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"—It seems that I am not making myself clear." Starfire interrupted. "While I applaud Lydia in her life achievements, I will not let her endanger my child again!"

"You don't want Lydia to play with Bruce….period?" Garfield asked.

"You're not real." Raven replied to the ghostly woman. She was tired of this image of Arella popping up during the most inappropriate times. "Stop bothering me." After the first few times Arella's image appeared before her, Raven thought she was somehow dreaming all of it, but now she knew some kind of old magic was being practice outside of Azarath.

Cyborg had also gone into detail for both Titans about how he was going to recruit some fresh blood into the group and how he would slowly transform it into a shelter for people who had powers and didn't have a place they could call home.

She turned the circular yellow device and opened it up with her hand. "So….this really is goodbye? You're really leaving? Like forever?"

"No, not forever…just not for a short while. Hey, cheer up, you can reach me anytime on that thing. And Bruce and Starfire too. You'll be fine, Lydia."

As Raven was concentrating on Bruce's anatomy to impossibly stay up in the air with her mind, Raven had felt something she hadn't felt before around Bruce.

In the end, Raven decided not to tell the two about Bruce, at least at that moment, but slipped away after dinner to write a quick letter…She slipped the note into one of Starfire's suitcases when she wasn't looking.

The pebbles and boulders floated around for a bit before they made a neat pattern and spelled out the words:


Robin—who started to go by his new alias, Nightwing—had taken Starfire to his new home, in Alaska, where he had been training for a few months. Yes, Alaska, she had thought he was half way around the world, in fact, he was only half a day's travel away by air from sunny California. Up just south of the main land, but north of the capital, Juneau, Starfire saw the small cottage that was to be their home, surrounded upon miles of snow.

He knew she could handle the cold and Bruce could stay inside their little cottage and grow to endure harsh climates. Since they were still in the United States, they didn't need to do any waiting bureaucratic nonsense to start working for their new city. The Alaskan government wasn't as lucrative when it came to crime services, they could only give the two a small cottage in the outskirts of a small town. So, it was goodbye to the nice big city life and a huge TV, and hello to the average home.

After a year went by, they had gotten comfortable in their fairly new situation. It had snowed all day and Bruce was suited up for the weather. Robin was miles away from the house, just training, while Starfire was in the backyard with Bruce, watching him enjoy the snow. Starfire couldn't bother with coats, she was fine just with a casual tank top and a skirt. She rather not do a huge load of laundry if she didn't need too, so she always preferred to dress warm, less chores in this remote land. Starfire was showing Bruce how to build a snowman, a concept that she felt she had to explain in depth because it was explained to her, so many years ago.

She had at first had been afraid of the initial visits to the Tower that she and Robin would take to ensure that everything was transitioning well with the new team mates. However, for now, she thought that she could rest easy at nights.

Bruce had wondered around the backyard, being amazed at this wondrous thing called snow. Even though it had been quite some time after he had moved, he never really got to go outside a lot because of his parents being afraid he would get too cold. However, he was no longer a toddler, but slowly approaching a ripe old age of four. He was now used to the cold, which meant more play time outside.

Starfire was finishing up the small snowman, as Bruce was busy exploring, when she had reached behind her to grab more snow. She felt water on her fingertips, which was peculiar and had looked behind to see why there was lukewarm water. The snow that had just been there a few moments ago, was now sunken into the earth. It was completely melted, with only the slushy water to show the evidence that snow had ever been there, the dirt underneath exposed.

Suspicious of this weird phenomena, she slowly got up and looked around her surroundings, thinking that someone was on her property. Strange, Robin didn't mention a visit today from anyone. She walked around the backyard for a bit, calling out to the visitor who was hiding. When she walked back the way she came, she found more water puddles and it was starting to scare her.

She called out one more time that whoever it was should stop right now. But nobody came out. She then had no choice, but to assume it was not a friendly visitor, but someone vile, coming to harm her family. They had found her home, she feared, and seemed like they could be a sneaky group. She looked around the empty Alaskan fields and couldn't see anyone for miles away, only white hills upon a grey sky. They were hiding. She looked up into the sky, and allowed her eyes to glow.

"Bruce, it's time to go inside." She said, ready to fight whoever was going to attack from beyond. She looked around to see where he was and found him taking off his gloves. "Bruce, honey, put those—"

She stopped and screamed as she was blinded by the light coming out of Bruce's hands. Flames were dancing around his tiny little fingers, but he did not seem to cry out. Although he wasn't afraid, he did look cautiously at his hands, as the flames started to dance onto his coat and his pants. Before he knew it, Starfire grabbed him by the arm, forced him on his side and frantically threw snow on his small body to put out the fire. Within a few seconds of snow being thrown on, the fire was extinguish, and a foul smell plagued the air. His coat and pants were torn to shreds and practically breaking off piece by piece.

She then cradle him in her arms as she raced him inside to have a bath and get rid of the clothes before he would start breathing in the fumes. As she stripped him off inside the house, she went around his skin to find any marks. She was relieved that there weren't any burns. He didn't even seem to be in pain, just confused and colder then anything, with the snow being buried in his hair and knuckles. Not even his hands were blacken, the only damage seemed to be his face and body were covered in soot. In fact, he was downright lucky, because she saw his hands on fire for a few seconds before she had time to act. Very lucky.

Almost—wait, why was his hands on fire?

They were surrounded by snow for miles upon miles. He wasn't anywhere near the house to grab matches. Was it that person that was spying on them? Just from that thought alone, she locked all the doors and stayed away from the windows for the rest of the day. She called Robin and he raced home.

"How is he? Is he in shock?" Robin exclaimed.

"No, no, I-I do not think so. He-he was just laughing a f-few minutes ago about something on the television. He-he does not appear to have any burns."

"Are you sure? You checked?"

