A/N: Hey everyone. So it is the first of February, though I figure it will probably be the second by time I post this but it is intended for the first. I am doing this story in honor of the fact that I am actually excited about the coming holiday for once! (I do believe someone I am close to will be getting engaged.) So I will be giving you mischief from Garcia daily (hopefully if my classes are willing to work with me) all leading up to a special event on Valentine's Day!

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Ch. 1. February 1

Reid looked to his phone on the nightstand when it buzzed. With a slight groan he rolled away from the arms holding him and flipped his phone open, noting that his alarm was set to go off within minutes. There was a text waiting for him on his phone from Garcia, opening it he couldn't help but chuckle lightly at the short message:

"Will you be my valentine?"

He hit the return button and typed his own message before hitting send:

"Sorry Garcia, I am already spoken for."

Hotch chuckled from behind him causing Reid to jump slightly and when he turned his head he found Hotch reading his messages over his shoulder and he smiled, leaning in to kiss his superior's cheek. "You know Hotch, she technically asked me first, maybe I should do Valentine's Day with Garcia this year." Hotch glowered slightly, "She only asked first by making sure to send a message before our alarms went off so I couldn't beat her to it." Reid laughed lightly, "At least she didn't send it at midnight and wake us up then." Hotch reluctantly nodded his agreement before rolling out of bed as their alarms both started blaring.

Reid got up and stretched, ignoring the fact that Hotch was watching his movements closely. Hotch turned off their alarms while Reid went into the bathroom and started the water to warm for their shower. By time Hotch had turned on the coffee machine and walked into the bathroom Reid was standing under the spray of the showerhead. Hotch quickly stepped out of his sleep pants and moved into the shower with his lover pulling the smaller body against his own and chuckling at the surprise squeak that Reid let out. "I'm trying to wash Aaron." Hotch laughed "You can wash when I'm done with you." Hotch marveled at the fact that Reid still blushed when he said things like that. "We don't have time before work."

Hotch ran his hands up and down Reid's back as he turned his lover so he could look into his eyes. "Sure we have time, we didn't lounge in bed at all this morning leaving us extra time in the shower." Reid rolled his eyes, "Really Aaron, we could be early to work for once." His comment was brushed aside and he couldn't help the small tendril of excitement that ran up his spine. Hotch ran his hands up Reid's sides, smirking when his fingers put pressure on Reid's ticklish spots eliciting giggles. Once his hands reached Reid's shoulders he pressed the younger man back against the shower wall, tracing the trails of water drops from Reid's hair now that he was out from under the spray.

"Aaron, please" Hotch smirked as he nipped at Reid's collar bone, "Please what Spencer?" Reid squirmed, trying to press closer to Hotch's body, "Stop teasing me!" Hotch chuckled at that, "Oh but you beg so prettily when I tease you for long enough." Reid groaned in frustration, "We don't have time for that." Hotch ran his hands back up to Reid's shoulders and leaned his body away using pressure on the boy's shoulders to keep him from following his movement. "Then beg Reid." Reid whimpered in response and reached his leg out to loop around Hotch's, trying to pull him closer. Hotch didn't allow his subordinate to move his lower body but did move his head close enough to whisper into Reid's ear.

"If you want me to move closer you have to beg me for it Spencer." He ended the sentence with a nip to Reid's earlobe causing the boy to mewl, "Aaron…" Reid's breath was picking up speed and Hotch leaned slightly closer, knowing it would cause him to break faster. "What?" Reid pulled harder with his leg, trying to regain some false sense of control in the situation which caused Hotch to laugh again. "You should know by now that you aren't going to overpower me." Reid huffed and leaned his head back against the shower wall, "Well then if you won't come closer I don't need you to."

Hotch watched as Reid began running his hands down his own body wondering what had gotten into the boy to act like this. When a soft moan escaped Reid's lips as he feathered his fingers over his hipbones Hotch groaned and leaned his body into him causing Reid to smirk. "I win." That earned the boy a scowl and he quickly wrapped both of his legs around Hotch's hips before the man could pull away again, "Reid." The commanding tone in Hotch's voice sent a shiver through Reid's frame as he turned his head to let the tiles of the shower wall cool his heated cheek. "We don't have time to play your games Aaron, either you stop your teasing or I go back to washing so I can get to my coffee."

Hotch growled in response to that and pushed Reid more firmly to the wall, "You wouldn't." The look in Reid's eyes told Hotch that he definitely would and he ran his hands along the thighs gripping his hips, "I want you to prepare yourself for me." Reid let out a whine but obediently released the grip of his legs, lowering them to the floor. He turned towards the shower wall and spread his legs wider while he reached over to grab the conditioner which he used to slick up his fingers. Hotch leaned forward and kissed along the back of Reid's neck, enjoying the blush that had spread down to the boy's neck at his own actions.

Reid hesitated slightly as he reached back to his own entrance, his face turned to the side as he breathed harshly through his nose. His eyes fluttered closed as he brushed his fingers against the tightened muscles and slipped one in, he breathed Hotch's name on a sigh which caused Hotch to grip his hips tightly. Reid smirked, realizing that he could tease Hotch in return for earlier. He slowly moved his finger and added a second, spreading his stance more and leaning back into his own hand. His groan was echoed by Hotch as the older man pulled his hips backwards slightly, wanting to get Reid to hurry up but not giving in and taking over.

