"Ems you know I'm not up for that at the moment" I say as I'm woken by my shirt being tugged upwards.

"Shhh I'm just trying to feed Bradley" she says continuing with her task.

"What" I say forcing my eyes to open. I take in her form kneeling on the bed with Bradley.

"Bradley you know our son the one who was born last week" she says though her voice isn't as playful as it could be.

"Sorry Ems just didn't hear him wake up" I explain sitting up with great effort trying to keep my eyes open. Emily hands me our fussing son and sits down next to me. She puts her arm around me and her hand underneath Bradley's head.

"Its ok Nai sorry I snapped, I'm just tired, we both are that's why I was trying not to wake you" she says.

"Not even I can sleep through you undressing me Ems. It's only been a week and I'm already so tired. You might not be the only one who forgot about all these sleepless nights." I reply lifting Bradley to my breast. Emily strokes his cheek gently causing him to open his mouth and begin his feed.

"I still can't believe he does that when we stroke his cheek" Emily says leaning into me running her hand over Bradley's orange curly locks.

"Yeah" I say managing to let out a small laugh despite my tiredness. "You think if I stroked your cheek you'd do the same thing?" I ask letting out a tired yawn.

"I think we both know you don't need to stroke my cheek to get me to do that Nai" she replies as we both look at our feeding son. Despite the early hour and my incredible tiredness I manage to smile at the moment. Bradley had been keeping us constantly busy since his birth a week ago. When Emily and I weren't attending to him we were spending time assuring Kelly that she was still just as important to us as she had always been. She actually seemed quite pleased with Bradley's arrival and spent lots of time helping care for him.

He was definitely a lot fussier than I remember Kelly being. He was never content just having one of us for comfort if he could have both Emily and I. It was nice to feel so wanted but I was glad neither of us had to go to work at the moment. We were still looking for the perfect location for Emily to start her non profit centre but we had no daily obligation other that our children.

"You still awake" Emily asks from next to me her hand still softly placed on our little guys head just the way he liked it. He seemed to be able to tell if it was my hand instead of Emily's.

"Mmmm" I respond as I switch Bradley to my other breast. Emily shuffles her position so she can remain in contact with him.

"Isn't it amazing how much he's grown already?" she asks laying her hand on his stomach gently letting it rise and fall with his breath.

"Yeah he's getting so big and clever already" I agree looking at her for a second and smiling as she looks back. She returns my smile and I can see by the effort it's taking her that she's just as tired as I am.

"Ready to burp him Ems?" I ask. I move Bradley from his feeding position, where he is finished; up to kiss his forehead before passing him into Emily's waiting hands. It was a routine we had established with Kelly. Emily would feed her and I would burp her. It gave us both a chance to be a part if that piece of her day and bond with her. The same thing would hopefully work with Bradley.

"He baby boy" Emily coos as she brings him to her shoulder. "How's my favourite guy? Have you got a nice full tummy little man?" she says rubbing his back gently. I pull my shirt back into place now that my duty is done at least for a few hours. I shuffle back down into a lying position resting my head on Emily's outstretched legs. I let myself begin to drift back to sleep enjoying the sounds of Emily's soft words to our son.

"Naoms sweetie" I hear I couldn't be sure how much later "Babe I need you to move so I can put Bradley back in his crib." Emily explains her reason for waking me. I must have only been out for a few minutes enough time for her to finish burping him.

"He can stay here" I mumble back eyes still closed head still rested on Emily's legs which are extremely comfortable.

"Need to change my shirt too Nai, I've got some baby puke on me" she replies stroking my hair gently apparently thinking it might encourage me to move. In fact it relaxes me even further making me want to stay right where I am even more.

"Just take it off and lay down Ems, you can't go anywhere you're all warm and soft." I protest making no action to move.

"Ok well your going to need to hold him for a minute then" she replies handing me our son.

"Hey my boy" I say cradling him gently and kissing his head all with my eyes still closed and head resting comfortably against Emily's legs. I feel her moving apparently taking off her shirt.

"OK Nai I'm done" she says and I hear her shirt hit the floor somewhere away from our bed.

"Mmm" I say handing Bradley back to her and moving so she can lay down. Once she's lying down I snuggle into her side and rest my hand on Bradley who's laid comfortably across her chest.

"Love you Ems" I say kissing her shoulder.

"Love you too" she replies.

