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Lucky Dog

Chapter 7: Quiet One

Quiet One has eyes that are the color of Sky. He does not Bark very much. He knows how to make Big Truck move when the Noises happen. He does not Smell like the other Men, but I do not know why. He does not have any more People at his other Home. He does not have a Dog or a Cat.

One time Quiet One got very angry. He likes Big Truck. I like Big Truck too. I wanted to make it Mine so I Marked it. He Barked loudly at me and said the words "Bad Dog" and chased me away with a big Stick from Big Truck. I was scared, so I went and hid under a Bed for a long time.

I did not understand that. If he wanted Big Truck to be his, he should have Marked it. Then I would know it was not Mine, and I would not try to Mark it. I tried to tell him he should Mark it, but he did not understand. If Humans would just Mark things that are theirs, I would not get in so much trouble.

When Quiet One makes Food, a lot of it falls on the floor under the table, and then it is Mine. That is good. Sometimes he makes Food that looks like long worms, but that Food does not fall on the floor. I think the Men like that Food.

When Alpha tells the Men to do Work, Quiet One does Work with Big Truck. He is very quiet when he does work. Sometimes when he does Work with Big Truck to make it shiny, Puppy does work in the room where the Trucks are. Quiet One looks at Puppy a lot. I like to look at Puppy too. He moves faster than the other Men. Sometimes Quiet One smells sad when he looks at Puppy. I lick his hand to make him feel happy. He pats my head and says the words "Good Dog." I like those words.

One time Alpha did not come back on Big Truck. Then Puppy and Puppy's Friend smelled like Alpha's Blood and Fear when they came back later in Small Truck. I did not like this. When Alpha was not there, Quiet One became the Alpha for this Family. Then the next time my favorite Family arrived when the sun was up, a Stranger was the Alpha. I did not like this. I did not understand this. Why couldn't Quiet One still be Alpha?

If My Favorite does not take me for a Walk when this Family leaves, Quiet One takes me outside instead. That is good. I like to go for a walk. Quiet One does not make me hurry. I do not like to hurry. I like Quiet One. He does not Bark too much, and he does not make me hurry.

The End

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