling off them, they were scrambling around dragging things this way and that, most things went to the big tower to help in its construction, but others went to the various buildings. She thought it was just a dream until she looked down and saw that she was glowing, she was in her DHI state. She was about to rush off when she felt cold. She peeked out from behind the metal pile; walking right toward her was Maleficent, but she wasn't alone, following close behind her was a dark haired boy who looked about sixteen. The ground froze with every step he took, he reached out and touched one of the robots, which froze solid then busted to pieces, they were talking, Jess was just close enough to listen in.

"The tower is half done," Said the boy "4 more weeks and it will be complete, I had Lude install the cloaking device, we are now off the map"

"Good" Said Maleficent "you are turning out to be an exhalent prospect, Drain, keep it up"

"Thank you, master Maleficent" said Drain

"Now go use your powers to freeze all the new rooms," said Maleficent

"At once" Said Drain rushing off toward the tower

Maleficent disappeared into a near by building. Jess snuck away from her hiding spot trying to find a way out of the dome. She ran along the boarder form one side to the other, but the dome was perfect not even a crack existed. She sat down to rest after hours of searching.

"What are you doing here?" said a rough voice from somewhere behind her.

She turned around and was staring right in the face of one of the worker robots; she spun around to run only to see another robot coming at her.

"We must turn you in," Said the other robot getting closer to her, their movement was wobbly, like they were missing some parts.

She looked around franticly trying to find a way out, there wasn't one. She was about to give up hope when her shadow slowly peeled its self off the ground and began to take shape, before her stood a boy about 16, he had short blond hair and blue eyes.

"Who are you?" she said wondering why he was in her shadow

"Not now" He said " first we need to take care of these two"

The boy raised his hands palms up to his side, both of the robots were lifted into the air several feet, he then closed both his hands, the two robots got crushed in mid air both heaps fell to the ground.

"Now it is time for you to wake up," he said pulling out the black fob from his pocket

"Wait" Jess said, "who are you and where are we?"

"My name is Darin" he said " as for were we are at, somewhere in the desert" with that he pressed the button.

Jess woke up in her bed, back at the orphanage, she looked around and everyone else was still asleep, including Amanda, she was probably in one of the parks, wondering where Jess was. She was just about to fall asleep when she heard voices down stairs; she slid out of her bed careful not to wake anyone else up, and creped out of her room to the stairs. When she looked down the stairs she saw a social service worker, Mrs. Nash, and a girl she had never seen before. The girl had long red hair and green eyes, she looked about 16. The social service worker left. Mrs. Nash looked up the stairs and saw Jess standing there. She signaled for Jess to come down the stairs, Jess thought she was in trouble since she didn't know what time it was. She walked down the stairs.

"I guess you are the first one awake this morning," said Mrs. Nash a little to happily "this is Randi, I want you to show her around"

"Ok" said Jess taking Randi upstairs 'this is going to be a long day' she said to herself.

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