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"What about Star?" Garfield asked as he and Raven were both walking to their newly repaired room. She couldn't wait to get a good night's rest in her bed again and away from that cramped bunker.

"If she wants to be mad, let her be mad. She is not getting her way and so she is taking it out on us." She said calmly. Cyborg was babysitting that night when Rae could feel that familiar emotion stimulating her. But then Starfire came in, asked about something that Rae completely blew off because she was full of hormones, which resulted in another fight. At the moment, Raven didn't care, she was slave to her lust when came it out and couldn't help, but lash out at people when her emotions were strong within her. She was disappointed the last time she had a night alone with Garfield, because it ended too soon.

This time, she wanted to come out satisfy. They finally reach the room, which felt like an eternity to get there.

"Whoa." Garfield said after he opened the door and saw the changes.

The walls had been carved out to make a built-in book shelve, so that way they didn't have to bother with bookcases falling down all the time. It also had a sliding door and a lock on it. The dark grey-blue walls had been repainted to a brighter blue, but it was still dark in the room without proper lighting. There were more candles illuminating the room. The drawers that used to carry their clothes, now held Raven's magic books and spell props, and it was locked so Lydia couldn't get into it. Austin's newly constructed yellow crib was a few feet away from their huge bed which was now covered in dark forest green sheets instead of purple.

"What's this? A little more color in our room?" Garfield teased when he saw the bed and jumped on top of their new mattress. It didn't feel right, but it would take a few nights to get used to it.

"The pillows are still purple." She said before she looked around her new room. Her old statues and art pieces were still hanging around as well as her medieval-style locked chest where she kept her secrets hidden away; those were the only things that managed to be saved from the exploding windows.

"Are you sure Cyborg knows what he is doing?" Garfield asked, returning to the subject they had been arguing about all day.

"Yes. Cyborg is going to recruit new people, and soon we'll become mentors rather than the ones to go out and fight the crime." She said, turning to him.

"No, you still have to go out there as well. I'm not letting you stay cooped up in here with your emotions going wild."

"What if I like my emotions cooped up in here?" She asked, while flashy him a smile.

"That's Lust talking right now. I want to talk to Raven. I'm serious, what if Cyborg's plan goes horribly wrong, and we end up with some kind of munity on our hands? There are a lot of young kids with special gifts out there that just don't like to be given orders."

"We won't be their parents, just their mentors. We didn't have mentors when we started the Teen Titans, it was just us five teenagers living under one roof, all having to face young adolescence life and everyday problems without much supervision."

"Yeah, exactly! We had some form of freedom, besides responsibility and etc, but we still had freedom! What if the new Teen Titans just want that? No adult supervision? They'll complain that we didn't have it, so why should they have it?"

"Then, I'll tell them the story of how I almost destroyed the world." She said, getting tired of this subject as she unhooked her cloak and threw it across the room.

"Why can't we just go back to the way things used to be?" He asked, looking down at the new sheets.

Raven walked over to where Garfield was sitting and used her black energy to remove her boots. She then pressed herself up against Garfield. At first, he was still pondering his own question and ignored her attempts, until she started kissing his neck. Her soft lips and mesmerizing scent made him forget about his troubles for a second and he gave into her demands. He wrapped his arms around her and lied back on the soft bed. With her black energy, she undid his pants and threw them across the room, while she continued to nibble on his ear.

"Rae, Rae, let me at least get up to get the—" But before he finished his words, a condom, engross with black energy, appeared in his hands. Raven sat back up, wiping her mouth from the extra saliva, and allowed him some room to fix himself.

As he was placing the rubber on him, Rae looked across the room and saw white candle flickering its flames. She took off her leotard as she continued to stare into its deadly flare. The candles around the room flared up a bit. Garfield noticed the candles intense flames and saw her staring at the candle.

"Raven?" He asked, and with that her concentration was broken. The candles around them died down and the room was a little darker. She looked deep into his green eyes. "We just remodeled; let's not burn the place down now. We still have to be careful."

"Why not? Fire is rebirth after all." She whispered. She then used her black energy rip his T-shirt apart so she could gaze upon his muscles.

