Naruto reappeared back in Hueco Mundo and headed to his map to mark off areas he conquered. After doing so, he summoned his army once again to invade Lightning country. The first thing he would do was kill the Daimyo so that they wouldn't question as to why Kumo wasn't there for assistance. In order to make it look as if Kumo couldn't help them he would need to conquer lightning country as fast as possible eliminating any form of message heading to Kumo. Looking over the map, Naruto decided to first surround the country and attack from all sides cutting off all escape routes. To attack the heart of Lightning country and all the sides would surely bring confusion as to what to do. He spent the next 30 minutes creating a plan before he went to Lightning country to set things up. He placed a few high ranking Gillian in certain areas as a way to open NegaciĆ³n when he was ready. He did this for several other areas as well taking down any kumo Nins or samurai's guarding lightning country. Once that was done, Naruto took on the appearance of a young boy and traveled to the heart of the country.

As he traveled there he couldn't help but stare at the scenery that he passed by. Not once did he take the time to look at nature and relax but then again he was busy invading countries or whatnot. He decided he would at least enjoy the small peaceful moment that would occur before a large fight broke out. But this was necessary if he was to rule the shinobi lands to create peace. No one would oppose him as they knew it would be dangerous to do so. With no one brave enough to go against him; Naruto would set rules they would have to follow. With rules set on what they can and can't do, this would reduce crimes, missing Nins would be no more problems as his army would eliminate those and besides where would they run away to that wasn't owned by him. Missing Nins would no longer exist unless they ran to another region or planet somehow. His spies would be able to root out any potential problems before things transpire for the worst.

He continued his journey while make communications with the soon to be Lightning Daimyo Arata. They discussed who would be Daimyo and who would rule Kumo. After a few exchanges, Killer Bee was elected to rule Kumo under Naruto's thumb. Naruto cut the conversation short as he approached one of the villages of Lightning country. He walked into an alley and transported closer to the capital feeling as he wasted time walking. He reappeared in the alley of Lightning country capital. Still in his disguise, Naruto snuck into the crowd of people successfully blending in with the crowd. He surveyed the area and noticed the guards were alert and ready to strike. Their eyes scanned for possible danger while their hands were on the hilts of their swords. He sensed ninjas in the shadows watching every face that came in. It was then he deducted that someone leaked to them about their impending doom. Naruto shook his head at this. He should have known that this would happen but it wouldn't matter. It's not as if they would be able to survive his onslaught.

He would find out who leaked the information and have them punished accordingly. The only suspects that he had were those who opposed him namely people from the council room. He reminded himself to get rid of them as well to make Bee's life much easier when he started ruling Kumo. He knew they would make plots behind his back. It was just like Danzo and Hiruzen with the root. He learned a lot of information by going through the minds of Orochimaru and Kabuto. He learned about Danzo's right arm containing the Shodai hokage cells along with ten sharingan and a sharingan implanted in his right eye belonging to Shisui Uchiha. This intrigued Naruto slightly but not by much considering he already fought Orochimaru who possessed the sharingan, the rinnegan, the Hiraishin, the Uzumaki bloodline, and the mokuton bloodline. Fighting two bloodlines instead of 5 surely wouldn't be harder. Actually it seemed much easier once he thought about it. He began to wonder what Danzo would do once word gets out about Lightning country and Kumo being under his command. The only option would be Suna and he was betting Konoha would go to them seeing as they were not only close but they're the only major ninja village despite being weakened.

Surely Suna didn't have much power since their forces were chopped down when they invaded Konoha along side with Orochimaru. He guessed that Orochimaru didn't take those damages in affect or he was too arrogant in thinking he would be strong enough to destroy Konoha. Seeing him cocky before their fight made him believe the latter. He began to wonder what Konoha would be like seeing as Danzo was in charge. Surely there was a handful namely the shinobi population that didn't agree with how Danzo ran things with his emotional-less soldiers. Most likely they put aside their difference to band together. Naruto snapped out of his thoughts as he came near the building the lightning Daimyo were at. The building was heavily guarded by both Ninja and Samurai all prepared for a war. Naruto stood still gaining the attention of several Nins. He stood still staring as the guarded building as people walked by without stopping. He allowed a devious smile to appear on his face unnerving a few guards. Something about the boy screams danger. Before they could react, Naruto dashed towards the guards in a blur with a dagger. The anbu jumped from the shadow and right next to Naruto who buried a dagger in the samurai's shoulder. The anbu all pulled out swords and thrust forward. Naruto waited before blurring away. The sound of metal ripping flesh met close by ears. The others samurais and ninjas stared in horror at their comrade who was now dead by their own hands.

