Kaito was sitting on the couch, Len standing in front of him, staring at his feet.

"Kaito", he whispered, "I-I have s-something to tell you..."

His face turned bright red.

"What is it Len?", Kaito asked with a smile

"Well... I wanted to tell you... I-"

He leaded forward, their lips now extremely close.

"Kaito, I'm-"

The door slammed open.

"PREGNANT ?", Miku yelled, pointing at Len.

"I'm not PREGNANT !", he screamed

"You ARE", Miku shouted

"AM NOT !"

"HE IS !" she yelled while looking at Kaito, who stared blankly.

"IS NOT !"

"IS !"

"IS NOT !"

"err, guys ?", Kaito asked.

"SHUT UP !" Miku screamed, and punched him.

The end.