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February 14

Reid woke up with a soft groan, tilting his head to the side to allow the kisses that were trailing up and down it. "Mmmmm morning Aaron." Hotch's teeth pressed lightly into his skin before the older man pulled away. "Happy Valentine's Day Kitten." Reid propped himself up on his elbows and let his chin rest in his hands while he smiled down at Hotch, "Did you know that Val-" Hotch had leaned up and pressed his lips to Reid's, pushing his tongue into Reid's mouth and successfully silencing the boy. Reid moaned softly and Hotch pulled away from him with a chuckle, "I don't need to know obscure facts about Valentine's Day Spencer" Reid smiled brightly down at him, "I guess I can live with that." Hotch laughed and pushed at Reid's shoulder, getting the younger man to roll off of him as they both got up.

When they got to the Bureau Reid was nothing but smiled and Garcia was on him instantly, "My Genius!" Reid beamed up at her then blushed lightly when he heard a low growl from Hotch that only the three of them could hear. Garcia's smile became devious as she wrapped her arm around Reid's waist and kissed him on the forehead before pulling him away from the elevator and sent a small smirk towards Hotch, "Behave Agent Hotchner, you are in the workplace." Hotch glowered at Garcia until Reid shot him a loving smile and an eye-roll over his shoulder causing Hotch to smile in response.

When Reid and Garcia stopped at Reid's desk he picked up an envelope waiting for him on his keyboard. The envelope was a light purple color and Reid opened it to find a light purple card that had artistic swirls embossed onto the front of the card in white. On the inside it had a simple message from Garcia and a picture of him and Hotch sitting across from each other in a restaurant. They were drinking wine and in the picture you could tell from their postures that they were perfectly relaxed and happy. "Thank you Garcia, where did you get this picture though?" Garcia smiled secretively and Reid sighed, "Please just tell me no one else can see it anywhere." Garcia's smile turned soft, "I pulled the frame off of security tapes in the restaurant and enhanced the quality before printing it off."

Reid laughed and looked back at the picture with a soft smile, "You hacked into the security system of a restaurant?" Garcia laughed, "It wasn't like I was invading too much, I just looked at credit history of both of your cards and found a time and place where I only looked through images of the two of you." Reid rolled his eyes at her, "It is still illegal." She looked up at him with obviously faked innocence, "Are you going to cuff me then baby?" Reid quickly backed away from her and Garcia laughed before leaning forward to kiss his cheek and pulling him with her up to JJ's office.

It was an hour or so into work and Reid was pondering on the absence of both Morgan and Rossi when his phone went off, "Doctor Reid." A smile bloomed on his face as he listened to the person on the other end of the line. "I will be there soon!" He hung up quickly before smiling at the two women he was in the room with brilliantly, "It is ready!" Neither JJ nor Garcia had to ask to know that Reid had just gotten a call from the jewelry shop and the three left the building quickly.

Hotch saw Reid rush out with Garcia and JJ and smiled slightly. He looked back at his desk where Garcia's card to him was sitting. The white card had dark blue embossed diamond patterning on it and inside was a picture that had him laughing while watching Reid and Jack drawing out a blueprint in the sand of a sandcastle that would be impossible for the two to build at the beach. That day was one Hotch was quite fond of. The entire team had gone to the beach for a weekend off along with Will, Jack, and Henry where they spent time just enjoying themselves.

He looked down at the letter on his desk that he was composing to the director. He wanted to make sure to show his appreciation of the offer of the position but stress the meaning of his position now so that there was no question of where it was that he belonged. Hotch began thinking of his team and how much impact it would have on them to be down a single member of their team and his pen seemed to take on a life of its own as he told the director why he couldn't take the position and had no desire to leave his team.

Reid rushed into the small jewelry store where he had purchased Hotch's gift with Garcia and JJ following him with fond smiles on their faces. The store owner quickly excused himself from the person he was helping at that moment and made his way over to a back counter where he pulled out a box from a drawer. He brought it over to Reid and laughed when he realized the young man was practically bouncing on his toes with excitement.

The man handed the box to Reid and watched the boy's face while the others looked into the box as Reid pulled out the pocket watch. The delight that clearly showed on the boy's face told the man that it was exactly what the customer was looking for. What he hadn't told the boy the other day is that he hadn't felt like any of his jewelers would be able to make the pocket watch to the standards that the young man was obviously looking for so he had taken on the pocket watch as his own personal project. Usually he just made things for his own loved ones and ran the shop, helping his jewelers when a problem came up but the devotion this young man obviously had to the one he planned on gifting the pocket watch too had struck something within the elderly jeweler.