Naruto reappeared but in his true form and wielding his black sword in swinging motion. His blade ripped through the neck of another Samurai and blood squirt from his body. Soon bell sounds went off and more anbu struck. Naruto blurred several times and a few seconds' later heads rolled from their shoulders. Naruto made a bloody dash towards the building cutting through anyone that tried to attack him. He made his way through the building breaking down any doors that was in his way. He even cut through a few jutsus that the ninjas started throwing towards him. Due to his dodging speed, those jutsus would hit an ally on their side. Naruto cut his way until he was halfway to the Daimyo or so he thought. He opened his senses to find his target being moved. He looked up to the ceiling and waited until his target was directly over his position. As soon as he was, Naruto swung his sword.

Getsuga Tensho

The black arc ripped through several floors going upwards. The attack ripped through several soldiers and right through the lightning Daimyo. The attack faded away once it breached the roof and went 10 feet up. Naruto jumped through the hole he created and onto the roof where he signaled his army to invade. Not long after he made the command did his hollow army start attacking. He would soon see his army but right now he had the crowds of Samurai and Ninjas approaching him. The sounds of people panicking were music to his ears. Naruto smiled as he thought about his soon to be future for the eastern side of the globe. Once he did so, he would be able to focus on the other parts of the eastern region not ruled by him.

3 years later

The entire east was now named Hueco Mundo after Naruto conquered the lands as well as take out the Akatsuki. He recreated his empire into his image then eliminated anyone that opposed him or spies though some managed to escape. He would make sure his empire was the strongest ever plus he would ensure that one of his children had taken up his position once he felt tired of doing so. The Easter Empire's enemies were the Western Empire, the North Empire, and the South Empire due unknown reasons. Based on Naruto's limited information, the leaders were on high levels beyond human as well. This would prove to be interesting for Naruto. He would get some spies into each Empire for information. Once he had that information, he would attack one of the Empires depending on strength. The stronger they were, the stronger each man would be. He would attack at the heart to take over the Empire rather than attacking each country.

The problem would be that once he took over one of the Empires, the other leaders would go into hiding but at least he would have power from ruling two Empires. Well it's not as if he wouldn't be ready to take on two countries by then. He would destroy those whom opposed him just as he did the shinobi villages especially Konoha.


Fire was seen blazing from the town that was once Konoha. Tornadoes destroyed homes as well as picked up Nins without mercy. Anyone sucked up in the tornado died from blunt objects flying at high speeds or sharp objects piecing their bodies. Naruto created more tornadoes and smiled when some fool used fire jutsu resulting in spiraling fire tornadoes. He summoned wind blades with ease to severe anyone that attacked him. Konoha gave him pain now it was time for him to return it. Not even the civilians were spared except a few of course. He made sure to kill Danzo, Sasuke, and any Uchiha that lived.

The battle lasted a good 6 hours before Konoha had fallen. Once that was over, Naruto launched a transformation to his Kingdom. His uniform, color scheme, and everything else changed. He would make his kingdom more of a military style.

End of Flashback

Naruto packed a few weapons he would need then teleported straight to the Western Kingdom where the Western Daimyo was. Using his stealth he went into the building passing every guard. He entered the room where the Emperor slept only to find an unknown assailant over a deceased Emperor. Said assailant picked up the crown but was forced to let it go to avoid a stream of fire. Naruto looked over to his right to see Fire Lord Ozai whom was also the Emperor of the North. Another explosion brought his attention to the left this time. Over to his right was none other than Nightmare. The unknown assailant ran over to Nightmare and gave him the crown.

"You've done well Voldo, return to our land while I take care of things here. It seems that we weren't the only ones here to claim the Western Lands. Of course I will be the victor here. What are the names of my opponents and Emperors? I sense a lot of power from each of you so it's safe to assume I'm dealing with the Emperor themselves. My name is Nightmare, the Southern Emperor." Nightmare was described as a large Knight with a larger demonic arm and sword. His demonic sword possessed a single large gold eye filled with hatred.

"My name is Fire Lord Ozai, Emperor of the Northern Emperor." He was a man with black long hair that reached to his back, onyx eyes, and unusual robes that correspond with fiery colors.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Emperor of the Eastern Emperor." Naruto had undergone another but final change. His now white hair went down to his feet, his eyes were now pure white, and his skin remained white. His outfit consists of all white robe and light white shoes. Nightmare glanced at each of them as if sizing them up. So far Naruto was the biggest threat even if it wasn't by much compared to the other man or that's what he sensed right now not knowing that he was suppressing his energy greatly.

