"….having a kid changes everything." Robin said. After long debates with Starfire, the tall Tamaranean redhead who almost always agreed with Robin in whatever he would say; it was one of those times where she didn't think his opinion was the right one, and he paid heavily for disagreeing with her.

Thank goodness she was with Raven for now, in her bedroom, and away from him at the moment, while he sat in the living room, giving him time to calm down. However, he had discovered, after talking with his half robot friend on the other side of the couch that Cyborg was not on Robin's side as well.

"I'm not saying that what you're saying is wrong; it's just that I think as a friend you should support them." Correction, Cyborg wasn't on anyone's side; he simply played the peace maker.

"It's been eight long months, and I find out just now that you think what those two are doing isn't risky?" Robin asked, as he knew that he was getting himself worked up again over a stupid argument.

"Are you the one who's having a baby? Do you think Raven would be the first person in the world who would want this? Don't you think it was a hard decision for them to make and have considered everything that you have been saying for the last eight months?" Cyborg said in a somewhat aggressive manner. He was so sick and tired of Robin's complaining, and for the first time in eight months, he wanted to let Robin know.

Cyborg couldn't see Robin's eyes underneath his mask, but he knew what they looked like at that moment, angry and confused. "You know I'll support them." Robin said after a few moments of silence. "I just don't support this decision." They both just sat down and looked at a nearby clock that seemed like it was going slower than time itself.

Inside the dark depths of a purple painted room that had the odd combination of great literature and stuffed animals in it, there laid a pale, gray skin pregnant woman on the gigantic oval bed. Wearing a long, purple, muslin dress, in a scooped up neckline with a ribbon separating the bust from her expanding stomach, with hanging sleeves to show off her bare arms she sat there quietly.

Raven could feel the pain the contractions were making, but she didn't summit to them and cry out like a little girl. Even though she was sweating profusely and she looked physically weak, she tried to focus on her meditation.

"Azarath, mentrion, zinthos….." She chanted as she closed her eyes and breathed in and out after each sentence. This is not how she imagined herself to be when she was a teen, six years ago, but then again, she didn't imagine she ever end up with her 'fre-nemy', Beast Boy, and that turned out well.

Raven and Beast Boy were considered an on-again, off-again couple. It is not that they broke up over little things and created unnecessary drama, it would be off whenever Raven felt like she might hurt him from her powers if she lost control of her emotions; which sometimes did happen, but soon enough she would discover new ways to control her emotions while still maintaining their relationship.

Raven discovered it was the physical things that made her lose the most control, so for months after they dated for a year or so, Garfield, as she was allowed to call him, would only touch her shoulder or occasionally hug her. It wasn't until a year into their "on-again" relationship that Raven allowed Garfield to kiss her, and not just on her cheeks.

That was his reward for finishing the book Pride and Prejudice, and understanding Raven's comparison of their relationship with the books', except Raven was Mr. Darcy and Garfield was Elizabeth.

It took a while for her to open up to Garfield, and even though he would respect her wishes sometimes to be left alone, Garfield didn't have much patience. However, despite the taboo of dating co-workers', it was actually a benefit for Raven. Seeing him every day, whether she liked it or not, had helped Raven to better control her feelings for him so she didn't act out her emotions as much. She thought her feelings for Garfield would eventually go away and things would be normal, a few broken hearts here or there, but normal nonetheless.

She was wrong.

At some point during the next few months, she lost control over some aspect of her powers. It was during a time when Garfield went away to go on a special mission for his old team, the Doom Patrol.

At first it was a couple of cups that would explode anytime Rae would visit the kitchen, but then it grew into lights being melted, furniture being move into different rooms, and occasionally she would feel her rage creepy out. The other Titans didn't know what to do, other than asking her if her father was back.

She knew it wasn't her father, but nevertheless she added more hours to her meditation sessions. Then Garfield came back. She noticed that she was worried a lot during Garfield's absence and as soon as Garfield came back, she didn't worry so much. Since Raven had grown accustom to Garfield's presence, thereby making her feel safe, she now couldn't live without him. It was kind of ironic when she thought about it. The very person, she had thought, that would disrupt her emotions, was actually the one who could help her control them.

It was not long afterward that Garfield started to talk about marriage, and Raven would not object right away to talk about that particular subject, but she always made some cutting remark about the grounds of marriage. It wasn't an important thing to her due to her dark past; however Garfield admired the gesture of uniting a couple in a ceremony.

It was years before Garfield gave Raven a sapphire ring with her replying "Yes," to his proposal. He was certainly the person she could trust enough to put her opinion aside and follow an old tradition linking couples together. After all, they wouldn't be the first Titans to be married.