"Yes, we-we can take him to a hospital, but he is not even crying"

"I'll call a hotline, but first, we have to make sure this place isn't bugged. Why don't you scout the area around the house to make sure they're gone? I'll stay here in case they come in."

Three hours of flying around the sky within acres of the cabin and checking in every nook and cranny of the cottage didn't produce any results. They were both satisfied that whoever had done this, they were gone. After a trip to the emergency room, they took Bruce home. It was now just a matter of waiting, hoping that the person would show his/her face so they can fight them off. The first few days involved the parents switching between looking for them and babysitting Bruce.

After a week had gone by, they notified the Titans, to see if anybody—any criminal, villain, random psycho—had said that they were going after either Starfire or Robin. They explained how Bruce was attacked, but to their surprised, nothing had happened that week in Jump City except the blue collar crimes the Titans caught, but those were usual. Another week gone, and still they couldn't get an explanation about Bruce's attack. Then, Cyborg had called one day, saying he had news.

"I might know who did this," He said, with a pause. Both Starfire and Robin were eyes met his in the communicator. Cyborg looked up at Starfire. "Starfire, what exactly did you see?"

"I had turned around and twelve Earth-inches of snow had been melted down to a puddle. That is when I realized someone else was nearby, possibly there to hurt us, for they did not make themselves known. When I was going to put Bruce away, he-he was…set on fire."


"That's just it, I didn't see where the source came from, I just saw him standing there and the next thing I know, his hands were on fire!"

"His hands?"


"And you had said that when you checked him, there weren't any burns or marks?"

"No, there were not!"

Cyborg had looked off to the side, nodding to something that Robin or Starfire couldn't see. There was a few moments of pause. "Do you know who did this?!" Robin asked, a little impatient.

Cyborg looked back to them. "I'm afraid I do. The good news is, is that nobody attacked Bruce. You're safe."

Starfire was confused. "Then, what happen—"

"The bad news is just that. Nobody attacked Bruce. He….(looking off to the side) are you sure? Okay."

"What are you saying?" Robin said, getting irritated to what Cyborg was about to say, having an idea who Cyborg was talking too.

"Bruce….pfft….okay. Uh, now, hear me out. Bruce…did it to himself. You see, he has fire powers—" Robin slammed the communicator shut.

"What is Cyborg thinking?" Robin said, irritated. "Bruce doesn't have powers, he's just human, can you believe this? What has Raven been telling him?" He looked at Starfire and she seemed quiet. Not angry, a little surprised, but just quiet. "Star, it's okay. He didn't do that to himself. Cyborg doesn't know—"

She looked into his eyes and tears started streaming her face. "Yes, he does."

She led him through the hallway of their small house, with the smooth wood grazing their feet, she stopped at a corner of a wall and gently picked up an unnoticed small loose board from the floor. Underneath was a wrinkled up paper. It was the letter Raven wrote to her about a year and a half ago, she had kept it tucked away under a board in the house, afraid of him ever finding it. When she had read the letter, she didn't want to believe it.

In fact, she felt insulted for Raven trying to blame a fire hazard on a toddler. They all had basically forgiven each other, why was Raven going to start something all over again? Starfire threw away the note, just glad that Robin hadn't seen it, because he would have gone straight back to the Tower. However, later on, she found the letter in the garbage, and hid it under a board in the house.

"I was thinking at the time, this is insane, this is madness, I did not believe it," She said, as he read it. "However, I-I kept it…just in case it could have been right…to remind myself that I could be wrong. And I was. I am."

"But this doesn't prove anything, it just shows Raven had this scheme going on for about a year now—"

"But why would she write a letter? Why not tell us? Raven is not the type to keep her opinion silenced. She is one to silence her emotions, but not her opinion. Why write a letter in secret and sneak it into my suitcase? And not even ask about it later? In fact, Cyborg was the one to inform us, she was not. She was afraid we would not believe her and that only Cyborg could talk to us. And she was right."

"Of course we wouldn't believe her, that's why she had Cyborg do it—"

"But what is she accomplishing in this lie?"

"I don't know, to get some sort of revenge. They do say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Maybe she wanted to…to make us feel like we don't know what we're doing…or to…"

"But would we not realized that she is lying when years would have gone by and Bruce hadn't produced these powers?"

"Yes…but we don't know what her end game here is—"

"But…this part right here." Starfire said, as she took the letter from him and starting reading out loud:

"'…You've known for years that I have abilities to sense when someone is nearby or I can feel their emotions, basically a person's aura. Years of training has made my abilities grow stronger. So, my power extends to feeling a certain energy that a person, a being, gives off, such as if they're in a bad mood, scared, injured, alone, etc. It is not voluntary to feel other's energies, I just do without trying. It is a little complex on what I can and cannot sense from someone else—also it is too long to go into detail. Sometimes I get it wrong, but those are rare times. This, I fear, was not one of those times. Although it was only once and it was outside, the energy I felt from Bruce was powerful, something I only can feel from someone with a mutant or natural born power from within them.

"A quiet one, but one still. I only felt that one intense blast in my head and my hands. It wasn't out of control, but it was a little unsettling. I don't care if you don't believe—you don't have too. But I write because if left uncheck, if could be dangerous when he grows up, as I think you know from my own experience. The least you can do is check into his biological background, that is, his birth parents. They could provide some answers. I hope.—"

"'I hope'. She's right about one thing, I don't believe it. Bruce is human—"

"Was he? And is not Beast Boy human as well? Yet, he has powers. What do we know of Bruce's birth? Of the mother's pregnancy? The father had mistreat her."


"Robin! I know we all have a rather shaky history with our friends, but they are still our friends. Why would Raven write such a lengthy part about being able to sense something? She is afraid we will not believe her and must explain herself what she means by 'sensing' even if we do not."

"It's just, it doesn't make sense, why now? After all these years? If he were to have something inside him, why turn up now? Wouldn't it be obviously from the day he's born?"