Reid looked down at the piece and it was perfect! The letters had the darkness of the stone that would make them stand out against the white gold of the watch and there was the flash of color from the stone as well that drew in the eyes and added significance to the engraving. Reid ran his fingers over the engraving gently before picking up the cloth from the box and lightly whipping the surface back to polished perfection again and smiling up at the store owner. "This is perfect!" The man smiled back at him and offered to wrap the box for him which Reid accepted happily.

JJ and Garcia couldn't help but giggle softly at the bright smile that wouldn't leave Reid's face ever since the jewelry store. The three had decided to grab some lunch since they were already out of the office anyway. The two women were chatting quietly and Reid was eating absentmindedly as he kept reaching into his messenger bag to run his fingers over the box that held his present for Hotch. The entire thing was made cuter to them by the knowledge that Reid was likely wearing his collar again, the young genius had on another turtleneck today and his mind was clearly elsewhere most of the morning. He hadn't even really done much more than shrug when he had asked and they didn't know where Rossi or Morgan were either.

When they returned back to the office they found Prentiss was still alone in the bullpen and Reid went over to talk quietly with her while JJ went up to her office and Garcia made her way up to Hotch's office quickly. Reid watched curiously as Garcia bounced her way into Hotch's office and the man looked up from what he had been working on at his desk. They spoke briefly and then Garcia bounced over to JJ's office excitedly and the two women spoke for a few excited moments before Garcia made her way back down into the bullpen. "Hey Prentiss we are going to go help JJ get ready for her night out in about an hour or so!" Prentiss laughed and agreed to go out with the two women and her smile brightened when Garcia let out a sound of excitement and rushed off.

Reid looked down at Prentiss, "You and JJ will probably regret having Garcia there." Prentiss laughed, "Yeah, probably." Reid looked at her and could see that there was something else there, "You and JJ are also in on whatever Hotch is hiding from me as well aren't you?" Prentiss burst out laughing and Reid pouted, "You are! What does he have planned?" Reid froze at the low chuckle that came from behind him and whimpered slightly as Hotch's breath ghosted over his neck before the man moved past him to stand slightly out from and between Reid and Prentiss. "Reid, stop harassing Prentiss." Reid pouted up at Hotch before going over to his own desk, "Hey Hotch, where are Rossi and Morgan today?"

Hotch moved to sit at Morgan's desk and smiled at the unopened card sitting there, "Morgan had to take his dog to the vet and Rossi had a dental appointment." Reid looked at Hotch suspiciously, "And this just all happened to be going on during Valentine's Day?" Hotch chuckled and flipped Morgan's schedule book that sat on his desk over to Reid and clearly written in under Monday the fourteenth was the vet appointment. Reid looked at the writing and knew it was Morgan's so he couldn't fault Hotch for that. "Fine then." Hotch smirked before getting up and going back to his own office and looking over his shoulder at the last moment, "Reid would you mind looking over a letter I drafted?" Reid nodded and went up to Hotch's office behind the older man.

While Reid was up reading the letter Morgan got back and the three women left. Morgan found his appointment book in the wrong place and chuckled, so Hotch had needed to use it as proof why Morgan was gone. Looking around he saw Reid through the window to Hotch's office writing on something at the man's desk and Hotch was looking out the window. Morgan nodded to the man and laughed when Hotch smiled slightly out at him.

Reid came back down the stairs a few minutes later and smiled when he saw Morgan there, "Hey Morgan! How is your dog?" Morgan smiled back at him and ruffled Reid's hair when the youth got close enough, "He's good, just a check-up." Reid looked at him curiously trying to figure out if Morgan was telling the truth or not then slumped into his chair, "Everyone but me knows what is going on don't they?" Morgan laughed at that, "Yeah Pretty Boy, you are the only one not in on this." Reid glared first at Morgan and then up towards Hotch's office before getting up and grabbing his coffee mug off the desk.

Rossi walked out of the elevator just as Reid passed by it and he also received a glare from the boy and looked after him in shock. "What have I done to get Reid angry with me?" Morgan was laughing hysterically at his desk, "He just realized he is the only one who doesn't know what Hotch has planned for tonight!" Rossi chuckled and looked towards where Reid was now walking back in, "Poor kid must be dying of curiosity." Reid let out a huff, "That is an understatement." Rossi patted Reid on the shoulder then made his way up to his own office. Reid glared after Rossi and muttered to himself under his breath about secretive teammates.

The rest of the day passed relatively quickly and Garcia returned along with Prentiss just as everyone else was wrapping things up before leaving. "Hey handsome! Time to go." Morgan looked up at Garcia as she bounced over to him, "My tech goddess ready to party?" She draped herself over his back and purred her response into his ear, "Party with my chocolate god? This tech goddess is always ready for that!" Reid chuckled at the two of them and Garcia bounced over to him and kissed his forehead, "Have a good night my baby! Now close those big pretty eyes of yours." Reid was about to question that when Garcia pulled a blindfold out of her handbag and moved it towards Reid's face.

