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Chapter Two-Lunch Time

The lunch room is loud, much louder than what Sierra is used to when she eats her lunch. The loudest sound she heard at home during lunch time was the radio, or the TV. It was so different here…She stares absent-mindedly at her tray, unknowingly holding up the line.

"Hey, Violet, can you get your food and go? SOME of us wanna eat before the bell rings!" Sierra jumps and quickly steps up to distance herself from the student who just rudely shouted at her, shaking slightly from the surprise. So nervous. She's speechless, unable to fire back an equally-snappy remark that many of these kids would no doubt have had one sitting on the tip of their tongue, just waiting to launch. It seemed that the snap was even louder than the commotion, if that was possible. It made everything about Sierra speed up, just so she could get away from that boy, whoever he may have been. She holds her tray tighter and steps out of the line after hurriedly paying at the counter.

Now comes the issue of where on Earth she's going to sit.

Yeah, public school's fantastic.

Cody sits at a table with some friends, although he's not really paying much attention to them. He's looking around, and while he won't admit it, not even to himself, he's looking for Sierra. He's sure that her oddly-colored hair will give her away, but he just can't seem to find her.

Now he sees her. Standing in the middle of the lunchroom, clutching her tray and looking around, nervous once more. He tries to wave over to her without the boys at his table noticing just what he was doing. With him trying to do this discreetly however, it just looks a bit strange.

"Uh, Cody? What're you doing?" One of his friends questions, poking him. Cody scoots an inch or two away, disliking his touch. He doesn't want anyone touching him. Ever. Of course, he seems to forget how he so easily held Sierra's hand for a moment or two in the classroom.

"Nothing." Cody waits until he turns back around before trying again. This time Sierra does see him, to both of their relief. Her slightly glossy lips turn into a smile as she makes her way over, the nervous look slowly evaporating. He can't help but notice that the closer Sierra comes, the stranger he begins to feel-But again, like the spark he felt in class, it isn't worth thinking about.

Sierra sits beside Cody, thankful that she no longer has to stand there and be the center of attention. She could hear the taunts of people in her head, going around and around, her imagination running wild. 'Look at her, she doesn't even have any friends to sit with! What a laugh!' 'Maybe she should go back home-Mommy's always waiting!' 'Not even the geeks will let her sit with them!' Although she isn't positive people said such things, she knows they said something.

Someone's always saying something.

"So, getting school lunch everything ya hoped for?" Sierra realizes that Cody's talking to her and, desperate for a conversation to take her mind off of the swirling insults manifested in her head, she quickly replies.

"Uh, yeah, I guess. Standing in line with pushing, shoving kids while waiting for hours on end to get food you barely have enough time to eat? Yeah, everyone's dream." She smiles as Cody laughs a little, smiling as well.

"I know, huh? This is how I survive every day." He holds up a lunch box with a yellow, mouse-like character on the front that she knows all too well. "Bringing a lunch. Gets you first pick of tables, too." Sierra nods in approval, letting her eyes scan what she could see of the crowded lunch room-How could all of these kids only be in fourth grade? Every last one? How could one hallway fit so many…?

"How can there be this many fourth graders in one place?" she mutters, lost in the wonder.


"Oh, nothing." Sierra mentally slaps herself. Talking to herself was definitely going to get her some points in the 'Weirdo' category, which she really didn't need. Remembering her food, the whole reason she forced herself to stand in that line with that snappish boy, she takes a bite of a French fry.

"Who's that?" Sierra stops, her eyes finding the person who asked the question. Some boy sitting on the other side of Cody, obviously nosy-Did he have to ask so rudely, so bluntly? Did he have to point at her, make it so obvious that she was new, was different, and wasn't one of their little group?

"That's Sierra," Cody replies coolly, assuring Sierra of the fact that he wasn't ashamed to be seen with her, putting many of her worries to rest.

"Oh. She new?" The boy fires back with another dim-witted question, which almost causes Sierra to slap her forehead.

