Brotherly Love

By: Rei

Ch 9: Happy Endings

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Rei: I got a very interesting review.

Kazeki: I know, I saw. This is so cool!

Rei: Really? I didn't know that. It spoils my plans of having you climb Mt. Donut.

Kazeki: What is Mt. Donut?

Rei: I dunno! Anyway, instead, I'm going to prove I have done nothing abusive to you whatsoever! These are the charges!

Familial Estrangement. – I dunno what that means, but it has something along the lines of keeping you from your family…I am not doing that! I'm forcing you against your will to find them!

Kazeki: But it's against my will!

Rei: Shaddep!

Kazeki: See, more abuse! You don't respect me!

Physical and Metaphysical Harassment – Well…yes technically…I did do that. Whats metaphysical mean?

Denial of elementary nutrition – Rei: Kazeki, did you ever ask me for food?

Kazeki: No.

Rei: See! I didn't do any deny-ing things! He didn't ask! He buys all his own food at Katagiri!

Denial of proper medication – Rei: Once again, you didn't request it! You weren't that sick, yuh didn't need it!

Kazeki: Well actually…

Rei: ::Gives Kazeki death glare.::

Kazeki: Eep, I'll shut up now!

Rei: ::Smiles:: Good boy!

Deportation to an Anvil-damage prone area – Yes…that happened…Kazeki had fun, didn't you, Kazeki?

Kazeki: Well no…it was very painful. ::Holds out his arm, which is broken, and in a sling.:: See?

Rei: Fascinating.

Et cetera et cetera et cetera ad infinitum. – I didn't do any et cetera et cetera! I swear to socks I didn't! I'm not that evil!

Kazeki: Does this mean your going to stop torturing me?

Rei: Well I wanna keep you around…so I guess we all have to be friends now.

Kazeki: Yay!

Rei: ::Death glare.:: How am I supposed to test you for muse-dom if I cant torture you?

Kazeki: ::Blinks:: You were really considering it?

Rei: 'Course.

Kazeki: ^_^

Rei: Okay, we're all a happy family now! On with the fic!

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Ficcy time!

            They were home before Dr. Kido. Blossom wondered if she should tell him about the days events or not. He'd be mad at her, and declare her unable to look after the kids she had now. Which would mean she'd be forced into an abortion.

            She wasn't going to tell. A life was on the line. The life of her daughter.

            She hoped it was a daughter, anyway.

            Shin came downstairs. "Where were you guys? Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?"

            "Well, you were studying. I didn't want to disturb you."

            This made Shin feel very guilty. "You could've…anyway, where were you? I told Dad you were at Natsuko's, were you?"

                "No." Jyou said. "Mom was looking for me."

            Shin was very confused.

            Blossom took over. "Jyou went to a friends house, and he forgot to call and tell me. So I was out looking for him."

            "Oh…Dad's going to kill both of you."

            At that moment, Dr. Kido walked in. (Convenient, ne?) "Who am I going to kill?"

            So they had no choice but to tell him.

            "I don't believe you!" Dr. Kido shouted. "You lost our child? How could you be so careless!"

            "I–" Blossom began.

            "No, shut up, you stupid bitch! You can't even keep track of one child, and you think you can look after a baby?"

            "I'm not you daughter. I know how to look after my kids. I'm not some stupid teenager."

            "Well your certainly acting like one. Listen, tomorrow, we are going right down to the abortion clinic."


            "What do you mean, no?"
            "I said, I wanna keep this baby. To abort it now would be murder. I'm already in my sixth month."

            Dr. Kido picked up a stack of papers which was Blossom's novel. He then took a lighter out of his pocket, and flicked a flame to life. He held it towards the precious papers. "Be a good girl." He said coolly. "And I wont burn this. Tomorrow we are going to the abortion clinic."

            "No." Blossom said, her voice shaking.

            Dr. Kido set the manuscript on fire. The flames licked the pages, destroying all Blossoms hard work. She should've known better, she should've made more then one copy. But this was all she had.

            "W-why did you do that….?" Blossom asked, trying not to cry.

            "I'm just trying to teach you to be a good wife. Now." He grabbed Blossom's arm and held the flame close. "Are we going to the clinic?"

            She stared at the flame. It would hurt, it would hurt a lot. But she still could not give in. "No." She said weakly.