"Garcia what are you doing?" Reid scrambled away from his desk and Garcia chased after him, Reid clearly having the advantage with his longer legs. When Reid ran past Morgan bigger man caught Reid and held him still as Garcia tied the blindfold over his eyes. Reid immediately reached up to remove it and Morgan grabbed his wrists, "Don't make me put you in handcuffs Pretty Boy." Reid pouted at that and lowered his hands to his sides while Garcia let out a small squeal, "Do it Morgan!" Morgan leaned forward and spoke low so no one else could hear him, "Don't want to step in on Hotch's territory now do I?" Reid's face instantly darkened with an intense blush causing Garcia to giggle and Morgan to laugh as Reid pulled away from Morgan only to run into someone else.

Reid was tense but relaxed almost instantly when he recognized Hotch's body as the one he had stumbled into, "Are you having fun terrorizing him Morgan?" Reid tilted his head up towards the sound of Hotch's voice and tried to capture his normal puppy-dog look that worked wonders towards getting his way when his eye were visible, "Is the blindfold really necessary Hotch?" Warm breath caressed his face and Hotch's voice sounded highly amused, "You do realize how close you are standing to me don't you Reid?" This brought chuckles from the others while Reid didn't move and huffed with irritation, "No Hotchner, I don't since you won't make them let me take this off." Hotch chuckled and looked around at everyone receiving nods from each of them. "You ready to head out Reid?"

Reid's breathing picked up slightly from excitement, he was finally going to find out what was going on. He nodded and felt a hand at his elbow, "My bag and jacket?" Hotch's hand left his elbow briefly and then he could feel the man guiding his arm into one of the sleeves of his jacket he quickly moved his arm into the over sleeve and felt his messenger bag slipped onto his shoulder before the hand returned to his elbow. He was guided into the elevator and he turned to face Hotch, "Is it just us in the elevator?" Reid's voice was soft with uncertainty and Hotch smiled before leaning down to kiss him softly. "Yeah, everyone else opted to let us leave alone." Reid nodded his head and looked up to where he felt Hotch's eyes would connect with his if he could see, "Where are you taking me Aaron?"

Hotch chuckled and kissed Reid lightly again, pulling away just before the doors of the elevator opened, "There would be no point in blindfolding you if I told you." Reid let out a snort of disdain, "You could always take the blindfold off." Hotch laughed again, "I am surprised you haven't figured it out yet honestly." Reid tried to glower at the man but wasn't even sure if he was looking in the right direction, "Why does everyone know but me?" Hotch laughed again and Reid heard him opening the car door before the hand under his elbow applied upward pressure as Hotch guided him up into the car.

Reid's door closed and he reached up for the blindfold only to hear Hotch's voice as the man opened his own door, "I will cuff you Kitten." Reid turned towards Hotch, "You wouldn't." He heard the soft clinking of Hotch's handcuffs and sighed, the man really would cuff him if he tried to remove the blindfold. Hotch pulled out of the space and Reid instantly thought of the area surrounding their workplace and as Hotch turned out of the parking garage Reid was prepared to mentally follow every turn and figure out where they were going before they got there. Just as they were about to pull out of the garage onto the street Hotch reached over and brushed his hand along the inside of Reid's thigh which brought a gasp from the boy and his head turned in Hotch's direction, "Aaron?"

Hotch chuckled darkly and Reid realized they were driving straight and he had been distracted and missed which way they were going down the street. He tried to re-orient himself and decided to wait for the next stop light or sign to figure out where they were from there. "You look so good blindfolded Kitten." Reid let out a soft groan as Hotch's hand returned to his inner thigh as he spoke and he tried to push Hotch's hand away so he could focus. "Maybe I should add those handcuffs after all, can't have you interrupting my fun." Reid turned his head slightly towards Hotch and gasped when the man's hand caressed his erection through the fabric of his pants. "Mmmmm Aaron." Hotch's deep chuckle filled the car and Reid tried pushing up into his hand. "Much better Kitten." Reid leaned his head back and breathed deeply trying to regain his concentration.

Hotch smirked when he looked over and saw Reid breathing deeply and obviously fighting for controll. He reached over with his right hand and traced it lightly along Reid's abdomen causing the boy to arch out of the seat with a moan and Hotch slowly slid his hand up Reid's stomach to tease one of the boy's nipples through his shirt. "Aaron please." Hotch bit back a groan of his own, "What do you want me to do to you tonight Spencer?" Reid whimpered and turned his face slightly towards Hotch, "Aaron!" Reid's face was flushed dark red and Hotch smiled at his shyness, "You are really going to pretend you are modest now Kitten? I was there yesterday when you went on your power trip remember?"