"I do not know. I think that is why she tells us to dig deeper, because she is unsure too."

"But…are you sure?" He asked, looking down at the letter, a bit hesitant to believe those written words.

"I am not sure of anything. We could wait to see it for ourselves. Watch him. I saw his hands turn into fire and I still did not believe it. I thought someone was attacking us. Do Earthlings still keep in contact with the birth parents or is this a case that they do not wish to see the child?"

"Ours is a closed adoption, but we can contact a lawyer, if need be."

"They are the people we need to see."

"I still don't believe it."

Starfire grabbed his hands. "Then we should find out the truth, whatever it is. Not with anger, but with concern."

"I hope for our sakes, Raven is wrong."

Her eyebrows raised. "I thought you said you did not believe her?"

"Actually, I don't believe he has anything at all, but...(looking at the letter) she seems convinced that she knows, that she hasn't made a mistake."

"So, you think she is telling the truth?"

"Well, I….I can't stay mad forever."

Years Later:

It was six in the morning and the sun shined down inside of Charmer's room. She opened her forest green eyes as if her mind told her to wake up at that moment. She normally didn't like mornings, but she had been waiting for this day to come for months now. There were many reasons to be excited for today. She was eager to have additional responsibilities, although, she questioned whether, if and when, she would do something wrong, could she end up destroying Jump City?

Charmer was told countless times about the story of when her mother brought upon the apocalypse and yet the city was still standing tall as if nothing had happened. That made Charmer feel better, until she realized she was capable of bringing back Trigon as well, since she had her mother's blood. One quarter, technically, but hey, sometimes mixed breeds are more powerful then pure ones.

Charmer pushed the button next to her bed and a sliding door to her closet and revealed a small room, filled with lemon yellow colored clothes. In primary school, kids sometimes made fun of her for not having pink as her favorite color, as yellow was a weird color for a young child to claim. She undid her ponytail and allowed her dark, curly violet hair to be free from confinement. In battles, she would tie it up nice and neat like she was told, but really, she prefer to keep it down because it was much more comfortable and it also irritated her mother. She didn't know why it felt so good to disobey a simply request from her mother.

It wasn't long now anyway, soon she and her overbearing ways would be out the door and Charmer would be free.

She was a tall girl for her age, eighteen, and almost as tall as Garfield. Unlike her mother, she would stay out in the sun in order to soak up its rays and work on her complexion. This was a way she could at least appear somewhat normal with a slight orange hue to her grey pale skin. However, her undertone grey complexion just stood out more and made herself a darker shade of grey, than a normal human tan color.

She sometimes even dyed her hair, any color she could think of besides violet. Although, she had to use strong chemicals for her thick hair to receive the color. For a short time, she could sport a bright red color—feeling like an Irish lass that went out to the pub with the guys—before it would fade away only after a few days and her dark, dark hair would return.

She one time tried getting a tattoo of a yellow buttercup with her favorite band on it, but it had gotten infected and her body absorbed the ink within a month and had completely vanished. Any damage that she tried doing to her body in the name of style was done in vain. Her body wanted her healthy to produce as many Demonic beings as possible. A curse of Trigons.

Damn her Demonic genes. She wanted to be normal.

She got up and put on her uniform, a short sleeved, yellow spandex T-shirt with matching colored spandex pants. She slipped on her green boots which made her feel like she was a flower with the shoes being the stem. After she was done, she watched the sunrise for a few minutes, before making her way down to the kitchen, and hoping that nobody was up yet. She opened the door to the main room and felt a sense of dread when she saw that familiar tall woman in blue, enjoying her tea with her cloak hiding away her body.

The woman didn't look up, she merely sipped her tea, so Charmer tried to slowly walk away and leave. However, "Lydia, I know you're there." The woman said, looking up and staring into Charmer's eyes.

Charmer sighed and hesitantly walked over to the kitchen. She made herself some cereal and sat down across from Raven, trying not to look at her and only look at the stupid cereal box.

"Have some tea." Raven said softly. She let down her hood and took another sip of her tea. Her face was a slight darker grey complexion then from her youth, but after enough time in the sun with two kids, eventually the sun would get to you. She didn't have artificial tans, they were real. She had a few noticeable wrinkles on her forehead and under her eyes, but she liked to call those 'wisdom wrinkles'. As the years had gone by, Raven knew a few spells up her sleeve to keep herself from not looking too old. So, she did at least care about her looks, to a certain degree, despite what others may have thought.

There's a little vanity in all of us.

"No, thank you, Mother." The tall teenager said.

"You're not going to drink coffee, are you?" She asked with a slight disapproval tone.

"It still tastes terrible. But with time, I'll get used to it. Keeps me focus." Charmer mumbled.

"Don't, have tea instead. Coffee has unpredictable consequences with your powers."

"No, it doesn't, Mother. I have had more coffee then you know, and I'm fine." Charmer said, annoyed. "Besides, I know the motto, 'conceal, don't feel, and don't let it show.'"

Raven put down her cup of tea and stood up. That line was a cruel joke Charmer came up with a long time ago to express her annoyance about her lessons on restraining her powers. Azarath knows where she got it from. "Is this how you're going to behave when we're gone?" Raven inquired.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She said as she lifted up her spoon, but Raven's black energy took ahold of the spoon and flipped it across the room. Charmer looked up to her mother and in a condescending tone said, "I was eating."

"You're too old to be acting childish." Charmer crossed her arms. "Are you still mad that you weren't picked as the leader?"

"Well, it only makes sense, I'm the oldest." Aha, the truth had finally come out to Raven. "And I have been here the longest, even when those new people showed up for a time a while back, before they went their separate ways. With this new team, I should be the leader, it only makes sense."