"Well Naruto and Ozai, I will be the one to walk out with not only the West but the East and North as well. You will all be dead by the end of today." He drew his large sword and slammed it into the ground causing floor levels to collapse. Both Naruto and Ozai jumped as the floor below them crumbled onto the walls. Nightmare sprung himself from the floor towards Naruto with his large blade ready to strike. Naruto inhaled enough air to perform his next move. Once that was complete, he let out a powerful wind enhanced roar forcing Nightmare to fly backwards through the wall. Nightmare was shot from the towers towards the floor below. Ozai spits out a stream of fire at Naruto forcing him to move from his spot. Naruto pulled out his sword then swung it downwards.

Getsuga Tensho

Ozai leapt from the wall onto another but moved again in time to avoid a large blade slashing through the walls. Nightmare had somehow managed to get back to the top much quicker that he expected him to. The three jumped to one of the floors below to avoid fighting on the remains of a floor.

The people in the city watched as the castle containing their Emperor fell apart. They knew there was an attack going on if the fire, tornadoes, and lightning attacks were to go by. The fact that this happened at their Ruler's castle made some worry that their leader was in trouble. If their ruler died then they would no doubt be invaded by the winner's country or whatever the ruled. Several blasts caused parts of the tower dropped on the people below forcing the others to run in fear. The amount of damages being dealt towards the tower was enough to pump fear in the people's hearts except the warriors standing by. Heihachi watched the tower his father slept in fall apart. Not only did he not sense his father's energy but none of the attacks belonged to him indicating that his grandfather was dead.

"Heihachi-sama, what do you want us to do about the intruders?" Those who knew Jinpachi's power signature had already pieced together the fact that he was no longer amongst the living but a dead man now.

"We wait until the fools tire each other out then kill them. Once they're out the way, we'll attack their country if we find it while expanding our territory. Send for our strongest warrior Kazuya and prepare to exterminate our enemies." Kazuya nods his head as he extends his wings to retrieve some of the strongest warriors the Western region had.

Naruto fired several wind blades from his mouth towards Ozai then swung his blade to counter Nightmare's blade. He jumped as another floor collapsed under them taking Nightmare down another level.

"I guess you underestimated us Nightmare. You should judge a book by its cover." He leaned over to dodge another fire attack from Ozai. "I haven't forgotten about you Ozai. I never underestimate my enemies unlike the two of you. I could sense your power level so I know what I'm dealing with. You assume that I'm weak due to my power level I displayed for all to see. I did that so you would underestimate me." He leapt down stomping on Nightmare's chest sending him down through the floors more. He jumped from Nightmare to avoid a jet of fire aimed towards him and Nightmare letting Nightmare take a full blast from the attack. Nightmare rose from the ground without as much as a scratch from the attack. It seemed that he encased his entire body with his energy preventing injuries from happening. In order for him to reach the person itself or beast, he would have to break pass the armor first. The three separated issuing a silent stare down.

"You two mortals are interesting to me. To think you're able to avoid my attacks as well as pushing me back is no easy feat. The both of you have proven to be great Emperors unlike the ones I encountered before. It's a shame that we won't be able to continue this fight as I'm sure the warriors of this village won't standby for too long. I know you could sense the warriors outside Naruto so enlighten me as to how many enemies we'll have to fight."

"There are about 50 fighters waiting outside with someone on par with us. I could feel his anger towards us so I'm guessing that your assassin killed his father." Nightmare couldn't stop the blood thirsty grin from appearing on his face.

"That sounds very interested Naruto-san. I will be seeing you Emperors later but on the battle field for global domination. Once I'm done, I will be the ruler of North, South, East, and West. You will all be nothing but a memory." Nightmare swung his sword to the wall then dashed out.

Heihachi watched as the wall to the remains of the castle shattered revealing a demonic armored figure. He ordered his men to attack not wanting the murderer of his father to escape. Not even 2 minutes after his men attacked did two areas of the castle explode leveling the remains of the castle. Two figures dashedaway though one vanished completely. This left Ozai and Nightmare to battle their way out dangerous enemies. Ozai seeing Naruto vanished cursed inwardly. This left more enemies to fight while Naruto himself could begin preparations for invading the Western Region immediately. He needed to reach his Region to begin his plans as well. He glanced over to find a strong person that resembled the now deceased Leader chasing Nightmare. He made a guess that the man was the leader's son out for vengeance. This gave him the chance to make an escape.

