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CHAPTER 1: Neutral Zone

It was mostly silent in the car as I drove to school for the first day of our junior year in high school. The only sounds were the radio playing softly in the background, the much louder swish of tires on the wet road, and the dull thump of the wiper blades clearing the windshield. I took a quick look out of the corner of my eye at my best friend. He was fidgeting, and that was completely unlike him. Well, he was lightly drumming his fingers on his thigh, but for Jasper, that was a full-blown fidget. Jasper was the most laid-back guy I'd ever met, but for some reason he was nervous. I had a good guess as to why.

I let a small smile cross my face – the potential for fucking with him was huge. I drummed my own fingers on the leather-wrapped steering wheel, considering. The problem with having a best friend who you'd known since you were six was that he knew you just as well. The possibilities for him returning the mind-fucking were limitless, but I knew exactly where he'd go. We knew each other's buttons too well.

"So," I began casually – too casually. He slowly turned his head toward me and narrowed his eyes warningly. "So," I tried again. "Ah…"

"Shut up, Edward," he said mildly, turning his attention back to the soggy road in front of us. His fingers started their rhythmic tap tap tap on his leg again.

"What's the big deal?" I asked him curiously. "You've been seeing Alice for the past couple of weeks. She's crazy about you, you know that. It's not like being at school's going to change anything. Is it?" I glanced at his set face, noticing he looked slightly ill. I couldn't imagine why. I'd never met anyone as open and honest and…enthusiastic as Alice Brandon. Jasper had met her at the mall in Port Angeles, of all places, a few weeks ago and hadn't come off his high since. Neither had she, and I didn't think she was capable of playing anyone – especially not someone as good at reading people as Jasper.

"Are you giving me relationship advice, Cullen?" he asked with a sly and pointed look in my direction.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat before I realized what I was doing. I knew exactly what he was talking about, but I played it off in a futile attempt at distracting him. "What? I've had, uh…relationships."

"I mean with a girl." The fucker was teasing me. I'd known that was coming.

"Fucker." I said it out loud. "I have." My voice sounded defensive even to my own ears. I was trying to deflect like a mad dog.

"California girl," he scoffed, rolling his eyes. "And fucking Tanya, for Chrissake. Those don't count. Especially Tanya. You can't count it as a relationship if you could barely bring yourself to kiss her."

Yeah, and I regretted sharing that little gem with him. I couldn't help it if the beautiful, agile, and willing Tanya had done nothing for me during the very short time we dated a couple of months ago. Kissing her was like kissing my sister, and to anyone in sports, a "sister-kisser" never a good thing. I should have realized something wasn't right when I didn't even try for a kiss until we'd already been out on a few dates. She had been more concerned that everyone knew she was dating Edward Cullen, doctor's son and star athlete, anyway. Tanya wasn't the one I wanted to be kissing, and I had broken it off with her as soon as I realized that fact. I hadn't felt right the entire time I'd been with her, which thankfully had been only a week or two before I came to my senses.

I shoved the thought of who I would like to be kissing quickly aside. Jazz was like a circling shark. If he smelled blood I'd be in the middle of a feeding frenzy, with me being the food. There was one subject that I was particularly sensitive about, and the fucker knew it. Stupid best friends. He gave me a smug smile, like he knew what I was thinking, and I scowled as I pulled into the student parking lot of Forks High School. A feeling of regret, anxiety, excitement, and, goddammit, arousal cramped my stomach as I passed her truck. I was such a fucking pussy. It figures I'd be all hung up on some girl who barely acknowledged my existence. How ironic was that?

Jazz was watching me sympathetically, and I kind of growled. I knew I was pathetic; I didn't need him giving me The Speech to remind me. "So," he began, unconsciously using the exact same tone and the exact same words that I had used with him just minutes ago. "Alice is friends with her, you know. Maybe this year -"

"Shut up, Jasper," I told him, and I consciously echoed his words and tone from just a few minutes ago.

He sighed, settling back in his seat and shaking his head as I pulled into the parking spot I had been using since I got my license and my car. "I just don't get it, Edward. You've got every girl in the school – hell, in the Pacific Northwest and parts of California – wanting to jump your shit. And you can't even say hi to this one."

"Not every girl," I muttered.

Damn it.

I'd been fascinated by Isabella Marie Swan ever since I ran her over in the hall during the second term of our sophomore year. I hadn't been looking where I was going, and in my rush to get to class on time, I practically flattened the small, dark-haired girl. Her books and papers had gone flying out of her hands, and I'd knelt down, stammering in embarrassment and trying to help her. She'd grumbled, a kind of low, sexy rumble, and I was both shocked and turned on in an instant. My entire body had frozen as I stared at the top of her head, trying to fathom why I felt the sound all the way down to my toes. She'd glanced up at me, her pretty face flushed, her eyes dark and wide, and I couldn't make my mouth work. Those big brown eyes had narrowed as she stood, clutching her papers and books to her chest before she spun on her heel and walked quickly away from me. I just stayed there, crouched on the floor with my mouth hanging open and my head spinning. I had no idea what had just happened to me. My entire body shook with awareness and arousal. She was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen, and she thought I was a hulking idiot – a hulking, girl-crushing idiot.

I tried to talk to her, to approach her at school, just to say hi or apologize or something. Anything. Every time I'd start walking toward her, or come across her in the hall or the lunchroom, she'd scurry away like she didn't want to be seen with me. I didn't know if it was just me, or if she didn't like jocks in general, like maybe she'd already made up her mind I was a jerk or something. It happened all the time – I'd discovered most people's reaction to jocks usually hit one extreme or the other. Either they wanted to hang out with you because they thought that you were popular and cool, or they avoided you because they thought you were an asshole. Bella didn't seem to mind Newton, though. She at least talked to him, and he was an alternate captain of the football team like I was of the hockey team. Maybe she just didn't like hockey players – we certainly got stereotyped enough. It just seemed that every time I'd catch her eye she'd look horrified she was actually making contact with me. She always looked away, hiding her pretty face behind that curtain of mouthwatering hair so I couldn't stare at her. Those thick, shiny waves starred in a couple of my raunchier fantasies, usually wrapped around my cock or my hand as I took her from behind. Yeah, I had some pretty wild fantasies about the girl – I was a seventeen year old hockey player, so sue me.

It was my darkest fear that she somehow knew, that the thoughts showed on my face, because when I'd see her and start thinking about how all that beautiful pale skin would feel under my fingertips, she'd blush and be gone in an instant, leaving me with frustrated and vibrating with unrequited lust. I spent most of the second half of my sophomore year coming up with inventive ways to hide my hard-on, which occurred pretty much every time I saw her.

I'm Edward Cullen. Welcome to my charmed life.