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Five months later…

It was a Thursday and Arizona's day off. Unfortunately Calliope had been on call over night and wouldn't return home until at least two that afternoon. The blonde woke to the peculiar feeling of being watched. She cracked one eye open and found the source of this feeling quickly. Less than a foot from her face was another, much smaller, one and pretty brown eyes were watching her intently.

Arizona blinked her sleep away and took a deep breath before speaking. "Hi," she croaked drowsily. Robbie giggled and scooted closer. "How long have you been up, huh?" Arizona demanded playfully, reaching out and drawing the toddler into her arms. Robbie didn't answer other than to laugh madly when the blonde began to tickle her.

Over the past few months she and Calliope had been slowly getting Robbie used to her increased presence in the little girl's life. Robbie had taken to her easily with only a few hiccups along the way. Arizona and Robbie had both had a problem in the beginning with the blonde being a disciplinarian. Arizona had felt awkward about putting the girl in time out or taking her toys away. Robbie had not taken the blonde seriously at first and had thrown a few tantrums. Time had smoothed the problems out and three months after returning to America, Arizona returned to living with the love of her life.

"Want some breakfast?" Arizona queried once the girl had her breath back. Robbie nodded enthusiastically. "Oatmeal?" she added. Robbie's head bobbed faster. "Let's do it. I'll be Batman, you be Robin." The little girl grunted her approval and rolled away and off of the bed, landing with a solid whomph. Then she was up and little feet were beating a tattoo on the hardwood.

Arizona allowed Robbie to first assist in the breakfast preparation. The girl got most of the dried oats into her little bowl without a problem. While she waited on the water to boil, Arizona helped her collect the fallen oats off the counter.

Robbie actually really loved oatmeal and it wasn't a hassle to get her to eat it, one of the few things that went that way actually. She also really loved macaroni and cheese, which would be for lunch later.

Between the two meals, Arizona kept Robbie entertained with her toys in the living room. She played the monster in a few of the toddler's games, helped her only Barbie doll marry one of her many Batman action figures (and then the blonde doll was involved in a strange altercation with a Robin action figure and disappeared. Arizona found her face down under the sofa later.), and then Robbie decided to play on her own for a while so Arizona occupied herself with starting a block castle.

Robbie went down for a nap directly after lunch and naptime story. Today it had been several repetitions of Time for Naps. Robbie had yawned and pitched, grunting sleepily and keeping a firm grip on a few of Arizona's fingers. When the blonde gently wrestled the digits away from the dozing toddler and made her way back to the living room it was nearing one in the afternoon. Robbie would be allowed to sleep for exactly an hour and a half before Arizona would go wake her up, if she didn't get up on her own. The blonde liked to run a tight ship.

The blonde spent the time doing laundry. It was amazing how many clothes a toddler could go through in one day, and there was a least a week's worth of laundry piled up. While she sorted and folded her thoughts were preoccupied with something she'd been thinking about for awhile. Ever since she and Calliope had gotten back together, the brunette had been the one to initiate every major step in their relationship. Arizona felt like it was only fair to allow her lover to set the pace. But there was an itch at the back of the blonde's brain, a strange tickle of want, that she had barely been able to suppress, especially recently. She just wasn't quite sure how to go about it…

She folded another tiny shirt.

The alarm went off in the next room, informing her that Robbie's nap time was over. She turned off the alarm and went to wake up the reluctant toddler. She knew it was probably really weird, but she had decided that she would ask the baby for her opinion.

Robbie did not like to be woken up. She was grumpy and fussy

"So, Robbie," Arizona started, placing the little girl down beside her in between the couch and entertainment center, handing over Bruce and The Very Hungry Caterpillar so the girl wouldn't whine, "I'm thinking of asking Mami to marry me. I mean, it's just a thought, and I don't know if it will be right away, but I was wondering what you would think of that happening eventually."

Robbie looked at her seriously for a moment, sucking furiously at her pacifier, and then patted Arizona on the knee.