Raven turned around and walked up to the nearest window, looking out into the ocean. "Lydia—"


"—I don't liked that alias of yours anyway—Listen, nobody new is going to be the leader. Cyborg is still in charge. I thought we made that clear to you."

"Yes, but—"

"You wanted Cyborg to go away as well?"

"Well, not really—"

"Don't lie. That's what you wanted. Just a fresh new start of the Teen Titans."

"Not exactly." Charmer used her own black energy to open up a cabinet door to get a new spoon and caught it without even looking. She scooped up a hearty helping of cereal and began to chew. "I was under the impression that we were taking over. (Swallowing) You said that yourself. Now, instead I find out that Cyborg is going to babysit us? Who babysat you guys when you first fought crime?"

"Nobody, but that's the point, we didn't have any support. We didn't even have the Justice League. And Robin was still trying to prove to the world that he didn't need Batman. So, we were on our own, but we shouldn't have been."

Raven's mind wonder to the time she allowed her fear to take control of her, exposing a weakness in the team and causing them to go on an unneeded haunted house investigation.

The time when Cyborg had that virus in him that could have compromised the whole team's data base if some hacker nearby was able to get the information.

The time Robin was having some post-traumatic stress disorder over Slade, believing that he was still alive even though he was dead. It was only in Robin's mind.

The time Starfire was going through her first period, in the form of a weird body altercations she didn't know about and was almost eaten alive.


The time Garfield turned into that Beast, but she made excuses for him…if a criminal were to have attacked at any time in the Tower or the city while they were all dealing with a teenager problem…as with Garfield it did…but any other time…however, it was best not to think of it too much. Raven, of course, told all of this to her daughter beforehand, to drive home the message that they made mistakes on the team that they regret and do not want the same thing for a bunch of new kids.

"I'm not a little girl anymore." Charmer pleaded. Raven turned around to look at her. She could say that Charmer was acting a bit childish now, but that would only provoke her and she would just leave the room.

"Now, that's not fair, we have never said that, we just thought you might need some guidance in your first year—"

"Is this because of Austin?" Charmer asked with a curious expression. "He can take care of himself. He doesn't need to be babied for the rest of his life."

Austin, her little brother by exactly five years, three-hundred and forty-seven days, had always been a constant struggle to compete with him. Although born prematurely, he was able to become a healthy boy in the years that followed. However, Charmer believed that her parents didn't give him enough space for his own good. After all, he didn't have any powers, so what were they worried about?

Raven raised an eyebrow at her, as if she was reading Charmer's thoughts. "Lydia, he's only twelve, whether he wants to admit it or not—"

"I don't seem to remember you having this attitude when I was twelve."

"I most certainly did. It was you who wanted to be left alone. And knowing about that feeling all too well, I complied with your wishes. Lydia, we have had this discussion before…you're practically a woman, stop harboring over—"

"I am a woman and I should be in charged." Charmer demanded.

"Saying it doesn't mean that you are ready, just because—"

"—you never listen to me—"

"—Lydia. The simple reason why you are not in charge is because you have only been on the team for one year, after you've graduated—and as proud as we are of you for graduating at sixteen—you are still too young. There are still lessons to be learn. At this age, you think you know it all or you think you're lost. However, wait until you get in your twenties, to learn some life lessons before you are given such a big task that may help the team more than allowing you to take over." Raven's black energy glowed in her palms. Her lukewarm tea, sitting on the kitchen counter, made its way from there to her right hand, engulfed by the black energy. "Also, have you forgotten that Austin isn't staying here? He's coming with us."

Charmer dropped her spoon in her cereal. "What?"

"We told you weeks ago he would." Raven stared at her in confusion for her forgetfulness.

"You were serious?"

"Why would you think we would make up something like that?"

"I don't know, I just thought it was a passing joke, I just didn't...Mother, it's Africa."

"Yes." Raven said, hoping that her daughter wouldn't say what she thought she was going to say "It's an exciting time right now on the continent, things are changing every day. Your father—"

"I didn't think Austin was going….I thought you guys were kidding…it's just—"

"Lydia! You make it sound like he's brain dead. He's not slow, he's just shy and—"

"Yes, but anybody would have a shock experience traveling to a completely different country—"

"Continent. Not every country is a third-world country. There are plenty of problems, but progress is growing and we're traveling there to help that growth. It's not a destitute place. Although it's not as comfortable living here, you have to realized, that's why we're going—"

"—I know, it's where Dad grew up. He wants to continue what Grandpa and Grandma did."

"Yes," She said "Among other things." Raven whispered, looking back down at her tea.

"What do you mean, among other things?"

Raven quietly took a sip of her tea and stared into Charmer's eyes. Those painful green eyes, the same she had seen so many times through Garfield.

"There's another reason why Austin is coming to Africa with us. Austin…how should I say this? Austin has developed some growing pains."

"Growing pains? What, is he developing good taste in books for once?"

"He read Twilight on a dare. Stop teasing him about it. No, no, it's much more serious. He….he recently discovered….well, we discovered that…well."


"These growing pains, he-he has developed…."


"He has developed…powers."

"What?! He—what? I mean—what?" Charmer exclaimed. The kitchen lights started to flicker on and off.

"—We don't know how powerful he is or if he can even control it. Although your father and I always planned to retire to Africa, it was a plan for later down the road. But with Austin discovering this new side of him…we've decided to start now and take Austin with us; for Austin to experience his powers in a faraway area and he won't get in trouble for blowing up a populated place." Raven took another sip of her tea, "Or a TV set."


"Oh, nothing." Raven walked on over to the kitchen counter and proceeded to sit down and try to continue their silent awkward breakfast.

"So….is it—" Charmer asked.

"It's mine, yes. Your Dad can't pass down his powers."

"No, what I mean is that…are you sure it's yours? Or did Uncle Robin mess around with that tea more then you know—"

"No, it's mine. It's deep within Austin. I know."