Nightmare glanced over to see Ozai sneaking away and the total lack of Naruto. He glanced back to find a stronger person amongst the group chasing after him. He would wait until he was near his region to retaliate against them. Despite being strong, he knew he wouldn't be able to fight an entire Empire on his own. He was brought from his thoughts when the group dropped back except one man with dark energy swirling around him. Soon the energy flowed off him in waves. The anticipation to fight someone became too much for Nightmare so he stopped and braced himself for another fight. Also he knew he couldn't outrun him for too long. He wasn't built for speed but rather pure destruction instead.

Heihachi didn't give him any chance to get prepared when he slammed his fist into the figure sending him back 100 feet. Laser fired from his eyes creating a chain attack but it didn't end there. He slammed his fist into the ground producing a large split within the grounds. Nightmare dropped in the cracked just as he wanted. Heihachi spewed lava into the ditch to melt the figure to death. He would show no mercy to anyone that killed his father no matter who they were. The figure had yet to rise making him believe he was dead. Now he just had to find the other two people and kill them. The ground beneath him cracked. On instinct he jumped avoiding the demonic hand that emerged from the ground. Nightmare emerges from the ground sending rocks and dust all over the place. His suit was now red hot from being in the lava.

"So you must be Jinpachi's son. You both have similar powers so I'm guessing you came here to avenge him. Prepare to die human scum. Once I'm done killing you, I will take over your lands then killing the other Emperors Naruto and Ozai." Heihachi could only laugh at his arrogance.

"Do you really believe that you're some type of Supreme Being? If you were then you would have killed the other two by now but that's not the case. I felt your energy source flying through the grounds of father's castle. Those guys really know how to put a hurting on you. As for your plans, I think they'll suit me more in the end. I'll kill you and take over your lands as well as the others. Now enough of this talking and prepare to die." Nightmare chuckled at the man in front of him.

"You just took the words right out of my mouth puny human." Nightmare dashed forward as fast as he could though Heihachi was proven to be a faster person when he met Nightmare to deliver a powerful palm strike. Nightmare was flung across the floor like a ragdoll. He got up as if that was nothing and charged once again but used powerful strikes this time. His strike forced Heihachi back due to the amount of force behind the impact of his strikes. He couldn't help but admire his strength but his speed was too slow. The only reason he was able to fight on high levels was because of his stamina, healing, plus thick armor. His own speed and deadly blows allowed him to fight on par with this beast. Heihachi pulled back to formulate another plan seeing as the others failed. This beast was a walking fort that kept rising every time he fell.

"What's the matter human? Are you getting tired already? I still have much energy to spare. I am the-"

"Would you SHUT THE FUCK up and fight? You're one of the most annoying enemies I've encountered. All you do is talk about how humans are this and that. You haven't landed a single blow on me yet so be quite. Also you will die if it's the last thing I do." He allowed his chakra to spike once more as the two engaged once again.

Naruto watched the fight from the skies with his chakra hidden completely. He was gathering information on his soon to be enemies while his men prepared to invade the Southern Region. After thinking about things plus doing a little recon, he found that the Southern Empire was actually easier to control than the west. Fire Lord Ozai only used fire manipulation as did most of his warriors. He viewed Fire manipulation as something beneath him so he exterminated earth, wind, and water wielders without mercy. He had many water users to put out the fire ones so taking over his land plus gaining more control over lands would be too easy. His eyes watched as Nightmare was tossed around the area but showed no sign of tiredness while Heihachi grew tired as the fight went on. He had inhuman stamina proven to be a great benefit.

Naruto glanced over to the guards ready to jump in at a moment's notice. This would ensure that Heihachi didn't die. 30 minutes more into the fight, Nightmare landed one deadly blow forcing Heihachi to spit up blood. To think one blow was so deadly amused Naruto. He made a mental note to avoid the hits at all time. The guards sprung into action forcing Nightmare to flee leaving destruction to the land ahead. The remaining guards took Heihachi away to the hospital. The others returned after giving up on chasing Nightmare. They needed to beef up security and soon or else they'll lose another warrior.

Naruto appeared back home to see his warriors getting prepared for the early assault on the South. By attacking with a large force would catch anyone off guard especially Ozai. The only ones that would be a challenge was Nightmare. While Heihachi showed raw power, Nightmare seems to have more power. As a matter of fact, Nightmare never used all his powers like Ozai and Heihachi. His power input remained the same throughout the fight now matter how much damage he took. A grin found itself on his face at the thought of Nightmare being on par with him in raw power.

"It would seem that I have an interested person on my hands. Something tells me that he'll be the last person I'll end up fighting." With that being said, he went to visit the person he would send first to the heart of the west being Yammy. "Are you prepared to take out the capital Yammy?"

