Hi again. This is technically complete, but then a friend convinced me to write this little one shot in the same verse, so I figured I might as well add it. Just a little follow-up scene, in case you're interested in how things go down the line for the boys :]

"You really want me to put that…there?" Arthur asked, voice incredulous. His breathing was heavy and the words came out in a strained huff.

Merlin rolled his eyes and turned to look at Arthur impatiently. "Of course, where else?"

"It's just that…well, I don't think it's going to fit, Merlin." Arthur really didn't want to argue over this right now. In fact, he could come up with approximately 100 other things he would rather do this second, and half of them involved that impertinent mouth.

"I thought we agreed on this? You said you wanted it too!" Merlin was very nearly whining, something he claimed he absolutely never did, though everyone knew better. Arthur would take great delight in teasing him about it, if he weren't so frustrated at the moment.

"I do, I do! But there? It's just not going to happen. Impossible." Arthur raised a lazy hand to wave at the spot in question, hoping that maybe Merlin's eyes would see what his brain clearly chose to ignore. Sometimes his stubbornness was cute, but right now it was just exhausting.

A throat cleared from the doorway and Arthur and Merlin both turned, faces glum.

"Um, girls, you know this is like the gayest conversation in the history of innuendo, right?" Gwaine said with an amused smirk.

Arthur's brow furrowed as he looked about the room. He and Merlin were standing in the bedroom of their brand new off-campus apartment, trying to wrestle with the queen size mattress Merlin had insisted on buying. What could possibly be gay about that? (Besides the obvious fact that they were buying a new mattress, to share. The thought made Arthur blush.)

What had they said that had Gwaine nearly giggling? Oh…wait.

Great, the whole team was definitely going to hear Gwaine's retelling of this conversation on the next pub night, complete with voice impersonations. His Merlin impression wasn't half bad, actually, and he had used it to freak Arthur out over the phone more than once, the bastard.

"Yeah, I have to agree with Gwaine on this one, sorry guys," Leon chimed in, riffling a hand through his hair to pull it back so he could wipe at his sweat streaked forehead. He shot a playful smirk at Merlin, who had the gall to smile back as if this whole embarrassing situation wasn't entirely his fault.

"What are you two still doing here anyway?" Arthur asked, trying to muster up haughty annoyance, though his exhaustion made it sound suspiciously close to whining.

"Is that the thanks we get for helping you move?" Gwaine asked, stepping into the room to throw an arm around Merlin's shoulders and ruffle his hair, one of his favorite habits. Merlin seemed too tired to even complain, slumping a bit beneath Gwaine's weight. "That's cold. You could at least offer us a beer, mate," he continued, with that winning smile that had charmed half the student body into bed. Arthur, however, was fully immune.

"Yes, well, thanks for your help, but we've got a lot to do now, so if you could…" Arthur rolled his eyes towards the doorway with a look that attempted to say both 'you guys are great friends,' and 'get out before I am forced to throw you out.'

Gwaine snickered suggestively and released Merlin, who futilely attempted to flatten his hair back down. "Oh, I bet you've got a lot to do, huh?"

Leon rolled his eyes but couldn't suppress a snigger. Arthur glared daggers at both of them, and Merlin was turning several shades of red at once. It seemed Merlin would never get used to Gwaine's innuendo, at least when it concerned himself. Arthur had tried to explain that his reactions only egged Gwaine on, but it was hopeless.

"Alright, we'll leave you to it. But tomorrow night, pub, you're paying," Gwaine called over his shoulder as he and Leon headed back towards the front door. "Enjoy your first night, newlyweds!" he shouted from the hallway, loud enough that Arthur was certain all the neighbors heard. Starting off on the right foot, then. Fantastic.

"So, the bed," Arthur said, turning to stare at it with his hands on his hips, as if it were a misbehaving puppy that he could intimidate into obedience.

Merlin sighed, coming to stand next to his boyfriend. Arthur automatically curled an arm around his waist, pulling Merlin into his side and placing a kiss against his temple.

"You know, it doesn't really matter where we put it. As long as you're in it, with me," Merlin said, smiling with that little lopsided grin that still made Arthur giddy, even after a year of seeing it every day. It was his favorite of all Merlin's smiles (which he may have catalogued with very descriptive names, organized by mood and situation. Maybe.).

"Is that an invitation?" he asked, pulling Merlin to face him with a smirk of his own.

"Gwaine's right once in a while, you know. Our first night, in our new place. Should be special." Merlin leaned in for a kiss, and Arthur forgot all about the exhaustion of a long day of moving heavy furniture up three flights of stairs.

Though he wasn't addled enough yet to forget all decorum. "Let me at least put some sheets on the bed first…" he said, pulling away from Merlin's mouth reluctantly.


"On second thought, it can probably wait."

THE END (again. seriously.)