"I've experienced it."

"What do you mean, experienced it?"

"I saw the black energy—that same black energy we carry around in our palms—is in his own." Charmer was shocked, but she didn't have anything else to add. Imagine her brother, being forced to meditate now, after all these years of escaping it. Kind of a relief actually. Now he'll know what she had to go through all those years.

"Are you going to ask her, my child?" Arella's voice ranged in Raven's ear. She didn't need to look over behind her to see the old woman with lavender streaks in her grey straw-like hair. She knew Arella's spirit was there.

After a few months when Arella's spirit first showed herself to Raven, she just tried to ignore her. However, after some time, ignoring a spirits request to be heard can get really tiresome and they would usually just shut up if you would listened to them for a bit. In time, Raven had took a trip to Azarath to discover the truth, she made excuses for herself on why she couldn't attend the funeral and asked around about some old magic. Some people were scared; others were not.

She found out that Arella's final wish was to become the mother she didn't have the courage to be back then. And since Arella was a Saint to the people of Azarath, they allowed her to have her final wish. When would Arella ever leave Raven's side? Will Arella be contempt when her grandchildren are grown up? Who's to know what goes on in Arella's head? Although no one else could see or hear her, Raven did indeed tell Garfield all, since she didn't want to look silly if she happened to be talking to herself one day.

Raven put down her cup and asked very casually, "So…is Bruce coming today?" Charmer looked up, afraid to answer.

"How did you—did you read my mind unauthorized!"

"Calm down; this one is your father's doing. The man broke into the Titans mainframe computer to find out about my birthday; he spied on me when I was dating someone else; so why would you think he wouldn't bug his own daughter's communicator and computer?"

Charmer's eyes widen. "But that's a violation of trust—"

"—don't be so dramatic, he's never done anything about it, even those times when you were home late; we would pretend we didn't see it. He only uses it to make sure you are safe."

"This. This is exactly why I can't wait until you guys leave."

"Lydia, your Uncle is a computer genius, your father has advance skills in stealth and spying, and I can read your emotions and mind, when did you think you weren't being watched? Do you think it will end when we leave? Oh no, now you will have to be weary of criminals spying on you."

"You are only making matters worse." Arella said calmly.

"But yes, you're right." Raven said, ignoring Arella. "It isn't fair. Unfortunately, you'll find that there are times when we do things as heroes that aren't fair to innocent people. But we say it's in the name of good. I question myself sometimes when I am invading another person's thoughts and feelings. It feels wrong."

"Then why do you do it?"

"There are situations where we don't do it, but I cannot discuss details because it is confidential."

"Has listening in onto people even given you an advantage in a case? It just seems like the public's privacy is being invaded without cause. What if they are just thinking about a criminal activity, but never plan to act on it—"

"—I'm sorry that it comes down to spying sometimes. However, now that I'm leaving, you can fight the crimes and see the innocent suffer. I hope you have a better plan if you want to respect a criminal's privacy. We did what we could, you may disagree—"

"—Of course! There are better ways!" She cried.

"And I hope you find them." Raven traced her fingers around the top of her cup, staring at it. "But I'll ask again, with Bruce here…you won't get distracted, will you?"

"Well, he's my cousin, I'm sure we'll—" Charmer started.

"—Lydia, you know exactly what I mean." She said, staring back up, piercing her gazed into Charmer's eyes. Charmer turned her head away. "You don't see him as a cousin."

Charmer turned around and stared at her mother for such audacity. "Stop invading my thoughts!"

"I don't have to read your mind to know what goes on in it." She said calmly. "I know, not because I search your head, but because you're not a very good lair. He is not really your cousin; that's a name we had given him when Starfire became your godmother and you know that. But…if he does come…please be careful."

"Doing what?" She asked defensively. Raven lifted up an eyebrow. "We're not doing anything...I haven't even…even…he's my friend, that's all."

"No, not that." Raven corrected, before she sipped her lukewarm tea. "No, what I mean is…do keep an eye out on your emotions. I was young…too. You don't realize how jealous you can become when other women show an interest. Or a man, in some cases."

"You're getting it all wrong, I don't even like him like that." Raven, once again, lifted up her eyebrow. Charmer scowled.

As the day went by, the new team members came in to greet each other. First came in the spiffy old side kick of Wonder Woman—Wonder Girl. It wasn't much of an alias, but she came highly recommended by Batman, and once Batman says something, you take his advice—no matter what. She had a simple red T-shirt with a giant 'W' across it and a pair of flexible blue spandex pants. One look at her blond hair and blue eyes made Raven's head spin. Charmer was glad that there was a girl closer to her age and welcomed her as if she were her own sister.

Garfield couldn't help, but make fun of the odd pair. "Lydia doesn't have your prejudice against blondes." He whispered in Raven's ear.

Garfield had also aged as well. There were a few wrinkles on his forehead, but he was able to get away with it, made him looked more important. However, he was starting to go through the dreaded bald stage. Raven was kind enough to make a few spells and restore his hair for a little bit—but the hair would always start to thin out after a year or so. Raven commented that he looked fine and she kind of liked the bald spot, although whether she was just saying that for his ego was unclear. His muscles on his arms had only grown bigger from his years of raising two kids while fighting crime—not at the same though. Well, maybe once.

"Well, I suppose I can't blame an entire hair color gene for one bad apple."

A fellow going by the alias of Superboy came strolling in about late afternoon, just when the girls were getting to know each other. Wearing a black T-shirt, absent of any logo or letter, with jeans, he didn't say much when introducing himself, just that he would like to go to his room and only be called for dinner, for he had a long trip. The girls giggled as soon as he was out of sight. Raven glared at Charmer when she did so, and Charmer stopped, groaning at her mother.

"So, I suppose he will be the loner of the group?" Garfield whispered in Raven's ear.

