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Robin frowned, looking up at the closed black gate for a moment. He waited until all of the others surrounded him before he finally decided on a move.

"Let me go first. The rest of you stay here," he commanded, wrapping his hands carefully around the black bars of the gate.

The others silently nodded, so he took that as his cue. He looked to the top of the gate before he reached into his utility belt, pulling out his grappling hook. He aimed for the top curve and shot, grinning at the successful clink it gave off as it secured itself. Then, he held tight as he was pulled to the top. When he was hoisted the seven feet up, he pulled himself up onto the strange patterned top of the gate and balanced himself, tucking the grappling hook away before glancing at the others. Wally was looking up at him, worry in his emerald eyes. The others were looking out over the yard.

Robin rolled his eyes under the domino mask before he held tight to the top. He looked over the yard one last time, the system of it memorized perfectly in his mind. When he knew what to do, his strategy right on his fingertips, he jumped up and threw his head over his heels, tucking his knees to his chest as he flipped before landing on the ground, balancing with his right hand. He didn't hover long, seeing that a bright red bolt shot from the statue. The mansion began to lock itself down, the doors and windows sealing shut with huge sheets of metal. The metal even fell over the broken parts of the mansion which was most of it. A repetitive beep began to sound, probably the alarm. Robin didn't panic though.

He rolled from the bolt and darted down the lawn, expertly leaping over three side by side aimed circular sharpened blades that were shot down from little guns that rose from the ground. A barrage of bolts and blades were sent his way, but he dodged every one of them, jumping, flipping and rolling when required. He even blocked a few blasts with his own by firing off a few carefully aimed Batbombs. He didn't know where he was heading. He just knew that he had to find the boy that had been in the dream.

"Kurt!" he screamed up at the windows, grunting from the effort as he had to drop to his stomach and roll to avoid several blasts.

When the boy didn't come out, he growled under his breath in irritance, running for the woods to the side of the house, running alongside the fence, turning back every second to make sure nothing was coming his way. He was heading for the balcony he saw a bit of. The balcony itself wasn't protected, just the doorway that led inside. Two people were out on the balcony. One was either a girl or a boy with long hair put up in a ponytail. They beat rapidly on the wall, screaming something in a panic. Someone else was in this person's arms, obviously unconscious. Robin saw it safe to assume that the person was a girl.

"Hey!" he screamed up at her, grabbing his grappling hook.

The girl peeked down at him and seemed surprised to see him. Robin sighed, seeing that he wasn't going to get a reply back. He shot his grappling hook up at the balcony and rocketed up into the sky, holding tight. Before the girl could fight him, he talked fast.

"Hey lady, I know Kurt. I'm Robin. He said he'd help me find my… er… teacher… if I helped you guys find yours. Did he… mention me?" Robin tried not to sound too helpful as he hopped over the balcony railing, thankful that the blasts didn't come that high.

The girl blinked at him. She had pretty light blue eyes and her soft brown hair was without flaw. She wore a pink jacket over her white shirt and jean Capri's. She looked him over and nodded slowly.

"I-I think… a little bit," she set a free hand to her head before hugging the boy in her arms tighter.

Robin looked down at him and winced from fear. In her arms was a cross between a blue devil and an elf. It had blue fur, sharp fangs, a limp prehensile barbed tail, three stubby fingers per hand, backwards knees, two stubby toes and elfin ears. It was definitely Kurt from the dream.

"I-Is he okay?" Robin asked worriedly, noting the huge stain of dried blood on the elf's leg under his cargo pants.

The girl looked down at him, pain in her eyes. She shrugged lightly, looking hopeless.

"Like, I really hope so," her eyebrows furrowed madly, shaking lightly.

Robin cautiously took a blue wrist into his hand, securing his index and middle fingers over the main veins and waiting.

"Don't worry," he assured the brunette with a soft smile, "Heartbeat's still something strong. He'll be okay for now."

Then Robin set a hand to his head weakly.

Their here… I'm going to figure out how to get us in. Wait a little bit he prayed that the message went to the team.

"Is… do you have an infirmary inside?" Robin asked.

The girl nodded quickly, "Yeah, but like, we can't get in! The house is like, locked down…"

Robin frowned, thinking. Then he made a decision.

"Put him down," he demanded, pulling adhesive bandages, antiseptic spray and cleansing pads from his utility belt.

The girl hesitated, but she listened, carefully watching Kurt. Robin lifted the cargo shorts a bit, trying not to smile at how soft the fur was. He reached back into his utility belt, grabbing a switchblade knife from its pocket. The girl let out a cry at the sight.

"W-What are you doing?" she cried, reaching for the knife.

Robin held out a hand calmly, pushing her hand down.

"I can't get to the wound with all the fur in the way. Unless you have a razor on you, let me do this," he forced himself to sound strong and brave.

She reluctantly backed off and watched fearfully as Robin carefully got a hold on the fur he could, cutting as cautiously as he could. When the fur was as short as he could get it, Robin dragged the cleaning pads over the heaviest of the dried blood, cleaning what he could before he sprayed the area swiftly. Kurt's unconscious form winced, but he stayed out of it.

"So, what's your name?" Robin asked casually as he began to wrap the deep cut with the adhesive in a strange meticulous way.

The girl hesitated, as if struggling to remember.

"Kitty, Kitty Pryde," she introduced herself lightly.

