Fourteen: Her flares untangle

"Those who wish to enter, this way please!" A man with large sunglasses shouted down the microphone and soon, a massive cluster of fighters walked towards him. That was Kagam and Shinimi's cue to leave Takami, Jiji and Kiki.

"Now remember, Shinimi, don't kill anyone," Kiki giggled as Shinimi fired a mock-angry glare.

"Yeah, I bet all of your opponents will be on the verge of death after fighting with you," Takami laughed, loud and clear. Shinimi rolled her eyes, not making any effort of fighting back. "Let's just hop you get Kagam,"

"Well, remember Shinimi, just because you're a woman doesn't mean I won't hit you,"

"And just because you're an idiotic brother doesn't mean I won't hurt you," Shinimi smirked and Kagam play-punched her arm.

"Guess you guys need to get going," Kiki spoke silently. Jiji leaned forwards to Shinimi.

"Please be careful," She mewed. Shinimi chuckled and rubbed onto the Neko's tiny head.

"I'll be fine, don't worry," Jiji poked her tiny, wet nose onto Shinimi, making her giggle.

Kagam and Shinimi walked towards the man with bright blond hair, combed in a stiff manner. He wore a turquoise suit and he readjusted his sunglass to see Kagam and Shinimi walking towards him.

"You guys entering?" he asked, his voice loud, even without his microphone.

"Hell yeah!" Kagam smirked darkly. The man beamed happily at the new two contestants and directed them to the back, where they will be waiting to be called out. Shinimi felt her arms tremble in excitement as she waited to be called out. At the back, many of the contestants were standing around, practicing last minute training before the big show. The announcer reminded everyone about the rules of the game. They can't go out of bounds otherwise they will lose instantly, no killing…Shinimi has heard it all before, even if this was the first time she has entered a contest. Then, throughout the entire half-an-hour, Kagam suggested they did some, and Shinimi agreed to it.

"Get ready and give us a good show!" Shouted the fair-haired announcer. It has already been half-an-hour and before Shinimi knew it, she joined the end of the queue with Kagam, staring at his back. They needed to introduce themselves to the audience. In a mixture of nerves and excitement, Shinimi readjusted her black cowboy hat on her head, securing it and tidied her long, black trench-coat. Shinimi felt the tension rise inside of her as he slowly counted them to go. "Three…two…one…"

Shinimi's feet burst from the ground…

The sound of his cry "Go!" was lost in the roar from the crowd as ten figure rose into the air. Shinimi felt her hair fly back off her forehead, her nerves left her in the thrill of the flight; she glanced around and only managed to have a split-second glance of Jiji, Kiki and Takami. They watched from below, and she sped off around the crowd in the other contenders to introduce herself. Kagam was waving like crazy. Shinimi kept her eyes forward, forming her plan of the fight not so long from here…She could even be the first one out there…

"Welcome everyone to the Worlds Championship. This will be a five round match! Introducing first: Yamcha, Tian, General Tao, Kurai, Susan, Nathan, Jackie, Riko, Kagam and Shinimi!" Takami punched the air as Shinimi and Kagam soared round the end of the ring. One of these lucky contenders will enter the final round with our Champion!"

Shinimi hissed a pray under her breath. This was her chance to impress herself. All of those years of hiding and training…it was about time she was let loose.

As they came back to the backstage, the announcer gripped onto Kagam's shoulder.

"You-Are you Kagam?"

"Yes I am," Came the proud reply.

"Good, because you're first," Kagam blinked in horror and Shinimi couldn't help but giggle. The announcer then looked up to Shinimi; his massive glasses reflected the hot glare of the sun in her face. "You're Shinimi, right?" Shinimi nodded. "You two are going first,"

"What?" Kagam gasped in terror. "How come?"

"You two are our newest contenders. The beginners always come first." The announcer smiled and Shinimi couldn't help but frown at that remark.

"I may be a beginner in the World Championship's eyes, but I can put a better damn show than all of your regular contenders," Shinimi hissed bitterly.

"Let's just hope you do," The announcer shot back and placed the microphone by his mouth. "Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the first round match. Kagam vs. Shinimi!" The cheers softly died into quizzical noises. No one really knew who was Kagam and Shinimi but their friends. Kagam faced Shinimi.

"I guess this is it," he smirked. Shinimi's eyes looked at him.

"Okay, I won't kill you, but I may hurt you." Kagam burst out laughing.

"You can't hurt me. You're a girl!"

"And you're a girl's blouse," Shinimi piped up, giggling. They clasped hands together, their thumbs entwined together and they patted each other's back. "May the best player win,"

"Hmm, indeed," Kagam smirked and with that, he turned away from her and walked down into the bright sunlight that seeped through the entrance. Shinimi watched him go. She knew that one day; she will have to fight against her friends. She never would have thought that day would come so soon. But this was for fun. Kagam was a serious fighter-she only hoped he isn't going to hold back…

The crowd cheered as Kagam entered the ring, pumping his arms like the show-off he is. Takami shielded his eyes away from his embarrassing friend, and Kiki giggled.

Shinimi examined herself while Kagam got ready to his side of the ring. She kept her hat and leather-coat on and soon followed him. The crowds of people lapsed in a muffled cheering aura to see the mysterious figure of Shinimi. She felt nervous of the reaction. It wasn't very supportive.

"Come on, Shinimi!" Shinimi looked up to see Kagam cracking his knuckles, his brave smile and his scars beamed the sun light to her, encouraging her. "Don't hold back on me, okay?"

Kagam's valiant words made Shinimi realised that Kagam was ready, for a beaten or for a win, and yet no matter what happens to him, he will remain friends with her. Shinimi reflected a dark smile and cracked her knuckles, tightening her finger leather-gloves.

