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Cushion – check

Pillows – check

Floor – check

Coffee table – check

Down on his knees between the couch and coffee table, Misaki bent down to check the cushion one more time, inspecting every bit of fiber of the fine, rich textile. Finally satisfied, he breathed a sigh of relief and stood up, only to wince in pain and fall back on his knees.

Misaki instinctively reached for his backside with his hands pressing and kneading continuously, all the while cursing his lover profusely.

The old man was unstoppable! How many times had they done it? Four? Five? He lost track of it as he only had enough mind to care about finding his release. And that, he thought with face aflame, was something he wouldn't even try counting.

He could almost see Akihiko smirk and say something like, "you loved every second of it", and he could also imagine himself flushing, all tongue-twisted trying to deny it…and then the old man will make that annoying, 100% self-assured chuckle…and he'll be pissed and begin shouting…and then he'll suddenly be pulled…kissed hard…cold fingers expertly going under his shirt, skimming by his ribs, up to his nipples, rubbing them pink …then down under his shorts, squeeze him hard…

Misaki inadvertently trembled and flushed, leaning his hot cheek on the couch. He swallowed hard as he tried to regulate his sudden short breaths, ultimately trying to ignore his erection.

Argh! What is this? Misaki thought in frustration. He's acting like a virgin bride on a wedding night! Except he's neither a bride nor a virgin…far from a virgin, Misaki corrected deflatedly.

He sighed and shook his head, clearing his mind of all those impure thoughts. Time to prepare lunch!

Slowly, Misaki got up and made his way to the kitchen. Even though his whole body ached, and although Akihiko told him to skip household chores for the day, it was simply unthinkable not to do anything at all.

Mentally preparing the chores he had planned for the day, Misaki had just put on his apron when the doorbell rang.

"Kaoruko-san!?" he exclaimed in surprise as he looked into the intercom screen, and immediately opened the door.

"Ohayou, Misaki-kun," She greeted breezily as she entered and stopped at the living room looking about, "where is Nii-sama?"

Misaki closed the door and turned to face her, "ah, he went out to buy cigarettes. He'll be back in a while…"

"I'll wait then," Kaoruko announced as she sat down comfortably on the couch.

"Okay," Misaki replied weakly, his response not in any way whatsoever going to matter anyway. Just as he had always done, he murmured about getting her a cup of tea, and quickly went to the kitchen to prepare.



There was a slight pause before she asked curiously, "Did you just clean the couch?"

Misaki almost dropped the teacup. Quickly, he glanced at her worriedly, "ah yes..just a few mo-moments ago…"

Kaoruko merely gave a thoughtful 'hmm' and kept quiet, gliding her hands along the smooth couch cover…the same couch cover he scraped at when he was screaming for release a few hours ago, Misaki thought guiltily as his gaze followed her hand's movement, the same couch cover where he ejaculated countless times…he cleaned it a lot of times already…could she have sensed something!?

"Here, have some tea," he offered as he set down the tray of pot and cup on the table, "is-is there something wrong with the couch?"

"No, nothing," Kaoruko replied coolly as she raised her cup of tea to her lips, "just that it smells…nice…"

"Ah…" Misaki looked up the ceiling and scratched his head nervously, "Tha-that's probably because of the perfume! I-I may have applied too much I guess!"

Kaoruko slid her eyes to him questioningly, "you apply perfume to couches?"

Misaki froze.

"Misaki-kun? Are you ok?" she asked as she looked at him quizzically, "You seem pale."

Misaki suddenly faked a laugh, shook his head vehemently and waved his hand in denial, "I-I'm fine! I'm fine!"

At that, Kaoruko looked at him pointedly, "why are you wearing such a thick turtleneck when it's so hot these days?"

His fake laughter just became louder while quickly thinking of something to say other than 'hiding the hickeys', "ah…yeah…it's-it's just that…I like this shirt! Like it a lot! Hahahaha…"

That just made her frown harder, and made him doubly uncomfortable. And just as she opened her mouth to probably ask more, the door opened and Akihiko came in.

Misaki almost cried in relief.