"Sorry baby boy but you aren't going to get what you need from me" I hear Emily say as I make my way back from sleep land. I blink to take in a view of Bradley trying to suck Emily's breast. It gives me an understanding of her words. I sit up slowly trying to force my body to wake up.

"Come here buddy" I say taking him gently from Emily and adjusting my shirt so I can feed him. He gurgles and looks up at me expectantly.

"You sound like a happy boy this morning" I coo to him. "Can't blame you buddy your Mumma's breasts are quite nice aren't they. She's nice to sleep on too eh" I say kissing his forehead before letting him begin feeding.

"Naomi perhaps talking to our son about my breasts isn't the best thing to be doing" Emily says leaning against me and cupping her hand under Bradley's head.

"Babe breasts are a big part of his world right now plus he doesn't understand it yet. He just likes hearing our voices." I reply smiling at her.

"While that may be the case I'd still prefer not to talk about my breast with our children" She states both of us looking towards the bedroom door as a very perky three year old makes her way towards us.

"Morning Kel" I say as she climbs onto the bed and into Emily's arms.

"Morning Sweetie" Emily greets her.

"Morning Mumma and Mummy" Kelly replies smiling. She looks down at Bradley her smile growing even wider.

"Morning Bradley" she says kissing his forehead. Over the last week Kelly had shown what an amazing big sister she could be. She was so caring and kind, and I couldn't help but think how lucky we were. The only thing Kelly wanted nothing to do with was nappy changing and to be fair I didn't blame her.

"Mummy me want some milk too" she says pointing to her feeding brother. I look at Emily for a second seeing if she has a better idea of how to explain this than I did. She looked like she didn't have a clue what to tell Kelly.

"We can get you some milk from the fridge Kel" I reply hoping this will appease her.

"No. Want that one" she replies shaking her head and pointing at Bradley.

"Sweetie your brother can't eat food like us right now and he needs Mummy's milk to make him big and strong. You are already our big strong girl sweetie" Emily explains doing a very good job in my opinion.

"Me used to have milk like Bradley?" she asks a frown on her face.

"Yip Mumma used to feed you just like this when you were little like Bradley" I reply. Kelly seems happy with this nodding and closing her eyes as she leans against Emily's chest apparently happy enough she wants some more sleep.

"It's not negotiable Naomi. It's hard having a baby plus there's Kelly I can see you and Emily haven't had anytime for yourselves. He's three weeks old and one of you has been with him that whole time. Apparently you've still been giving Kelly the time she needs because she seems just fine. I can only assume you've had no time for the two of you. I'm staying here with my Grandchildren and the two of you are going to have some time for yourselves." Mum says given me a stern look. She was right. Over the last two weeks I had noticed me and Emily not only talking less but when we did talk their was often a snappiness to the tone. Its not that we didn't want to be spending time with each other or we wanted to fight, its just we were still trying to establish a routine for Bradley and were so tired all the time.

"Can't mum Bradleys due for a feed in two hours plus I promised Kelly that we could bake a cake this afternoon" I protest.

"Kel how would you like to bake a cake with Nana this afternoon" Mum asks our daughter who is on the floor playing with her soft toys. At Mum's words she looks up.

"I like baking with Nana" she replies crushing my excuse for the need to stay here.

"It's settled then you two will go spend some time together for a couple of hours and I'll stay here." Mum says not leaving any room for negotiation.

"But" I say searching for another reason not to leave my Baby boy for the first time in his life.

"I know it's hard to leave your baby for the first time but it has to happen sometime. He's going to be sleeping most of the time anyway and I can cope you know." Mum explains.

"It might be nice to have a couple of hours together Hun" Emily says taking my hand. I look at her. She looks worn out much like I'm sure I do. Despite this she still looks beautiful and I can't deny spending quality time with her would be nice.

"Look I'll give you the keys for home. Feel free to go there and watch TV or take a nap. Go for coffee or go talk about this wedding because I bet you've had no time for that yet. I don't care what you do as long as you go spend some time together."

"Ok thanks mum" I say knowing there is nothing to make her change her mind."

"Yeah thanks Gina" Emily says. She pulls me up to our room where Bradley is asleep in his crib. We still hadn't moved him into the nursery yet as we liked having him close when he woke in the night. I look down at his sleeping form. I bend forward and kiss him.

"Love you my baby Mummy will be back soon I promise" I say. Emily bends over kissing him too and whispering something I don't hear.

"Come on Nai" Emily says as I stand staring at Bradley.