She looked over to her green god-like man, took his hand, and slid over to him. They sat up on their knees, with Raven kissing his neck as he kissed her hair, then her cheek, then her nose. They ran their fingers into each other's hair for a long time, continuing to kiss each other in any place they could reach, until it felt like there was no salvia left in them. Garfield then gently slid his hand down between her legs to help stimulate her Lust a little more. He couldn't resist the wet gray cave. He transformed his tongue into a snake's, kneeled forward and gave her outer labia a few licks. She was taken by surprised and gasped from the sudden ticklish feeling which made her burst a pillow into a pile of feathers.

Their hearts were racing and already they were breathing heavily. Finally, he stopped, not wanting to excite her too soon. They looked up at each other, with him smiling and combing her hair back. As he petted her, she closed her eyes and started chanting as she very carefully and slowly slid inside him, wrapping her legs around him as he sat on his knees. He smiled and kissed her neck when he was pretty sure that nothing in their room was broken just yet, except for that inexpensive pillow.

It took a lot of patience and practice for Raven to be able to start out on top, as Garfield was usually the one to do it first so that she could concentrate on holding back her emotions. However, life could get really boring if they always stick to the same routine every time. So, it was important that they conquer their fears and try new things, so that Lust wouldn't be so dangerous and could be kept at bay. If that part of Raven felt unsatisfied, she would only grow more demanding of her primitive nature.

Raven held onto Garfield's shoulders tightly as they both started to move as one, steady and quiet at first as a river is during its low tide. She slid in and out of him slowly, barely holding onto him for support as she was finding her rhythm, occasionally just sitting there and breathing before making another thrust. Her eyes were closed, with her head usually pointed towards the ceiling, but she would feel for his hair, neck or shoulders to help guide her so she didn't fall. As time went on, she began to move a little faster, and he did his best to keep up by following her when she lifted away from him.

He had his arms wrapped around her lower back, to help keep her balance, but as she gain momentum, it was harder for him to keep a hold on her. It was a little uncomfortable to be on his knees, he had to admit, it was something different and maybe at this angle he could get a better ending then their usual missionary style. The only sounds that could be heard was Raven chanting her mantra and an unsettling wet sound, made by their chests smashing together. He would kiss her stomach or suck on a breast for just a second when she would lift up and sometimes he would get a nibble of her neck.

She moved her hands up from his shoulders to his neck when she started to really pick up speed. He was able to keep up with her, making sure anytime she thrust up, he would follow her up, but he would push her back down to him, making sure she wasn't going to end up flying away. Whenever she would move harder with each thrust, he would sink his fingernails into her back and kiss any body part he could as she moved.

In her mind, she kept pushing her emotions back, internally yelling at them to stay back as she tried to think of her center: a peaceful garden or sometimes the galaxy, with its beautiful stars and asteroids. The more she thought of her center, the more she kept on moving—picturing herself of having a cup of tea by an English garden—just as she pulled Garfield's hair and bit her lower lip. She tried to suppress her excitement just as she was on top of the world, full of pure ecstasy as she was getting close to her climax.

But she didn't want to; she didn't want this feeling and moment to end just yet. In her mind, everything was running just so smoothly, but for all she knew, they had destroyed the Tower again. If it did turn out that was true, she rather have destroyed the Tower this way, in Garfield's arms, rather than with her Rage.

Garfield noticed that she was beginning to get a little quiet, only gasping for air; he didn't know whether she was forgetting to say her chant or she was just not feeling good about this anymore. So, he gently pulled her down to bring her lips close to his and kissed her, making her stop her movements. Her head was higher than his was from her position, but he was able to wrapped his arms around her neck and with a few slow moves, slowly bring her down and lie on the bed.

He was now on top of her, with her head almost hanging off the edge of the bed, but he took this time to just kiss all the little sensual parts he was missing out on. Her soft hands, her arms, her neck, her ears, her forehead, her little charka, her eyes, her nose. She took the hint and slowed down a bit, usually only able to kiss his sweaty and tangled hair or his cheek when she felt his face near her. When he was busy kissing her neck, she would trace little circles on his back with her hands, to see if just a gentle touch could drive him wild and he moaned as if he was getting a deep tissue massage.

"Now…..Rae…please, remember…your chant…concentrate…" He tried to say in between breathing or kissing her.