"No, no, he's just putting it on because only the girls have shown up. Once you get the guys here, you'll find the real loner."

Around three o'clock, a young lad by the alias of Oceanus came through the door. He was the supposed son of Aqualad, but there was gossip among the different teams and heroes, that he might not be his son. It was widely believed that his wife had an affair with an unknown human, for she always seemed to be bored with him at parties. While not a crime, it did cause for some concern when she became pregnant. Oceanus had red hair contrast to his black hair father, but other than that, a boy could just take after his mother. Tall, muscular with blue eyes, he seemed reluctant to talk to the girls, but found a way. Superboy came out of his room and talked even louder than Oceanus, who then sat back and allowed Superboy to take over the conversation.

"See him?" Raven pointed Oceanus out to Garfield. "Now, he's the loner."

Charmer socialized with her new team mates, but she was really waiting to see that one person. You know, not that she cared that much. She wanted to ask after Aunt Starfire and Uncle Robin.

His arrival wasn't a secret, but what was shocking was that her parents knew that she was waiting for him.

Bruce walked into the door, with his narrow dark brown eyes fixated on Charmer. His black, stringy hair was messy and allowed it to part in the middle and slicked off to the side. He didn't quite smile just yet, for fear of someone watching him and knowing why he was smiling, but he did walk over to his new team, introducing himself.

Before Uncle Robin left the team, Bruce was just an annoying friend that tag along with her when she played. He was cute as a baby, but then got annoying. Afterwards, she missed him, but it wasn't until she was around twelve-years old and he was eight, that he started to come around to their house monthly; he said that one day he would come back to the Tower permanently.

Although she was four years older than him, the age difference started to wane when at fifteen, she began to realize he really cared for her—since she symbolized his home—and for her love for animals and general mischief nature. He looked up to her as a friend that could teach him about how to calm oneself when using your uncontrollable powers, as they both had that in common.

Bruce found out when he was young that his birth father, in order to get rich fast, used his birth mother as a testing patient while she was pregnant. The experiments were for her unborn baby and it was to see if a natural human could be born with mutations through science. Thereby, understanding the new superheroes that were now running the world. It had worked.

"She divorced him though, after being mistreated and gave me up to Mom and Dad because they wanted a baby and nobody wanted to give them a baby at the time." He told Charmer one time. "She was afraid of them rejecting me, so she made up a story of why she wanted to get rid of me. It's kind of messed up really, the way she lied."

"She wanted the best for you, to protect you." Charmer had said. "At least you learned about it at an early age instead of years later."

He had not been at the Tower for a year, afraid that he would be bombarded by his family and hers', for his feelings. His Dad was an all-around easy person to fool about such things containing to affection, but his Mom, she was a different story. Although she didn't know who it was, she saw the same doubt and pressure in Bruce's eyes when she saw them in Garfield's a long time ago. His undying love for Raven had cause him such grief in those early years and Starfire was seeing the same sad eyes in her own son. She allowed him to go to the Tower alone not wanting to embarrass him.

Charmer wasn't really his cousin, but they were both raised as if that was a fact among the families. She was also older then him, and he did know the saying that girls age faster than boys, so wouldn't she really be twenty-five right now? Or was she still the same ole Charmer? Was he the one who should grow up? Was he that immature?

They were both at different stages of their life. He was starting high school and being trained to be a Teen Titan and she was going to a community college while working as the second-in-command of the team. His mind was a mess, the whole idea was a complete and utter disaster to be thinking about her in that way. He might as well think about crushing on his high school teachers while he was at it. But, when he was with her alone, it wasn't as complicated as he made it out. Their parents were friends, who raised them together and he and Charmer both felt a strong bond at a certain point.

So, they made a pact, until the fateful day he would turn eighteen, so it wouldn't be creepy anymore, at least in the eyes of everybody, they would not speak of their affection. Either he or she would move on or his eighteenth birthday would come and they would talk about it again. Until that time came, they would show affection as friends should. Nothing more. After all, four years is a long time.

"You said you talked with her?" Garfield whispered in Raven's ear, watching as Bruce was chatting it up with his new team mates.

"Yes," She responded, looking at Charmer at the other side of the room, who was catching a glimpse of him from time to time. "As long as she meditates. That's all we can hope for."

"That's all? I wish they wouldn't in general. They're on a team now…with other people."

Raven looked at him, pretty much astonished by Garfield's words. "You do know the meaning of hypocrisy, right?"

Garfield stood up straight, thinking about what she meant…oh. Right. "W-well, there's a difference, you see I—"

"Which is?—" She said, smiling a bit.

"—Well, he has a bigger chance than I ever did." He said, folding his arms.

Raven chuckled quietly at his statement while looking up. Years of meditation made it possible for her to be a lot more open towards her feelings without fear of too much destruction. Except for the TV. It still got it's due sometimes.

"I mean, I had to go through hoops—literal and metaphorical—hoops to get you to smile, let alone to go out with me. And when you said no because you had to 'finish a book', well then I went back to trying to—concentrating on the team and the crime."

"When did you go through literal hoops?" She asked, confused.

"Remember the time Cyborg and I put on a dog show in the living room, with me as the dog and when you walked in, I did all sorts of tricks, including going through a hoop?"

"No, I don't. Thankfully I forgot. But hopefully Bruce won't be that crazy."

"I hope so, too."

"Hypocrite." She whispered, trying to annoy him.

"Loner." He sniped back, sticking out his tongue. She wanted to kiss his stupid lips and started to inch closer, until she realized they had guests and then stopped. Garfield saw that maneuver—and thinking to hell with their guests—kissed her instead. She blushed.

Hours later, the three Logan's said their goodbye's to their own Lydia. Austin was very quick and awkward, not one to like the center of attention. She was older, so there wasn't any wisdom Austin felt he could pass on, he didn't even want to look in the eyes of the new Titans, as they seemed to intimidate him.

