.:I Love You To Death:.

by Wario-Girl/Salverto

I Love You To Death

Our story takes place in a small traditional village called Cherry Valley. The leaping sun shone its brightness to this quiet village. It was indeed a peaceful paradise for both Humans and Saiyans. Although this village was called paradise for some, it was a living hell for one innocent girl.

This girl was called Shinimi Fujikage. Her first name literally means 'Death', which caused many in Cherry Valley to be suspicious of her. Throughout childhood, Shinimi has suffered rejection from her mother and separation from her father. Clueless about her father, Shinimi just wished he came back. Her mother was very harsh on her because of the reputation she has given to her accidentally, and is also suspicious of Shinimi's real intentions. Everyone kept away from her as children feared her. She was much stronger then regular children, and had slightly different features. Her nails were always black and clawed and her ears were vaguely pointed then regular. Her mother often exclaims that she was a Saiyan, just like her father, but everyone saw something dangerous in her. She wasn't like any other Saiyans…

She was often alone and rejected for who she was. Her mother was always pressuring her to become powerful like 'Real Saiyans', and Shinimi eventually grew up to hate her mother. When she stares into her eyes, something tells her that she wasn't her real mother. Since birth, Shinimi learnt to cope and ignore the pain that lingered in her heart. Until she was twelve, she learnt something so extreme about herself, she remained in silence.

From the day she discovers herself, she was never the same, quiet bullied child again…

That was when she met her first and only best friend…

Hey guys, it's great to be back into DragonBall Z. It's a childhood dream to write something about such a great TV show! Thanks to my boyfriend, I've been wanting to write a fanfic about this, so here we go. Please forgive me if I screw up in any place. I'm trying hard to fit it in somehow, plus, not everything can work out, so I'm sorry. I will not disclaim or comment on EVERY chapter, it'll drive me crazy XD So here it is:


Dragon Ball Z is (sadly) not mine.

Only Mrs. Fugikage, Mrs. Sasaki and my lovely Oc Shinimi ^^; Thankies! AND MOST OF ALL, ENJOY!