Her eyes darted out across the lawn and she saw the bioship back by the gate.

"Who… who are those people?" she asked curiously before glancing back at Kurt.

Robin glanced up and smiled.

"Those are my teammates. They drove me here so I could help you guys find your teacher. We're part of the Justice League… sort of," he smiled sheepishly at the last part.

Kitty seemed just as confused as before.

"Yo Rob, any luck? I'm growing a beard down here!" Wally's voice flew through his mind.

Robin seemed to grin to himself before punching the metal wall in front of him as hard as his fist could manage. All it did was make the old bruises sting, not to mention that it added a new pain to join them. He hissed in pain, pulling his hand back quickly.

"Give me a little longer. Do you have a mustache too?" he smirked lightly, poking his bruising knuckle into his mouth.

"Yup. It's a beautiful curlicue with yellow and red stripes," Wally laughed sarcastically, "Just hurry up."

Robin nodded to himself, looking over the balcony over the yard, thinking to himself. Then he peeked back at Kitty, surprised to see she was already looking at him.

"Is there anyway for us to get inside?" he asked her calmly, his eyes locking with hers under the mask.

Kitty said nothing, glancing at the metal wall where Dick had hit it earlier. There wasn't a smudge.

"I can't faze us through," she apologized, ignoring the confused look she got. "The only way to get in would be for someone to turn the system off."

Robin nodded, frowning angrily to himself. His eyes darted from every exposed weapon on the yard. Then, he got a wild idea.

"Wally… run through the yard once," Robin thought to his friend.

He could feel the ginger tense at the idea.


"Just do it. I have to check something."

Wally must've been fine with it. He was over the gate in a second, flying fast to avoid the lasers that followed after him like a love struck fangirl. He spun in circles around one gun, giggling madly to himself as it spun around and around, desperately trying to hit him. He was a yellow and red flash, looking just like his uncle, only much more yellow. Robin randomly studied the yard as it blasted his best friend, looking for something specific.

"Leave that one alone! I need to find the main power source!" Robin glared behind the domino mask.

He heard Kitty move closer, mostly because he heard the sound of Kurt's feet dragging against the ground of the balcony. He didn't look back though. He kept his eyes on Wally who took to running zigzags across the lawn. Then, he saw it. He pointed his gloved hand out across the yard to the tall statue that stood proudly.

"What is that?" he turned to Kitty, his eyes narrowed behind the domino mask.

She followed his finger to the statue, raising an eyebrow.

"J-…" she winced, dropping to her knees and violently gritting her teeth, "Just the… statue…"

Robin worriedly knelt at her side, watching helplessly as she set Kurt down, painfully clutching her stomach and groaning.

"I'm coming down. Cover me," Robin told the ginger, getting to his feet.

The redhead glanced his way, flashing him a brief thumbs-up. Robin hesitated though, looking back at Kitty.

"I'm going to get us into the mansion… I'll be back," he assured her weakly.

She looked up at him, pure pain in her eyes. Robin had to turn away. He knew that look all too well. He climbed to the balcony rail and flipped off, striking the ground hard. He shook it off though, slipping a handful of batbombs from his utility belt. He bolted across the lawn, letting out a cry as a bolt struck his shoulder. It didn't really hurt. It just literally shocked him. He kept running though, chucking the batbombs at the large statue.

"Thanks for covering me," Robin stuck out his tongue grudgingly, setting a weak hand to his shoulder, wincing as the glove touched the bulletproof fabric.

Wally apologetically shrugged, wincing as the statue shattered. He moved fast, throwing himself in-between Robin and the shards. Lucky for him, nothing was sharp enough to pierce him. It just hit his back hard.

"That's better," Robin smiled up at him, but only once he was sure Wally was fine.

The ginger shook his head.

"I'm going to take out the little guns. You do the hacking thingy."

Robin grinned to himself, weakly rolling under a dim bolt, pulling the cord from his glove, running to the broken statue. Just as he had suspected, a series of intricate buttons and lights and slots were available. It was just what he needed. He was cautious though. He made sure to extend the cord as far as it'd go before plugging it into the first slot he found, pulling a mini screen into the air above his wrist. His eyes danced from the screen to the air, doing his best to one-handedly hack and dodge. He wasn't doing so good, but Wally was taking out the guns so it wasn't as hard now. Then, in seconds, the leftover guns let out a shudder and their lights flickered. Robin pumped his good hand into the air, grinning.

"I hacked the statue," he announced proudly, unplugging the cord.

Wally rolled his eyes before the bright emerald dashed to the balcony.

"How many are up there?" he asked Robin, scooping the thirteen year old off his feet to get closer to the balcony faster.

"Just two," Robin assured him, shooting his grappling hook across the distance that kept getting closer.

He was wrenched from Wally's arms and he found himself flying through the air for a moment before reality hit him like a train. With a groan, he scrambled onto the porch. Wally ran fast enough at the wall of the building that he managed to climb just high enough to grab the railing and pull himself up.

"Don't worry, the Justice League's here to save you," Robin told Kitty gently, scooping her up off her knees.

Wally picked up Kurt from the ground, holding similar. The two ex-sidekicks stood to their feet on the top of the railing.

"Not… not much to save," Kitty muttered grimly.

Little did Wally and Robin know, she wasn't kidding.

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