"Please, change your alias." Raven said sternly to Charmer.

"Mother, this is me now. I'm sorry."

"Why that name?"

"Well…because Dad always says that I charm anyone into doing anything. And it has a certain mystery appeal."

"You literally took a joke your father said and made it your alias?" Raven asked, a little stunned by the revelation. She hugged her tightly. "You are your father's daughter."

Afterwards, she allowed Garfield to take her place. He didn't want to cry, but was on the verge of doing just that, he told Charmer to be in good spirits, tell a lot of jokes—but not too many, and don't mind your mother, except do mind in those rare instances when you can't control your powers.

"Also," Garfield was finishing up, trying to hide the tears. "Please, no 'special friends', at least not yet." A very thin code for 'dating' or 'one night stands'. He wasn't sure if she was still a virgin yet, but he wanted to believe she was, just because she was Daddy's little girl. Although, he wasn't ignorant either. "And if you do have some 'special friend', make sure they are protected. And-and you too."

"Dad…." She said, but more sad then annoyed.

Raven and Garfield looked back at the Tower as they made their way to the helicopter that was going to take them to the airport, while remembering those times when Raven would sit on the roof meditating and Garfield would interrupted her. The three of them stepped into the helicopter and they were off.

Charmer watched as her parents and younger brother flew away, and she didn't want to be seen crying, because this is what she had been waiting for, for many years. She put her hand over her mouth to try and hide her pain, but Bruce saw the gesture. He walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder, as they exchange a look.

Cyborg was finally free of always being the third wheel. Somehow he had become the fifth wheel as years went by, but now he had a team to build from the ground up. Although he may have had affections for a certain busy bee, he wanted to focus on the team that he was now in charge of and who would actually listen to him as someone with authority and not just another friend of the same age.

Starfire had spent many years trying to reconnect with her sister, Blackfire, but was never able to agree on anything. Her planet was enjoying some of its best economic years it had once before she was born, after the slumps it faced while she was growing up. Due to this, Starfire could not wrestle the power of throne away from Blackfire's hands, and even if she were too, Starfire would have to move back to her home planet. So, she would stay out of politics if she could and focus on what she had been doing for years, saving Earth instead.

Robin had spent most of the years with Starfire in their cottage in Alaska. However, from time to time, he would go back to Gotham, to get…certain work done. He knew Mr. Wayne was getting old and would in time, retire his cape, but Wayne and Robin both knew Batman could never retire. For a year, Robin had spent under a new alias, Nightwing, due to promptly being fired from being 'Robin' by Wayne himself. However, after years of trying to regain Wayne's trust and the shortcomings of the current 'Robin', Wayne was thinking about handing Batman's title over to Robin—that is Dick Greyson—provided he past some tests. If Robin should succeed, he would have to move to Gotham, and that was another story to tell to Starfire…but just for the moment, he was only being tested.

Which brings us to our last Titans.


That's all Raven and Garfield had in the world when they went to Africa. While the Teen Titans moved on without them, they moved on with the world. They decided to settle in Nigeria first, and slowly make their way around the continent. They weren't apart of any charity cause, they just acted when in need. This was hard sometimes for the locals to trust foreigners with their plights. Especially ones who were as odd looking as the Logan's.

Austin was not a tall twelve-year old, but he was still developing in the early years. He had the same pale complexion as Raven, with those deep blue eyes, not violet, but blue. Although, if seen from the right angle, you could swear it was violet, like Elizabeth Taylor's, appearing violet in just the right light.

His short silver hair was curly, but he kept it short and parted it on the side. His silver locks always amused people out and about, as people would point or make comments at him. It made him feel like he was an old person, as if it wasn't his natural hair color at all. Sure, there were purple highlights, but that didn't help his case, he wasn't yet a rebellious teenager to make a statement with his hair…yet. And even if he could, he already knew Lydia's struggles of dying her hair.

He inherited his mother's narrow nose and thin lips, his father's wide head, wide eyes, and those stupid ears. Not exactly like Garfield's ears, but just enough of a point for people to recite 'Live Long and Prosper' to him. Contrary to everybody's belief, he was not in fact a Mama's boy (even if Lydia was certainly a Daddy's Girl), although he preferred Raven's company more often than Garfield's, it was mostly because he liked the fact that his mother didn't talk as much.

He liked silence, talking was only good if anything was ever worth saying. Unfortunately, that was just more cause for Lydia to declare Austin a baby who needs his Mommy to rock him to sleep. Since he was quiet a lot, people thought something was wrong with him, after all, he was the infamous premature baby of the Titan's Tower.

He enjoyed reading, of any kind, both fantasy and non-fiction; politics and comic books; history and sci-fi; the list literally could go on and on. He was alright with not being the center of attention in the Titan's world, as he had watched Lydia getting attacked by the media for causing some city damage during her early teen years, either caused by hormones or an accident.

He certainly didn't want to waste an hour or so meditating, doing nothing essentially, when he could be reading or playing video games with his Dad. Or occasionally his mother, but she would tell him not to tell his father about it, for it would go straight to his head thinking he had made Raven fall in love with video games.

Garfield told Austin that when he reached his teen years though, girls would be all over him, because they'll believe him to be special. After all, Garfield remembered when girls were all over him at a young age. Overhearing this, Raven had shouted out from the living room to the contrary.

Austin didn't need to be reminded that he was different. Until recently, he was perfectly fine with being the 'black sheep' of the family, but now…

It happened so slowly, he didn't even think he was doing anything; certain items would slowly float around him for about a year, but he just thought it was Lydia doing some weird meditation thing. He didn't think much about it. Then one day he opened his eyes and a hard-cover book was thrown across his bedroom towards him.


