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Run and tell all of the angels
This could take all night
Think I need a devil to help me
Get things right

('Learn To Fly', by Foo Fighters)

He hadn't been so furious since… ever, he supposed. Antares slammed the bathroom door shut as he hurried to the sink to clean out his mouth. What the fuck was that stupid demon thinking, accosting him like that!? He seethed to himself as he grabbed his tooth brush and irately squeezed a generous helping of the toothpaste on, before shoving it in his mouth and furiously brushing his teeth, trying to get rid of the demon's taste and the feeling of being irreparably defiled. He still remembered those lips and that wicked tongue sampling his own and the taste of cranberry tea and something spicy and sharp that was the demon's own. He still remembered the demon's scent - crisp and fresh, like winter and ashes intermixed, that strength against him –

He felt a furious heat invade his cheeks, and he gargled out a muffled curse.

He didn't recall to subscribing to all that emotional shit when he forged the contract!

"That shitty demon…." He growled to himself as he spat out the frothy mixture of toothpaste and saliva. His tongue was tingling from the harsh strokes and his teeth were smooth and tasting like mint and that should have been the end of it, but no - he wiped his mouth with a dampened corner of the towel furiously, making them tingle, just like they had when the demon kissed him.

"How dare he tell me what I should or shouldn't do!" He seethed to himself, as he swiftly scrubbed his toothbrush before putting it back to its designated place.

If he wanted to marry that Khan girl, just who was that fucker to tell him no?

'A demon.' His subconscious whispered to him. 'The one who rescued you from that hellhole of an Azkaban.'

Dark green eye narrowed. That was the truth. But that still didn't mean the demon could take privileges with his person like this! He fumed, as he clenched the edge of the sink, his body trembling and his heart hammering hundred miles per hour.

There was no emotion, only revenge. This had become his creed when he had gone through the healing and rehabilitation - he swore to himself to have his emotions under iron-clad control - that he would govern his emotions, and yet, only a small kiss, and everything, all of his hard-earned control, was ruined.

Somewhere In the deepest recesses of his mind something cackled with glee and Antares clamped down on it mercilessly, trying to snuff it out, to close it back to the small cage it had been curled in.

He didn't want this. He never wanted this.

Slowly, he inhaled air through his nose, and then exhaled through his mouth, white hair falling on his forehead, hiding his eye.

Just. Calm. Be calm. Everything is alright. Everything would be alright.

Then why - his hands clenched harder, the knuckles whitening under the fragile skin – was he having that infuriating urge to chuck at the demon some very sharp and pointy things, or better yet - to perforate his gut via some good old bullets?

A small growl unfurled itself from his throat.

Oh, he would get him back. Antares smiled unpleasantly. He would, even if that was the last thing he would do.

A knock interrupted his musings on revenge on a certain spider.


Michaelis' cultured voice inquired politely.

Closing his eye, Antares' shoulders slumped in defeated exasperation.

Not another one.

Whoever said that having two was better than having one, was one big fat liar.

Usually, the kuroshitsuji wasn't so concerned, but the contract link between him and his master was practically seething with the master's anger, and even if usually he would happily greet any kind of emotion from Antares, the burning in the pit of his stomach didn't foretell anything good, and there was no hair or hide of Faustus anywhere, despite of the fact that Antares should have been guarded at all times.

He had put the groceries in their designated places and immediately went to the Master's room, only to discover Master was in the bathroom. And while the location supplied him with all kinds of interesting images, the reality of his Master furiously gargling his mouth was both concerning and amusing.

But he had to be a good butler, so…

Gently, he knocked on the wood and called out.

"Master? Are you alright?"

A small growl.

"No, I am NOT alright!" Antares screamed back, making Sebastian's eyebrows quirk up.

Oh, wow he was pissed.

"May I come in?" He politely inquired. Now he was curious.

A shuffle.

"You may." A grumpy reply made him smile and open the door gently.