            He burned her with the flame, only a little, then took it away. "Are you ready to say yes?"

            The pain was searing. It would be so easy to say yes, so easy just to agree and get it over with.

            But she wanted this child more then anything. She shook her head, hoping the lack of words would make her punishment less painful.

            Dr. Kido left the room, and returned with a bucket of water. Wonderful cool water. She longed to dip her arm in, ease the pain of the burn. But she dared not.

            He grabbed her hair, and held the flame to it. "One last chance." He smiled.

            "No." Her voice sounded strangled.

            "Alright then. You have no one to blame but yourself." He then lit her hair. Just before it all burned up, before any serious damage was caused, he dumped the water on her head.

            Then, Dr. Kido slipped out of the room as if nothing had happened.

            The next day, things seemed normal. Blossom had cut her hair so it did not look burnt, only a whole lot shorter. She endured the burns on her skin, without complaint. She did not want anyone to know. That would be unthinkable.

            Jyou had plans to see Takeru after school. He hoped Takeru wouldn't be to mad, he had abandoned him for Mimi.

            In another household, Yamato was trying to devise ways to stay away from the fangirls that had recently been chasing him all over the place.

            In yet another, Takeru was hoping against hope he would Yamato, or Jyou. Neither seemed likely. A visit from a space alien seemed more likely.

            So things seemed normal.

            Things aren't always what they seem.

            "Bye, Kakuya-san!" Jyou yelled to his teacher as he raced out the door. He was going to get to Takeru's today, if it killed him.

            He saw Yamato tearing through the schoolyard, probably running from his new fan-club. "JYOU!!!!" Yamato yelled, and ran behind him. "Hide me! Please?"

            "Why don't you ask Taichi?" Jyou asked.

            "They'll chase him to. Cos he's cute like me."

            "Emm…" Jyou sweatdropped.

            "But you can help me, cos your ugly. So they wont chase you."

            Jyou turned around and left. "Forget it Yamato." He was justifiably angry. Yamato had just insulted him. The worst part was, Yama didn't know it!

            Yamato ran off in search of shelter, and Jyou walked home, fuming.

            Finally, he reached Takeru's house. Natsuko was going off to some book club. So basically, Jyou was babysitting. He didn't mind this time. He had to make it up to the kid.

            Takeru opened the door. He was wearing paint-spattered overalls and that bucket hat he would permanently adopt at age eleven. Basically, he was adorable.

            The adorable child grinned. "Ji-you! You came!"

            Ji-you nodded. "Hi."

            Takeru grabbed Jyou's leg and hugged it. Jyou was great, even if he wasn't Yamato.

            They walked inside. "So…what do you wanna do?" Jyou asked.

            "Lets play 'Intendo." Takeru said. He'd just gotten a new game, 'Crushing Crusaders.' The main character was a ferret named Steve. Needless to say, it wasn't the highest of quality.

            "Okay." Jyou helped Takeru set up the game, and they began to play.

            Takeru decided to be Turulu, Tony the other ferrets younger brother. Jyou decided to be Iyao, one of the more minor ferrets. Jyou did not like main characters, they annoyed the hell out of him.

            They had a choice of doing the adventure game or fighting each other. They wanted to do the adventure, but they had to be Tony or Steve. So they just decided to fight.

            Buttons were pressed and the game began. Takeru was definitely winning, but he'd had more practice.

            Soon, the screen flashed, game over. Takeru had won. "Play again?" He asked..

            "Sure." The phone rang. "Just a second." Jyou got up and answered the phone. "Ki – I mean, Ish – I mean Takaishi residence."

            "Hi Jyou." Someone said.

            "Who's this?"

            "Its Shuu." His brother said. "Shin said you were over there."

            Jyou nodded, worried. Why was Shuu calling him?

            "Well, someone has to tell you…and Shin was busy trying to keep Dad away from Mom. Should've gotten me to do it. I could do it better. All Shin's good for is talking. Should be a telemarketer…"


            "Tell me what?"

            "Oh yeah, sorry. Mom's in the hospital."

            Jyou dropped the phone, shaking. "W-what for?" He said, when he picked it back up.

            "Dad went nuts, apparently. Went and burned her."

            "Burned her? Why?"