It almost hit him, but he had ducked in time. When he tried to approach Lydia about her stupid prank, as it was going too far, he had found her past out in her room, after a night of too much partying at a friend's house. He went to see his parents in the kitchen, told them what happened, and about the strange objects floating sometimes when he approach them for the past year.

"Mom, you're not doing anything, are you?" Austin asked, desperately wanting her to say year.

"No, I'm not." Raven said, alarmed. She looked at Garfield and then around the room. "And you're positive that Lydia isn't doing this?"

"I'm not sure."

"Well, I know that she was out drinking last night. She's already grounded for that, so maybe it's her powers acting up with the mixture of alcohol in her system. Come on, we'll go and wake her up."

As Raven walked with him down the corridor to Lydia's room, Raven fingers got a little too close to Austin's as they walked side by side.


She stopped dead in her tracks and looked over to him. Her fingers could feel the growing power inside of him and she couldn't explained why. She never felt this before from him. Cautiously, she kneeled over and touched his palm. Her fingers were overloaded with many vibrations, all of them stemming from his brain with his chaotic energy.

Off to the side in the hallway was one of Lydia's shoes, a yellow high heel that she had left behind as she was stumbling to her room and carelessly lost on her way. The shoe was closed enough to Austin and he was engulfed with emotions surrounding him about his fear that maybe something was wrong with him, that the shoe moved.

Without much attention paid to the tossed shoe, it began to slowly float away from its hiding place and was brought closer to Austin. Once they both saw the shoe quietly dancing in the air and being pulled in by Austin, it was an answer that they both could no longer deny.

The mixture of shock and confusion on Austin's face was enough for Raven to have a moment of weakness in herself. She broke down and started crying, without any caution about her powers. She put her hands over her face to hide the salty tears, but her heavy breathing and sniffing gave her away. She focused the energy on the lightbulbs in the hall and caused them to overheat, breaking them all, one by one. In the sea of darkness, Austin didn't want to cry either, as his mother was doing it for both of them, but the tears somehow slid down his face too, knowing that his life was forever changed.

Once Raven stopped crying, only sniffling every now and then, she guided him through the dark hallway. "C-come on, Austin, w-we'll do our first medi-meditation session."

He was never told when puberty would hit or how, in fact, he wasn't even sure this was part of puberty. After a few test and some reading by Raven, he was told that the last antibody that Uncle Robin had used was finally being defeated in his body. Demon's tend to have a very aggressive puberty, which is why it was acting out just now. He was told that being part Demon, their bodies were very strong and defensive against certain types of medicine. But he was only part Demon, and not half or whole, which is why Uncle Robin's powder worked on him in the first place.

At least, that's how it would be explained to him as far as his parents knew. Raven would fear the worst; Garfield would tell her that Trigon was dead. For now, this was the best explanation that wouldn't haunt Raven at night.

For the moment, he resides in Africa, southern Nigeria to be more precise and moves along with his parents when they travel. Due to certain area's having more open spaces then cities, it was easy for him to enjoy the outdoors more, but still having a book in hand. Since he didn't have the years of meditation that Lydia had, he was more restless with the routine, but also made bigger mistakes as well. So, among the wide open spaces was the correct place to be for someone trying to cram twelve years of meditation into him before he could make some real damage. It was the primarily reason why he wasn't in the Tower. Before, Cyborg was going to teach him about the computer systems in the tower, so he could turn into some kind of tech expert—but that dream was shot down.

"Imagine reading a book," Raven told him one day, as they were sitting on mats in the shade, keeping their backs cool and protecting their fragile skin. Austin sat on his knees as he couldn't quite get comfortable sitting cross legged. "With a story so descriptive, that you feel yourself getting lost in that book, and forgetting, for a few moments, about your real life. That is how meditation works; you focused so much on your center that you don't focus on anything else going on around you."

"It's just….so boring." He said, looking down at the dirt. "And sometimes I almost fall asleep."

"That's normal." Raven allowed a frown to emerge for a moment. "Just try it."

"Don't push him." Arella's voice ranged in Raven's ear. "He knows what to do, let him learn in time. That is how you were taught."

"…Why don't we take a break? You can go play with the other kids." She said.

Austin reluctantly stood up and walked towards the group of kids playing with a football, kicking it around a bit. Although Austin would have preferred to stay inside and read a comic book, he did promised his Dad that he would try and at least appear to be social. He didn't want the hard experiences of being alone as Raven did, even though that's exactly what she wanted sometimes.

Garfield had strolled on behind Raven and sat down next to her. They both watched Austin being let in the football game, although failing to kick the ball when it came near him a few times.

"I just checked in with Lydia, she's pretending she doesn't miss us, but I know better." Garfield said. He started stroking her hair.

"Is it my birthday or something?" She asked, gazing up at him.

"No. It's just…well, it's been a month since we moved and…we've both been tired with the organizing and the house and this and that…" He said, listing the many different distractions they had over the past month. "And we haven't made time for us."

"Oh? And by time, you mean?"

"Sessions." He said seductively. She smiled.

"Well. I guess we've been wrapped up with the village's politics for weeks now. Maybe we should take a rest? Say, an hour?"


"Okay, hours." She agreed, however she glance went back to Austin. She was starting to feel guilty. Even though it had been a while since they had found out about Austin, there were times Raven became depressed about it. "He could have been..."

"He is normal. He has powers like the rest of us now. Normal as can be. He was abnormal before. Stop blaming yourself, please." He clasped his arms around her, leaning his head on her shoulder, as he continued stroking her hair. He whispered in her ear, "He's perfect. He has to be…he came from you."

Garfield's words could always hit her in the right way. She pressed her lips against his and knew that whatever life threw at her, Garfield was there to steer her away from the demons.

That night, the green and purple creature laid there in hot passion as they danced to the moonlight sky. Telling each their secrets, telling each their love. Saying it over and over again as a mantra:

"Always and forever."

The End


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