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Sloan had said that the fraternity were the weapons of fate. He'd said that bullets flying straight was all in your head. He was wrong. They weren't the weapons of fate. They were the hand of fate, dealing death and medieval justice with practiced ease. Yet that hand had also been used by the loom to end politicians and allow the world to grow.

The successful presidential assassinations of Kennedy and Lincoln had been performed by a member of the fraternity. John Wilkes Booth had been in the wrong place at the wrong time when the bullet curved around and impacted the president's head. Oswald had been a novice who got careless. Both assassinations were performed to push the world forward to where it needed to be.

If it involved a major change of leadership by assassination the fraternity were probably responsible.

It was only this branch of the fraternity that had broken the oath they made when they joined as a hand of fate. My extermination of the building would be replaced by one or two assassin's from each of the branches around the globe. It would be bought under a new fabric company's name and rebuilt. The loom would be rebuilt by one of those trained for the job.

My father may not have wanted me to become a Hand of Fate but Fate's sister Destiny didn't like that thought much apparently.

As far as Sloan being wrong about the bullet comment? Only a hand of fate could perform the act, until then any and all attempts will end in failure. There was a reason he hadn't performed an assassination in years. He couldn't bend bullets anymore. That was why it took so long for me to succeed at it. Fate itself wouldn't let him bend bullets until I was completely dedicated to it's cause.

It was such a pity that Sloan hadn't taught the truth in this fraternity. Some of the people there were good legitimate assassins.

My name is Wesley Cross. I am a Hand of Fate.