"Bye Kelly we'll be home soon" Emily and I say each giving her a kiss as we're ushered out the door by my mother.

"What now" I ask as Emily and I sit in the front of my car. Emily looks at me a little unsure.

"Is it sad that I miss them already?" she asks quietly.

"It might be Ems but I miss them both too. I am pleased to be with you though" I say taking her hand in mine and kissing it.

"Come on lets go to Mums talk about wedding plans eh?" I say starting the car and pulling out onto the road.

"Nai?" Emily questions as we pull up outside the house mums lived in since my last year of college. "We're ok right. I mean we've been a bit short with each other lately but you know I still love you right?" she says making me smile. She really was the sweetest person.

"Ems of course we're ok. We've got a new baby and it's hard on both of us but it doesn't change how I feel. I love you Ems. It was hard right after Kel was born but we got through then and we'll get through now. Besides if we don't work at it apparently my mother's going to ensure we do" I say. I get out of the car and walk around to her side opening the door. I put my hand out for her causing a smile to grace her features.

"Wow where did all this chivalry come from?" she asks as I shut the door behind her.

"Maybe I've just missed my girl" I reply pulling her into my arms for a tight hug. It feels good. We haven't been touching enough lately not in my opinion anyway. It felt good to be surrounded by her warmth. I'd gotten a lot of cuddles lately from Kelly and Bradley and those are amazing. When I hugged them I felt needed and depended upon. When I hugged Emily on the other hand I felt safe, like the two of us could do anything together. I reluctantly let go leading her inside and upstairs into our old room. I lay down on the bed smiling up at Emily.

"I thought we were going to plan our wedding Naomi" she says as I pull her down on top of me.

"We are Ems, we may as well be comfortable while we do it though right?" I giggle kissing her cheek causing her to start giggling too. I escalate her giggles further by tickling her lower back where surprisingly she's incredibly sensitive.

"Stop it" she whines through her laughter. I look at her wondering if I should respond to her request. She's looking at me pleadingly lips pouted and I decide my time would be better spent kissing them than tickling her. I still my hands laying them on her lower back and pulling her closer before placing my lips on hers.

Eventually the two of us pull back breathless. She rests her head on my shoulder and I bury mine in her hair.

"So my love have you had any ideas about our wedding?" I ask eventually not moving from the comfortable position I'd found myself in. I feel her smile against my shoulder at my question.

"I was thinking just a small intimate ceremony in our backyard" she says. It's like her answer has come right out of my head. I'd decided that I was going to let Emily have whatever wedding she wanted. I already had the memories of a beautiful wedding to my beautiful girl. Our first wedding had been a large family affair. We had included some decorative touches to please Katie and Emily's Mum. It was definitely more lavish and extravagant than I would have chosen but I still had the most amazing day. Emily turned up, looked beautiful and said yes. That was all that really mattered to make it my perfect day. Now it seemed my beautiful girl wanted to have a simple ceremony. It really did sound perfect. I could almost see the two of us standing beneath the tree in our backyard. I could picture Kelly in sweet wee dress. I could also see Rob and James firing up a barbeque for the reception feast.

"You're pretty quite their Nai. Does that mean you don't like that idea?" Emily asks as I'm lost in the beautiful pictures in my mind.

"No sweetie in fact the complete opposite. It sounds absolutely perfect, I was thinking about how great it will be." I reply taking her hand in mine. I twist her engagement ring round in circles on her finger.

"I can't wait till your wedding rings back here where it belongs" I say looking at the spot I know is meant to hold the symbol of our love. She reaches up to her neck where the band has hung for some time now.

"Yeah I'm looking forward to that too, although I think we may just need to get another one each too" she says looking down at my hand. "I think another ring would look pretty good on your finger, and I know another one would look good on mine" she says cheerfulness to her tone.

"Whatever you want my girl." I say moving to kiss her gently.

"No that I'm complaining but how come I get whatever I want but we tell Kelly no on a regular basis" Emily asks curiously.

"Because she's our daughter, it's our job to teach her about life. To show her you can't always have what you want when you want it. You have already learnt that Ems. Plus most of what you ask for is fairly reasonable" I reply.

"Yeah so if I said I wanted to hire Elton John to sing at out wedding?" she shoots at me.

"I'd have to give you the choice between Elton and the ability to feed and clothe our family." I reply causing her to laugh.

