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When Brad was twelve he imagined being a pro-soccer player or a millionaire or some crazy childish shit like that.

 Not flipping burgers at Burger King to pay for his tuition fees, he'd always figured Randy would be the one to go to university, make it big as a journalist or something like that, get married and have a perfect little family with a perfect house and a perfect dog.

 And knowing Randy the perfect little wife would be Lauren.

But here Brad was at UCLA and there Randy was. Dead.

 Car crash. Correction. Some punks high on dope knocked Randys car – plus Lauren – down an embankment, it cart wheeled and landed belly-up at the bottom. Randy and Lauren both died.

 So did mom.

 I wanted to get outta there and Uni was the best reason, Mark was fifteen when I left, he's eighteen now, I haven't seen him since Labour Day two years ago. I was in my last year, studying medicine, can you believe this? The great Bradley Michael Taylor, BMOC and all round jock, is going to med school next year. No I couldn't either.

 Weird world huh? A world where I end up a doctor, a world where my little brother dies at sixteen and my youngest brother gets a cocaine addiction by the time he was sixteen.

 Not a weird world, a shit world.

 "Hey buddy where's my burger?"

 "Coming right up sir." Brad parroted as he'd been taught, before slapping a greasy burger into the burger bun and placing it in the awaiting bag before passing it to the haughty, son-of-a-bitch customer. "There you go sir and have a nice day." Brad said a sickly sweet, the-customer-is-always-right smile plastered on his face as the jerk walked away without even a "thanks man."

 "How may I help…..you." Brad asked his smile fading as eh addressed the next customer.

 A middle-aged woman with short brown hair accompanied by three sons, two blondes and a brunette. All looking between seven and ten. As the lady began to order, Brad distinctly heard the brunette mutter, "Oh man" Almost identical to Randys childhood catchphrase.

 Watching this family, Brad realized, was like looking back into the past and seeing his own childhood. It gave him a frightening chill up his spine as he imagined this family if they ended up like his, the brunette wouldn't even be there, the oldest would have long since disappeared, the mother would be locked away in a sanatorium somewhere and the youngest would be beyond recognition caught in the evil clutches of that ageless bitch drug addiction.

 Brad didn't like that mental image to much, hurriedly he got their order and willed them to leave, which thankfully they did. Though not soon enough for Brad.

 Shaking slightly Brad took his break early, his friend Tanya agreeing to cover for him.

 Outside leaning against the wall Brad took deep steadying breaths and managed to calm down just a little. "Why'd it get so hard all of a sudden?" He asked himself out loud.

He knew the answer; he need only glance at his watch to know why.

 The silver digits that showed the date on his watch reminded him it was 8th September (1)

 Randy's birthday, the anniversary of Randys death. Did I mention life was a bitch?

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(1) I don't know Randys birthday, I can't remember, but Sept 8th is Jonathan Taylor Thomas's birthday so it's a good substitute.