            "I'll spare you the details. He was mad, is all."

            "Will Mama be okay?"

            "I dunno." Shuu said, hesitantly. "You'd better get down to the hospital."

            "Okay." Jyou hung up. "Takeru! I've got to go, bye!" He grabbed his bag and ran out the door.

            Takeru stared at the door, wondering if he'd ever be able to count on anyone to stick around.

            "Mama!" Jyou yelled as he tore into the hospital room. The receptionist had tried to stop him but he ignored her. "Mom!"

            His mother was lying in the hospital bed, looking pale as death, except for the burn makes that covered her neck and face. "J…jyou…" She gasped. "Aren't you su…supposed to be at…at Natsu…ko's?"

            "Yah…but I'm here instead. Are you okay Mama? What happened?"

            "It's nothing." Blossom said, not sounding like she meant it at all.

            Outside the door, Jyou heard yelling. "Let me in, dammit!" That was his father's voice.

            "Sorry…" That was Shin. "I cant."

            "Why not? I have a right to see my wife!"

            Dr. Kido had a very scary voice.

            "Dad?" Jyou said, walking towards the door. "Why did you…do that…to Mom?"

            It was such a straightforward question, Jyou was surprised it was he who'd asked it.

            "Do what?" Dr. Kido sneered. "I did nothing. It was completely her fault."

            A doctor walked in. "Mrs. Kido? In about an hour we're going to test to see if the baby's still alive, as your requested."

            "Thank you…" Blossom smiled.

            "It better not be…" Dr. Kido mumbled.

            Shuu walked in, surprisingly, not drunk or high. "How's Mom doing?"

            "Well she's concious now." Shin said, a tone of irritation in his voice.

            "Good." –

            "Hey, people–" Dr. Kido began.

            His three children gave him death glares. They didn't have a lot in common, but they were united in their hatred for their father.

            Dr. Kido did not finish his sentence.

            Takeru sat at his Nintendo. He was now playing the adventure game. He was being Tony, even though he didn't really want to. He had nothing better to do, really. He was all alone, and had no clue how to handle himself.

            The phone rang. He picked it up, and it was Yamato. Takeru smiled.

            "Hey ototo-chan!" Yamato grinned. "Whats up?"

            "Not much. I'm really bored. Ji-you left so I got nuthin' to do."

            A glimmer of a dark mood struck Yamato. "What do you mean he left?"

            "The phone rang and he talked into it and left."

            "Where did he go?"

            "I dummo."

            "Is Mom there?"


            "Is anyone there?"

            "Your alone?"

            "I'm gonna kill Jyou." With that, Yamato hung up and ran out the door. "Bye Dad!" He yelled.

            "Wait, where are you going?" Masaharu asked.

            Yamato didn't answer. He was going home.

            Yamato walked in and the long awaited re-union commenced. "I missed you so much!" Yamato yelled, hugging his brother.

            "Ah missed you to." Takeru smiled, happy tears streaming down his face.

            "I'm gonna call Mom and tell her, then I'll stay until she gets back, alright?"

            Takeru nodded. "Wanna play my new game?"

            "Sure." They put it the ferret game, and Tony kicked Turulu's butt.

            Ahhh…this was just like old times.

            The doctors had done the baby tests and had results. "The baby's alive, Mrs. Kido."  The nurse said. "And it's a girl."

            Despite her frail state, Blossom started singing her happy song.

            Her sons stared at her strangely, but didn't really care. So long as it was a happy scary song, not a sad scary song, it was okay.

            Yamato chewed out Jyou for leaving Takeru alone. They didn't speak to each other for a while, both claiming they never liked each other anyway. Maybe Jyou had never liked Yamato, but Yamato had always had a certain fondness for the guy. Oh well, some things can't be helped.

            Yamato remained extremely protective of his brother. Takeru would get annoyed, but in the end, they were always brothers, and they loved each other.

            Blossom got a divorce and skin grafts as soon as she could. Her baby was born three months later. She named her Kiseki, which means miracle.

            Dr. Kido was arrested.

            Kiseki was Jyou's Takeru. He finally had a real sibling bond. Well, mostly he helped Kiseki get into trouble, but that was okay. Hey, a bonds a bond.

            Happy endings are rare. But they do come once in a while.


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