Reid groaned and his body lifted off the seat again as he thought about the day before. Hotch had to force his eyes to stay on the road as he reached over once more to caress Reid's hardened length again bringing a strangled whine from the youth. Hotch couldn't help himself at that and quickly undid Reid's trousers ignoring the gasping of his name as he pulled Reid's erection from his pants. "Aaron, traffic cameras!" Hotch chuckled at that as he pulled gently on Reid's erection.

"You will just have to trust that I won't drive in any way to bring attention to our car on those cameras." Reid lifted his hips into the movements of Hotch's hand and whimpered, "Garcia, she will watch them either way!" Hotch chuckled, unable to deny the truth in that as he ran his thumb over the head of Reid's shaft pulling a moan from the boy. "Mmmm more Aaron, please." Hotch smirked and sped up his pulls while also tightening his hold on Reid's erection, collecting pre-ejaculatory fluids from the tip to make the movements of his hand smoother. "Now Kitten, what do you want me to do to you tonight?" This time Reid didn't shy away from the question though he did still flush more at it. "Mmmmm want you to take me again and again until I am begging you to stop and then keep going." Hotch shivered at that, "Spencer."

Reid smirked at Hotch's moan of his name then whimpered when Hotch's hand tightened further on him lifting his hips into the strokes once more. "Please Aaron, so close." Hotch pressed the tip of his thumb into the slit at the head of Reid's erection and the boy came with a scream as Hotch smirked in satisfaction. He had timed this perfectly, with some variations to the legal speed limit as he saw fit, and he pulled onto the street of their destination just as Reid started putting himself away with a bright blush over his face.

Hotch reached into the glove compartment in front of Reid's seat and grabbed some tissues out of it to clean off his hand and clean up what had landed on Reid. "You ready to get out Spencer?" Reid looked over and his mouth was hanging open slightly in surprise, "Aaron I am nowhere near decent to be going anywhere but home now!"

Hotch chuckled and reached over to brush his hand lightly down Reid's jaw, "Would I humiliate you by taking you out somewhere where you could be embarrassed?" Reid turned towards Hotch and lifted an eyebrow hoping that Hotch could see the look, "I wouldn't." Reid snorted, "You just got me off in the car Hotch." That tricked a laugh out of Hotch along with the flat tone that Reid said it in. Hotch leaned across the front seat and kissed Reid lightly, "I promise you Spencer that no one will see you."

Reid pouted slightly, "You aren't going to let me see yet are you?" Hotch smiled and kissed him again, "No, don't try to get out without me either." Reid blushed slightly, he probably would fall flat on his face but Hotch should realize he wasn't that stupid. When Hotch opened his door Reid turned to get out instantly, he was excited to see where they were again now that Hotch was done molesting him.

Hotch gripped Reid's elbow and helped him down from the car. The first thing Reid noticed was that the ground was flat and even as Hotch started leading him along the car towards the back. The surface they were walking on changed as they walked further away from the car. The surface sloped down slightly and once it evened out again Hotch turned Reid back towards where they had come from. Hotch took Reid's hand and placed something metal into it and slipped the blindfold from Reid's eyes.

Reid looked down at his hand and saw a key then looked forward to see a cottage style two story house in front of him. "Aaron?" Hotch smiled and kissed Reid softly, "Spencer, will you move in with me?" Reid let out a laugh of disbelief and looked back to the house, "You are serious Aaron?" Hotch smiled at the hopeful tone of Spencer's voice, "Let's go inside and I will show you around." Reid nodded and Hotch pulled him back up the drive by the hand. When they got to the front door Hotch lifted an eyebrow and Reid slid the key into the door with a trembling hand.

Hotch gave Reid a tour of the house and Reid was the most excited about the den that was relatively large in size had a desk for each of them at either end of the room with bookshelves along the walls that were already filled with all of Reid's books. In a corner was a small table with two comfortable chairs and a loveseat that had the rug underneath them that had been by the fireplace at Reid's apartment.

Reid smiled when they passed Jack's room which was already painted and decorated with the little boy in mind and Reid looked up at Hotch curiously, "Aaron when did you buy this house?" Hotch smiled down at him, "Just before the holidays, you remember the weekend you went to visit your mother and Jack went to stay with Sean? I spent that weekend finishing up the paperwork for buying this place. This month so far has been filled with taking care of the finishing touches along with the help of the rest of the team and selling my apartment and getting yours put on the market."

Reid's face showed his amazement at that, "You have been working on this for that long? How long has everyone else known?" Hotch laughed, "Garcia has known the whole time, she helped me get everything together when I couldn't spend extra time on it without you figuring me out. The others only found out after Garcia started playing pranks at the office." Reid leaned up and kissed Hotch and pulled away with a smile, "It is perfect Aaron!" Hotch smiled as he lead Reid down the hall from Jack's room to the master bedroom.