This was the only way to calm her inner beast without irritating her, which would result in Rage. He knew from past experience to just not stop all together when she forgot to chant, or to just tell her during, but to just get her to quiet down a bit without completely stopping and politely suggest that maybe she should think about chanting.

She smiled and began chanting again, this time loudly to appease him. She held onto his back as she rolled both their bodies over, so she would be back on top again, with his head now almost hanging off the bed. She rose up gradually while balancing her hands on his abs; with her legs intertwine with his own. She then started to move again, keeping her eyes closed and continuing to chant in a sultry voice. Sometimes she would moan instead of chant.

Garfield wasn't just lying down like a dead fish, he was moving along with her just as she would, and occasionally he would thrust harder which would get her all dehydrated and cause her to bite her lower lip. He had seen Twilight one time and thought that Bella Swan had ruined lower-lip biting forever. However, he was incredibly wrong, as Raven had brought it back and made it sexy again somehow, and the thought of sexy lower-lip biting coming back just made him grab her hands and kiss the very palms of them.

Her hair was getting frizzy and his was also hot and tangled. They slowly, but surely, picked up a faster tempo, and this caused him to try something new. He got excited in the moment and turned both his arms into long octopuses' tentacles. They were an extra pair of sensory organs that allowed Garfield to touch Raven where he couldn't reach, to taste the sweat off of her skin, and to better smell the vanilla candles and her jasmine scented skin. He used his right tentacle to massage her back while the left one gently stroke her hair. She quivered at the cold touch of slimy arms at first.

"Shh…it's okay…Rae, it's only me." He was afraid this would turn her off completely and now stop chanting, which was bad. Or maybe, she would freak out too much and ask him to change his arms back before she continued on. Oh, why did he have to try something new in the heat of the moment without asking her first? This was such a stupid plan; he knew this was a bad idea…

She nodded her head and continued to move with him.

He used his new found arms by rubbing it around her breast, both of them circling around her luscious pale bust. These arms allowed him to feel an extra sensation when he stroked her breast. The tentacles were sensitive and therefore savored every moment on her body. His suction cups played with her nipples, making them hard to the touch, before he made his way down to her belly button. His extended arms glided on her smooth, sweating skin, and traced down to her hip, where he took some time to massage her perfect voluminous rump that was constantly moving due to her exercise. Due to its constant movement and different positions it would make, he would first use his tentacles to gently grace her round, fat skin, and when she thrust closer to him, he would take that opportunity to get one tentacle between her crack and massage the empty space. She moaned from the cold touch of his foreign arms comforting her more sensitive parts.

She reached out with her left hand and grabbed hold one of the tentacles, letting the slimy organ guide through her fingers. The other continued to circle her perfect ass before intertwining with her thighs, all the way to her feet. Despite what he had read up on many websites, he didn't want to stick anything in her mouth—even though he so much wanted too—because she had to keep on chanting, and sticking something into her mouth, whether she would agree before hand or not, would just be stupid for the whole Tower and their own lives. Sure, the tentacle thing was stupid before asking, but sticking it in her mouth? Now that was suicidal.

They both danced the dance of pleasure and rose up on the sheets as one before thrusting into each other on their way down on the bed. This little dance, which started out as a plain ole waltz, was quickly turning into a swinging rock 'n roll jitterbug, completed with abs smashing against each other and their feet curling up. Raven and Garfield could both feel that moment coming and so he tentacles decided to wrap around both her wrists for the final moment, causing to tease her as the tentacles restrain her from thrusting to hard of her own free will.

She continued to try and move one with him, even if the annoying tentacles only made her thrust as much as two inches. He used his muscles to sit up and allowed his tentacles to help him move her in and out of him. But she wasn't giving up her free will easily, she continued to try and move harder than the tentacles were allowing her and he forgot for a second how strong she really was even without her powers. As their momentum build up, they were both hanging their mouths open, with the occasion chant here and there. Pretty soon their dance became so fast that both their bodies were sweating profusely and their hair was swaying back and forth like they were jamming out at a rock metal concert.

"Azarath….MENTRION…..ZINTHOS!" She screamed in ecstasy, allowing her black energy field to be unleashed, but it only caused chaos around their room, since Cyborg had redecorated it to be more Raven-safe. Only a few of her art pieces had been scatter around the room, along with the sheets, pillows, pillow feathers, and their clothes.