He saw his Master standing beside the sink, clutching its edges so hard that the knuckled on his hands whitened with the pressure, and his hair was messier than before.

Sebastian exhaled an inaudible sigh. So he was alright.

He didn't know what to expect, but since Lady Carruthers' death, the boy had closed himself off to the world, living only for revenge. Sistina had recovered much of the lad's soul, helping him through the rough patches, but in the end, her illness was too hard on her and she had to succumb to death, leaving everything to her beloved son. While Antares had been training before, after her death, the boy – no, young man - had been training as if he were possessed by mythical Furies, and the two demons had hard time convincing him to take some time to rest and recuperate. Sometimes, Sebastian wished sourly - he just wished that his Master didn't have such an absurdly high pain threshold. They had been forced to use every dirty trick in the book - from acupressure, to sleeping powder in his food or drink and outright hauling him out of the shooting lounge, and these three were just some of them.

Their Master may have been weak in body, but in his mind, he was the strongest person Sebastian had the dubious honor to know. However, that still didn't mean that his psyche wasn't brittle, prone to shatter, be that sooner or later.

Because Antares just didn't do the positive emotions. Amusement, yes, but genuine happiness or contentment was flat out of his range. Anger, yes, that he could do - that cold, controlled icy fury, but today, Sebastian witnessed his Master explode in unintentional burst of anger and… he liked it. Because being so controlled all the time was just unnatural.

However, he had a feeling he wouldn't like the cause of that anger much.

"How was the meeting, Master?" He asked softly, seeing the slender shoulders relax minutely.

"Went well. " Antares grunted out softly. "She offered me practically everything just to make her my fiancé. " Sebastian tensed. "Did you accept?" He asked, his voice low, soothing, as if he was talking to the wild animal.

The youth straightened out, his hold on the sink relaxing. "No. However, I may have to. Carruthers are a lynchpin of the Gray Alliance, and it would be a good foothold into starting it again."

Mocha brown eyes narrowed. Even if he knew that, the kuroshitsuji wasn't willing to accept it for a fact, nor did he want to contemplate the scenario in which his young Master would rely on anyone else but them.

"Ah. I see. But if the meeting went well, what did anger you then?" He asked politely. Of course, he could just as easily tease the young master, but he refrained from it… for now.

"That bastard kissed me!" Antares spat out, seething.

Sebastian Michaelis froze.

'That bastard kissed me!'

There was only one bastard that was insane enough to dare to kiss a protégé under his wing, and that was his eternal rival.

Claude fucking Faustus.

He kissed Antares.

"Shall I kill him?" His voice was nothing more than an animalistic growl, and he was faintly aware of the color of his eyes changing into fuchsia colored one, glowing in the soft light.

"As much as I want you to…no." Sebastian suppressed a whine at his Master's order. However, that didn't mean he couldn't prank the spider.

"Understood." He purred out as he closed in on his master, gently grabbing his shoulders and massaging them.

The tension slowly bleeding out of him, Antares sighed as he leaned back against his butler's body, his fingers still not letting go of the sink.

"The thing is, I don't understand. Why?" He whispered out, his voice caressing Sebastian's senses like cat's tongue. Warm, raspy and soft, it tickled against his ears.

"He always was a possessive one, Master." Sebastian's voice rumbled out of his throat as the black butler reminisced at his adventures with Ciel and the annoying spider.

"But he doesn't have any reason to be jealous, does he?" The youth relaxed against him even further, almost snuggling in him, and slowly, Sebastian stopped his shoulder massage. He wrapped one hand around the youth's slender waist, and other under his sternum, wrapping him into a protective cocoon of warmth.

"He does." Sebastian murmured as he inhaled that sharp-sooty scent even deeper in his lungs. "It's a fact - demons are possessive beings, and with you having the contract with him, he doesn't tolerate the infringers well."

'And neither do I.' He added in his mind, but held his mouth shut.

"Still, that doesn't give him right to just up and kiss me just because." Antares muttered sulkily, huffing out in aggravation.

