Winter Love

Disclaimer: I do not own Lazy Town, but I love watching it.

Chapter 1

Welcome to Lazy Town,

A place where you'll want to stay.

You'll meet Robby with his rotten plan,

And Sportacus saving the day.

Stephanie is new in town,

And soon she and Ziggy are friends.

With Pixel, Stingy and Trixie too,

They're gonna have a blast together.

Go! Go! Go! Get up Lazy Town!

It's the start of a brand new day.

Things are upside down here in Lazy Town.

Adventures just a moment away.

It's a peaceful winter in Lazy town. The town is covered in snow and the kids are out having fun. Pixel and Stingy are building snowmen, Trixie is making snow angels and Stephanie is teaching Ziggy to ice skate on the frozen pond, near the snow covered sports field. Stephanie broke away from Ziggy and skated out to the center of the frozen pond to show Ziggy some tricks. While Stephanie was doing her tricks, she didn't notice the ice cracking under her feet. Stephanie jumped and did a twirl in mid-air, but as she landed the ice fell out from under her feet and she went under.

"Stephanie!" Ziggy screamed in fear and fell on his butt when he saw her go under.

The other kids heard Ziggy's screams and so they ran over to the edge of the frozen pond, close to where Ziggy had fallen on his butt.

"Ziggy what's wrong?" asked Pixel worried for his friend.

"Yeah and where is Stephanie?" Trixie asked being the first to notice Stephanie's absence.

"Sh-she Fe-fell into the wa-ter" Ziggy slurred, tears running down his face.

"SHE WHAT!" Pixel ,Stingy and Trixie all screamed in shock.

"She fell in" Ziggy cried, tears running even harder down his face.

"What do we do? What do we do?" Everyone kept repeating over and over while trying to figure out what to do.

Sportacus' Airship

Sportacus is up in his airship doing push ups and working out. He jumps up, twists, flips, and lands on his feet. All of a sudden his crystal starts blinking.

"Someone in trouble" Sportacus said with a frown.

Sportacus swing his arms right, left, right, grabbed his telescope and then ran over to his door.

"Door" Sportacus said as the door to the airship opened on command.

He ran out onto the platform the door made and looked through his telescope to the town below to see who was in trouble. He couldn't tell who was in trouble. He did notice that the kids were by the frozen pond shouting something and looking distraught. He could see no sign of Stephanie, which greatly worried him. He threw his telescope back inside the airship, wrapped his bungee cord around his ankles and jumped off the platform. He landed gracefully in the center of the sports field. He quickly ran and jumped over to the kids.

"What happened?" Sportacus questioned the crying kids worried.

"Its Stephanie" the kids cried in fear and sadness.

"What happened to Stephanie?" Sportacus questioned with a bad feeling and dreading the answer.

"She fell in" Ziggy cried, tears and snot running down his face while pointing to the hole in the ice, where Stephanie fell in.

Sportacus wasted no time running and jumping into the hole of icy cold water.

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