Where I Went Wrong

A HariPo drabble

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not to me. I realized I'd never written Orion before. Huh. Read, review, and enjoy!

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"I grew tired

You expired

You finished me

Now that I'm all that you planned

Well, tell me, what do you think?"

Meg and Dia, "Masterpiece"

Orion Black stared at the spectacle before him, choosing instead to focus on the tiles of the black wall beyond what was actually happening. He…he couldn't bear to watch.

He'd done it. Truly. Walburga, his wife, sat beside him, smiling as they watched their younger son take the Dark Mark on his left arm… They'd done it. Regulus was the wizard they'd molded into the perfect, obedient son. He wasn't even their younger son anymore, but their only child. Yes…Sirius who?

Yet Orion couldn't watch. He couldn't face the consequences that he'd succeeded in raising one of his sons to be just like him, just like his wife, just like them.

Regulus didn't look prepared or pleased. If it wasn't fear Orion thought he saw on his son's young face, then it was the expression of a doll—a lifeless, soulless figure to be controlled by others.

Toujours pur, Orion thought with a grimace as his eyes finally settled on Regulus for the first time that night.

But what did such a heavy phrase mean to Orion when he wasn't sure he believed in it anymore?

And what was it going to cost him?

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:O I don't usually write the Black family…but I like this. A bit of redemption for Orion, perhaps? Hmm… *haggles Reggie, regardless* Sad, though. D:

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2017 note: Oh, yes… Long after this, I'd go on to write more about Orion, and I developed some rly nice headcanons, in great part thanks to Morghen. -w- Man, the Black family was so messed up… X_X