He was in the wrong and he knew it. He was wrong, he was wrong, he was completely and utterly wrong.

It wasn't right to send 24 children each year to battle ach other to the death. It was wrong, completely and utterly wrong.

But it was so entertaining.

Watching them battle it out, seeing the Careers slicing those Seam kids, the sight of bright crimson blood that reminded him of so much of the blood he would cough up himself. Seeing the mad gleam in their eyes as they transformed from timid children, to men and women, to victors.

Just look at Johanna Mason, at the very beginning she was a sniveling coward who had no chance of winning whatsoever, but then she blossomed. She shed her cocoon and stepped out into the real world of a victor and killed them all. She won it all thanks to her transformation.

It was beautiful, a work of art, a masterpiece.

He enjoyed destroying it when she refused his offer.

Those victors only lived to please the people of the Capitol in every way shape and form. That Johanna girl refusing that job, he had enjoyed crushing her.

He had relished the look on her face as he shot her family before her very eyes; he had felt no remorse whatsoever, only satisfaction that she would never defy him again.

He felt nothing when he killed the families of those victors, but whenever he sent those kids in each year; he felt a twinge of guilt, of sadness.

But it passed over him so quickly he wasn't even sure it was there in the first place.

He was Snow.

And he was a monster.

I thought that it would be fitting to end this story off with Snow since he's really at the beginning of all of pain of everyone in this story. This is officially the last chapter and thank you to everyone for sticking around with this story as I updated regularly, and then disappeared off the face of the planet. Thank you again, and I'm really curious as to which chapter was your favourite, please tell me in a review.

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