Garfield moaned as well, although it wasn't as destructive as Raven's, and allowed his head to plop down on the mattress, waiting for his heart to settle down. He undid his tentacles, with Raven just lying down on her back from she was, and allowed his arms to dangle off the edge of the bed.

He wanted to ask her so many questions, like did she like what he did? Was it okay to try something new without asking her? Did she actually have an orgasm or was she just faking it for his sake? That was something that always concerned him. He knew she wasn't happy last time because they were interrupted and although she tried to hide that information, she wasn't as such a closed book as she once was. However, he decided to nix that last question when he heard her humming 'I Want to Hold Your Hand'. She lied on the other side of the bed for a while before she had the energy to sit up and crawl over to where he was lying. She rested her head on his chest as he admired her sweaty lavender locks. They were both breathing very hard and all they did was just laid there in each other's arms for a while as he listened to her hum.

After a good length of time went by, she stopped humming and looked up to him. "So, what are you worried about? We can keep a bunch of teenagers in line for the new team." She said softly.

"You know it's not fair to continue arguing after sex, because I would just agree to anything you say then."

She smiled. "I know." He smiled back. He grabbed a lock of her hair and sniffed it before giving it a small kiss.

"What did Robin tell you?" Her smile disappeared and she looked down at his abs.

"Let's not talked about that now." She said and he didn't want to actually talk about Robin right now, but he knew there was something that Robin had said that upset her during their time in the bunker and for days he had been trying to talk to her about it. Now seemed like a good time as any, but then again, he hated arguing after sex.

"When is Star leaving?" He asked.

"I don't know. She hasn't exactly given us a date. Could be tomorrow, could be in two weeks."

"I think she is afraid to leave."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because she is the last person to see the end of our friendships, but she knows her leaving would cause it." He said.

"Can we not talk about this either?" She asked, frustrated. She was getting a little annoyed that both of Robin and Star were harping on her sex life and they weren't even trying. He saw the expression on her face and smiled.

"You're right. This isn't the time." He said, before kissing the top of her head. "So, did you like the tentacle thing I did?"

She looked up to him, narrowed her eyes, and allowed a small smile to show. "But next time, I'll be the one to give you the surprises." She promised.

"Bruce, you can't do that! That's mine!" Lydia shouted at her playmate. Bruce and Lydia were set up in the living room, playing a little game with their toy animals when Bruce had become mesmerized by one of Lydia's elephants and had grabbed it out of her hand.

"Mine!" He shouted back, holding on tightly to the elephant. He had recently got a haircut, so his black stringy hair wouldn't covered up his brown eyes, although if Starfire could have her way, she would allow his hair to grow all the way to his shoulders. However, Robin—and pretty much everybody else—agreed that maybe long hair was better left reserved for his later years, when he could walk properly without tripping.

Lydia wanted the elephant back, but she knew grabbing it would only resort to him screaming and crying, as she was well aware from previous attempts from past arguments. Whenever they would fight, she was always the one who got into trouble, because she was the oldest and therefore had to be the more mature one out of the two of them. That was a lot of pressure to put on a six-year old going on seven. Bruce was fun to play with when he was a baby and didn't talk back or grab things out of her hand, but lately, he would only be happy if he had something of hers, something new to entertain him and she was getting tired of being the mature one.

She stared at the elephant, thinking to herself how much she wanted that elephant back. He began to bang the elephant on the floor and laughing as if he somehow knew he was victorious, even though he laughed at almost anything he found amusing. Her nostrils flared and she kept repeating in her head the word elephant, over and over again. As Bruce continued to abuse the plastic toy, it slowly became surrounded by a cool black energy. Bruce felt it and stopped hitting the toy against the floor, staring at it carefully, intrigued by this sudden temperature change. Before he knew it, the toy gently slipped out of his hands and soared across their play area. Bruce was too amazed by this to grab the toy back, thinking that the toy was going to come back to him at any minute, but it continued to fly away from him, landing softly in Lydia's outreached hands.

Lydia gasped and began panting, as she looked down at her now abused elephant, amazed that it was in her hands by her own energy. She smiled and hugged the elephant, so happy that she completed her first successful telekinetic trick without it ending in total chaos.