"Alright, Kagam, let's do this!" She yelled. It was time for the fun to begin. "I bet you can't beat a girl like me!"

As if to prove the Hybrid wrong, the Kagam rushed towards Shinimi, his fist ready to hit her. There was a collection of gasps. Shinimi jumped back, missing it and began to circle the Kagam.

Then he sprang, leaping across the arena towards Shinimi, one fist swung at her chest. She sidestepped, bringing Kagam to hit the ground in a roll and flipped back up onto his feet.

"Shinimi…you're faster then ever!" Came a pant of surprise from Kagam. Shinimi smiled gently.

"I can be much faster." Shinimi said, her eyes never leaving Kagam. "You better act serious, because I'm going to be serious myself now."

Kagam aimed his open-palm at Shinimi.

"Okay, let's get this serious. There's no holding back." Kagam murmured, unsure himself if he could even hit his sister-like friend. Shinimi nodded.

"So be it,"

As the last word was spoken, a large orb of Ki was fired towards Shinimi, and she dived onto her front as it exploded above her. The crowd were on the edge of there seats now. The newcomers has captured their attention instantly. Shinimi slowly stood up. For a moment, she was speechless, unable to believe that Kagam fired at her…then again…he was Saiyan himself. Time to make this more interesting…

She hoped from the ground, and her feet never touched it again. She decided to take this to air. She rushed towards kagam. He flashed a smirk at her, getting ready for his strike. Then, Shinimi vanished. Kagam blinked and yelled to feel Shinimi's hair tickle the back of his neck. He vanished himself and Shinimi dusked the instant he did, as Kagam swung a fist where her head was two seconds ago. Kagam cried out and dived again out of the way when he heard a battle-cry escape past Shinimi's lips, and her massive boot swung around, catching his chin slightly. Jiji screamed for Shinimi, as Kagam rushed towards Shinimi. The crowd cried out, horrified to see the speed of Kagam, but Shinimi couldn't spare them any time now. She was suddenly in her own world, and only Kagam and Shinimi existed in the world.

In one fluid motion, she jumped backwards and landed further up in the sky. Kagam snarled, panicking. Shinimi was surprisingly fast, like the Ginyu Force when they invaded Kagam and Takami. She smirked. As Kagam charged towards her, his eyes meaning business now, Shinimi slowly leaned forward, one leg pointed straight in the air. Any minute now…

The crowd cried out to see Kagam flung back into the air like a Ragdoll. Shinimi has kicked him away from her, forcefully, and the sound of the impact sounded like thunder from the distance. Kagam tumbled into the air, but he didn't land on the ground.

"Ouch, girl!" Kagam panted, rubbing onto his stomach. Shinimi stood there, smiling. He was doing good…no, he was doing great. She was proud of him.

Colours flashed around her. Shinimi's dark eyes looked up to see a figure staring back at her. It was a monstrous figure stood in mid-air, arms folded. The black figure's eyes were the only things Shinimi could see. They were narrow, threatening and dark. Shinimi fell in love again…

Her eyes widened, recognising them-

A rock-hard sensation clashed at the side of Shinimi's head, and she flew to the other side of the arena. Damn! She got distracted a totally forgotten what she was suppose to do. She halted,, and turned around, seeing Kagam smirking back at her proudly. Shinimi chuckled.

"Oh, brother, you're dead…" Shinimi murmured playfully, the back of her hand rubbed against the side of her injured head.

"Come catch me if you can, woman!" Kagam called back from above, his knuckles placed on his hips as he smirked evilly at her. Shinimi turned away, folding her arms and there was a pause. Kagam waited for a reply.

Then, the silent battle field was interrupted by Shinimi's final mutter.

"As you wish…" came the reply.

Kagam watched as Shinimi glanced over her shoulder. Her face was stern, serious, but soon, a small smile appeared on her face and she giggled. She then turned around and faced him. She levitated towards him, vanished. She appeared again, but much closer then before. She vanished again, and when she reappeared again, her nose was only a few inches away from touching Kagam. He flinched back at the sudden appearance. Shinimi stood back up, and she giggled again. Kagam gritted his teeth and lunged a kick into her gut…but…

Shinimi was gone. She vanished the instant Kagam went to kick her. He blinked, wondering and trying to catch up what has happened. There was a moment of nothing, as Shinimi was gone. That was when Jiji squeaked.

Kagam felt his heart sink as he slowly stood straight. The figure of Shinimi stood behind him, her hands clamped together, holding onto each other above her head.

"Behind you…" Shinimi muttered, and just as Kagam inhaled to reply, Shinimi sent a full-force double-fist down at the back of Kagam's head, striking downwards. It completely knocked Kagam off-guard and he fell lifelessly onto the ground, his lower body collapsed onto the grassy ground, and therefore lost for going out of bounds.

Shinimi bit her lip.

The battle was frantic, but Shinimi won.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner: Shinimi!" The announcer cried out. A great cheer went up from the arena.

Shinimi didn't listen to the crowds cheers. She shot back down instantly, rushing towards Kagam. That strike was much too hard, even she was surprised with her own strength.

"Kagam!" She yelled, rolling him onto his back. But she smiled when she found Kagam's cheeky smile flashing back to her, blood bubbled on his lip.

"Well done, Shinimi. If only didn't go out of bounds, this would have lasted longer," he chuckled weakly and Shinimi helped him up. "Well done, sister,"

"No, well done to you, Kagam," Shinimi smirked, holding Kagam's arm around her neck for support. "You did really well," She giggled, and it was drowned with the cheers of the crowd. Shinimi and Kagam took that moment to bow down to them for the cheers. Round One was gone…now Shinimi can't dread anymore about the second round.

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