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"I need a cup of tea." Sirius said abruptly after what had to have been two full minutes of silence.

And with that, he exited the library. His feet tread the path to the kitchen, unconsciously waving his wand to shut his mother's ramblings up.

He remembered. One doesn't forget seeing a girl vanish from before their eyes in the middle of the night.

He put the kettle on in autopilot, using his brain to try to put himself in his place.

'What did she need?' he asked himself over and over.

Did she need him to play Harry's godfather? Tell her that she was always welcome for Christmas and Holidays, but keep his distance-as he had since meeting her again at thirteen? Did she need him to be 'the ex'? Would she be so uncomfortable with him now that he should just leave her alone? Did she need him to be the Marauder she'd known? For him to joke around and pretend that it wasn't weird- even though it really was?

He was so absorbed in thought that he didn't notice Moony and Hermione's quiet approach. In fact, it wasn't until the kettle's whistle sounded and he had a mug in his hand that he realized he wasn't alone. He turned around to see them standing in the doorway, Remus had his hand on Hermione's shoulder.

He'd thought Alice was talking nonsense when she told him that the bushy-haired girl from Ipswich had been a time traveler. Sure, he'd had reason to. But when he had seen the girl in the shack that he'd long since written off, he sent her a silent apology. And for the past few years she was Harry's best friend, an easy box to put her in.

Now? He took in her appearance. She looked the same. The last time he saw her, not more than a month ago, she was Harry's Hermione- seventeen, sweet, a tomboy. There was no obvious change that he could put his finger on, except that he hadn't seen her in eighteen years.

The girl standing in front of him wasn't Harry's friend, she was Sirius'. This was his Hermione that was in his kitchen, and she needed a friend.


Author's Note

This is the part where you all hate me.

But hear me out-

Since this was my first piece of fan fiction, my plans for this particular story were somewhat vague. First, I was thinking five chapters. Then maybe more. Then I just couldn't stop.

My goals were this: to write something simple and unsatisfying- because in how many time-turner fics do they actually embrace the (in my opinion) inevitable awkwardness of meeting up afterward? We all want them to run into each other's arms, hug, kiss, and say that the gap didn't matter. We want them to pick up where they left off.

And that's why this particular tale is over. It was never structured for more than a dozen chapters.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions (I know, because I read your reviews) and aren't ready for it to be over (again, I know because I read your reviews). And guess what. Neither do I!

Which is why I'm proud to inform you of my second multi-chapter fanfic: Take Two.

It's a companion/sequel to Time Twitch.

This one will be more involved: exploring darker avenues, familiar characters, and more mature themes in general. It will also take a little longer to update- fair warning.

So if you're wondering 'What next?', go to my profile and find the first chapter of the next part of our beloved Hermione and Sirius' relationship.

Thanks for reading, hope you like the next.

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