A/N- Challenge from Fallen Upon: Finn invites Sam over to the Hudson/Hummel residence to play video games! But Sam keeps giving Kurt googly-eyes... And when he comes back from the kitchen with snacks, the door is locked... And- hey! What're they doing on his bed?

That was the abridged version of the challenge by the way, her prompt was slightly more detailed but I don't wanna give a summary before you even read it! That'd be silly!

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"Sam? Sam!"

"Huh?" Finn rolled his eyes at the blond. He knew that people thought he was stupid, but at least he didn't space out like Evans over here. Sam rubbed his eyes and followed Finn through the living room where Kurt sat watching an America's Next Top Model rerun. The brunet smiled warmly at Sam, and Finn swore he saw them wink at each other.

"Let's just go." He started to walk down the basement stairs while Sam and Kurt kept giving each other these... looks. Finn couldn't really explain it. All he could understand from it was that Kurt was now following the football players, claiming he wanted to watch them play. The three boys went in the basement and Finn flopped on the floor with Sam next to him. Kurt sat on the couch, his leg draped uncomfortably close to Sam's chest.

"What do you wanna play?" Finn grabbed a stack of video games and dropped them in Sam's lap. He carelessly picked an old first-person shooter, tossing it into Finn's hands while keeping his eyes trained on Kurt's leg. Finn put the game in the console and sat back. Sam kept nudging Kurt's leg with his shoulder, and the small boy above them giggled quietly.

They played for about twenty minutes, but Sam kept letting himself get killed. He wasn't even paying attention! Finn paused the game and looked over at the two. Kurt was whispering something in Sam's ear, and the blond was blushing up to his hairline.

Finn sighed. "I'm gonna go get some snacks." He got up and left the room, trying to ignore the laughter behind him. He went in the kitchen and poured chips into a bowl. When he got back to the basement, the door was locked.

"What the hell?" He pulled and the knob. The door shook loudly, but no one came to open it. "Guys? Hey, open the door!" He laid his chest on the floor of the hallway, peering under the door. From here he could see his bed and- What. The. Fuck.

Kurt and Sam were on his bed, Kurt straddling Sam's thighs and holding him by the hair. Finn could hear Sam moaning all the way from the hall as Kurt started grinding into him. "Sam," Kurt said with a high giggle, his lower lip caught between Sam's teeth. "Someone's gonna hear you."

"Let them." Kurt squealed as Sam broke their kiss and attacked his neck with bites. He worked his way across Kurt's collarbone, up to his jaw and then his ear. Kurt sighed and pushed Sam on his back, pressing his lips against him again.

"Finn?" Finn's head snapped up. There was Burt, standing over him with a confused expression. "What're you doing?"

"Oh! Uh... They uh, locked me out." Finn stood and brushed off his shirt.

Burt grumbled. "Kurt!" He banged his fist on the door, and Finn could hear Kurt yelp. "Open up, you locked Finn out in the hall."

"Just a second!" Kurt's light body flew up the stairs. He flung the door open, giving Burt and Finn a goofy smile. "Sorry," he said, gesturing to the couch. Sam was sitting there, legs crossed and controller in hand. It looked like he had never even moved, let alone made out with Kurt on Finn's bed. "Sorry Finn, we couldn't hear you over the game. Come on," he grabbed the chips and walked back down the stairs. "It seems like you've been gone for ages, we were getting hungry!"

"I was only gone ten minutes..." Finn looked at his bed. I'm gonna need to change the sheets later.