"Of course she's new. You ever see her before?" Another boy snaps before Cody can reply back with a possibly softer answer.

"Uh, yeah, Noah's right, dude." He says, quietly, his small remark hardly heard.

"Oh, True. I would've noticed her before, no doubt about it. I know I wouldn't have missed her." He turns away from them and back to Sierra, leaving Noah and the "brainiac" to converse over who knows what with two other boys. Sitting with Cody, Sierra almost felt like she's been doing this her whole life-Sitting, talking to someone, eating something a bunch of other kids are eating at the same time in a room full of different-possibly annoying-people.

But the way those two began talking about her made her realize she hasn't all over again.

Seeing the nervous look in Sierra's eyes return, Cody begins to feel a sudden urge to slap the two, or at the very least flick them. They may have been his closest friends, but right now he despised them. She was just so calm, and he honestly forgot that he hadn't known her before. Cody's unsure of just what it's like to be the new kid, especially coming from home schooling to a jungle of kids, but he's pretty sure it isn't exactly the time of Sierra's life. She's quietly eating, her eyes locked on her tray and never straying away. Cody feels an apology is necessary, although he's not exactly sure what's making him feel this way. Like he has to protect her from the harshness of life, even though he knows that's not his place.

"Hey, Sierra, I gotta apologize for those two. I mean, more one than the other, but…"

"Oh, it's okay, Cody. I'm new, that's not gonna change anytime soon. And he's right. He would've noticed me before. Everyone would've. How could they not?" Her voice starts out cheery, but slowly falls in volume and tone the longer she goes on. Cody turns to his friends for two seconds, hissing,

"You two are idiots." He quickly turns back to Sierra, done with them for now.

"Hey, blame him." Noah realizes he's being ignored and stops trying. Cody is putting all of his attention on Sierra, who's playing with the straw in her milk carton.

"Bored?" He asks, which snaps her out of her straw-swirling trance.

"Hmm? Oh, no. Just thinking about what my mom's doing right now-She probably has a lot of free time now." He sees that she's not really bored, just quiet, thinking. Trying to understand the ways of elementary school lunches can be a difficult thing for a new kid when they were homeschooled. Not like he could really relate, but...

"What did you do at lunch? Y'know, when you were home?" Cody asks, disliking how she got quiet-It was fun talking to her, even though she still seemed a bit weird. Too distant and spacey for a normal fourth grader. Why didn't she talk more? Why didn't she really laugh or throw food or take spots? Maybe she just needed to get in the swing of things. Maybe then she wouldn't be so noticable, fitting in, and he wouldn't be so noticable for associating with her.

"I'd always eat with my mom, and we'd listen to the radio or watch TV or something. It's like a break, before we get back to work. Kind of like our own personal little recess," Sierra says, now lost in memories. It was fun having lunch with her mom, so different from here. At home, she always had someone who she knew would never talk about her behind her back. At school, well, she has Cody. Right now, she doesn't see a difference. Cody seems nice, and he seems like he'd never betray her like so many kids would. He doesn't seem to mind spending his time with her. He hasn't called her weird once, he hasn't laughed at her or pranked her or put something on the seat beside him so she ouldn't sit there… That's what her older sister said to look for in a boyfriend, was it not? Cody…As her boyfriend? It's only the first day, she can't start putting any thought, any hope into this.

But that isn't going to stop her from dreaming silly little colorful daydreams in her head that just so happened to include the little brunette, gap-toothed boy sitting beside her.

"C'mon, Cody! You gonna sit there with your little girlfriend or what?" Sierra doesn't notice Cody's rapid shift in expressions-Confusion, annoyance, and denial. But when she looks at him, all he's doing is smiling.

"C'mon, let's get out there, huh?" Sierra nods and takes Cody's hand once more. It'd be nice to get out of this school for a minute or two. Still very crowded, in her opinion.

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