"I love you" she says kissing me softly over and over again on my neck so she doesn't have to move. I just smile relaxing in the warm sun coming from the window and the flowery scent of Emily's recently washed hair.

"Shit" I say sitting up and blinking. I look down at my shirt seeing small milk stains starting to appear. They made it pretty clear we'd been asleep for awhile and Bradley was over due for his feed.

"Ems" I coo stroking her face softly with my thumb. "Ems sweetie" I say a little louder leaning in to kiss her at the same time trying to wake her nicely.

"What, where am I" she mumbles opening her eyes clearly disorientated.

"Shh, it ok Ems, just we fell asleep at Mum's. We need to get back home now, Bradley's due for his feed.

"Sorry" I yell as we run through the door ten minutes later. The clock reads 4.30 so we're half an hour later than we promised we would be. I expect to hear a wailing baby as we enter but instead I hear the happy sounds of Kelly's laughter. We both enter the living room to find my mother making up stories for Kelly on the couch. Bradley's cuddled comfortably in her arms. He doesn't seem distressed at all.

"Hello my daughters" she greets a grin on her face "the two of you both look a little lighter than you did before you left." She points out. I look at Emily and smile. It was weird we really hadn't even done anything and yet just doing nothing with Emily had seemed to make it all better.

"Yeah thanks mum" I say walking over to gently take my son from her. "You were right we did need it" I concede. "Now though we need to feed this little goblin, cook dinner and do a load of essential washing." I declare sitting next to Emily on the couch across from Mum. Bradley begins to fuss as soon as he realises that it's possible for him to be fed. I smile talking softly to him as I arrange my bra and give him what he wants.

"Actually love there's a lasagne cooking in the oven and I did a couple of loads of laundry while you were out. Ones all dry and put away and the other is still in the dryer." She replies with a smirk.

"Wow" Emily says from beside me "where did you find all the time to do that?" she asks.

"Well I've been sleeping a good solid eight hours each night, its surprising how little time things take when you have the energy required to perform them." She muses. "You going to tell your mothers what we baked" she continues looking at Kelly.

"We baked banana cake" Kelly proudly announces.

"Wow that's great sweetie I can't wait to have some after dinner" I say as Emily nods agreeing with my statement.

"Morning beautiful how are you today?" I ask.

"Morning Babe, how do you know I look beautiful when you can't even see me?" she asks over the phone and I can picture a cheeky grin plastering her face.

"I know you my love and I know I've never seen you not look beautiful" I reply smoothly.

"Shut up you big dork" Emily says her tone light and she giggles at the end.

"Sorry if you don't like being called beautiful all you had to do was say" I tell her. "Besides you didn't answer my question how are you this morning, got anything special planned for your day?" I ask thinking of all the answers Emily might come up with to my question.

"I'm good, nothing too special planned you know just getting married to some chick" she replies causing a smile to break out over my face.

"Just some chick is she, why are you marrying her then, there's a lot of chicks out there" I ask jiggling Bradley who's currently fussing in my arms.

"Well there maybe but I've got it on good authority that this chicks amazing in bed and produces particularly cute offspring." She replies making me laugh.

"I see so its all about her bedroom abilities and her adorable children is it. I guess that's as good a reason as any." I reply letting Bradley grab my finger, course as soon as he does it automatically goes to his mouth. I smile down at him for a second as he sucks happily on my finger. It seems like he gets bigger everyday. He's four months old now and I can already see little things he's picked up from Emily and me. I can also see that he has a unique personality of his own. As I look down at him he releases my finger and smiles up at me kicking his legs I tickle his tummy and he giggles at me.

"Is that my little man?" Emily asks apparently hearing him over the phone.

"Yip he's giggling at his mummy aren't you little man. Can you giggle for your mumma too baby?" I ask tickling his tummy again and holding the phone closer to him so Emily can here.

"Aww hey my baby boy" I here Emily say sweetly over the phone. Bradley hears it too due to the fact its closer to him. He stops laughing and looks at the phone apparently figuring it's the source of his mother's voice.

"ahhhahh" He gurgles back at Emily.

"Is that right buddy? Mumma missed you last night hunny" she says causing me to laugh. I take the phone from where I've got it close to Bradley and return it to my ear.

"Missed a broken sleep did we Ems?" I ask jokingly. To be fair for the last two months Bradleys sleeping had been getting longer and with less interruptions. He could now sleep solidly from 10pm till 2am when he liked to be fed and after that he'd sleep through till 5.30am.