Even though Raven had told Garfield everything about herself, she had left out one tiny detail that was not made known until their wedding night. She hinted about the tiny detail whenever she talked about her childhood, but Garfield couldn't take the hint. Covered in a ordinary Empire line style white dress, with oval sleeves resting on her shoulders, and had lavender flowers in her hair, Garfield had laid Raven down on her oval bed. At first it was innocent kissing as the two began to feel closer due to the occasion, but Raven stopped Garfield as soon as she could feel his hands inching toward her buttons to unhook them.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Garfield had asked moments later. He was getting undress from his purple tuxedo into his regular pajamas. Raven was still in her wedding dress, sitting on her bed, trying to find the words for her actions.

"I was raised by monks, you know that, and even though I want too…...with everything that we have been through…..I-I'm scared." One of Raven's pillows exploded as she admitted her fear. She looked cautiously at the spoiled feathers. "What happens if I set the tower on fire? In the heat of the moment, I could kill you."

"Rae, you can't be worried about that." Garfield said while putting his tuxedo in a stable box. "We talked about it. You said you can meditate. There's something else that's bothering you, what is it?"

"I-I-I'm one half demon. And a vir-virgin." Raven said.

"Well, so am I…..well kind of…."

"No, Garfield, I mean I grew up being told about the evils of sex. My own mother was raped, and I am the product of her rape. While living with the monks, they told me about the dangers and evil sins of sex, like getting diseases and bringing in unwanted children into the world due to rape. They also told me that I could never ever have a child of my own, because that child would be one quarter of a demon, and I would continue the rapt of Trigon if I brought a child into this world. Part of my meditation is to wipe out thoughts of sexual pleasure. I was told to always be a virgin." Raven had said, slowly taking out the flowers in her hair as she looked in her medieval style mirror.

"But Trigon is gone. Besides weren't you the one who talked Starfire into having….."

"That was different. Starfire is an alien being with natural urges, Robin is a human being with natural urges, but I am a demon…"

"Half-demon, and a half human, with human urges." Garfielf said as he sat next to her on the bed, caressing her shoulders while she looked at him in her mirror. "Look, I know what those monks were trying to do; they were trying to protect you from some sweet talking man who would try to get into your pants. But we're married, and I want to show how much I love you."

"I know, and one day I will, but not tonight." Raven said as she put the mirror face down on the table. She unbuttoned her dress and slipped on some baggy pajamas, all without looking back at him. "The wedding was overwhelming enough and I broke ten decorations with just our vows alone." She said. After she was done, she slowly walked onto her side of the bed and kissed Garfield as he looked disappointed. "One night, but not tonight."

"Damn monks." Garfield said as he went to bed next to his new bride whom he couldn't touch that night. She was also not ready the next night, nor the next month. It wasn't until one night three months after their wedding that Raven was ready and she notify Garfield that night.

"I'm surprised," Raven called through the bathroom door as she was getting ready, "that you would be a virgin as well."

"Well, I never had a chance to take things to the next level in my relationships and it just worked out for me that way. It wasn't from the lack of trying, I can ensure you." He said as he was already sitting under the covers getting prepared. He had been patiently waiting for this moment for so long that he just remembered that he was nervous just as much as she was. "But you can take as much time as you need." He added.

At that moment Raven walked out of the bathroom in her Empire line style white dress with the lavender flowers in her hair. She tried so hard to look like Elizabeth Bennet. She was not one to idolized characters, but she had admire Miss. Bennet and wanted to soak up her grace through the book.

"I wanted to pretend this was our wedding night." She explained looking rather shy, like the old Raven he had known the first time he met her. "I didn't want to postpone the wedding, due to my issues, nor did I want you to remember your wedding night as a wasted night. I know how much the concept of marriage is important to you, so….."

Garfield walked over to Raven, wearing nothing but his purple boxers, with his dark green chest hair sticking out. He gently kissed Raven while he unbuttoned her dress in the back. She could feel the power of his kiss was more intense than ever before.

At first she slowly backed up, because the intendancy had surprise her, but she stayed her ground after a while and started to become intense herself. When she realized that all the buttons were undone, she slowly allowed her dress to fall to her feet. Garfield took a moment to pick up Raven around his arms and laid her gently on the bed.

"I know you don't like looking at yourself in the mirror, but you are beautiful Raven." He said as he gazed over her body.