When they walked in Reid noticed that their bed from his apartment had already been moved here and was freshly made. Hotch lead him past the bed and into the bathroom where Reid gasped with delight. Directly across from the door there was a raised Jacuzzi bathtub that had two steps leading up to a deep tub that had plenty of room for them both to fit in it. The tub was filled and Reid found a switch on the wall beside it that heated the raised floor around it and it was at max heat which was retaining the heat of the water and there were candles floating in the water with a bottle of Champaign and two glasses on the edge of the bathtub along with another box of Garcia's fudge.

There was a vase with roses right beside the tub and Reid blushed when he thought back to the bedroom and realized the bed was coated with rose petals as well. Reid was hoping that Hotch hadn't told any of the team about Reid's appreciation for the flowers. More candles placed around the bathroom provided a soft lighting to the room and Reid was in awe of it. There was a second switch on the wall by the heated floor around the bath that controlled the heated floors in the rest of the bathroom. The floors and the raised bath were marble and there was a shower with three shower heads that was open into the rest of the bathroom and spilling across the floor were small pebble like stones between the bath and shower to prevent slipping on the marble if walking between the two. Reid could not understand how this bathroom ended up in a house like this. The downstairs was homey with arched openings between the rooms and an obvious addition of heated floors in the kitchen.

"How did such a quaint little house end up with a bathroom like this?" Hotch chuckled, "The woman who owned this house before I bought it redesigned the entire bathroom and had it extended. She was quite vain and I was glad that Garcia dealt with her as much as possible for me." Reid laughed at that and looked back around the bathroom with a soft smile, "Well since it is obviously a hint shall we take a bath Aaron?" Hotch smiled down at Reid and captured the boy's lips with his own. Hotch reached out and pulled Reid's shirt up over his shoulders and removed the boy's collar before moving his hands to the front of Reid's pants and undoing them before pushing both pants and underwear off of the slim hips.

Reid's fingers moved swiftly down the row of buttons on Hotch's shirt and his lips immediately began traveling down Hotch's neck and attacking the skin exposed as his hands moved down Hotch's body. Reid pushed Hotch's pants from his body and pressed himself close to the older man and moaned as their bodies pressed together. Hotch leaned down and caught Reid's lips with his own as he pulled the younger man's body closer to his own. Reid groaned and Hotch pushed his tongue into Reid's mouth stroking the roof of his mouth and getting Reid to giggle. Reid pulled away and laughed when Hotch leaned forward to follow his lips, "The bath Aaron." Hotch chuckled and leaned in to kiss Reid softly again, "It is just so easy to get distracted by you." Reid smiled up at him before moving to slide into the bath after quickly removing the floating candles.

Hotch eyed the candles as Reid set them beside before shaking his head and not commenting on their potential. He had enough planned for the evening without adding to that. Hotch slid into the bath behind Reid and smiled when Reid leaned back against him with a sigh. Hotch reached out and turned on the jets of the tub and leaned back cuddling Reid closer to him. Reid reached over and opened the box of fudge and ate one quickly humming with delight as it melted in his mouth. Hotch watched Reid with fondness as the youth ate his chocolate. Reid cuddled back against Hotch's chest and groaned softly when Hotch's hands began massaging his chest and abdomen.

Hotch massaged Reid into relaxation and laughed slightly when the youth's head started falling back as he dozed. Hotch trailed kisses along Reid's jaw and Reid turned his face to meet Hotch's lips with his own with a sigh. Reid opened his mouth to Hotch when the older man licked at his lips and moaned as Hotch's tongue mapped out his mouth. When Hotch drew away Reid smiled softly before pressing his face to Hotch's neck and kissing along it. "No falling asleep on me Spencer." Reid smiled against Hotch's neck and nipped him softly, "I don't plan on it." Hotch smiled and pressed Reid forward so he could massage his shoulders and back.

Once Hotch had finished with his massage Reid leaned back into him again with a sigh, "We should get out of the bath." Hotch chuckled as Reid cuddled into him with that statement, "That was encouraging." Reid smiled up at him and ran his hand down to caress Hotch's thigh, "Does that help with the encouragement?" Hotch pushed Reid up off of him and Reid smirked as he got out of the bath. Grabbing a towel and drying off, he quickly put his collar back on while Hotch drained the tub Reid shifted from one foot to another before making his decision.

Once Hotch had finished drying off Reid grabbed his hand and pulled him back out of the bathroom and left Hotch by the bed as he went over to his messenger bag and pulled out the box from the jewelers. He noticed that his hands were shaking slightly as he turned back around and walked over to the bed sitting on the edge of it and sparing a thought to the flower petals he could feel against his skin not covered by his towel. He handed the box to Hotch and blushed lightly.