"Laugh all you want Nai but I woke up at 2 and I couldn't get back to sleep till I knew the two of you would be" she replies making me smile.

"Aww you should have called Ems, we missed you too" I say and instead of receiving a reply from Emily I hear her being told off in the background.

"Ems I don't care if you're already married" I hear Katie say with force. "You want this to be like the wedding you can't remember and I had to take the phone off you so you couldn't talk to Naomi then too. This is a good sign Ems, this wedding going to be just as good as the last one" Katie says with a little more kindness in her tone.

"Naomi" she says directly into the phone now "you know the drill bitch, I have to stop you two from talking cause we all know you're a twat and you might say something stupid that will make her call the whole thing off. I don't care that you're already married and have been for years I'm just doing my job and making this as much like the first one as possible" she says and I can tell she genuinely cares about making this day perfect for Ems.

"Yeah I remember the speech from last time Katie. I know you want to make it as much like the last one as possible. I however would be quite happy if we could not repeat the part where you get flaming drunk in celebration and throw up all over the gift table." I say laughing at the entertainment Katie had provided.

"Naomi seriously you make it sound much worse than it was. I threw up in the crystal salad bowl which by the way was the gift I gave you which I then replaced with a brand new even better one." She bites back.

"Yeah I know Katie its just so much fun to tease you about. Anyway I know I'm not allowed to talk to Ems but is Kelly round? I'm still allowed to talk to my daughter right?" I ask. I've missed Kelly this morning. I'm so use to having her stroll into our bedroom when she wakes up. Course I'm also used to having a warm sweet smelling woman tucked in with me and that was missing today too.

"Yeah I guess you can talk to Kel" Katie agrees. "Kelly" I hear here yell apparently calling her from another room of the house.

"Mummy" Kelly says excitedly putting a smile on my face. I had a feeling it was going to be a fairly permanent fixture today. I mean how many people got to not only marry the love of their life once but had the chance to do the whole thing again.

"Baby Girl. How's my favourite three year old today?" I ask.

"Good aunty Katie cooked us pancakes for breakfast. I like pancakes" she announces.

"That's nice of your aunty sweetie. What about Mumma is she there?" I ask her knowing that Kelly will have no problem being the messenger between me and Emily.

"Yeah Mumma here me sitting on her knee" Kelly informs me.

"Can you tell Mumma something from me baby girl?" I ask kindly. I hear Kelly move on the other end of the phone presumably nodding her head.

"Can you tell Mumma that I'm moving Bradleys cot into the nursery today sweetie?" I ask and listen intently. I hear Kelly tell Emily just what I've asked. I also hear Emily laugh at the news.

"Can you tell Mummy it's about time sweetie" I hear Emily instruct our daughter.

"Mumma say it about time" Kelly replies.

"Yeah she might be right about that sweetie. Can you give Mumma a kiss for me and tell her I'll see her this afternoon." I hear her give Emily a sloppy kiss and smile as I picture the scene in my head. I hear Emily whispering something but can't quite make out what she's saying.

"Mummy, Mumma says she loves you and she is looking forward to it." Kelly relays.

"Aww I love her two sweetie and you too. I can't wait to see the beautiful dress that you, Mumma and Aunty Katie picked for you to wear." I tell her. Not only was Emily's dress being kept a secret from me but so was Kelly's. Emily, Kelly and Katie had all been out shopping together to find their outfits. I'd been left to find something for Bradley and me to wear. Katie had taken pity on my though and assisted me in finding something beautiful. She had an iron will though and refused to give anything away about either Emily or Kelly's outfits.

"Me no wear dress Mummy. Me choose tucky-doe like Grandpa." She replies. I'm a little shocked that Kelly hadn't chosen a dress to wear. She loves shopping and lots of pink and lacy dresses adorn her wardrobe. At the same time I can imagine how absolutely adorable she's going to look in a little tuxedo.

"Wow I can't wait to see your tuxedo then Kel." I wait for her reply but once again I hear Katie Fitch interfering.

"Kelly I need to speak with your Mummy ok?" she asks apparently Kelly nods because next thing I know I'm back on the phone with my sister in law. Or is that soon to be sister in law, hell I wouldn't know anymore. Tonight though everyone will be who they should be again, I'll be able to call Emily my wife with certainty that, that's who she wants to be.

"Naomi, I leave the room for two seconds and while I'm gone you manage to trick your daughter into telling you what she's wearing." Katie says a little bit of annoyance present in her tone.

