-The Start-

Summary: Cody. Sierra. Sierra's obsessed with him, we all know this. What we don't know is how it started…Maybe with just a simple friendly gesture in fourth grade?

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A prison. She wouldn't be able to escape until 3:25. So many hours away. There were so many new people around, so many strange faces. She'd be torn apart after mere seconds!

"I love you, Sierra!" Lie. She clutches her backpack strap even tighter. If her mother really loved her like she always said, then why was she leaving her to suffer here? "Okay, now get in there, honey." Sierra stumbles forward after a slight push from her mother. She fingers her violet ponytail nervously, twirling the end around and around, but it sure wasn't doing much to calm her. There was so much to pick at, Sierra's sure the kids won't even know where to start. Her hair, her height, the fact that she's new…

'Why me?' She slowly lets out a breath of anxious air and takes her first step inside her new classroom, meeting the eyes of no one. Everyone was staring. She could feel it. Dozens of eyes locked on her. Sierra stares down at her feet as she walks, breathing slowly and quietly, trying to make sure that's she completely unnoticeable.

When you're this tall and have purple hair, you're always noticed.

"You must be our new student, hmm?" Sierra nods, keeping her head down. She knows that everyone's staring, but not at their friends or at a book or their work. They're all staring at her, and it makes her feel strange. As if she didn't feel out of place already. "Well, you can sit your backpack over there, honey, and then why don't you introduce yourself?" Sierra wants to decline the offer and run away and never come back. Just run into her mother's arms and become home-schooled again, and never have to deal with this, never ever. But the world doesn't work in her favor, for she doesn't control it. She's only ten. How can you control the world at ten? Or ever?

She sits her highlighter-yellow backpack in the designated area and slowly comes back to the front of the room.

"Uh, m-my name's S-S-Sierra, and I-I'm t-t-ten years o-old…." She stops, unsure if she should say anything else. Isn't this a bit personal, anyway? Should she just be giving out all of her information? How would they like it if she somehow knew everything about them? Knowing every little ounce of personal detail?

"Okay, Sierra. What school are you coming from?"

"I was h-home schooled." Sierra stops again, hating the fact that she's stuttering. The teacher seems to get a different look in her eyes, something that was straying away from the sweet, compassionate look she had mere milliseconds ago-Almost as if she were worried for Sierra's wellbeing, but there was something else…Like she knows that Sierra's going to be a handful. Home schooled kids were always…different, from her experiences. With purple hair, she can already tell what kind of girl Sierra's going to be: Just a bit strange.

"Well, that sounds interesting! Maybe you can tell us all about it later, okay, sweetheart? Now, you're gonna sit next to Cody, right over there. Cody, raise your hand, please?"

Cody reluctantly raises his hand. The new girl seemed…weird, to say the least. He's never seen anyone with hair that color. He's seen his mother put a pink stripe in her hair, but it was still brown, and she made it herself.

This girl's hair was completely violet.

He notices that the girl doesn't really want to come over. She's dragging her feet, going slow, looking down. He feels a little bad for her. He's been in the same city for his entire life, and he's never had to experience being "the new kid". He knows everyone, and she knows no one. Maybe he could try and be her friend? But then the kids would make fun of him-No one ever befriends the new kid.

But he could try. Just a little. An unnoticeable effort. In fourth grade, you have to survive: Fourth graders were harsh.

Sierra sits cautiously at the desk beside him, staring at the wood, as if she's trying to study the swirls and words forever embedded in the surface and fingering with the green-banded locket around her neck. Cody stares straight ahead, until curiosity finally gets the best of him. His bright teal eyes slowly turn on the new girl, who shifts. His mother told him it was rude to stare, so he turns back. But not for long.

"Hi." Sierra keeps staring down. Maybe she's unaware that he was talking to her? Or maybe he was too quiet? He swallows any nervousness that was beginning to form in his mind to keep him from thinking, the nervousness in his throat to would block him from speaking. He leans over and taps her.

She jumps, clearly startled. The small spark he felt when his finger made contact with her arm was strange. He decides to ignore it, as it probably wasn't important. His brother told him something about…No. It wasn't important.

"Uh, hi."

"Hi." Her voice is quiet, but he can tell that if she spoke up, it could be pretty. But he's never said any voice was pretty. Not even that singer his mom kept playing in the house. Good, but not pretty, like hers. But since when does he ever say stuff like this? It sounds like something out of one of those books his mom and his sister read. Weird. He'd have to stop looking through those.

He was talking to her…How should she respond? Maybe she should stay quiet. But maybe she should keep talking. He looks nice.

Small. Cute, small…Bright blue eyes, very pretty color. A cute smile, and it makes her smile. She doesn't even notice that she's smiling until he says,

"Hey, you're smiling now." But he's not laughing at her. He's smiling too. His hair is very entrancing, different from what she's seen before-soft and slightly messy and a nice shade of brown. "I'm Cody Anderson."

"Sierra Haylei." She said it without hesitation, which she found strange, just slightly. There was something about Cody that made her feel different. Maybe it was the cute little gap between his teeth? She's not positive, but it was something. He was taking away the anxiety in the pit of her stomach, taking away the lingering pessimism in her young mind. Look at this, she's only just met the boy and he's already had such a big affect on her…A loud bell sends jitters back into her system, the sudden sound causing her to jump, her eyes wide from surprise.

"I guess there aren't bells at home, huh? It's lunch time," Cody says, smiling still. The rest of the class has rushed out already, ready to eat and talk and get rid of the horrors that multiplication and sentence structures has produced. Sierra takes Cody's outstretched hand and realizes how much taller she is compared to him once she stands. Her smile wavers a little, but she stays strong-He doesn't seem to mind, so why should she? Cody seems nice. That could be the start of something.

Maybe when her mom teaches her to make a website, she can make one for Cody.

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