Six weeks ago when we walked of that ship I thought nothing could tear us apart.



I've been looking for her everywhere.

"Spencer can we please talk about what happened?"

I sit down next to her on the sand.

"Spencer please?"

She won't even look at me.

"Nothing happened..."

"Fuck off Ashley"

"Spencer I pushed her away"

"I saw exactly what happened so you don't need to sit here and explain it to me"

"It wasn't what it looked like"

"Was she not kissing you?"

"No she was but..."

"Then it's exactly what it fucking looked like"

She's really pissed.

"I told her I wasn't interested"

"Was that before or after you let her kiss you?"

"She caught me off guard and when I realised what was happening I pushed her away"

"How fucking stupid do you think I am?"

"I don't think you're stupid Spence i'm just trying to explain"

"Just leave me alone"

"Spencer please?"

I didn't do anything wrong.

"Ashley she had her tongue down your fucking throat so don't sit here and tell me nothing happened"

"Spencer I wouldn't do that to us"

"There's no us"

"You don't mean that"

"I do Ashley we're done"

I can't believe this is happening.

"You're being ridiculous"

"How am I being ridiculous?"

"You won't even hear me out"

"What's there to say?"

"Spencer i'm sorry"

"Why are you sorry I thought you didn't do anything wrong?"

"I didn't, I'm sorry because I'm the reason you're upset"

"So what you just say sorry and everything's okay again?"

"No of course not"

There's a long pause before she starts talking again.

"Why are you here?"

"I love you..."

"You don't get to fucking say that to me"

"After everything we've been through are you really going to let something ridiculous like this break us up?"

Everything's been different since school went back.

"I know what you're doing Spence and you don't have to"

"What am I doing?"

"You've been acting different ever since school started back"

"I've been acting different?"

"You've been freaking out about the whole gay thing and if I even look at you when other people are around you get nervous"

"That's bullshit"

"I can tell by the look on your face it isn't"

She doesn't have to do this.

"Don't spin this around on me"

"I'm not Spence but I didn't do anything wrong last night"

She won't even look at me.

"I didn't even want to go to that party but I went because I knew you'd be there"

"Just leave"

"She came up to me and I told her I wasn't interested but she wouldn't listen"

"Well if you weren't such a slut Ashley she might have believed you"

I didn't ask for any of this to happen.

"Spencer I don't give a shit about Natalie and i'm sorry that I let her think it was okay to kiss me, but don't sit here and use what happened last night as your reason for breaking up with me, when we both know you've been wanting to do this for weeks"

I can feel the tears building up in my eyes.

"Spencer we spent months fighting because you were too scared to tell me you were gay..."

"No Ashley we spent months fighting because you're a bitch and you don't give a shit about anyone but yourself"


When I hop up she doesn't look at me.

"You might be alright with treating me like I don't matter, but I love you and I care about you too much to just sit here and fight with you"

I hate this.

"Spencer when you're ready to talk about what's really going on come find me"



"Hey Ky"

"Why aren't you in class?"

"I just thought i'd skip this one"

"Ashley if you start skipping classes again Principal Warner's going to kick your ass"

"Kyla you don't need to worry I'm not going to start skipping classes again"

"You're skipping class right now"

"That's different"

"How's it different?"

Does she have to be so annoying?

"This is a class I have with Spencer"

"You can't just avoid her"

"I know that Ky"

I just can't see her right now it's too hard.

"I don't get it Ash you and Spencer were going great and then all of a sudden you break up?"

"It's complicated"

She sits down next to me on the table.

"What happened?"

"Natalie kissed me at Brad's party on Friday"

"She what?"

"Ky I pushed her away but Spencer walked in and now she's pissed"


Shit is one way to describe it.

"I was looking for her everywhere Saturday and when I found her at the beach she dumped me"

"She's just mad Ash I'm sure you guys will sort it out"

"She called me a slut"

"Ashley she doesn't think you're a slut"

I don't know what she thinks anymore.

"She's scared Ky"


"Yer she's been freaking out about the whole gay thing and I guess she just decided it would be easier to push me away than face what's really going on"

"You really think that's what she's doing?"

"I'm almost certain that's what she's doing"

She's worried about what people will think when she tells them she's gay.

"We've been back at school for four weeks now and I never see her"

"She's playing Basketball again are you sure that's not why she's never around?"

"Kyla when we didn't get along I saw her all the time and now we're together she's nowhere"

"Ashley you and Spencer are perfect together and I know it doesn't seem like it right now, but you'll sort it out"

"You weren't there Ky, she didn't act like she wanted to sort anything out"

"Do you two have hall passes?"


"Yer here"

Of course Kyla has one.


"No sorry"

Miss Harris is one of a handful of teachers that actually likes me.

But there's no chance i'm getting out of detention.

"Ashley you know how it works"

"I do"

This isn't the first time i've been caught skipping class.

"Meet me in the gym when school finishes"

The gym?

"Detention's in the gym now?"

"Today it is I have basketball training at the same time"