"Aaron, I am giving this to you with the promise to always stand by your side. I know that marriage for us is not practical in any way and rings would be horrendously obvious if we wore them so I got you this as a symbol of my devotion to you. I want to be with you forever and I do believe that you aren't going to leave. I love you and could not imagine ever being happier than I am with you in my life. Will you accept this gift and be with me for the rest of our lives?" Hotch smiled at Reid and leaned forward to kiss him softly before pulling back again and looking the younger man straight in the eyes, "I would like nothing more Spencer." Reid smiled with a slight flush still on his face and Hotch unwrapped the box and picked up one of Reid's trembling hands to kiss the back of it before he opened the box.

Hotch let out a breath of surprise when he looked into the box. The pocket watch was an amazing piece of jewelry and he appreciated the old look and roman numerals on the face of the watch since it reminded him of his little lover. He pulled it out of the box and marveled at the quality of the work. He felt the texture on the back and turned the watch over to see the message engraved into it as Hotch ran his finger over the back Reid spoke, "My heart is ever at your service Aaron." Hotch smiled up at him and leaned forward to capture Reid's lips in a passionate kiss to show the boy exactly how he felt about the gift.

When Hotch pulled away he looked back down at the watch, "This is exquisitely made. What kind of stone is in the engraving? Usually they just etch and possibly add a color but they don't usually use stone inlays." Reid smiled at that, "I asked for them to do the inlays, the stone is opal and it is my birthstone. I found that the idea made the gift a lot more personal." Hotch smiled and kissed Reid again lightly before moving around to his side of the bed and putting the pocket watch down on his bedside table.

"Well Spencer, so far this night has been perfect and I had only one more thing planned." Reid looked up at his older lover and could not imagine anything more that Hotch could possibly do for him. Hotch picked up a container of lube from his bedside table and walked around the bed to Reid again. When Hotch handed Reid the lube the boy looked at him in confusion for a moment before shrugging it off and figuring that Hotch wanted Reid to prepare himself for him. Reid slid his towel off of his hips and crawled into the center of the bed where he relaxed onto his back and ran a hand lightly over his own abdomen with a small sigh of pleasure.

Hotch watched Reid with a small smile as he saw the confusion then growing desire as the boy moved onto the bed and spread himself out so erotically over the deep red colored rose petals that contrasted beautifully with his pale skin. Hotch crawled onto the bed after Reid and caught the boy's hand when he went to open the lubricant. "Spencer I gave you the lube because I want you to take me. I had planned on giving myself to you tonight along with this house to show you that I am now and always will be devoted to you. I love you Spencer and I could never live without you again."

Reid's eyes went wide when Hotch said that he wanted Reid to take him then he leaned up and caught Hotch's lips in a fierce kiss, waiting until Hotch pressed his weight down on him before rolling them both over. Hotch let out a sigh as Reid took charge and groaned as Reid trailed bites down Hotch's neck. "Want you Spencer." Reid smirked against Hotch's skin and opened the lube to spread some over his fingers. Reid's kisses and nips continued down Hotch's neck and onto his chest and when he bit down lightly on Hotch's right nipple he slipped a finger into his older lover's passage.

Hotch let out a whine at the bite to his nipple and pressed back against Reid's finger that had slid into him. Reid pumped his finger in and out a few times before slowly pressing a second in with the first causing Hotch to inhale sharply and Reid nipped lightly at the other nipple before soothing it with his tongue encouraging Hotch to calm down. Reid slowly worked the two fingers inside of his lover as he continued to trail down Hotch's body with his mouth and he began sucking and biting at one of Hotch's hip bones as he added a third finger hearing a whimper from the man beneath him as Hotch tried to press back onto Reid's fingers.

"Please Spencer, need you." Reid smirked as he moved his fingers in and out of Hotch, delighting in the small sounds of desire that the man released periodically. When Reid felt that Hotch was adequately stretched he grabbed the lube again and slicked up his own hardened shaft before finding his position and putting light pressure against Hotch's entrance. Hotch's eyes widened and Reid could see the slight traces of nervousness in his lover. Reid leaned forward and kissed Hotch gently as he pressed forward slowly until the head of his erection breached the tight ring of muscles.

Hotch broke away from the kiss and rolled his head from side to side panting and letting whimpers escape his lips. Reid stopped to let Hotch adjust to just the head of Reid's shaft being inside of him but Hotch shifted back onto Reid and the boy let out a strangled groan as he slowly slid the rest of the way into his superior. Being buried in Hotch's body was like nothing Reid had ever felt before and he was drowning in sensation. He was almost afraid that if he moved any more within Hotch he would release then rather than actually taking his lover fully. He leaned forward over Hotch again and kissed his cheeks softly knowing the pain that Hotch probably felt from the first penetration.

Hotch opened his eyes and moaned at not only the feeling of Reid inside of him which felt more intimate than he had ever imagined, but also at the sight of Reid above him perfectly capable of dominating even though the boy played the role of submissive so well. "Move Kitten." The pet name brought a brilliant smile to Reid's lips and Hotch chuckled only to be cut off of that chuckle as Reid pulled out and pushed gently back in. The subtle shift in Reid's hips with each thrust was driving Hotch crazy with want for the boy.