"Master…You contracted us. We are the ones who are responsible for executing your wish. And with you inviting in the third party, we are not exactly happy with you." Sebastian's gentle voice cooled down, making the teen in his arms stiffen.

"And you thinking to betroth yourself to this bitch doesn't help the matters. " Antares was spun around, yelping slightly as he had to let go of the sink. He found himself face to face with the demon, the silky soft black hair barely brushing his cheeks as those exotically colored eyes stared into his own mesmerized orb.

"Also, you are forgetting something. Despite being butlers, we are demons first. And demons don't ask." Sebastian breathed in his face, the warm air tickling his mouth.

"They take."

With that said, Antares was bestowed with the second kiss in this day.

It was unlike Claude's - it was soft like snake's skin and equally as sneaky, lulling him into false security and then taking, taking taking, that slick, warmer-than-his tongue dancing in his mouth, coaxing his own to play.

After a minute – two?- they separated, and Antares watched dazedly into those bright, fuchsia-colored orbs like a mouse mesmerized by a snake, not knowing it was about to become a prey.

Sebastian's breath puffed in small, measured breath on his lips, while the white-haired youth was panting with effort, his jaw slack with surprised pleasure and trepidation. "Y – you, what?" he managed to get out, his single green eye's cold surface cracked with a hint of bewilderment that made him look strangely vulnerable.

"Remember that, Master." Sebastian purred into his ear, making him twitch slightly - and the next moment, the black butler vanished, leaving behind no evidence he had ever been here.

Now thoroughly confused, Antares slowly sank on his knees, his body still trembling with the sensations - half fear and half exultation, like fire and ice dancing a wild dance through his veins, his heart hammering against his ribcage, as if begging to be let out - to go after Michaelis or to flee away to somewhere safe, even Antares himself wasn't sure.

"Damn it. What was that?" He asked himself, and feeling dreadfully sure that his plans had been utterly derailed, no matter how much he was trying to convince himself otherwise.

Sebastian's catty smile was even more smug, if that was even possible - he managed to surprise his Young Master, and to top of it all, Antares didn't spurn his advances like he had Faustus'. So, it could be counted as a good work. And as for that Khan chit… He licked his lips, savoring his Master's taste for a little longer.

Well, accidents happen, don't they?

Humming cheerfully, he went about preparing the dinner, mentally reminding himself to make Faustus' portion extra spicy. After all, all was fair in love and war, and Sebastian definitely didn't intend to play nice with the little spider.

Meanwhile, Claude stiffened as he felt a shiver of dread slide up his spine - and not any ordinary shiver, but the 'oh, no, I am on Michaelis' shit list' kind of shiver. Both of the demons had been crossing each other's plans for long enough to develop that kind of alarm systems within themselves, and now, being bound to the same Master, the previous annoyance became even more prominent.

Damn that feathery bastard. Claude knew he shouldn't have kissed his Master, but he just couldn't resist, and snatching a smooch before Sebas-chan did, was one-of-a kind victory. The eagle-eyed butler furrowed his eyebrows. Even if it was a victory, it was strange… he never found his previous Masters interesting, and then, this little fly came along, bringing with itself a whole new lot of problems – the most annoying one was that Michaelis bastard. If he had known what would have cost him, Claude never would have made a mistake of snatching the kuroshitsuji's prey, no matter how enticing soul he had. Truly, Little Earl was a fascinating creature, and Claude - not that he would admit to anyone - had pouted for a year, when he found out that Sebastian had such scrumptious meal, but Antares was all that.. and more.

And yet…

"Mister Faustus?" A girl's voice interrupted his musings, and he looked down on the fidgeting redheaded girl who was blushing rather badly. "A-Are you alright?" She squeaked out, and then flushed even more.

"I am well, Miss Weasley. You don't need to concern yourself with my wellbeing." He answered gallantly, while his thoughts were 'Actually, don't concern yourself with me. Ever.'

