Hotstreak and Ebon, now separated, still managed to groan at the same time as they hit the street, unconscious. She-Bang was still fighting the badly battered Tamara, and Rubberband Man was holding Shiv off the ground. And far away from him that he couldn't really do anything. After a little assistance from Static and Gear, the remaining two criminals fell as well.

"Well guys-" Static started, before being interrupted by She-Bang clearing her throat, "-and girl- I'd say this was a job well done."

"Couldn't have done it if RB here and I hadn't dropped in at the same time." She-Bang pointed out, much to the annoyance of the electric teenager. Before a fight could break out however, a pink rip, like one you could find in a sheet, appeared. Literally ripping the air from a few feet up until it hit the street, ripping some of the pavement apart. The heroes got into fighting stances (well, ones that fit their powers anyway).

"A new Bang Baby?" Rubberband man asked no one in particular, looking for the source. Before anyone could answer, however, the portal-like ripped glowed a blindingly bright pink, and it, and the heroes vanished. Shiv, who had been faking the whole time, watched as the light faded, showing that the crack of light, and the heroes had disappeared.

"Uh… hello?"

Meanwhile, on a ledge on the outside of Mount Coronet in the Pokemon World…

A young girl dressed in all black with cloth covering her lower face was climbing the base of what had become the most treacherous mountain in all of Sinnoh (never mind the fact that it was the ONLY mountain in Sinnoh) when a bright pink light stopped her, and she barley managed to cling to the side of the mountain.

"Palkia?" She asked in a hushed tone. Then saw the pink light fade and, at the base of the mountain, four oddly-clad teenagers. Or, what she assumed to be teenagers. One of them looked more like a young adult. She slid down as she had done many time before, but was careful none-the-less. She looked around, an action that, now that she thought about it, she probably should have done before sliding down, when she didn't see whatever she was looking for, she held up a red-and-white ball with a grey button in the middle.

"Come out, my friend." She said, as she tossed the ball onto the ground, and it opened, releasing an orange dog-like creature. An Arcanine. "Blaze, help me carry these saps to the Pokemon Center." The Arcanine, Blaze, grunted in disbelief and annoyance. "It's like, six yards away." Blaze groaned, but allowed his trainer to put three of them on his back. She picked the last one up, deciding to carry him instead. When Blaze shot her a quizzical look, she shrugged. "Not going to make you do all the work." she simply replied. She looked at the starry sky, then back towards the city and sighed. The murky sky was hard to look at, she was no Gastly. After she snuck them to the Pokemon Center and placed the boy she was carrying down, she took the others off Blaze. She looked at them and took a good look at them, then sighed again.

"Freaks in costumes, why do I always meet the weirdoes? Not to mention none of them have a single Poke'ball. Well, the boys are cute at least." She took one last look at the boy she had carried, and snuck a miniature black rose into one the pocket of the boy she had been carrying. She smirked as she returned Blaze. "Well, that's my good deed for the decade." She said to herself, before sprinting off lest she be spotted.