That is until Bruce began to cry.

"Shh! Don't! They hear you!" She tried to reason with him as she looked over to where the baby monitor was placed. It sat right above them, so Lydia wouldn't be able to turn it off. Starfire was taking a nap after a long day with Bruce and Garfield was doing some desk work in a different room nearby, so sometimes the kids were alone for five or so minutes. But they had set up a baby monitor just in case.

Now it didn't matter what had happened, she was going to get in trouble regardless because again, she was supposed to be the mature one who didn't fight with her younger relatives.

Lydia handed him the elephant back, hoping that would calm him down, but by this point he didn't care about the toy, he was just crying for some comfort and Lydia knew she had already lost the battle. As she continued to try and calm him down before the unavoidable confrontation with the adults, she noticed a glare out of the corner of her eye. Looking to her left, she saw one of her Barbies outfit had caught on fire and it was starting to spread to its plastic hair.

Lydia screamed, and in a panicked, tried to pick up Bruce, only he was so heavy for her, so she just dragged him a few feet away from the Barbie, not knowing what else to do. Pretty soon, the whole room would smell like burnt plastic. She stared at the water tab in the kitchen, hoping that she could control the tab to extinguish the fire, but the tab was so far away, and she couldn't fully concentrate on it because she was panicking. She began to cry.

Finally, for what seemed like an eternity in hell, Starfire and Garfield both ran into the room. Starfire screeched when she saw the fire and quickly flew over to where the children were, picking them both up, before flying into the kitchen, safety away from the fire. Garfield found the small extinguisher in the kitchen and quickly put out the Barbie doll, as well as part of the carpet they had been sitting on.

After a few minutes went by, and Lydia had a chance to settle down with her Dad while Starfire cradled a crying Bruce in her arms, Lydia was then told to sit down and explain what had happened.

"Okay, what happened?" Garfield asked calmly, lowering his voice to almost a whisper.

"I-I-I don't know." She stuttered, looking down at the ground.

"It's okay, you're not in trouble—"

"She had made a fire—!"

"—Star, please." Garfield interrupted before trying to make eye contact with a reluctant Lydia. "All I heard on the monitor was some fighting, and then a long pause before Bruce started crying. And then a shout about a fire."

"I-I-I don't know what happened…"

"Yes, you do. I know you do. Now I am not accusing you of anything, I just want to know what happened. There's no shame in making a mistake, we just learn from them."

Lydia paused and took a breath before looking up and seeing Starfire's furious bright green eyes staring at her. Lydia then looked over to her Dad, and his dark green eyes seem much more calming. She looked down and saw that she was still holding her elephant—how and when she had gotten it back, she couldn't remember—but there it was, her simple, gray elephant.

"Bruce took a-away my elephant. So, I wanted it back. B-b-but I know he would cry if I took it-it away from him. So I used my powers to get it back." She said. "I-I-I didn't hurt him or anything, he just started crying when he saw th-that he didn't have it anymore. A-and then I saw the fire. I don't know how that happened. I-I-I was so careful, Daddy."

She was about to cry again, but Garfield hugged her and held her in his arms, swaying back and forth. "Shh. It's okay. We all make mistakes. No one was hurt."

"Beast Boy, I do not want her to practice her powers unsupervised!" Starfire expressed.

"Not right now, Star, she already feels bad enough."

"When I was small bumgorf, I was not allowed to use what little powers I had until I was told I could!"

"Star, you're beginning to sound like Robin." And with that, she simply huffed and walked out of the room from the scene.

"W-why is Aunty Starry being mean?" Lydia asked. Dammit, he didn't want her to notice the change in Star's attitude towards his family. He broke the embrace, looked at her in the eye, and combed her dark violet hair behind her ear.

"She's just stress out right now. Do you feel better?"

"Yeah, b-but, I don't know where that fire came from."

"You just overwhelmed yourself when you got that elephant and maybe that extra energy was placed on your Barbie by accident."

"B-but, the fire didn't start until Bruce cried! And that was after I was done lev-levi-ta-tut—moving it with my mind!"

"So, what you're saying is that the fire didn't start right away."


"Were you happy when you got your elephant back?"

