"Demon talking"

'Demon thinking'

Jutsu and technique from soul society and hollows

5 years after the Kyuubi attack

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze holder of the Kyuubi's soul watched his 'parents' train his twin older sister by 5 minute Natsuki Uzumaki Namikaze, holder of Kyuubi's chakra in the private grounds of the Namikaze estate basic taijutsu kata. Naruto and Natsuki though were twins' inherited different hair such as Naruto with his spiky, blonde hair and Natsuki with her straight, red hair. Their looks branched from a combination of Kushina's skin color and Minato's effeminate looks.

He was once again left out stating he would learn as soon as he went to the academy and that his sister needed to start early if she was to ever get control over it. His sister got everything he yearned for while he was glared at from the villagers every chance they got. Some of them would hurt him gravely to the point where he almost died from it. Those people were punished but were bailed out by strong influenced civilian clan leaders to allow them to be free the next day. Naruto's love of his father slowly depleted each time but he didn't seem to care about that but rather his daughter. This thought angered him greatly.

Naruto had no friends in life and used his time sitting on the Hokage monument while listening to the whispers brought in from the wind. For some reason, he found that he had control over the wind to the point where he could fly for a while before becoming tired, hear people up to 1 mile, and even sense them at the same distance he could hear them.

Naruto left the window not being to stand the sight of the ones who was suppose to be his family. He made his way to the Hokage momentum but stopped 75% of the way when he sensed several people with ill intentions, the only feeling he was able to detect. He was able to detect anyone with negative emotions. Not wanting to find out who they were directed to, Naruto turned and moved away from his usual spot. The wind alerted him of more individuals coming towards the direction he was heading thus he turned in the last direction he wanted to go, the forest of death. He took off in that direction not wanting another torture session. He climbed the gates blocking in all dangerous things while blocking out the people and people below the status of chuunin. He was once again warned by the wind that the group was heading this way meaning there was a tracker in the group. He went deep in the forest and had the wind blow his scent elsewhere.

"Kiba, are you sure this is where the demon went?" A woman with long spiky brown hair, vertical slit-like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails. She also has the clan fang markings on her cheeks as well as markings over her eyes and a dark shade of purple lipstick. She wears the standard outfit of a Konoha shinobi. This was Tsume Inuzuka, mother to Kiba Inuzuka.

"Yes I'm sure of it kaachan." She sniffed a few times to confirm that he was indeed correct.

"Well he went to the most dangerous forest so hopefully some wild animal kills him. Let's go guys; we won't be able to get him for now. We will kill him before he regains his power again to have his revenge on us for stripping him of his power. If we can't them the Yondaime's daughter will seeing as how she did inherit her mother's water element and her father's Hiraishin bloodline. The demon unlike her didn't get either of them." She left not knowing that Naruto heard her harsh words. Naruto simple broke down and cried. It was true that he didn't get his parent's bloodline for some reason. What no one knew was that Minato had a weak wind element though his did not show due to how weak it was. Naruto on the other hand inherited wind supremacy but wind users were rare in Konoha.

Naruto unlike his sister had extremely high intelligence and grew in experience from fending on his own. This didn't mean his sister was an idiot, no she was smart but not on the same level as he was. Then there was the fact that they were smart in their own ways such as Naruto's intelligence when it came to combat related things and Natsuki's intelligence when it came to fully understanding one's emotion towards something or someone. From the very moment he could crawl, he started picking up on their ill intent towards him compared to the complete lack of it his sister always received and he didn't understand the reason until their parents told them about Kyuubi at the age of 4. He knew Natsuki didn't fully understand what they told her except she was a hero with super powers. Such simple minded things were foolish to him just as the villagers and many ninjas that reside here in the village. He sometimes wished he had power, power to defend him and make those who dared to cross him suffer. His sister had chakra in spades so ninjutsu wouldn't be a problem at all but he would have those problems soon meaning he would have to use small amounts or somehow build his reserves though it will never be anywhere his sister's level. His fist grew white from bawling up his fist with rage and jealousy.

That's when he the wind picked up a feeling that seemed to want his attention. There was not negative feeling to it but rather a wanting to bond feeling. Naruto followed the feeling going deeper into the forest of death even going pass the forbidden section for those below elite jounin level ninjas. The closer he got, the more he sensed that feeling until he could practically taste it. He soon found the feeling coming from a small glowing bluish/purple orb stuck in a wall with what looks like a faded seal. Naruto reached out and grabbed the orb. The orb gave off a feeling of wanting comfort so Naruto brought the blade to his chest in a comforting manner only for the orb to sink into his chest before pain struck.

Naruto clutched his chest as his chakra twist and turned becoming something more. His head started pounding as memories of a once Shinigami vs. Hollow war waged on for years with a Shinigami named Sosuke Aizen on the hollow side showing that he was a traitor of a place known as soul society. Both combination of pain caused him to black out.

Naruto awoke 3 hours later feeling more energized than before. He reached his hand out only to feel a sword under it. Upon seeing the sword, Naruto couldn't help but stare in awe at the weapon he saw in his memories. It was an oversized elegant cleaver with a cloth-wrapped tang. The sword is as tall as Ichigo is, 1.75 meters, and has a black blade with a silver edge. This sword was called Zangetsu and now it was his sword. He looked at his chest to find what was known as the Hogyoku sitting in the middle of a cross-like pattern located on his chest. He stood up getting the feel of power flowing through him but not as much as he wanted. The Hogyoku was damaged from a battle that happened thousands of years ago and he knew one way he would repair the orb, the Kyuubi's chakra from Natsuki. He no longer considered him or the others family and would leave as soon as he was able to do so.