She certainly wasn't a zero size model, but her athletic curves added an appeal to Garfield, mostly because he knew how hard it was to obtain such abs. Her hips were wider than expected, only due to the fact that she always kept that damn cape around her body at all times. Her arms and legs were toned yet soft to the touch.

She had small breast in weight, but was large in terms of cup size. There was a pale imprint to show where her leotard was worn. She took a few deep breaths as Garfield hovered over her. Both of their hearts were pounding a little faster.

"You're not so bad looking yourself." She said as she continued to breathe deeply. Garfield had a nice six pack, but she didn't care about his abs. His arms were what really impressed her, those stringy long arms that seemed out of shape when you first touch them, but as soon as he turns into an animal, his arms is what carries the extra weight he obtains. And then she could feel how powerful they were after he transform back. His legs were just as strong and stringy as well, but they were covered in hair. "Do you have it on?"

"Yes. Have you been taking the pills?" Garfield asked.

"Yes." Raven said. "I'm ready." Garfield carefully got up and slid down her underpants as she lay motionless on the bed. He carefully slid down his boxers. He crawled back into bed as he pulled the covers over them and hovered over Raven. She closed her eyes as he gently kissed her soft neck. She exhaled heavily. "Azarath, metrion, zinthos. Azarath, metrion, zinthos. Azarath…"

As Raven was continuing her chant, Garfield hovered closer to her. "Just keep thinking about your center, Rae. Just imagine you're the only one in the world by the ocean. There are stars in the sky and a bright yellow moon." He whispered.

"Azarath, metrion, z-INTH-os." Raven said as Garfield lowered himself inside her. Raven hugged tightly around Garfield's body. She stopped her chanting for a second, biting her lip to prevent her from screaming out in pain. "…Aza-azarath, metrion, zinthos." Raven started to chant.

"I'm sorry Raven; I have heard that it will hurt at first. I-I myself feel a little sting. Are you okay?" Garfield asked as he slowly lowered himself. She nodded her head, but she couldn't hide the look of pain on her face.

"Azara-TH, men-TRION, ZI-nthos." Raven gasped as she was trying so hard to concentrate on her meditation. Garfield began slowly thrusting up towards her face. He gently kissed her neck.

"It's okay, it's okay….remember your center." Garfield whispered in Raven's ear. He thrust his body slowly downward towards her chest. The pain began to get to her.

"Azar-ATH—the monks were right, the monks were right! Sex is nothing, but evil! Men take and take, while women suffer!" Raven screamed out. One of the oil paintings on the wall exploded into millions of pieces.

"Raven, please concentrate! I promise the pain will almost be over!" Garfield cried out. He began to move slightly towards her face again, and then back down to her chest. Raven continued on with her chant, and held Garfield's back tighter to her.

Garfield started to move up and then slowly moved back down to Raven. Garfield wrapped his hands around Raven's head as he started to gain some speed. She chanted a little faster as she could feel Garfield gain speed.

"AZ-ar-ATH, M-entrion, ZIN-thos. Az-ARA-th, me-ENTRION, zin-THOS." She chanted. They both could hear loud thuds around the Tower, Raven was starting to lose her concentration, and she was taking it out on the living room.

"Azarath, mentrion, zinthos. Azarath, mentrion, zinthos..." Garfield started to chant along with Raven as he could feel the climax get closer. He closed his eyes, and just allowed his body to take control. His ritual began to get faster and faster, to the point that they both began to sweat from the constant exercise between them. "Azarath…..come on Raven, just a little longer…..mentrion, zinthos."

Raven's pain started to fade away, and it became more and more pleasant as he kept going. However, she knew she couldn't stop her chanting and enjoy it, or Garfield could melt right in front of her. She tried desperately to concentrate on her breathing and controlling her emotions, but Garfield's movement was breaking that concentration. She held onto the bed sheets, as if she felt she might start fly away from this point.

Garfield abs started to drip little beads of sweat on her already wet body. Even though it was his first time as well, he had seen his parents and the natives in Africa do it before, watching them secretly to see what on earth they were doing. He sometimes was close to taking things to the next level when it came to his relationships. However, that all changed with Raven, and he was forced to take things extremely slow. Although he realized that taking things slow was better, because the payoff was much more satisfying in the end with all his anticipation.

He didn't seek advice from Robin or Cyborg when it came to this point, because he didn't want to embarrass Raven. For all the team knew, they had already consummated their marriage, possibly several times. All of a sudden, the pain went away altogether, and became a pleasurable sensitive touch that filled both Raven's and Garfield's body with endorphins.

"Azarath, m-ENTRIO-n, ZI-thos…..oh, Raven I love you so much…damn your father…. I hope he rots in Hell…" Garfield mumbled as he could feel the high point of their exercise.

