Brotherly Love

By: Rei


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            "Come." Masaharu said, grabbing his sons hand. "Have you got everything?"

            Six-year-old Yamato nodded. He looked at his younger brother, for goodbye. But Takeru was not there. He and their mother were in the other room, Natsuko trying to soothe her baby's tears.

            There was no goodbye.

            Takeru ran out as his brother and father left. But they were gone.

            He was too young to understand the concept of returns. He had no idea he'd see them again. They were gone forever, in his eyes.

            "Ma…?" Takeru didn't finish the word before Natsuko scooped him up.

            "Just me and you now…" She muttered into his hair. "Just me and mah baby."

            "Why they go?" Takeru asked.

Natsuko sighed. "Your Daddy and me don't like living together anymore, so…so he moved out."

            "Why 'Mato go?"

            "That's just the way things work. Sorry Takeru."

            "Ah miss 'Mato."

            "Me to." Natsuko hugged her son tighter, and they cried together.

            Yamato wondered about his brother. Was he lonely, back home? Takeru was too young for friends, too small to know anyone but his brother. Maybe…maybe Yamato could find a new friend for him. No…not a friend. A brother. Yamato couldn't be there anymore. But his mother had a friend called Blossom Kido. She had three sons, the youngest of which might make a good replacement brother for Takeru…

            He reached for the phone. Takeru would have a new brother in no time.

            The phone rang, and Jyou Kido answered it. He was hoping for a call from Mimi-chan, the so-called, 'love of his life.' Of course, he was confident no call would come…even so…the phone ringing made him very nervous…she did SAY she'd call…but Mimi wasn't one to keep promises.

            "H-hello?" He said, praying for the soft voice of Mimi. But instead it was Yamato, his previous next door neighbor. He'd moved out two weeks ago, along with his father. "Oh…hi Yamato…"

            "You sound so disappointed! What, you don't like me anymore?" Yamato could be VERY cute when he felt like it, unfortunately his talents were wasted on Jyou.

            "Sorry. I was just hoping for another call."

            "From who…?"

            "Mimi-chan…" Jyou mumbled, very embarrassed.

            Yamato wrinkled his nose. "Eew…she's got cooties."

            "Em…what are cooties?"

            "Icky bugs that only live in girls. If you ever get kissed by one you get cooties too!" (Ages: 6 and 7. Remember that please.)

            "Are cooties dangerous?"
            "Well, yeah." Yamato said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

            "W-what…do they d-do?" Jyou asked, his voice shaking.

            "First you get sick…you know fever and stuff. Then you get big thingies on your skin that hurt…then the cooties eat your flesh, and yours eyes fall out. Finally, you go crazy and die!!!"

            "I don't want to get cooties!" Jyou cried.

            "Then stay away from girls!"

            "I will, don't worry! I didn't know they were so dangerous!"

            "You don't know anything." Yamato sighed. He was having doubts about asking Jyou. If he didn't know the essential stuff of life, what kind of example would he be for Takeru?

            "I actually know a lot more the––" Jyou started.

            "Shut up Jyou." Yamato said, irritated. "Anyway, I called you for a reason."

            "Oh? What is it?"

            "You know me and my dad had to move away from my mom and my brother, right?"

            Jyou nodded, then remembered Yamato couldn't see him over the phone. "Yeah."

            "Well…I don't wanna see Takeru growing up without a big brother…and I can't be there for him anymore…" Yamato's voice was choked. He missed Takeru so much.

            "Yeah…I'm real sorry about that."

            "Not your fault." Yamato sniffed. "S'anyway, I need you to do me a favor."

            "You want me to watch after Takeru, right?"

            "A bit more then that."


            "I want you to be his big brother."

            "Um…how do I do that?"

            "I don't mean really. But act like it. Be there for him when he needs it. Do like I would. Be his oniichan."

            "I don't know if I'd be so good at that…I've never been a big brother before…only a little one."

            "You gotta try, Jyou. You're the only one I trust with this."

            Jyou had never heard his friend talk this way. So serious, so sad…this wasn't normal for him. "What about Taichi? He's your best friend. He could do it."

            "He's got Hikari to look after. Plus, he doesn't live close, and he's to hyper. He might forget. You, I can trust. You'll remember, right Jyou? And you'll do it? Right?"

            Jyou couldn't say no, even though he seriously doubted he could do it. "I'm gonna let you down, you know…" He whispered. But Yamato heard.

            "No, no Jyou, you cant!"

            "I can't do this Yamato. I dunno how to be anyones big brother."


            "I'll mess up."

            "No, you wont. Your gonna do great. Now be his brother!"


            "And be happy about it! Takeru's a great little brother!"


            Knock…knock…knock…KNOCK!!!! KNOCKKNOCKKNOCK!!!!!!!

            "Open up!" Jyou yelled, pounding on the used-to-be-Ishida's-but-are-now-Takaishi's door.

            Natsuko opened it. "Jyou?" She looked at him strangely. "What are you doing here?"

            "Um…Yamato said…Yama said…erm…I…um…Yamato said…"

            "What did Yamato say?" Natsuko was used to Jyou's senseless stuttering. So she just waited for him to finish his sentence.

            After about ten minutes, Jyou finally said, "Yamato asked me to…be Takeru's brother for him."

            Natsuko couldn't help but laugh. It was such a cute idea! Not exactly the best one, Takeru needed his real brother. But so far she and Masaharu hadn't arranged any visitation between the children, and their parents. So she agreed. "Go ahead."

            Jyou walked inside, muttering childish versions of curses under his breath. (Fudge, female dog…you get the drift.) He did not want to do this in any way, shape, or form. But Jyou suffered from an inability to stand up for himself in any way. So he'd had to agree.

            He stopped talking when he saw Takeru, rolling a ball to no one. It was the most depressing sight he had ever seen, in all his seven years, except for the time when he saw Mimi kissing Koushiro three years ago. That had nearly killed him.

            "Hi Ji-you…" Takeru said sadly.

            "Hey Takeru."

            "You see 'Mato lately?"

            "I talked to him on the phone. I'm really sorry, but he doesn't see how he can see you anymore. He wants me to…to be…"

            "To be what, Ji-you?"

            "To be your brother. Instead of him."

            Immediately, Takeru started to cry. "Nooooo! I want Yama! Want mah real bruther!!!"

            "I'm sorry…but that's what Yamato said."

            "I WANT YAMATO!!!!"

            "I…um…" Jyou sat on the floor next to Takeru and put his hand on Takeru's tiny shoulder. Takeru turned around and bit him.

            "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Jyou yelled, holding his hand. "What did you do that for?"

            "I dun like you!" Takeru yelled. "You killed Yamato!"

            "No I didn't! He's still alive!"

            "Its your fault he left! You made him so you could be mah brother!"

            "Why would I want to be a brat like you's brother?" With that, Jyou got up, and left, continuing his muttering.


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