"But… you looked kind of pale." The girl enquired once more as she lifted her hand as if to touch him, but she stopped at the last moment. She was clothed in knee-length dark blue skirt that flared a little, with dove gray turtleneck that enhanced the coppery highlights of her hair which were bound in twin slightly curly ponytails. It made her seem pale in an ethereal way, like some kind of a humanized pixie. The effect was even enhanced by a small smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose.

"I assure you, I am feeling well." Claude reiterated. 'Just not in your presence.' Oh how he wished to do away with her, but his Master expressively forbid him to harm her. Not even if she was a part of reason he was in such a state now – and Claude was still undecided whether to thank the chit or just outright torture her for being so stupid - but well, people were stupid in comparison with demons, the short-lived species they were. Of course, there were notable exceptions, but still…

"Oh… um, okay. Would you like to join me for a cup of tea?" The girl asked, making Claude suppress a twitch of annoyance. He began to sympathize with Michaelis…. And wasn't that a horrid thought.

"I am afraid not, Miss. I am but a butler - " '-What a relief '– "-and I couldn't and cannot impose on yourself like so." He replied stiltedly, even if he wanted to flat out throttle her or at least bite her - but that would have been a waste of good venom.

The girl blushed, and then huffed, crossing her arms under her small bust in an effort to look cute as she pouted.

"Oh, come on!" She exclaimed, her voice exasperated. "Antares wouldn't kill you if you join me for a cup of tea!"

'But I might.' Claude thought to the girl darkly, as he allowed his eyes darken with irritation, making the girl squeak at the change of his face. "You don't know what my Master would or wouldn't do, so kindly cease your baseless assumptions." He spoke to her coldly, making her step away, her eyes large with hint of fear and… was that a tiny bit of lust in that girl-child's eyes?

Seriously, if Claude hadn't been a demon, he would have cried unmanly tears right now. 'She is the unknown love-child of Trancy and that Grell character!' His mind screeched at him in horrified revelation, and at that time, all Claude wanted, was to curl up somewhere in a dark corner and whimper and probably die - well, not die, but he certainly didn't want to indulge the impossibility that was one Ginny Weasley. He had seen Grell often enough to know his obsession with Michaelis - who in the supernatural world didn't – and much to his eternal shame, he had been still ribbed over Alois' attempts to have him in his bed, the bad, spoiled meal he was, and if he had known the indigestion pains the fake Trancy lord would have caused him, Claude would've dropped the blonde annoyance like hot potato, no ifs, ands or buts. Alas, he hadn't known, so he had been forced through the digestive pains through several centuries, mood swings – another joke among demons was, that certain kumoshitsuji had 'those days', like girls, but any who dared to utter that joke, had better pray the subject of it wouldn't find him and garrote them in their sleep.

He gave her a curt nod. "Now, excuse me, I have duties to do." With a small bow at her, he turned around and purposefully fled - no, strode, because demon like Claude didn't flee from ordinary mortals, no matter that they were an unholy abomination of the traits of two worst persons Claude had the misfortune to ever know, out of the room, leaving the dejected, love-struck girl look at his back.

Besides, he still owed one damned mutt for forcing him of all people to room with the Michaelis.

Smiling a dark smile, the golden eyes glinted with a fuchsia glow, before he vanished into shadows.

Antares sighed. While the dinner was good - delicious in fact, and he enjoyed torturing Ron with eating the scrumptious dishes in front of him, denying him the fare - after all, why should he contribute when they were the ones that for some reason needed him - today's round of baiting the gluttonous redhead lost its appeal because of a certain pair of butlers.

Faustus. And then Michaelis. Antares didn't think that kissing was in the butlers' repertoire, because that was just unprofessional, and the demon butlers were anything but slacking in their duties toward him, so he had been truly taken aback with their behavior.