As he finished his statement, Raven screamed some nonsense words as they both gasped for air. Garfield looked down at his bride, and rolled over onto the bed to lay beside her as she was still gasping for air. The room's temperature became higher. He embraced Raven's body as she slowly opened her eyes and looked over to him.

Her skin color became a more magenta color while his green skin became a lighter green. They didn't say anything; they just looked at each other. Raven didn't want to rock her emotions anymore, so she just closed her eyes and tried to sleep. Garfield understood the message and just held her tighter as he fell asleep as well.

The next morning, Garfield had woken up to an empty bed. Raven was already dressed and looking out from the window.

"I think I developed a new emotion last night, or at least released it from hiding." Raven said. "I'm going to spend the whole day meditating. So, make sure nobody bothers me, unless it is an emergency."

Garfield got up and started to get dressed. "Raven…..did you, did you enjoy it?" He asked.

"I must say, it wasn't as unpleasant as I made it out to be with my screaming. But, the things that I was feeling shocked me, and sworn I almost saw a vision of Hell circling around the room. These things scared me, and Timid came out." Raven said as she looked over her shoulder. "I was a little embarrassed by the things I said. I know sex is not evil. It is the act of repopulating a species; a ritual that is supposed to feel pleasant, so that Nature can encourage people to keep the population up."

"But did you enjoy it?" Garfield asked as he went over by her side. "Did I….please you?" He said, trying to find the appropriate words to say. He didn't have the wide range of vocabulary as Raven did.

"It was a new feeling. I have not determined if it was good." She said. Garfield smiled.

"You did like it, or you would have said you didn't." He said. Raven didn't say anything; she turned her gaze towards the window again. "I'll let them know you want to be left alone."

Garfield had walked out to the living room and found the furniture all turned over with glasses from the kitchen all broken. Luckily the television wasn't shattered. Unluckily, Robin was already up and about, rearranging the furniture.

"Beast Boy, what happen?" Robin asked, as he saw Garfield standing by the door with a guilty expression. "I reviewed the tapes. A ball of black energy filled up the room and this is the results."

"Um…" Garfield said. Robin knew something happened last night with Raven, but didn't know what. Robin was protected about Raven, a little too protected, even though he was in love and married to Starfire. He always had said that Raven was the sister he never had due to the fact that he rescued her when her father took over. "Don't worry about it. It is being taken care of. Raven is spending the day meditating."

"What happened?" Robin demanded. "I want an answer." He wanted his teammates to tell him everything, despite the fact that they all were having their own life.

"Raven is my wife, Robin. She had an accident; she is taking care of it by meditating." Garfield angrily said. "Don't you think I can take care of my wife?" He felt offended, as if Raven had gotten into trouble, and he wasn't doing his duty and protecting her. Even though this kind of thinking was a little outdated, because Garfield would be the damsel in distressed, he thought he should protect his manhood in front of Robin at least.

"Well, is this something that's going to happen again?" Robin asked. It almost seemed as if Robin was accusing him of something.

"If there's a God." Garfield whispered to himself. "Robin, what do you take me for? Do you think I beat her up? Do you think I have the power to beat her up? Do you think her father is back and I wouldn't tell you guys? Some things' are just between couples." He said to Robin.

"Look, I respect your guys' privacy, but if Raven is a little unstable then I have to always assume the wors—"

"Robin," Garfield interrupted. He was going to go for it, he was going to brag. "What did you do for your wedding night?" he asked condescendingly. Robin was confused at first, but then gradually understood what Garfield met and he blushed.

"But, this is the first time such a mess was created in any room." Robin said. Garfield tried his hardest to not look straight into Robin's eyes, well at least his mask. He had promised himself not to embarrass Raven, and he did. "Are you guys having problems? Has…..has this been the first time, period?"

"I didn't want to say anything, because it would embarrass Raven. But you kept pestering, like you always do. And if you value your health, I suggest you help me clean up this mess up and never mentioned this again." Garfield said. What the hell, he might as well tell Robin what's what, just to make Robin feel stupid for meddling in their affairs. "Unless of course, she'd liked it, and would allow for another try. Then I supposed there will be many messes I would need to clean up in the future."

Robin said nothing else and allowed Garfield to help him clean up the living room before the others came in hours later. Robin had thought maybe Garfield had abused Raven in some way, and would ask her about it later in case he didn't buy Garfield's story. However, the next day Raven simply had a positive energy around her, and Robin knew that he had learned too much about their relationship.