"Yeah! Because I made it move all the way to me without dropping it! I controlled it the entire time!" She exclaimed.

"It just must have been the excitement or your fear that you would get in trouble when you started the fire." Lydia's eyes started to tear up again. "It's okay, Mommy did that too when she was young. Sometimes still does."

"But, I-I wasn't even thinking about fire, usually I could feel myself making a mess, but this time, I didn't—"

"—I think Mommy would better explain how your powers work then I can." He said. She frowned. "How, what's with the long face? You did it!"

"Yeah, but I messed up."

"Did the elephant drop while it floated?"

"No." She said softly.

"Did you control it to where it landed?"


"Then you did it! You just expressed an extra emotion—that's all! You still did it! It's okay, now we know what to expect next time. And pretty soon, you can control those extra feelings—"


"—Hey, this little victory sounds like a trip to an ice cream shop possibly?" He asked rhetorically to himself, but he was about to blow it off when she looked at him with that glimmer in her eye and her tears quickly dried up.

"Ice cream?"

"Well, if you want to sit here and feel sorry for yourself, we can do that too—"

"—No, no, no, no, no, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!" She squealed, before he picked her up. Before they were about to reach the door, Starfire walked in, without Bruce.

"Beast Boy, may I have a word with you?" She asked, glaring in his eyes as she stood next to the door.

"Sure, uh, Lydia, go on ahead and put your shoes on, I'll meet you in your room." He said, putting her down. At first Lydia gave a quizzical look to her aunt before she looked back at her Dad and then quickly ran out the door.

Starfire glance over at Lydia running down the hallway, before Star closed the door, looking back at Garfield. "Beast Boy….we have been friends for many years."

Garfield raised his eyebrows. "Yes, for more than a decade I believe." Starfire paused for bit, before she decided to speak, but Garfield interrupted her before she had a chance. "It was an accident."

"I know and I do not blame her for making these accidents—I made a few mistakes when I first learned target practicing." She said.

"But…?" Garfield questioned.

She lowered her head. "I think it is too dangerous."


"I do not want Bruce to get hurt." She said.

"So, what are you saying?" He asked, crossing his arms and getting frustrated. "My daughter is not good enough for your precious Bruce?"

"Beast Boy! That is not what I said!"

"But that's what you are trying to say, isn't it?!"

"Well…no. It is just that…."

"Just what?"

"Just that the past few play dates they have had, have not ended well."

"So she started a fire, we were closed by and I put it out! Star, the thing is, is that she had successfully levitated an item! Her first successful run!" He exclaimed. "And I believe she was just so overwhelmed with extra emotions that she just happened….to cause a fire. Now I am not saying I am rewarding her for that—Raven will make her do extra meditation sessions because of it—but this is on par with her taking her first step without falling! Her first sentence without mispronouncing a word! She's learning how to control her powers without causing destruction!"

"But she did cause destruction! And she endangered my child!" She shouted with her eyes glowing a vicious green hue.

"But that was after, after she was done with everything, not during—"

"—It seems that I am not making myself clear." Starfire interrupted. "While I applaud Lydia in her life achievements, I will not let her endanger my child again!"

"So, I'll watch them from now on. Or you can watch them if you feel better." He said, lowering his voice as he was getting tired of arguing. "Or he can take a nap with you when you take a nap and Lydia can wait in the living room—"

"—No. No. That is not what I am saying."

"Then what are you saying?" All of sudden, her eyes stopped glowing and she looked like a lost soul. "You don't want Lydia to play with Bruce alone, correct?"

She nodded.

"You don't want Lydia to play with Bruce when I am here, correct?"

She nodded. He started to get angry.

"You don't want Lydia to play with Bruce….period?"

She looked up to him and reluctantly nodded.

Garfield was so furious, but he was tired of all the fighting. Whatever, Starfire and Bruce would both be gone in a few weeks or so, if she could ever get around to packing and finding Robin's position. He didn't even know why she had stayed so long after she announced she was leaving. At that moment, he didn't care about anything, but giving his little girl a triple scooped ice cream cone with extra sprinkles. He scoffed at Starfire as he walked past her.

"Beast Boy—!" She shouted in a panicked, but he was already out the door.

She stared down to where the burnt Barbie laid.