'Demons don't ask. They take.' Michaelis' voice had been twining through his thoughts ever since the man had stolen his second kiss, and wasn't that strange, being kissed so very softly, seductively, his tongue being coaxed into play -

Antares shook his head, trying to dislodge the recent memories. Now he understood just why was kissing so addictive, but that still didn't mean he would allow the two idiots to just smooch him! If anything, he should have been one to kiss them –

'But you wouldn't even think of it, would you?' His sub consciousness mocked him, while something dark snickered gleefully at his feelings of irritation and shame. True, the two demons were gorgeous in their own right, especially with them being 'humanized', so to speak, but that still didn't mean Antares had to jump them just because. They were his butlers, weapons and eventually his executioners, and that was that. No need to entangle himself with any deeper relationships than professional ones.

Only, the two demons definitely wanted more than something professional.

'You're playing with fire, Master.' Antares licked his lips.

Did he?

'You contracted us. We are the ones who are responsible for executing your wish. And with you inviting in the third party, we are not exactly happy with you.'

Weren't they? Green eye blinked with confusion. But on the long run, it didn't matter. He would betroth Zubeida, maybe even marry her, and use the Alliance to his own ends, and then, after all would be over and done with, he would be their meal.


And yet… not. Even now, he felt the magic tugging him in, trying to mold him into a lynchpin and connect the Carruthers and Khan lines – it was subtle, nothing like Imperius, but still.

Yet the two demons disagreed, wanting nothing to do with the Grey alliance. They were right in a way - going into this kind of political hot pot half-cocked wouldn't have been good for him, but at the same time…Green eye narrowed in thought.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

He was already chosen as a lynchpin – damn it, the ritual the had done was too thorough in that regard, and adding the demons' blood in didn't help, so it was only a matter of time he would be tugged among the cogs. But on the other hand, he had to contend with two jealous demons whining for his attention, even going so far as to kiss him to distract him from making decision on whether or not to betroth himself to Zubeida - really, a betrothal wouldn't be any great sacrifice on his side, he didn't feel anything for the girl, and he didn't care about her. He cared about power behind her - he wasn't a fool. Zubeida may have come alone, acting on her wishes, but something had to prompt her, something bigger and more dangerous. Antares didn't try to disillusion himself that Zubeida was doing this out of the goodness of her heart - she was Slytherin first and foremost, and at their core, every human being was selfish, and in the matters of do or die, survival always took the higher priority.

"Master?" Faustus voice shook him out of his musings and he blinked distractedly. "Are you feeling well?" Antares had to refrain him from glaring at the butler. Instead of it, he settled for frowning. " I am feeling well, Faustus." He replied back, his voice chilly. He still didn't forgive the damned spider for stealing that kiss, dammit!

"You looked very deep in your thoughts, Mr. Carruthers." Dumbledore commented, a grandfatherly twinkle ever-present in his eyes. Antares looked into those blue orbs unflinchingly. "It's good for the soul, Dumbledore." He replied as he stood up. "Now excuse me, I am going to retire early." With that said, he ignored the murmurs and stares at his person as he headed for the door, the two butlers behind him.

He felt the duo acutely - there was always some kind of a buzzing feeling when they were near, like a weak undercurrent of electricity. He didn't know how to describe it otherwise, but he just knew.

It was as if he had been walking through the corridor and up to the stairs alone, with no one to accompany him, so quiet their steps were, the only sound in the place was thudding of his cane against the floor and their breathing.

Finally, they were in his room, with him still not turning toward them.

"I am angry at you two." He spoke out as he clenched the head of his cane. The doors snapped closed with an ominous sound.

"As I am with you." Faustus' voice was a little bit deeper and a shard more emotional than his usual stone-cold dulcet tones. "We were here first." The 'we' he spoke as if physically pained him to admit he had to share with black butler.

"It's not your place to be angry!" Antares hissed out. "We need allies and if I can gain them with betrothing myself to that Khan girl, all the better. When you two signed up, you knew I was doing that for revenge. So why do you two balk at my methods now?" He snapped at them, slamming the butt of the cane against the floor, the sound sharp in the dimmed room.

