Summary: Inertia - the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force. What happens when Ariadne's inertia is thrown off yet again? A dangerous mission, old friends and the continuing question: Is this real?

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Chapter 5

"My head is spinning and I've lost all feeling."

After returning home on Thursday evening Ariadne had time to think. About Eames and Arthur and the way she'd reacted like a spoiled, bratty child. Even if she was pissed or annoyed she couldn't let them get to her. She was going to end up in a male dominated job, whether dream or reality architecture and she couldn't make herself an easy target. Next time she saw them (on Sunday as she had arranged with Eames) she would go on as if nothing had happened, start treating the boys with some respect and bury her frustration. She was affected more than she thought by their absence; than she should have been. She could stand Limbo and Mal but abandonment issues? She came the closest she ever had to falling apart. One thing she did know was the sooner she returned to herself the better she'd feel.

"Do you not have a hotel room of your own?" Arthur sighed, he hadn't even shut the door when he felt another presence in his supposedly empty room.

"Yours is nicer than mine." The forger said simply as he flicked on the lamp next to the couch he was sitting on, illuminating the dark room.

"You could afford something better than that shit heap you stay at." He snorted, shrugging off his jacket and hanging it on the wall hook.

"Why waste the money when all I do is sleep there?" Eames grinned widely

"Because your always here." Arthur pointed out, "What do you do on other jobs."

"Stay in a place like this of course."

"Of course." Arthur rolled his eyes very slightly, "That doesn't surprise me."

"What exactly was that stunt you pulled today about?" Eames was lounging on the couch with a scotch on the table next to him.

"What stunt?" Arthur rolled his sleeves up as he walked towards the mini bar.

"Don't play stupid young man," Eames waged his finger mockingly, "The stunt with Ariadne."

"I was teaching her some basics of extraction." He frowned as he pulled a beer from the mini bar.

"And after you woke up you were out of there like you'd been poisoned." Eames crossed his legs, "Beer on the job?" he added with a gasp

"I'm not working right now." Arthur popped off the lid with the ease of practice.

"You never drink during a job at all," Eames furrowed his brow as he considered the abnormality in the Point mans behaviour.

"Because you've worked with me on every job?" Arthur raised a brow in his signature way.

"In my experience." He amended with his shrug, "And answer my question."

"You didn't ask a question." Arthur shrugged as he sat down in the arm chair, back straight and not quite relaxed, weather from wariness of the question or habit Eames wasn't quite sure.

"Don't get technical with me love." The Brit raised his brow.

"I had work to do." Arthur told him as he took a gulp of his beer.

"Forgive me for not buying it." Eames said sarcastically.

"Your choice," He put the beer down on the coffee table, "If you choose to believe there's dramatic hidden meanings behind everything everyone does it's your problem. Unless it affects our job."

"Now who's being melodramatic," Eames rolled his eyes as he reached for the scotch.

"I'm looking out for the safety of this team." Arthur snapped.

"You've become paranoid since Cobb." Eames told him automatically with a lack of thought. Arthur froze for a second, it was the first time either of them had mentioned the extractor to each other since the Inception.

"Can you blame me?" Arthur finally said, "It's my job to keep the team safe."

"And Cobb's personal issues endangered our safety! You feel guilty you didn't see it and do something because it's your job." Eames rolled his eyes, "This team isn't all about you Arthur."

Arthur just ignored the Englishman with a slight headshake; "Maybe you should remember that about yourself." He snipped back. Eames downed the scotch before slamming the glass on the table with a little more force than was strictly necessary.

"We're getting a little off topic." Arthur pointed out with a small, wry grin.

"Now you won't even argue with me," Eames pouted, "Where is the fun in that?"

"We aren't here to have fun."

"Why not?" Eames said wickedly, "It's not like we're working."

Arthur rolled his eyes before changing the topic abruptly, "Did you contact Yusef?"

"Yep." Eames nodded, becoming fractionally more alert and serious, "I can do my job well enough."

"Peace." Arthur chuckled, hands out in a joking gesture of surrender, "Just making sure. What did he say?"

"He agreed to come over after I told him what was at stake." Eames sat up with a groan, "but he won't be here until a week before the job."

"We could be in America or Germany then." Arthur pointed out.

"Thank you for that new and enlightening piece of information." Eames rolled his eyes; "If we're going to be somewhere we can contact him and tell him to meet us there. Don't stress so much darling, it's giving me a headache."

"It's my job to stress." Arthur began to roll up his sleeve cuffs.

"Doubly as much now that you're in charge." Eames nodded thoughtfully, "Maybe I'll have to get you wasted to loosen you up."

"Eames." Arthur shot the forger a warning glare.

"I'm kidding. You tolerance for alcohol is way to high for someone who never drinks."

"Anymore." Arthur pointed out.

"I can't help thinking we've forgotten something or someone." Eames mused, rolling his glass between his hands.

"It's not your job to worry it's mine." Arthur sighed, leaning back in the chair and shutting his eyes, "I am actually exhausted."

"Well there's a first time for everything I guess." Eames chuckled, "And I'm not surprised with that stunt you pulled today."

"I didn't pull a stunt it was a learning experience." He sighed, again, cracking his eyelids open to give Eames an exasperated look

"With anyone else I would call bullshit." Eames said, "Though sadly with you I actually believe that. You never do anything rash or that could jeopardize anything."


Of course, there's always a first time for everything.

"Two guys Ariadne." Was the greeting Ariadne got from Heather after her class on Friday.

"Excuse me?" She asked, sure that she'd been caught out with her head in the clouds again and missed something.

"Why didn't you tell me your dating to guys?" Ariadne stared at her friend in shock, where on earth would she have gotten the ludicrous idea from.

"I'm not." Ariadne said slowly as the two of them meandered through the halls, "What gave you that idea."

"Rumour is Monday morning you were dropped off by one guy and picked up by a different one yesterday afternoon." Heather flicked her hair in an insanely girly manner, "Apparently the jury is still out on who was hotter."

"Ahh so we've sunk to believing the rumours now Heather." Ariadne nudged her friend with her shoulder, "Is the wedding pressure getting to you?"

"No, as a matter of fact it's not." Heather said proudly, "and even if it was it hasn't impaired my sight."

"You saw me?" Ariadne raised her eyebrows disbelievingly,

"Yesterday afternoon." Heather nodded, "If I wasn't getting married I might try and give you some competition with him." She bumped her friend's shoulder in return.

"I'm not dating him." Ariadne said firmly.

"Forgive me for not believing you. Although you did look like you were arguing," She added with a thoughtful expression, one Ariadne rarely saw on her friend's face

"We weren't arguing I was just shocked to see him." She said calmly, "And I'm not dating either of them I'm working with them."

"Where can I get me a job with two hotties." Heather joked before realization seeped across her face followed by a slight increase in happiness; Ariadne was struck by the humour in it. "You're working again? good." Ariadne expected her to start clapping any second now, "You haven't had a job since that work placement a couple of years ago." She nodded before a look of wariness appeared, "This doesn't have anything to do with that does it?"

"Of course not." Ariadne lied through her teeth; thankfully Heather didn't pick up on it.

"Oh good, because then I'd be worried." Heather nodded as the two girls stepped out of the campus and onto the street, "You've only just started to become normal again, relatively speaking."

Heather continued to chatter away to her but Ariadne wasn't paying attention. For the first time, the thought occurred to her that maybe this wasn't the right choice. But she wouldn't do anything about it because she was addicted. She needed it, and if she could only take it once more then she was going to make it bloody worth it.

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