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So, I wanted to say one thing before you read my story; PLEASE IGNORE THE TIME DIFFERENCE. Come up with your own reasons for why Pony, who lives in the 1960's, goes to Hogwarts during Harry's time.

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Oh, by the way, this takes place a week after Johnny and Dally die. Just to clear up the timeline of the story, no confusion, okay?

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Dumbledore watched the scene quietly, taking it in.

It was a funeral. And not just any funeral, it was a funeral for two boys.

It was a small funeral. Probably the smallest he had ever seen. For there being two boys, not just one, you would assume there would be loads of family for each of them, along with their friends. Instead, the lonely funeral consisted only of 5 young boys. 4 of them appeared to be ranging from early to late teens, and the oldest was around 20.

They were accompanied by a bored looking 'priest'. That, combined with the cheap wooden coffins the two boys lay in, proved that whoever had paid for the funeral had scarcely had enough money to even HAVE a funeral.

He zoned in on the smallest boy. Dumbledore couldn't believe that the boy could have so much magical power and no one in the ministry had found him. Then again, the boys power had been almost invisible until the past week. Over the past week, the boys power had increased tremendously.

Neither of his brothers had enough power to qualify as a wizard. The middle brother had a bit, but the oldest's was almost nonexistent.

Dumbledore made no move to hide as they left the cemetery and headed in his exact direction. He had cast an invisibility spell over himself to ensure he wouldn't be seen.

All 5 of the boys hair was greased back and long, and they all wore jeans and sleeveless sweatshirts or jean jackets.

Dumbledore looked at the youngest boy. He had a look in his eyes that strongly reminded him of Harry. A look full of sadness and grief, but also eternal strength.

He smiled to himself. This finalized his decision. He imagined it would do both boys some good if they met.

He stepped stealthily out of the way as the boys came closer; he would imagine there would be some unpleasing reactions if they ran into something they couldn't see.

The boys middle brother reached over and threw his arm comfortingly over the boys shoulder, though his eyes were filled with sadness as well.

"Don't worry Pony, everything'll be just fine," Sodapop said with his Southern accent.

Ponyboy nodded slightly but didn't reply and Darrel - the oldest brother - glanced over at them sadly.

Dumbledore apparated into their house to wait for them to return. He knew they would be shocked to find an old man sitting in their house, but what better way to introduce them to the strange ways of the world of magic?

Ponyboy sighed and leaned against Soda when his big brother wrapped an arm around him.

Why was life so tough for Greasers? Why couldn't things be simpler?

He couldn't believe Dally and Johnny were gone just like that. The boys he had grown up with, that were practically his brothers, were gone.

He felt the tears well up in his eyes and was slightly surprised. It was a wonder he hadn't run out of tears by now. Hm.

They arrived at his house and Darry wordlessly invited Steve and Two-Bit in.

None of them expected to see what they did when they walked in.

An old man was sitting on the sofa, smiling at them.

Of course none of the boys wanted to attack an old man, even if he WAS in their house. So Steve said, "Um... Old man, I think your in the wrong place."

The man merely smiled.

"Actually, I'm here to speak to Ponyboy."

All eyes were on Ponyboy in an instant.

"W-what do you want me for?" Ponyboy managed. This guy was probably another newspaper reporter or something. He'd talked to several of them. But why was the guy in their house?

The man's gaze shifted to Steve and Two-Bit before moving back to Pony.

"First let me introduce myself. My name is Professor Dumbledore."

"You like a college professor?" Steve asked.

Dumbledore smiled. "No. I am the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

There was a full minute of silence before both Two-Bit and Steve burst out laughing. The Curtis brothers, however, remained straight faced.

"You gonna go learn to be a wizard Pony?" Two-Bit laughed. But his grin fell when he saw the brothers' expressions.

"Y'all don't actually believe this stuff, do you?" he asked.

"Would I be correct in saying you three have noticed some odd things in the past week?" Dumbledore asked calmly.

"You mean our best friends dying? 'Cause thats normal in our area," Steve said bitterly.

Dumbledore smiled. "Not like that. I'm sure your friends here know what I'm talking about."

"You mean like... Eggs randomly flying off my plate and into my face when Pony's mad at me?" Soda asked, no humor in his voice whatsoever. Steve however snickered.

Dumbledore nodded, smiling slightly. "Yes, like that. Now, most young witches and wizards-"

"So, Pony's a wizard?" Two-Bit asked, eyes widening.


"But magic ain't real!" Steve countered.

"I assure you it is more real than you may think," Dumbledore answered, pulling a stick out of his pocket. The stick looked like the stereotypical wizard wand you'd see, just fancier. It was made out of white wood and intricately carved. He waved the wand and the coffee table turned into a pig, then turned back.

All five boys stared at the table in shock.

"Now, as I was saying, most young witches or wizards begin to develop their powers at a young age, but up until recently, your power has remained somewhat dormant. However, in just the past week your inner power has reached surprising levels. I won't lie; without proper training, worse things could happen than flying eggs."

"So, you wanna just take away Pony for a year?" Darry asked.

"It'll be okay," Pony assured him, though he didn't really want to go. But if he had to be trained to keep from causing something bad to happen, then he would do whatever.

"No, it's not," Darry said, looking at him with a pained expression. "You don't understand. I'm not losing you."

"Don't worry, Ponyboy will definitely be safer at Hogwarts than if he were to stay here untrained," Dumbledore said.

"Darry..." Soda looked at his older brother. "Let him go. It's only for the school year."

Darry glared at him. "Fine, whatever. When does he leave?"

"I will send someone to come and retrieve him in one weeks time."

"Sorry to tell you, but we ain't got the money to pay for school supplies," Darry said.

Dumbledore smiled again. "Don't worry, all will be taken care of." He stood up. "Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you at our school, Ponyboy." And with that, he vanished into thin air.