"Please Spencer, take me now." Reid kissed him gently and continued with the slow and torturous pace until he finally found Hotch's prostate, announced by Hotch's loud moan and the pulse of the older man's channel as Reid's shaft pressed against it. Reid pulled back and thrust forward a little bit more firmly to hit that spot again and Hotch let out a cry of delight bringing a feral smile to Reid's face.

"Faster Kitten, harder." Reid chuckled at that and pulled out slowly before pressing back into Hotch with a forceful thrust that drew a loud groan from his superior. Reid set a steady rhythm into that spot as he leaned over Hotch breathing heavily and kissing along the man's neck as he basked in the near constant moans and pleas for more from Hotch. The new sensations for them both were spiraling them quickly out of control and Reid bit into Hotch's neck in an attempt to stave off his impending orgasm. Hotch was lifting his hips into Reid's every thrust and he was marveling in the tightness hugging his erection.

Hotch felt awash with sensation as Reid forced his way into Hotch's body steadily. The feeling was so intimate and he felt so much more attached to Reid as he experienced it. There was definitely pleasure in this sensation and he couldn't stop the pleas for more that escaped him, wanting to feel Reid release inside of him. His hips lifted into Reid's thrusts automatically and he desperately needed to feel more. When Reid bit into his neck it was all that Hotch could do to keep himself from releasing but then one of Reid's hands traveled lightly down Hotch's abdomen and gripped his erection and with a few sharp pulls he let out a loud cry as he was thrown over the edge. He heard Reid gasp and then felt the strange sensation as Reid's hot seed flooded into him and found it relaxing.

Hotch smiled when Reid collapsed on top of him, still buried within him and panting softly. "Thank you Spencer." Reid tilted his head up to see Hotch's face and smiled at the older man, "Your welcome Aaron, thank you for giving me the opportunity to have you." Hotch smiled and cuddled Reid closer, feeling his own erection stir again at the feeling of his young lover pressed so close to him. "In the car earlier I do believe you told me that you wanted me to take you repeatedly until you begged me to stop." Reid moaned and Hotch could feel Reid's body reacting to his words as the youth's length began filling again within him. "Either I am going to do as you requested or you are going to do the same to me."

Reid let out a whimper and slipped from Hotch's body, reaching for the lube and slicking up Hotch's erection before sliding two fingers into himself. Hotch let out a low chuckle at that, he had enjoyed giving himself to Reid but had hoped that his lover would be up to this since he wanted to feel that tight heat around him. Hotch watched with growing desire as Reid prepared himself and when he felt that Reid was stretched enough he pushed the boy down onto the bed on his hands and knees before quickly pushing into him enjoying the sharp cry that his actions brought from Reid's lips.

Reid pressed back onto Hotch's erection eagerly and whimpered when Hotch hit his prostate, "Please Aaron, please, want you." Hotch smiled and began trailing kisses along the back of Reid's shoulders and neck. The pace he set was hard and fast, he realized that he could be hurting the smaller man but he couldn't help himself as he pounded into the pliant body beneath him and Reid's begging was only encouraging him. "Mmmm so good Kitten." Reid let out a breathless sob at that, "Yes Aaron, please more." Hotch reached around Reid and scooped up a handful of the petals knowing what they did to his subordinate and scattered the petals over Reid's back before pressing his chest against the boy's back and crushing the petals between their skin.

Reid let out a loud whine and pressed back against Hotch, desperate for that peak he was coming so close to. "Aaron please, please need more." Hotch smirked and picked up a single petal and reached down to trace it lightly along Reid's erection and that was all the boy needed to release with a scream as he pushed back against Hotch. Reid's cry of pleasure along with the pulsing of his channel pulled Hotch's own orgasm from him and he came hard into the boy.

Unwilling to let Reid's words from earlier go Hotch pulled out of the boy and trailed kisses down Reid's spine as the younger man panted for breath. "Going to make you beg me to stop just like you asked and then keep going Kitten." Reid whimpered pitifully at that then cried out when Hotch's tongue delved into his passage. Reid pushed back onto the stimulation and begged pitifully while his hands curled in the sheets and flower petals around him Hotch's tongue was relentless and Reid could hardly control his gasping enough to take in actual breaths. "Please please please Aaron, need more please." Hotch lapped up his seed that was leaking back down Reid's passage and finally pulled away before pushing Reid onto his back.

Reid arched his back up off the bed when Hotch's mouth descended on his erection and he couldn't help the small thrusts of his hips as he tried to hold back from pushing down Hotch's throat. The sensations washing over him were so much and he couldn't stop the sounds escaping him. Hotch was enjoying the whimpers and breathless sobs he was pulling from his subordinate and when he reached beneath Reid and pinched his fingers lightly on the edge of the boys entrance he came with a hoarse cry down Hotch's throat.