Yammy slammed his hand into a wall destroying it in the process as well as a roach that was crawling on it. "I will squash them like I did this disgusting bug. I'll make you proud Naruto-sama."

"I bet you will Yammy-san. After we deal with Ozai and his empire, we will target the west if Nightmare hasn't taken over by now. The North Empire will be the last one we will attack unless he gained power over the west which I'm sure he will." Yammy noticed something when he mentioned Nightmare.

"It seems to me that you found a person worthy of crushing Naruto-sama. Is this man truly that strong or you just want destroy him completely?" The grin never left his face.

"He has a lot of raw power despite being physically slow. He fought several battles one after another starting with the one including me and Ozai." Yammy now seemed interested in the man but didn't say anything. Instead he went back to preparing.

Somewhere deep within dark caves we find Madara Uchiha with a group of Orochimaru's reject experiments, Sasuke Uchiha, and a few remaining Kyuubi haters from Konoha that fled once Naruto took control and announcing himself as the ruler of the East. Madara looked over each faces wondering how Naruto was able to gain power so quickly as well as control over so much lands. They were forced to lands that no one wanted due to the pollution and other dangerous factors. It was rather a grave yard for animals. His eyes burned with fury at how Akatsuki was forced to deal with. It should have been him with all that power right now. To make things worse, Konoha had fallen so quickly that it didn't make any sense.

"It seems that we've fallen down so far that even maggots seem superior to us. We have been pushed to a wasteland while the Kyuubi jinchuriki gains more power." The remaining Kyuubi haters sneered at the very name Naruto.

"We should have killed him when he was young."

"If only the Yondaime could see how much of a monster Naruto really is."

"That demon continues to ruin my life."

"I can' believe we didn't kill him earlier when he wasn't so strong. Now he's just too powerful plus he has a large army by his side." The bickering went on until Madara had enough. He raised killing intent scaring everyone.

"Yes things may seem grim but did you all forget that he started off with barely anything as well. He worked his way up to power which is what we will do. We will utilize the tailed beast's power then head over to a land not occupied by Naruto meaning outside the Eastern Region. The three tailed beast resides near Kiri but remained hidden from many others except me of course. We will seal it way along with the other beast. Once I gain enough beasts, I will use the power of the beasts to gain control over our foundation. From there we will rise until we have an Empire to compete in the power play over lands." The people cheered at his idea except Sasuke who looked over his new arms made from Hashirama's cells. During the attack on Konoha, Tenten made another attempt on him only managing to take his arms off completely. The invasion was fresh in his mind.

Enemies came out of different areas quickly taking out homes. Danzo was killed amongst the group that stayed to fight while he ran away like a coward. His training with Danzo had been proven to be a waste. Not only was Tenten still stronger than him but she made him feel weak.

"Sasuke-san, are you ok?" Sasuke looked up to find Madara's curious eyes settled upon him.

"Yes Madara-san, I was just thinking about how Danzo's training was a waste of time. No matter how much I pushed myself with his training, I still lost against Tenten greatly. Not even my ultimate eyes were able to help me. If I couldn't kill her then how am I going to kill Itachi?" Madara allowed a cold smile to appear on his face.

"Don't worry about that Sasuke-san. I will find a way to make you stronger than you could imagine. Orochimaru was generous to leave a few labs behind so I'm sure you'll be able to locate some useful things. There are several more labs filled with experiments that will be useful to us especially his Kinjutsu scroll he created." One of Orochimaru's experiments stepped forward.

"What do we get if we follow what you say?" Madara looked at the one known as Suigetsu. He came from a special clan hailed in Kiri for their ability to turn into water. He would be a great assassin later on.

"You'll gain anything your heart desire assuming we succeed." Suigetsu thought about it for a while.

"I want to gain the seven swordsmen collection. My brother always wanted to be a member but he never made it despite having the requirements. The spot had been filled so he died trying. I want to reform the group under my control." Madara thought about the benefits.

"Very well I will get someone to get said weapons for you." Suigetsu stepped back pleased with the answer he received. More people started making requests as well. Madara told them the same answers promising anything they want should they succeed. This gave them something to fight for. Madara allowed a cruel smile to appear on his face as thoughts of being a supreme ruler went through his mind. Despite the shaky years with Naruto gaining power, his plan to get the tailed beast was still capable of happening. Even though Kyuubi would be out of the question, he still had 8 others to collect. He was unaware of the fact that Kyuubi died. The first thing he would do is claim the three tailed beast.