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Summary: He was tortured by the Dark side. The Light side betrayed him. Now he's back, but not alone. Watch out, Wizarding World, because two butlers from Hell are pissed. This is SLASH, don't like, don't read!

Shout Out : As promised, I picked up the plot bunny to give it some more tender loving care /sarcastically/ Hopefully, my effort will not be in vain, but oh well /shrugs/ Enjoy the story.

Warnings: Mentions of torture, mutilated bodies, stupid Wizarding World in general, and, oh, I don't know, SLASH, meaning Sebastian/Harry (Antares)/Claude? /sarcastic/. And if anyone is curious just why that story differs from the one shot in Scrapbook Jewels, it is because I intend to write out the whole nine yards – meaning, from the beginning to the end. The pre – written little tidbit will be included sometime in the later chapters.

Some say the world will end in fire

Some say in ice,

From what I know of desire

I hold with those, who favour fire

But if the world had to perish twice

I think I know enough of hate

That for destruction, ice

Is also great –

And would suffice

(By Robert Frost, Fire and Ice)

Bored. Bored, bored, bored. At this rate he would be sooner killed by sheer boredom than anything else.

He had amused himself with immersing within mortals, for the time, he watched, and participated in their antics they called their lives. Being a... butler, was a fine occupation – he was privy to his prey's secrets and he could tease and frustrate them, until he got bored, or his... meal was sufficiently prepared, and then, he killed them.

Immortality was such a bitch sometimes...

Having so much time on his hands wasn't a good thing.

He pouted. Besides, there wasn't any contract – worthy humans around lately. Sure, Earth had flourished with technology and depravity and... evil, if you cared to use such a tasteless word, but still!

"I think you spoiled me, Bocchan, " He muttered out with his cultured, and yet still somewhat playful voice. Nobody answered him. He didn't expect them to. For the life of a demon was a lonely existence, and that was just one more reason to mingle with mortals.

Red eyes looked at the ornate ring on his finger – a memento from his last...


Ciel Phantomhive.

A brat with revenge streak miles wide and a tactician mind not many could brag they defeated. A Queen's dog and Sebastian's toy for amusement.

He loved to irk the boy - Ciel was just too adorable when he was helplessly fuming over Sebastian's last shenanigans.

He almost regretted when the time for them to part had came. In fact, Sebastian would have loved to find out just what kind of a demon his little Master would have been – but even he wasn't so stupid as to break that cardinal rule.

Besides, Ciel's soul indeed tasted delicious. Innocent and depraved, burning hot with revenge and freezing cold with satisfaction. Nobody – and nothing – could compare to Ciel. Sebastian sighed. In such moments, he missed his Master - his quirky behaviour, his stubbornness and penchant for anything and everything sweet – Hell, he even missed the three stooges that had been his co – servants at the Phantomhive Manor.

However, they were dead now – for a long time, and the only one who remembered them, was Sebastian.

'Ahh, those were times...' Sebastian sighed, half in contentment, half in longing for new adventures. He would welcome even Grell, the idiot he was, although he shuddered to think just what would the overzealous Shinigami with penchant for red and saws do to him if he ever found him. That nickname - Sebas – chan – was a bane of Sebastian's existence, and he would. Never. Ever. Forgive the imbecile for uttering it in front of that spider butler, Faustus.

Speaking of Faustus, what was he doing? Last Sebastian heard of him was five hundred years ago, when they both devoured their chosen preys, Alois and Ciel. The slender demon couldn't help but smirk at the memory of the spider butler's longing and jealous face as he was devouring his little Master. First come first serve, and all that jazz. Despite Faustus' machinations, Ciel still remembered his original contractor, and chose to honour the bargain, like any true blue-blooded Englishman would.

It was a touching moment, and for Sebastian one of the winning ones. Any time he could get one over the damned blue butler was a good time. And so it was even more humiliating, when he was in middle of the spar with Faustus, cheerfully trying if not outright kill him, at least to maul his main obstacle to the sweet, succulent meal that was Ciel Phantomhive's soul.

And lo and behold, just when he was in the position to get rid of Faustus once and for all, he was bowled over by the chatterbox in red with shark teeth, squealing loud and clear the dreaded cutesy name of - "Sebas – chan!"

Faustus' smirk had been the worst. Ciel, Sebastian allowed his little victories, because what would be the prey without a little struggling? Besides, Sebastian enjoyed their little power plays, as they kept him on his toes. All for staving off boredom, after all. But Faustus smirking at his misfortune, Sebastian couldn't bear. It took all of his willpower not to choke the red haired imbecile to death – not that he could, without some very specific tools. Shinigami were notoriously hard breed to kill, second only to demons. Sebastian scowled at the humiliating memory.

Thankfully, Faustus never did utter the horrific nickname, but Sebastian suspected the spider butler kept it for some special occasion – that, or he was just too dignified to be caught by anyone calling Sebastian that degrading nickname. It had been bad enough, that mortals knew it – meaning Ciel and his bunch of servants, along with Lizzie and Lau, but mortals die off and the problem is solved. However, immortals are different tune of the song. And having that nickname forever tailing after him – it would be just too unbearable. Thankfully, he did the idiot a favour and in return, Grell had to swear to never, ever utter the dreaded name. Faustus, on the other hand, wasn't obliged to this particular demand, so Sebastian lucked out on that front. Thank Lucifer for too uptight spider demons...

Or the counter-blackmail. Sebastian smirked. He still had that memory of Faustus tap dancing on the top of the rails on that stairway. Grell was very useful sometimes... when he wasn't chasing after his 'Sebas-chan', anyway.

He blinked. Reminiscing at the memories of the past was all good and dandy, but that still didn't solve his current dilemma – boredom.

Sebastian hummed thoughtfully. "Maybe it's time to visit my dear rival anyway," he mused to himself, as his lips turned up in a sensual catlike smirk.

Jumping down from the roof, his dark eyes glowed with sinister red glow, and in the next moment, he vanished.

/To Be Continued/