Covering up his chest and allowing his blade to materialize into his body or rather mind, Naruto made his way back to the place he once considered home where he would allow the Hogyoku to extract some of Kyuubi's chakra to repair itself. Upon reaching his home, he made his way to his room and waited for Minato to put his daughter to sleep after tiring herself out with training. Two hours later, Naruto's ears picked up on familiar footsteps heading to the room Natsuki resides in. The footsteps went by again and Naruto crept towards her room to quickly start his plan.

He found Natsuki passed out on her bed and moved towards her without making too much noise to attract attention from the others. He lifted her shirt and placed his hand on her stomach before channeling some chakra as his father did. Her face squinted in pain as Kyuubi's chakra was removed forcefully from her body but she had yet to awaken. The orb in his chest pulsed a few times before seemingly repair itself using the Kyuubi's chakra. The two colors swirled together several times before forming a new color which was magenta. Getting what he wanted, Naruto moved from her room and into his own before falling asleep.

The next day, Naruto was awoken to the sound of Natsuki bouncing around the room yelling about Ramen for breakfast. Getting up, Naruto took a shower, brushed his teeth, and then got dressed in a simple black shirt, shorts, and sandals. He crept downstairs and in the kitchen where he made his own bowl of cereal ignoring Minato and Kushina lecture Natsuki about eating proper to be a strong ninja. Naruto finished his bowl of cereal before heading out the door to discover anything new about his Hogyoku and where was the safest place to go than the forest of death where he found the orb in the first place.

Once he reached there, he decided to test out the simplest thing such as punching a tree creating a small dent. His new power wasn't high but he was sure that in a few years, he would be able to leave this village but where would he go. That was another problem seeing as Konoha would probably drag him back for having the same blood as the Yondaime Hokage. Maybe using Zangetsu and the Hogyoku would help him seeing as the two clashed before with Ichigo using Zangetsu and Aizen using the Hogyoku. Then there was the wind ability that would boost as he evolved meaning that his training would have to revolve around Zangetsu and the Hogyoku first before learning to fully bend the wind at his will.

3 years later

Naruto trained for 3 years with the help of Zangetsu, the spirit in the sword. He learned how to fight using swords along with bankai and Shunpo from the soul reaper technique, hollow techniques such as cero, Sonido, Bala, and Cero Oscuras. Though this didn't seem much to learn in 3 years, this still placed him on par with a weasel anbu Itachi Uchiha though no one knew about that seeing as he kept it a secret from everyone. He had started making plans to leave where Konoha would look last and that placed ended up being Iwagakure being under the ruler Onoki the Third Tsuchikage.

He packed the things he collected in a bag along with his summoning contract for Falcons. The falcons did not have any huge boss summoning and weren't used for heavy combat, but were used for transportation, scouting, and light combat usually giving support via sky attacks. The biggest bird he had was about 20 feet tall and his name was Arashi. The falcon was a contract once belonging to some unknown man from the land of birds but he has since long passed away.

Packing his items away in a scroll having learned the basics of sealing and placing it in a small backpack filled with other small scrolls containing food and supplies, Naruto crept out the Namikaze compound 5am in the morning. This was the day he would be able to join the academy but why would become a ninja for this god forsaken place that scorned his existence and was ignored by his parents in favor for his sister stating she would need to learn how to use Kyuubi's chakra if she was to be a ninja. He scoffed at that and passed the two chuunin guards at the gate entrance using Sonido making a low booming static sound. The guards turned to the source to find nothing there. They shook it off as their mind playing tricks on them.

Several minutes later, Naruto stopped using Sonido to prepare for his departure by his fastest transportation bird only to freeze in his tracks when four ninjas jumped from the trees in front of him. Naruto recognized them as Hatake, Kakashi or Copy Ninja Kakashi, Sarutobi Asuma, Yuhi Kurenai, and Might Gai. Kakashi and the others instantly knew him as the Yondaime's son. They knew of his burden but due to the council, they weren't able to do much until he became a genin. Asuma heard about his wind nature ability and grew interested in helping the boy control said element, Kurenai wanted to help train him in genjutsu seeing as his sister would probably never get the right chakra control to fully utilize it, Gai wanted to teach him and his sister the wonders of hard work and maybe get him to wear a similar spandex to his own, and Kakashi wanted to have a teacher student relationship with both his sensei's children. He eyed the blonde child in front of him before his single visible eye settled on his backpack.

"May I ask as to why you're outside the village with a backpack Naruto? I do hope you're not planning to run away because if that's the case, I will have to drag you back now don't I?" The others tensed seeing as he did look like he was leaving. Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"I don't mean to sound rude but I'm actually not planning to leave. I already made my plans to leave and I am now leaving the village. How about you turn the other way so I could walk by and never return to this place thus liberating it from the likes of me?" Naruto knew Kakashi already knew he was leaving so lying was not an option. Kakashi frowned before countering his bold statement.

"Then I guess I'll have to grab you now won't?" He moved to grab the boy not waiting for the boy to answer. Right as his hand reached to grab him, Naruto vanished making a low static booming noise before appearing behind him shocking the others. This signified the chase.

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