I'm just trying this out, so don't kill me if it's horrible. And sorry if I describe everything too well, but it's just because I know that those who watch XMEN probably don't watch Young Justice and vise versa. I do though! Tee hee!

Meet the Heroes

The white mansion looked almost normal from the outside. The garden outside wasn't disturbed at all. The grass looked the same and the woods were the same as they had been. The inside looked as if the worst of all hurricanes had hit it. Furniture was thrown randomly across the floors and the stairs. The curtains had long jagged tears down them and almost everything was broken. Along with the furniture were bodies. All of the bodies were alive, but they were all unconscious and badly hurt.

The first to sit up was a pale girl with short brown hair, her bangs dyed white. Her heavy purple eye shadow was messed up; she couldn't find her other glove; her shirt was torn up and her stomach burnt. With a shuddery breath, she propped herself up and looked around her. The front doors were splintered from where someone had kicked them down; the statues were shattered, the railing to the staircase was broken and missing in some places. The chandelier was on the floor in front of her, every piece of glass on it completely shattered.

At the top of the stairs above her, she could see her brother's unconscious body, his left hand reaching towards her almost. His black hair covered his eyes and it didn't look like he was going to move anytime soon. She was just glad he didn't look like he was bleeding too heavily. She stood up weakly, wincing as she put pressure on her left foot. She looked around, trying to remember everything. It took her a second, but she remembered.

She looked around frantically, her eyes wide. She winced as she ran through the house, but she ignored her pain and ignored how broken the furniture is. She carefully stepped over the bodies of her 'family'. But after looking over the whole mansion, she didn't see him. Fear built up in her chest.

"LOGAN!" she screamed, her voice bouncing off of the walls.

She ran back to the front of the mansion to the torn off doors. She limped through the doors and onto the front lawn. She looked around, even more frantic.

"LOGAN!" she screamed again, tears coming to her eyes.

She ran to the garage and looked inside. The tires to every car in there were slit and deflated. That meant that Logan wasn't here anymore. She fell to her knees softly and looked at the tires. The cut across them was long and narrow, probably from a knife. Either Logan didn't want them following him or someone didn't want them following Logan. Logan's motorcycle was gone from the garage too.

The girl knew what she had to do. Jumping to her feet, she ran back to the mansion, panicked.

Don't worry Logan she thought softly to herself. I'll save you.


The black haired boy sighed angrily.

"Come on Batman! I could be dying here! Pick up!" he yelled at the communicator.

His red headed friend walked into the room.

"Any luck?" he asked, curiously.

The boy with the black hair set a hand to his forehead.

"Don't I wish? He's not picking up!" he complained.

The red head shrugged. "Maybe he's just busy? Try calling the League and see if they know where he is."

The black haired boy shot him a glance. "I may be two years younger then you, but I'm not stupider. I already tried that. They haven't heard from him in the past 24 hours!"

The red head wasn't surprised at his friend's anger. He'd be mad too, if his mentor didn't answer the phone.

"Well, you take after him a lot Rob. Maybe he just decided to pull a disappearing act like you do sometimes," the red head suggested, trying to find a positive thought.

The thirteen year old shook his head. "No, Batman would answer my calls when I put it on as a distress call. I think something's wrong."

The red head fell silent. His friend could be right. He just hoped he wasn't.

Yes, I know I didn't really use their names. I just did that because that's what the 2nd chapter is for. Besides, I didn't want to confuse you all with their names.

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