"You're right." Michaelis' usually jovial voice was serious, making Claude hiss at him with shock. Dark brown eyes glared into golden ones warningly, making the blue butler settle down… for the moment. "However that still doesn't meant that we have to agree with the way you are handling the Gray Alliance sounds interesting, I am more opposed on us having to share you with Ms. Khan."

"Why?" Antares turned around, as he untied the eye patch, exposing the other eye and the gleaming contract within. It was a sinister sight, yet one that made the two butler's spine tingle with thrill. "In the end, you still get whatever you want - I won't try and escape the contract."

"My, so quick to promise." Michaelis hummed, a spark of playfulness entering his eyes. "But what if we want more?"

Green eyes narrowed calculatingly; however, both of the butlers saw a flash of apprehension zing through those unique viridian orbs, before the young man was composed again. "We already made a bargain."

"To put it simply, Young Master, you owe us for this little surprise." Michaelis continued, undaunted by the glare that zeroed on him. "Owe you?" Antares asked, incredulous. "Are you seriously trying to blackmail me, Michaelis?"

"Demons don't try, Master," Claude scoffed, his glasses gleaming in the weak light ominously as he pushed them up on his nose. "We do."

'Demons don't ask. They take.' Antares had to suppress a shudder at the memory.

"If we go by that logic," Antares finally spoke out, "you already exerted your … ah, payment, via kissing me." He tilted his head slightly, a mocking smirk appearing on his lips at the demons' miffed expressions.

"That was because of Miss Khan, Master." Antares had to admire how sat Michaelis regained his proverbial footing, but his heart speed up in anticipation of the demon's next move.

"You still owe us for that gray Alliance bullshit – " Faustus continued, not heeding Antares' glare by the slightest -

"-Is no bullshit, I am feeling the lynchpin magic trying to assert itself already – "Antares ' mumble was disregarded,

" – and so, Master, because we are so very concerned about you, we will monitor you through the night." Faustus finished, golden eyes narrowing dangerously at his prey, when both of them advanced, making Antares step back in trying to avoid them.

"You what?" Antares wasn't sure if he heard right. Under all those fancy words, the subtext – 'We will move in your room, and you will appreciate our care'- couldn't be louder if they used a Banshee to scream it out from the rooftops. That was not the first time they tried to pull something like this, but until now, Antares' room was his room, and the two butlers had to contend with the room of the deceased Lady Black, which they hated with the passion of thousand suns, if only because they had to share it with each other. (Not to mention the décor was truly disgusting, but they digressed.)

But now, no matter how he tried to, he couldn't find a hole in their demand.

Another step back.

"You heard us, Master."

Antares swallowed. "But there's no additional beds." He tried. Really, he did. If he could, he would have bolted out of the room like scared rabbit from two wolves, but alas, they were slowly and surely boxing him in. "Besides, you two are servants and as such it would be improper for you to lie in the same bed than me."

"Your concern is touching, really," Sebastian purred back, "but you just can't sleep without something warm and soft beside you."

Antares paled, then flushed. "You two." He growled. "Will sleep on the floor. This is not negotiable." The contract in his eye glowed with the purple light, making both Michaelis and Faustus gasp at the command. "Am I understood?" He demanded as he jutted his chin up as to glare in those fuchsia-colored orbs better.

"Crystal, Master." Faustus ground out as the two demons bowed, keeping the position until Antares went past them and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

Then, the butlers straightened out. Faustus glared at the kuroshitsuji.

"You just had to piss him off, didn't you?" He growled at the fellow demon.

Michaelis' catty smile was a little too bright. "I only said the truth. If he can't stand it, then too bad."

What went unsaid was, that neither of them had any intention to sleep on the floor.

But that was a battle better saved for another occasion. For now, both of them gained a foothold into Antares' territory and they were bound and determined not only to hold onto that little part of it, but also to ever so slowly and slyly, expand it, and leaving no corner for one Miss Khan to claim.

Because they were here first.

/To Be Continued/