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Gone Fishing

"This is great!" Todd chirped happily as he held the fishing pole. "I've never gone fishing before! Thanks for taking me Fred."

"No problem," Fred said casting a reel of his own. "It's about time the two of us did some buddy stuff."

"I didn't know you knew how to fish," Todd said.

"Oh yeah. I used to do this all the time with my Uncle Bucky when I was younger," Fred said. "I missed that. Once we caught a huge 1952 Buick Sedan. My cousin George drove it into the lake years ago and…well that's a long story in itself. Yup, nothing like a nice quiet day and fishing."

"What are you two lunatics doing!" A man ran out to them.

"Fishing, what does it look like?" Fred looked at him. "And people think I'm dumb."

"THIS IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MALL!" The man screamed. People were staring at them. Todd and Fred were sitting in a small decorated enclave near a fountain that was obviously a spring display.

"Well where else are we gonna fish for quarters?" Fred looked at him.

"You can't fish for quarters in the mall!" The man shouted. "If you don't leave I'll call security on you!"

"You're new here aren't you?" Todd looked at him.

"Don't worry he'll learn," Fred snickered.

A large fat security guard came over. "Hey what are you boys doing?" He asked. "Now you know there are more quarters over in the west fountain!"

"Hey Herb," Fred waved. "We know but today we liked the ambiance here better."

"You know these people?" The man who was obviously the mall manager asked Herb.

"Oh yeah," Herb sat down and opened a bag of doughnuts. "They come here often. We all fish for quarters together."

"WHAT?" The manager screamed. "You can't do that! This money is for the poor."

"Well that's us," Todd said.

"Yeah I ain't exactly getting rich off of what you're paying me that's for sure," Herb said. "Here guys have a doughnut on me."

"Cool thanks!" Todd gulped one down.

"Get rid of them or you're fired!" The manager screamed at Herb.

"Forget it buddy I'm union," Herb told me.

"That's what the last mall manager said before he had his nervous breakdown," Fred told him. The manager screamed and stormed out. "What's his problem?"

"Ah you know management," Herb took out a mini pole of his own. "Boy did I need a break!"