Hotch pulled away from Reid's spent member after swallowing the youth's essence and moved up by his ear. "Safety word for if you really want me to stop Spencer." Reid groaned, unable to think at the moment as his mind fizzed angrily at him, "Mmmmm Aaron." Hotch growled against his ear, "Safety word Spencer?" Reid pulled his head up and tried to think but all he could think of were things of a sexual nature. Finally he landed on a thought of Hotch taking him on the jet while the team was travelling and he let out a purring whisper, "Jet."

Hotch couldn't help but look oddly down at the boy before he figured it was due to Reid's lack of solid thoughts in the moment and he pushed into the boy again causing a pained gasp to leave Reid's lips from the oversensitivity of his body. "Mmmmm Aaron." Hotch quickly picked up a hard and steady rhythm and when he hit Reid's prostate with a hard thrust the boy's eyes shot open and he screamed in tortured pleasure. "Aaah Aaron no…no more please." Hotch continued pressing into Reid and leaned into his ear, "Safety word?" Reid shook his head and Hotch smirked at the involuntary 'no's that were still falling from his subordinate's lips.

Reid was trying to push back into Hotch's thrusts and his body felt like it was being burned from the inside with pleasure and he didn't want it to end. Hotch's movements felt amazing and he kept wanting to beg for more but the sensible part of his mind changed the pleas for more as begging his older lover to stop. Hotch growled out a demand for the safety word again and he refused to say it, he wanted more of this painful heaven and would not give into it.

Hotch continued pressing into his subordinate at a harsh pace driving the boy to scream with every thrust, his voice going hoarse from being overworked. Reid's body was curling in on Hotch and Reid's fingernails were digging into Hotch's back as they drew what were probably bleeding lines up and down it. "Mmmm good Kitten, scream for me." Reid arched up and his lips parted with a silent scream at the command and Hotch thought he looked beautiful. "Aaron please please please, too much. Hurts." The whimpers that were interspersed with Reid's words almost got Hotch to stop even without the safety word but Reid pushing back into his every thrust encouraged him on as his own body sang with pleasure.

Hotch pulled out of Reid and the boy sobbed as he collapsed back onto the bed unsure if he wanted to beg Hotch to come back or roll away from his lover. Then Hotch was on him again, rolling him onto his stomach and pulling Reid's hips up before slamming back into him. Reid arched and cried out as he came again and he could feel Hotch's continued thrusts within him. "Mmmmm Aaron please please no more." Hotch pulled his head and torso up by his hair and growled into his ear, "Safety word Reid." Reid whimpered and turned his face in towards Hotch's neck, "Aaron." Hotch chuckled at the boy's stubbornness and continued his harsh thrusts, reaching down and pulling at the boy's flaccid cock and bringing a sob from the boy at that action.

With only a few more hard thrusts and the audible stimulation of Reid's cries and whimpers Hotch came explosively into his subordinate and collapsed on top of him, slowly grinding into his young lover as he tried to regain his breath. "Safety word Kitten." Reid turned his head to the side gently and kissed Hotch's lips with no energy before letting out the soft whisper, "Jet." Hotch sighed and pulled Reid onto his side, chuckling when the boy whimpered pathetically. Hotch rubbed Reid's stomach and chest soothingly not daring to pull out of the boy knowing that the movement would be overwhelming for either of their oversensitive bodies.

Once their breathing had finally settled Reid leaned his head back against Hotch's shoulder, "Did I tell you that Garcia gave me a headband with cat-ears on it along with my collar?" Hotch pressed forward against Reid and moaned pitifully as Reid whimpered. "Not tonight Kitten." Reid chuckled and pushed Hotch further by pulling his arm up and licking the inside of Hotch's wrist drawing a gasp from the man. "Spencer you are going to kill us." Reid smirked at that and yawned, "N-n-no Aaron, that is your job." Hotch chuckled and Reid whimpered again as the vibrations flowed through him from Hotch's chest.

"So what else should I know about this house Aaron?" Hotch smiled and cuddled Reid closer, "There is a pool in the backyard that I didn't think was really practical but I think that Jack will enjoy it and we have a spare bedroom so we can have Sean come and stay here with Jack when we are out of town so that we can put him into public school rather than home schooling him to make it easier for him to go stay with others while we are gone." Reid smiled at that, "This house really is perfect for us." Hotch smiled against the back of Reid's neck, "That is why I got it for us Kitten." Reid tilted his head back and kissed Hotch lightly when the man looked down. "I love you Aaron." Hotch smiled down at him, "I love you too Spencer, forever. Happy Valentine's Day." Reid sighed happily and finally fell asleep safe in Hotch's arms.