Reid briefly added a third finger before pulling his hand away, wanting to feel the slight burn of not being stretched completely. The grip on his hips tightened and he squirmed and pushed back towards Hotch, wanting the man inside him. Hotch pulled Reid back against his chest and Reid put his hands against the wall to brace himself. Hotch ran his hands down Reid's back again before he reached out and grabbed the conditioner himself, quickly slicking up his erection and burying himself into the warm channel.

Reid let out a yelp at the sudden and unexpected penetration and leaned his head back against Hotch's shoulder. "Do you still want to consider being Garcia's Valentine Reid?" The gasped out negative response was hardly audible and Reid keened as Hotch changed the angle of his thrusts and pushed back against him. "Please Aaron…" Hotch reached around Reid firmly gripping his erection and giving the boy teasing strokes out of sync with his thrusting causing desperate sobs to escape Reid's throat. "Mmmmm Aaron, don't tease." Hotch leaned in and bit down on Reid's shoulder before stilling his movements, allowing his hand to feather touches up and down his subordinate's erection giving phantom sensations of the firm strokes he had been doing moments before.

Reid squirmed, trying to make Hotch move again but his superior's hands moved to his hips and gripped firmly to keep him in place. "Aaron, please." Hotch licked the bite mark on Reid's neck, the blood was welling up under the skin and darkening the area, "That was far from the begging you are supposed to be doing Spencer." His voice was cold and hard causing Reid to whimper and try to push back against him again. "Please, Aaron, please move." Hotch chuckled and thrust once gently, purposefully using a different angle than the one the boy wanted. "Nnnnng, Aaron please, need more." His voice was breathy now and his face was turned into Hotch's neck where his breath was ghosting over the man's pulse in quick huffs.

"Do you have any controll in this?" Reid licked softly at Hotch's neck in apology, "No, I don't." Hotch rewarded him with starting up a slow rhythm once more with that perfect angle causing Reid to nuzzle his face in the man's neck. "I should make you wait the rest of the day for release Spencer." Reid gasped at that and shook his head softly, a shudder going through his body, "Please no, please Aaron, please." Hotch tilted his head and licked across Reid's lips as the boy whimpered and opened them in welcome as Hotch's thrusts increased again in speed and pressure. Hotch quickly built up a hard rhythm as he devoured Reid's mouth.

Reid's arms came up to wrap backwards around Hotch's neck, pulling him in closer and digging his nails into Hotch's shoulders. Hotch returned his hand to stroking Reid and with only a few firm strokes Reid cried out into his mouth as he reached his release and slumped boneless into Hotch's arms. "Mmmmm, Aaron." Hotch kissed up and down Reid's neck as he thrust into the boy a few more times before releasing his seed deep into the shuddering body and he held Reid close as they both drifted down from their high. "So baby, will you be my valentine?" Reid let out a shaky laugh, "I don't know Aaron, do I have a choice in that?"

Hotch chuckled darkly and licked along Reid's jaw, "If you want to do anything like that again anytime soon then no, you don't." Reid nuzzled his face into Hotch's neck again and bit down softly, smiling as he thought about the possibilities of playing out the hard to get scenario and decided against it, Morgan always managed to catch on when Reid teased Hotch at the office. "Then yes, I will be your valentine Aaron." Hotch smiled and picked up the forgotten cloth to clean his lover. Now they were really running late.

Hotch and Reid walked into the office an hour after they normally arrived and with one look from Morgan Reid blushed and hid behind his coffee mug. Morgan and Prentiss burst out laughing while JJ shook her head and punched Morgan in the arm. Rossi looked Hotch up and down before chuckling, "At least you got things out of your system at home rather than in your office Aaron, one of these days Erin will catch on." Hotch ignored them all and let his hand brush lightly against Reid's as he walked away from the younger male's side.

It was only a few minutes later when Garcia bounced into the bullpen wearing pink, red, and white from head to toe. She had a headband with harts bouncing around on the springs that they were connected with and her fingernails and toenails were a bright pink color. Her shoes were white with red and pink hearts on them and she was wearing white tights under a pleated skirt with a red and pink alternating pattern. Her blouse was also white and she had written quotes about love all over it in pink and red fabric paint.

"So Reid, since you are so late I must assume that I really was the first one to ask you to be their valentine. Are you really going to choose Hotch over me when I asked first?" Reid's blush returned and he groaned, trying to hide his face in his arms that were crossed on the desk, the back of his neck heating up with the blush as well causing Morgan to laugh and Garcia to coo at him. "Awww baby it's okay, I understand. Especially if that mark on your neck isn't the only one." She waggled her eyebrows suggestively and Reid's hand shot to his neck where he could still feel the sore spot where Hotch had bitten him. Why hadn't his lover told him that there was a visible mark?

Hotch walked out of his office in time to see Reid leap up from his desk and run towards the bathrooms with a hand over his neck. Looking down into the bullpen Morgan was hysterical and Gacia was smiling devilishly while JJ made her way towards the bathrooms after Reid, glaring at the men who gave her weird looks for following the boy genius into the men's room. "Garcia, are we all set?" She looked up at the sound of her superior's voice and smiled brilliantly, "Yes sir! These will be the best thirteen days of my life!" With an insane giggle Garcia rushed off towards the men's room as well just as Strauss walked into the bullpen. Seeing the Technical Analyst run into the wrong bathroom Strauss shook her head and walked back out thinking that what she came to talk to her BAU team could wait for now. She really did not want to know why the eccentric woman was in such a rush to be in the men's room especially when her flirting target Agent Morgan was still at his desk laughing uproariously about something.