"I didn't trick anyone Katie, I just told her I looked forward to seeing her dress. This prompted her to tell me she chose a tuxedo like grandpa instead." I explain.

"Its ok Aunty Katie" I hear Kelly call in the background, I didn't tell her about my purple vest and bowtie" she says apparently trying to save me from her Aunty.

"She's wearing a purple vest and bowtie?" I ask tears springing to my eyes as I imagine how grown up she's going to look in her outfit.

"Are you crying Campbell" Katie asks laughing "Gosh having a family has made you such a sap." She says though I can tell that in the way she's said it, it's meant to be a good thing.

"Shut up, I only gave birth four months ago my hormones are still all over the show. Plus it's my re-wedding I'm allowed to be sentimental." I reason with her.

"Yeah I guess I'll let you have that one" Katie says "but I won't let you speak to Kelly or Emily anymore because all you're doing is getting information from them that should be a surprise." She says though her tone is light and friendly.

"But I miss them, me and Bradley are all alone, we miss our girls" I whine knowing that it won't get me the privilege of talking to them again but hoping it might allow me a quick goodbye.

"They miss you two, but by my calculation your Mum and Effy will be there in about half an hour to start getting ready and Bradley's probably about due for a feed too. Which means you don't have time to play happy families over the phone right now, neither do we. I've got to start getting everyone's hair sorted. So I'll put you on speaker to say your goodbyes and then we'll all see you at two" she tells me and I can see there is no room for argument.

"Ok Katie" I say before I hear the noises in background grow louder and presume I'm on speaker phone.

"Bye Ems, I love you can't wait to see you. Bye my little Munchkin love you." I say and hear my family repeat my words before the phone is hung up.

"Ooooo" Bradley says looking up at me.

"Yip that's right buddy it's just you and me again. "Or we could go against your demanding Aunties orders" I say putting the cordless home phone on the coffee table and pulling my cell phone out my pocket.

Hey Ems I swear Katie's taking this wedding even more seriously than the last one. Hope she's not being too much of a drill sergeant to you or Kelly. Aren't I clever finding a way around her rule. I feel pretty stupid though because I never even thought of texting you last time. I blame it on nerves and nothing to do with my intellect which we both know is impeccable. Anyway I love you and I'm going to show you how much tonight. I do believe we have about four months to make up for. How did we let that happen? :p

I type out on my phone and send the message to Emily.

"See isn't your Mummy smart baby boy" I coo at Bradley. He gurgles in response and then jumps in surprise as my phone sounds alerting me to a new message.

"Sorry did that frighten you buddy" I say bringing him from his position in my lap to lay him against my shoulder and soothingly rub his back. With my free hand I open the message on my phone and sigh as I see what it says.

Nice try Campbell, really think I didn't think of that. I did last time too by the way so it wouldn't have been any use. Four months seriously wow. I didn't know you could last longer than four days. Anyway gross I don't want to know what you're planning on doing to my sister tonight so rack off and get ready. Emily has been shown your message but all future ones will be censored by me. That means go get ready and do not contact us unless of an emergency. P.S Emily looked pretty happy at the prospect of breaking the dry spell.

"Aww well sweetie it really is just you and me till Nana and Effy arrive. How about we fed you and then Mummy will challenge you to a burping contest" I say tickling Bradley under his arm as I do. He lets out a delightful little giggle and squeal.

"Yeah I think it's a pretty good idea too" I reply to his reaction.

The music begins and I look toward the entrance to our back yard in anticipation. The whole place has been done up beautifully. There were four rows of chairs on each side of the yard with an aisle down the middle edged with pots of lavender. I was standing in front of the magnolia tree that was in full bloom. There were beautiful purple petals scattered beneath my feet that had been provided not by human hands but by nature. I liked this it made me feel like the earth was on our side, approved of what we were doing today, no mater how stupid that sounded.

I was pulled from my musing about the idyllic environment that our back yard had been transformed into by the first sight or my little girl. Kelly emerged through the wooden gate that had been decorated with greenery. Since our talk this morning I had been trying to imagine what her outfit would look like. I hadn't done a very good job. She looked picture perfect. Her tux was black but the jacket had deep purple pockets and lapels. Underneath it she was wearing a white shirt and over this a waist coat and bowtie the same purple as that on the jacket. Katie had done a beautiful job on her hair and it was put up into a stylish bun with small curls falling down around her face. She wasn't wearing any make up; I had voiced my dislike of the thought of that. I wasn't a fan of young children being dressed up like teenagers. Other parents could do it if they liked but my child wasn't being a part of it. Kelly starts walking towards me throwing the rose petals she's been given as she does.

