Of Princes & Rescues

A/N: Many years pre-MMPR :D Just a bit of fun with the Rangers as itty-bitty kids

Kimberly eyed the pretty dark-haired boy standing at the edge of the mat. He'd joined her gymnastics group two classes ago, and he was incredibly neat, to the six-year-old's thinking. He wasn't like the other boys, all loud and dumb. He was quiet and just her size.

She wondered if her mom would let her bring him home.

Their class had just let out, but neither mom had gotten there on time, so Miss Jasmine had told them to sit and behave.

Yeah, right.

It was weird; he'd followed her to the beam, just watching as she struggled up onto the big one. It was much more exciting… and kinda scary. But it made her feel like a real gymnast, one who would win medals.

Until she fell.

She let out a shriek and braced to hit the floor – only to land on something soft, that let out a pained "oof!"

Kim sat up anxiously. "Are you okay?"

He winced and rubbed his sides, but nodded.

"You saved my life!" she exclaimed dramatically. "What's your name?"

"'m Adam," he mumbled, blushing and looking away.

"Adam, d'you know what this means?" He shook his head. "We're gonna get married! All the fairy tales say that a prince saves a princess and then they ride off on a pretty white horse and live happily ever after!"

She sighed, thrilled… until she realized he wasn't as happy as she was.

"What's wrong?"

He stared at her with wide eyes. "I… I dunno how to be a prince!"

"Oh it's easy," Kim assured him. "You just have to save me like you did! And then we get married and you kiss me lots and stare at me and tell me I'm pretty. And probably fight a dragon. Oh, and my name is Kim!"


Adam was alarmed. He just didn't want her to get hurt. Now he had to fight a dragon? He wasn't even good at fighting! Maybe Rocky would have to teach him… Rocky was learning karate, after all. Then again, he was pretty sure princes had swords for that sort of thing, and Rocky hadn't said anything about fighting with swords.

At least his wife was pretty, he supposed.

Although Aisha was going to be plenty mad when he told her he got married. Aisha was always bossy about that sort of thing. But… maybe if he had a wife, Aisha couldn't boss him around anymore?

He realized rather quickly that he was being rude and ignoring Kim while she was talking. "What?"

"I said," Kim repeated huffily, sounding an awful like Aisha when she got going, "do you have a horse?"

Adam blinked. "No?"

Kim pouted for a moment before brightening. "That's okay! My parents fight a lot over who can get me the best stuff. I'll ask my mom for one and then you can have one, too."

Adam wasn't sure how that worked, and he was pretty sure he didn't know how to ride a horse, but he didn't want to disappoint Kim, so he kept that a secret. Maybe he could learn.

There was a lot more to being a husband than he had expected.

"Now you gotta kiss me!" Kim declared, pursing her lips and leaning forward.

Adam blushed from his toes to the roots of his hair. He couldn't kiss a girl, even if she was his wife!

"Adam! Come on, we're running late."

He'd never been so glad to see his mom before. "Sorry," he apologized. When Kim looked sad, though, he steeled himself and mashed his lips against her cheek. "See you next week!"