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The PA announced, "Again, this is your pilot Mitsuki Sakaki, we have now arrived at Kyoto, please fasten your seatbelts as we are about to land on the surface"

They all fasten their seatbelts and they looked at the outside of the window. They saw Kyoto a little bit destroyed and some smoke was coming out.

"Oh my god, how horrible, these terrorists have gone to far!" Mori said.

"How pitiful some houses have been destroyed and families were evacuated" Rinko said.

"Wait till they taste the wrath of my power!" Ueki said angrily.

The plane landed to the surface, all of them got there things and they all came down, Mitsuki followed down.

"Well were here guys," Mitsuki said,

Then suddenly Mitsuki felt a bad aura coming at the Ueki team.

"Everyone get down!" Mitsuki shouted,

The Ueki team ducked down, Mitsuki summoned her sword and ran infront of them and repeled the incoming shurikens that was about to hit them,5 ninjas in white uniform with a cursed-looked heart in black on their emblem.

Ueki team stood up and Ueki said, "Ninjas? Its an ambush!"

"What a nasty way to say welcome" Sano said,

"Ai-chan please stand back, getting the ninjas to a goody-two-shoes pose is hard for them to do" Rinko informed.


Mitsuki commanded, "Guards protect Ai-chan for us will ya?"

Guards came to Ai-chan guarding them, they were in black pants, black vest, white long sleeve polo, black shoes, and black tie. Kind of like the boy version of Mitsuki's clothes.

More ninjas came out, they all attacked at the Ueki Team and Mitsuki-chan.
Ueki used Kurogane and the ninjas flew of far.

Rinko ran to the ninjas and used her special glove and punched it to the ninja, the ninja hit the wall.

Sano blinded the ninjas with his towels and kicked them.

Hideyoshi, well just played tricks on them, like poking their buts and putting wasabe sauce on their noses.

Mitsuki was surrounded by the ninjas, she was looking at them, she summoned two-medium-sized-black-sharp fans, ninjas infront of her attacked, she ducked down and used and airlift attack at them and she jumped and changed to another weapon and slashed the ninjas down, while she was coming down, the rest of the ninjas attacked her, she quickly faced them and summoned dozens of shurikens at them, the ninjas was stuck on the wall.

Ai was looking at their battle when 3 ninjas charged at her, the guards held out their sword and attacked the 3 ninjas and the ninjas fell down in a single second, and they shifted back to their post protecting Ai.

After all that, Mitsuki again sensed an aura coming at them.

Then suddenly a guy in white coat black under shirt with white shoes, black gloves, with black wings and in long black have ponytailed hair was coming down to Mitsuki.

The man landed his wings disappeared and he said in a smile, "Well I see you've finally come here to save Kyoto, dear Mitsuki"

Mitsuki was standing in a serious face and said, "And I see your still in your retarded personality, Leigh"

Leigh was walking towards Mitsuki and he held Mitsuki's right-sided pony tailed hair, and he said closing his face at her, "Please call me by my real name, for instance will ya?"

Ueki shouted, "Don't you dare harm Mitsuki-senpai!"

"Ueki! Keep quiet!" Ai shouted at Ueki,

Leigh looked at the group of the people standing 5m away from Mitsuki,

"Who might all of you be?" Leigh asked,

"They're my friends, and please will you stop seducing me all the time!"

"C'mon I'm just being nice to you that's all,"

"You're making me puke,"

Rinko was thinking, "Why are they fighting like they've known each other for a long time?"

"I'm just being a pretty, handsome YOUNGER BROTHER to you!"

All of them gasped, "Wa? Younger brother?"

"Oh please I don't want my young brother to be gay," Mitsuki exclaimed,

"That's not being gay its being a pretty boy, maybe your jealous I'm a prettier person than you?" Leigh said.

A vein was popping out of Mitsuki's head and shouted, "I AM NOT JEALOUS! YOU'RE BEING ANNOYING!"

"Ok ok, don't shout your face will get wrinkles if your always angry" Leigh explained,

"Uh,. What are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be in your post guarding the bank incase anymore terrorists come?" Mitsuki said,

"I wanted to come here, to greet my older sister for her successful-victory-return from Osaka, and I see you've brought allies with you now,"

"Yeah, this is the Ueki team. They were the winner of the Battle game in Celestial Heaven"

"I see, pleased to meet you Ueki team, My name is Leo Leigh Sakaki, the future successor of the Sakaki family next to Mitsuki, and younger brother of Mitsuki"

"R-Right, pleased to meet you, I'm Ueki Kousuke, and this are my friends Ai, Sano, Rinko and Hideyoshi"

Hideyoshi said, "Why did you have such a fancy entrance back there?"

Sano punched Hideyoshi's head, "Don't be rude Hideyoshi! Were talking to a future successor here!"

"No no its alright. I- wa" Leigh was cut when Mitsuki said, "His always like that, after each battle I finish he comes down with his wings"
"Never mind, shall we go now?" Leigh going with the Ueki team when Mitsuki held the back of his coat, "Oh no you don't go back to your post at the bank, your not gonna escape your post again for the 8th time"

"Ahw, c'mon let me help you with them please!" making a pitiful cute face at Mitsuki.

"It doesn't work anymore" Mitsuki said,

"Hmph!" Leigh doing an angry look.

"Remember what you said when your angry you'll get wrinkles"

"….." Leigh not talking.

"Silent treatment. Old school"

"Nothing really works on you do you?"

"Not that much."

"Your so heartless," Leigh flying his way back to his post.

"I heard that!" Mitsuki throwing a small pebble at Leigh,

Almost crashing down but flying again, "Ow! Sorry!"

"You'd better," When Mitsuki faced back at the Ueki team, The group was just standing their staring at her,

"What?" Mitsuki asked,

"Nothing" All of them said.

"Well lets go," the cars are waiting.

"Right…" all of them followed Mitsuki,

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