"Ok, well, I'll tell you how it goes," Arizona informed the toddler, accepting that as consent. Robbie just looked back at her book and turned the page. Arizona smiled and returned to her block castle that she had started before lunch.

This was how Calliope found them when she opened the door less than ten minutes later. Arizona was laid out on her belly, tongue between her teeth as she carefully stacked blocks together in a tower. At her mother's entrance, Robbie jumped up excitedly; one of her little arms flailed and hit one of the walls of Arizona's castle. The whole thing wobbled unsteadily for a tense second and then collapsed. Robbie paid no attention to the destruction she had caused, too busy squealing and hugging her mother.

Calliope was laughing, both at her daughter and at the look on Arizona's face.

"Really Arizona?" Calliope laughed. "God forbid you act your age."

Arizona scowled up at the Latina. "Shut up."

"Mark's taking Robbie for the night. He'll be by around five," the brunette informed her, leaning down to scoop up her daughter. She cuddled Robbie for a minute, getting the girl to giggle by blowing raspberries on each cheek, before allowing her to get back on the ground.

"Okay," Arizona replied finally, only after noticing Calliope looking at her pointedly. She grinned and bounced excitedly. "We get to have grown up time!"

The brunette raised an eyebrow and gave Arizona a saucy look. "Right, grown up…"

The blonde scowled and stuck her tongue out. Robbie, who had been watching with vague disinterest, decided that would be the perfect action to imitate.


Mark arrived right at five, ready to take his daughter out for dinner (probably McDonald's) and Robbie was more than happy to get the evening started. Arizona insisted that Robbie clean up her toys before she was allowed to leave with her father. The toddler cleaned up in record time.

The evening fell into a comfortable routine. Calliope cooked dinner while Arizona stood around pretending to be useful. They ate and drank wine, taking it in turns to share details of their day. They moved from the table to the couch. When more wine was consumed than usual, their positions changed from beside each other to Arizona being fully in Calliope's lap. When the brunette suggested that they "go to bed early," the blonde was more than happy to accept.

They fell giggling into bed and occupied themselves with each other for a long while. When they eventually tired and were wrapped in warmth and calm muzzy silence, the blonde with her head over a slowing heart and brown hands drawing ticklish patterns over her bare back, thinking returned to them both. They did their thinking separately but in the best company.

"I lied to you." Calliope's quiet admission broke the comfortable silence. Arizona tensed out of reflex and when the words registered she moved from her place on top of her lover to hover over her instead.

"What about?" she asked, her brow furrowing in worry. They had been doing so well, at least it had seemed that way. The night's earlier activity had attested to that notion. She reigned in her desire to panic, deciding that she could do that later if what Calliope told her called for it.

Their eyes met and the brunette ran a comforting hand over Arizona's back, gently urging her back down until they were connected again. She turned her head so they would maintain eye contact. "Mark's father, his name is Matthew."

"Uh…ok," the blonde replied, confusion keeping her brows together. She remembered their conversation from months ago about Robbie being named after her grandfathers, and so it threw her off a little, but she was, by and large, only confused.

Calliope continued shortly. "There are a lot of nicknames for Robert or Roberta. Bobby, Bob, Robbie, Rob, Bert, Roe…Robin." The Latina looked away then, in the pale light coming through the windows Arizona could barely see her cheeks darken.

The blonde hesitated. She had drawn a conclusion about what Calliope was really telling her, and she reasoned that the brunette wouldn't bother telling her something like that unless her conclusion was correct, but she was still nervous to say it out loud. "I…so does that mean…"

"I…named her for you-" she wasn't able to get any further explanation out before insistent lips halted her.

Arizona, overcome with mind-numbing pleasure over what had been revealed to her, made it her goal to impress upon her lover just how pleased she was. Breathing heavily when they, at length, parted, Arizona gulped in air, peppering Calliope's face with short tender kisses between each inhalation. "Marry me," she gasped*.

There was no hesitation. No pause at all in their frantic kissing. Calliope just breathed, "Absolutely," against the blonde's lips.






"Stop talking now."

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