Akihiko looked at their guest and immediately frowned in annoyance, "What are you doing here?"

At that, Kaoruko stood up and matched his frown, "That is no way to treat a guest, Nii-san."

Akihiko sat down, tossed his cigarette pack on the table, and as if he didn't hear her, repeated nonchalantly, "what are you doing here?"

Kaoruko hmphed loudly and sat back down, her gaze pinned on Akihiko's bored face, "I need to stay here for a week."

"No." came the immediate reply as he grabbed the newspaper on the table.

"I'll pay rent!"

"No." accompanied by shuffling sounds as he turned the pages.

"I'll give you teddy bears!"

That caused a pause, and then a cool reply, "no."

"What about a Misaki teddy bear?" said Kaoruko with gleaming, calculating eyes.


Before Misaki could even react to the existence of a Misaki teddy bear, 4 formally dressed up men marched in with all her bags and went up to the guest room.

Misaki looked back and forth from the military-like men up the stairs, to Akihiko sitting comfortably with his papers, to the smug lady happy with her accomplishment. What just went on?

"Misaki-kun," Kaoruko smiled at him proudly, "help me prepare my room, please?"

But! But! But that's my room! And what is that Misaki teddy bear about? Misaki wanted to shout…but suddenly found himself going up the stairs to do her bidding instead. He couldn't go against the Usami will after all, Misaki admitted dejectedly.

Misaki entered the room and sighed deeply as he saw her numerous baggage placed neatly by the bed. One week huh? More like a month, he thought to himself.

At least Usagi-san will behave, he countered optimistically as he set down to change the bed covers. But just as he was about to work on his task, the bedroom door was banged open.

"Misaki, look!"

Misaki whipped around in surprise to find Akihiko standing by the doorway with a teddy bear held up against his chest. The teddy bear was wearing a green hoodie and khaki shorts…

"Is that…"

"Misaki teddy bear!" Akihiko confirmed excitedly.

"That's just a teddy bear in a green hoodie with shorts!" he couldn't help point out.

Akihiko shook his head vehemently, and held up the attached name card, "it says, 'Misaki', and this is just as cute as you are."

Misaki didn't know whether to smack some sense into the old man's head, or just be resigned to the fact that his lover is just too obsessed and stupid sometimes. A Misaki teddy bear indeed…Kaoruko really knows how to get her way around her cousin, Misaki thought. He had to admit that she really is one heck of a lady.

Hey wait a minute. A Misaki teddy bear?

Misaki felt his heart sink. There's only one reason why Kaoruko would use a Misaki teddy bear to bribe her cousin. She knew that the only way to make Usagi-san agree with her is to bribe him with something he couldn't resist…so she used him as bait…it's as good as acknowledging their relationship!

Frankly, he didn't know how to react to that.


Suddenly he finds himself hugged tightly, with the teddy bear smashed up against his cheek.

"You're just so cute!" he heard his perverted lover whisper roughly.

"I am not cute! 'Cute' is for girls—hey!" Misaki cried out in surprise as he felt cold fingers caressing up under his shirt. This is bad. Very bad.

"Kaoruko-san is just downstairs!" he had to point out the obvious.

"She won't come up," Akihiko reassured carelessly as his expert hands unbuttoned and tugged down the boy's shorts.

"Are you crazy? She'll know!" Misaki blurted out in panic.

"Relax," Akihiko advised coolly as he dropped kisses on Misaki's jaw, "it's not as if she doesn't know anyway. Besides, she's probably watching TV right now. She won't even notice us."

That somewhat pulled down Misaki's defenses for a second, and Akihiko quickly took the opportunity to pull him closer for better kissing.

Misaki looked blank for a while, and then…TV?

Meanwhile, downstairs…

Geez, what sort of hosts are these men to leave their guest unattended? Kaoruku fumed as she stared up at the room above and saw no sign of them coming back down for her.

With a deep loud sigh, Kaoruko decided to sit back down on the couch and reached for the remote control.

Hm? The player's on…they must have been watching a movie a while ago…

TV power button - click

Door banged open.

Player power button - click

"Kaoruko-san! NOOOOO~~"

Play button – click.