"Mummy" Kelly says as she reaches me trying to snuggle into my leg, my dress preventing her from doing so.

"You did good sweetie and you look very handsome in your suit. You want to go sit with Nana and Grandma now" I say pointing to where they are in the front row ready with a few toys to keep her entertained. She nods happily and wanders over to them. I look back to the aisle which Katie was now halfway down.

"Man I'm glad you let me choose my own dress Nai" Effy whispers from her place beside me. "I'd have hated to end up in something like that" she continues referring to the dress Katie was wearing.

"Effy" I scold "she chose her own too by the way." I inform Effy wondering what problem she sees with the dress anyway. I think Katie looks quite nice, very mature and sophisticated.

'It's not that it's not nice, its just she's barely showing any leg how does she expect people to know she's trying to pull in that?" Effy asks.

"She's not Ef, she's got Mark" I whisper back.

"True, I keep forgetting, I guess after so long with many different blokes its hard to remember how much she's changed" Effy replies. I'm about to agree with her when Emily comes into view on the arm of her father. Taking in every detail of the way she looks suddenly seems much more important than talking to Effy.

She's wearing an exquisite ivory strapless dress. It hugs her top half tightly before fanning out just under her hips. Her hair has been put up in a similar style to Kelly's and I'm struck with just how similar they both look today. As she slowly gets closer to me I feel tears start to roll down my cheeks. I'm also able to take in more details like the heart shaped pendant she's wearing and the naturalness of her makeup. She winks at me as she sees me looking and I wink back eager for her to reach me.

"Hey" she says softly as Rob takes her hand and places it into mine.

"Hey" I reply knowing I must look like a mess next to her perfection. "Sorry about this" I say gesturing to Bradley who's cuddled against my chest. "The plan was to have mum hold him but he's suffering from some separation anxiety today. Cried bloody murder every time I tried to hand him over, I think it's because he's missed his Mumma" I say.

"Its ok" Emily assures stroking his hair softly "If anything the baby makes you look even more beautiful. You did a good job choosing his outfit" she says gesturing to the tuxedo printed onesy he's wearing.

"If I'd know what Kelly was wearing I'd have made more of an effort. I'm sure one day he'll look back at the photo's and feel inadequate that his sister looked cuter in a tux than him." I reply. Emily gasps at my statement.

"That's a matter of opinion, I think they both look adorable. Plus its fine he'll get along just great in this family where his uncles legs look better in a dress than his mothers." She replies.

"Again a matter of opinion" I state "I'd vote for your legs any day" I say but laugh at her comment.

"Are we ready ladies?" the minister asks. We both turn and smile at her nodding to indicate for her to begin.

"Mrs Fitch Campbell" Emily says walking up behind me and wrapping her arms around my waist.

"Mrs Fitch Campbell" I reply smiling and leaning back into her. I put down the plate I was filling with food and turn around in her arms so I can embrace her too.

"Kids ok?" I ask resting my head on her shoulder and inhaling her fruity perfume. She nods against me and begins swaying to the soft music floating around our backyard.

"Can we dance for a bit before you eat?" she asks slowly moving us to a more open space that had been cleared for dancing.

"Yeah course" I reply pulling her closer to me and kissing her lips softly before placing my head on her shoulder again. She returned the gesture kissing my neck several times before whispering my name into my ear.

"Mmmh" I respond eyes closed enjoying the moment.

"It's ok. I'm ok with it" she says causing me to open one of my eyes and turn to look at her in question.

"My memory, it's ok that I can't remember everything from the past. It's ok because right now I'm seeing our future and it's looking pretty damn good" she says.

Well there we go sorry is took so much longer than usual. This is the last official chapter of this story. Its how I've seen it ending for a while. Despite this I do think there may be future snippets of the families life added sometime because I can't help but imagine how Bradley and Kelly might grow up. For those of you asking about Kelly's possible abilities the feedback on that was split so I tried to leave it to you to decide. If there are future scenes of her you may no longer get to make that choice. Hope you enjoyed the ending. Thanks so much for reading and for all the feedback. I've had heaps of fun writing this hope you've also enjoyed reading it.