Will you stay with me?

Kieli pulled the covers over her head as she violently coughed. For the last few days she has been feeling horrible and this morning she could barely get out of bed. According to Corporal, Harvey had gone out late last night and still has yet to return.

The last few days they have been staying in a town not far from Westerbury. They rented out a small apartment that had a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a small bed room with one bed. Most of the day and night Harvey would just lie on the couch looking out the window right next to the couch. She barely ever sees him do anything else except for the times when he gets up to go for a walk and doesn't return until the next day. She sometimes wonders where he goes or if he will ever come back, but in the end he returns and goes back to the couch.

Kieli heard a noise and looked out from under her covers. There in the door way she saw Harvey walking across the room over to the couch. He paused and looked at her. Kieli pulled the covers over her head again just in time for another coughing fit. Once it was over she buried her face in the pillow feeling absolutely horrible. She heard footsteps and buried her face in the pillow even further. She wasn't quiet sure why but she didn't want Harvey to know that she was sick.


"Harvey I'm going out for a walk okay?" she yelled as she grabbed her coat and ran towards the door.

"Whatever." He said as he blew out the smoke he had just inhaled before looking at her. "You're not going out in that are you?" he asked. Kieli paused and looked down at what she was wearing. She wore a light down jacket and jeans, with sneakers. In her hand she had an extra jacket that was on the light side.

"What's wrong with what im wearing?"

"It's freezing outside." He said as he pulled the cigarette out of his mouth.

"And?" came a voice from the radio that was around Kieli's neck. She looked down at the radio then back up at Harvey who was glaring at it.

"Fine do what ever you want." He said as he placed the cigarette back in his mouth and looked out the window. Kieli smiled at him before turning and running out of the room.

End of Flashback

She heard a sigh and turned to see brown work pants. She followed them up until she was staring into two copper colored eyes. "I told you not to go out wearing something like that." Kieli sat up and started to yell back at him, but all of a sudden she got very dizzy and almost fell off the bed. Two big hands reached out and caught her before she could completely fall. "Would you just-" Harvey cut himself off and sighed as he helped Kieli back into bed. "Just be more careful." He said as he pulled the covers over her. He placed his hand on her forehead.

"What is it?" Kieli asked looking at him weird.

"You have a fever." Harvey whispered.

"Well duh." said the radio. Harvey glared at it before turning around and sitting down. As he leaned his back against the bed, he pulled out a cigarette and his lighter.

"Just get some rest." Harvey said as he placed the cigarette in his mouth and placed the lighter under it. As he lit it he mumbled "I'm sure you'll feel better when you wake up."

Kieli smiled down at him. He might no show it but he really did seem to care and it was times like this one that she was happy he was around. "Hey Harvey" Kieli said as she eyes lids started to feel heavy.

"Mmm?" he asked.

"Will you…" Kieli let her sentence trail off as she tried to find the right words for it. Harvey blew out the smoke he had inhaled as he waited. "Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?" It took a few minutes for Harvey to answer.

"Sure." He whispered as he placed the cigarette back in his mouth. Kieli smiled at him as her eye lids slid closed and she was fast asleep.

I will stay with you as long as you want.

HI! this is my first Kieli story! i found it cause i was in Barnes and Nobles looking around and i saw the manga novel and i liked the cover. At the time they only had volume 2 and volume 3 and i really wanted to read it so i bought volume 2 and tried to read it. That didn't go to well so i ordered the first volume and read it then i couldn't stop and i was freaking out when i didn't have the third and had to order it but i just finished the third so now im sad cause i want the 4th.

Also i read the other two stories of Kieli and even though they are both one shots they really are amazing. I kept forgetting that i wasn't reading from the book that two totally different people wrote them. I just hope i didn't some what as good as they did. anyway i hope you enjoy^^

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